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Thread: Amazon flying warehouses
31/12/2016 13:38:12

Just read yesterday that La Poste in France has been given permission to use Drones to deliver within a 15km corridor in a rural part of the Vars district....after 2 years of trials..

It's started in France....


Thread: Destiny, My new design.
11/12/2016 18:43:22

Crackin' do have a way of producing really lovely looking models that fly it.


Thread: Dismantling a Thunder Tiger 91FS.
30/11/2016 16:02:26

When you re-assemble pop the bearings in the freezer for 20 mins does work...or it did for well as cooking the engine in the oven..


Thread: Vertical storage - which way up?
28/10/2016 17:08:23

This is how I store mine:



Thread: Petition EASA Regulations.
07/10/2016 08:42:03

I seem to recall that a little while ago new rules in the USA required model aircraft to be registered...the forums over there were full of similar discussions to this one... Has anybody an insight into how that has been implemented / taken up?


Thread: French Legislative Response to the Drone/UAV problem
26/09/2016 18:28:01
Kevin b...I am one of those expats in France...believe me it might be a better lifestyle but it certainly isn't cheaper, or less tax..the opposite in fact.
Anyway this will affect me.. I'm presently on holiday in the Dordogne and have been flying in the field opposite our campsite..getting thermal flights to 350 mtrs + with my already breaking the rules here. But hey! this is France...they only make rules to allow you to ignore them..
Difficult to imagine how this sort of legislature will be policed..but if it is implemented (and that's a big if) I will register and continue as I's a big country..
Thread: MFs Chipmunk
21/09/2016 21:03:29

Well done Martin, nice to see another one flying - looks a corker.


Thread: i want one
17/09/2016 08:12:57

I've been flying a Balsa USA (BUSA) 1/4 scale cub for 5 seasons now, and can recommend it...very nice model.

They also do a 1/3 scale kit....12ft span...

SIG do a 1/4 scale kit as well.

Google 'the cub den'...lots of excellent info on there..


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
14/09/2016 21:41:00

Great to see it fly Danny....l must get mine finished.....ready for next season.

Well done..and thanks for the inspiration..


Thread: Skyways Percival Mew Gull
29/08/2016 19:57:49

Hello Geoff,

I've got one - it's been retired for a while now - just weighed it..covered airframe and wings with undercart, but no motor or any radio gear and it is 3.1 kgs....

It is a nice flyer, very scale flying low tight turns.. and i did not find it tip stalled, but I was aware of the tendency of that shape wing so kept my speed up in turns. Other than that I enjoyed it...but.... you'd better pay attention to the undercart fixing into the wing, it really does suffer from tearing out from the foam no matter how gentle the landing..I had a piano wire set up...the 'boots' also get some damage..sad

I had a Supre Tigre 90 in it...way overpowered, but i had it so used it, throttled back it was just fine..



ps the canopy from the Seagull kit fits fine....otherwise it's a bit of a messy job....

Thread: Is Halfords clear lacquer fuel proof
02/07/2016 13:38:34

I've used Poly C and it does not work...10% nitro just turns it tacky and very difficult to get off... might work with 5% or straight but i'll not be using it again...


Thread: Model for Field next to House
30/06/2016 07:27:06

Hobbyking Bixler...handlaunch, land on grass any length any time of the altimeter find those thermals in the summer, leave rigged, fit fpv gear..have bang for the buck I've had in years.

Thread: MR RF4 1/4 scale electric power setup
21/06/2016 16:58:35

Looking good Martin....more photos?

Have you gone with Mick's airbrake configuration or put in electric units?


Thread: What's flying over your house
24/05/2016 08:06:18

Well, not really over the house, but the caravan on holiday at Biscarrosse in Sw France, float plane fly in and airshow:



Thread: Model Workshop Stand
29/04/2016 11:48:11

Nice looking Chippy Jim. Nice colour scheme. What span is it? Powerplant?

I've done next to nowt on mine for over a year - funny how some builds just come to a halt. Construction is virtually finished and it's all glassed, but a lot of detail to go on and then painting...

I'll make a determined effort to finish it this coming winter......when we do, sometimes, get snow...

Staying cool...


29/04/2016 11:14:52

Jim - you're correct it's a Chipmunk, but it's the Dennis Bryant 1/6th scale.

I see the North East is getting snow today! I'm from Darlington, but been in France 11 years now....cold here, but no snow!


Thread: Workbench model stand
06/04/2016 19:24:04

I use a banana box, easily customised with a stanley knife...

When it's knackered pick up a new one from your prefered supermarket...

Cheap as banana boxes...




Thread: Servo input lead position
27/03/2016 18:04:20

What a good idea from emax.....I have always 'snook' the servos in at an angle or notched the rail....but so much easier with that arrangement..not that is has really ever been a problem..but when you see that alternative... i think that's the way to do it....

Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
12/03/2016 18:35:13

Colin - the photo is on Danny's thread posted 19th February 2015...only a very slight convex curve as Nev points out...


12/03/2016 18:24:41

Colin - just remembered that on Danny's thread he posted a photo he had taken with a straight edge against the fairing of 'his' aircraft and it did show a convex curve....


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