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Thread: Fuel proofer over acrylic paint
08/07/2015 17:32:32

My experience with poly c has shown it does not work with 10% nitro and the exhaust residue. It lifts and leaves a right gooey sticky mess. Otherwise it's fine !wink

Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
08/07/2015 07:24:50

I've been waiting in anticipation for you to get to this stage Danny - Fantastic! What a superb job, just brilliant. Your work and detailed explanations on this build have been an inspiration. Thanks for all the extra time you have put in letting us all share in the methods of the scale builder. Really, really inspirational.


20/06/2015 07:36:06

Seatbelt guides?

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
19/06/2015 17:16:47

I remember this same discussion going on in my UK club 10-12 years ago, and 10 years before that, and 10 years before that. Club is still thriving.

We have a handful of youngsters in the club here in France, but I have noticed that they seem to be very active for a while (maybe a year or 2) and then seem to dissapear. As has been suggested I think other things become more important. Hopefully they will return to the club environment later. That's what I did, probably many others as well.

The introduction of 2.4gz and off the shelf planes has meant that the old way of having to build your own aircraft and fly at the club ( to avoid being shot down) no longer is necessary. I now fly an electric foamy from a field nx to my house, thats something I would have not been able to do a few years ago. Maybe there are youngsters just doing there own thing out there.

When I 1st started RC flying about 40 years ago, I was in my early 20's, and I thought then that the majority of the members were 'old timers' ! Maybe it's always been that way.

Just my twopenneth.


Thread: Mid Air Collisions - Have You Had One?
17/05/2015 19:28:00

It was my Chantilly Lace (a Peter Miller design) that looped beautifully into Don's PT19.

As it exited the debris in the sky it had two very short stubs of wings left on, and decended ungracefully into the wheat field where there was some, not too serious, damage to the front caused by the impact with the ground.

Don's PT19 was missing all it's tail feathers, part of the trailing edge of one wing, and suffered more sustained damage to the nose on impact.

Only my 2nd mid-air, the other at least 25 years ago - and that was when there were just 2 models flying also.

The poll results of a little while ago confirmed what a lot us supected - that when only two models are in the air, some sort of super strength 'rare earth magnet' type attraction happens between them.

They will rebuild, I've already dug out the plans to start a new wing.


Thread: Chip Shop
15/05/2015 08:23:13

Martin - that looks fantastic, really nice work.


Thread: Old Twin Jet upgrade advice needed
15/05/2015 08:21:06

Hi Guys,

I've had a Multiplex Twin Jet hanging up in my workshop for years doing nowt. Has the original 400 (480?) brushed can motors and originally flew on 3000 nicads / nimh. Very heavy kit compared to modern lipos etc.

I'm thinking of stripping it out and fitting a couple of brushless motors and new esc, but I know little about the 'dark side' and could do with recommendations for motors, esc and batteries.

I have some 2200 3s lipos (I use them in my bixler) which, if I could use, would be great.

Can anybody help with inexpensive ideas to get this little beauty back in the air?



Thread: Chip Shop
12/05/2015 19:11:58

Is there anyone out there?teeth 2

Seems like the chip shop has stopped frying for the summer.

I've 'mothballed' the build for a while. I extended my workshop during some prolonged wet and windy weather, but now that it's come good I'm spending the time either flying or other outdoor 'stuff'.

Of course I know the building bug will get me to me sometime over the summer and I will progress in stits & farts as I feel inclined.

What's everyone else up to?


Thread: Taranis loudspeaker upgrade
07/05/2015 21:42:17

I did it about a year ago - used a cut down epoxy mixing cup as the mount and hot melt to fix.

It does make a significant improvement and worth it in my opion. Much louder and clearer.


Thread: Variometer/altitude telemetry
23/04/2015 08:15:53

Hello Geoff,

I've got Taranis and high res vario and virtually the same set up as Phil.

It's in my Bixler. On a 3 position switch I have the vario tones, spoken rate of climb and altitude, with volume on a slider.

I find it really useful and it seems to be accurate - even recognises altitude changes when you pick it up off the floor. As Phil says if you programme the announcements too frequently they can annoy, but you can always turn the volume down and just enjoy the soaring.


Thread: Canopy Glue
12/04/2015 08:36:43

+1, also great for Robart hinges!

Thread: Range Check
06/04/2015 02:22:29

Hi John, I did some tests a while back and with my Taranis and x8r was getting a reading of 51 at 55 paces.


Thread: Chips with everything
05/04/2015 00:30:33

Great job Nev.


Thread: MFs Chipmunk
05/04/2015 00:25:43

Cracking Martin, lovely job.


Thread: Chip Shop
05/04/2015 00:14:45

I've seen your photo now John and understand your problem.

I've had to fix my tank in permanently-could see no way to make it removable once everything was fitted. Don't like it like

that, but I gave it a good check and test before it was installed so fingers crossed!


03/04/2015 10:46:30
Gud'day to ya all from Oz. John, my tank is fitted as the plan (I used bearers as the plan) so cockpit floor does not interfere at all. If its that far back will you not have CG issues?
Thread: wot are the rods for?
24/03/2015 10:26:07
Yes, that sounds right Cuban8.
No time in HK - enroute to Oz.
24/03/2015 10:12:28
Hi guys, just flown into Hong Kong on a 777 and for the 1st time wondered what the 10 or so little rod like extensions are for on the trailing edge of the ailerons. Maybe to do with lightening strike dissipation? Anybody know?
Thread: Fats' chippy build
22/03/2015 12:57:37

Well, last post for a while - off tomorrow to Melbourne for the big lads wedding, away 3 weeks.

Got all the glassing done, went pretty well (for me) and can recommend the peel ply method that Danny showed.


Last job I did was to spray Halfords yellow filler/primer on the underside of the wing and commence the rub down. I've used a little of the Squadron white 'putty' filler in a few area's - that's still to rub down. A bit more work when I get back then onto all the rest. Lots still to do.


I expect you all to stick in while I'm away - no slacking now!!!

Gudday t'all


Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
20/03/2015 17:39:00

I bet that felt good Colin! Now you're motoring on. Looks like a Chippie now.

I've never delved into the Depron world - your exploits are wetting my appetite. Mmmmmm......... Next project maybe?......


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