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Thread: Calling all entomologists
29/08/2016 12:33:18

Hornets will be ok if you leave them alone and don't go too near their nest. Wasps are vindictive and will sting just for the hell of it.

Thread: Soldering station.
29/08/2016 12:28:26

If you have a plated tip aka Antex and other good quality irons, the tip should never be cleaned with abrasives (files/abrasive paper etc) as this will destroy the tip. After tinning, to clean, wipe the heated tip on some damp sponge - damp not wet. You will probably have to repeat the action several times during the soldering exercise. The black and discoloured tip will come up like new once again and cleanliness is essential.


To tin the tip from new hold the solder against the tip as it heats up and gradually the solder will melt and automatically tin the tip. I find that multicore lead alloy solder meets most of my needs..

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 29/08/2016 12:31:07

Thread: wierd reading on lipo
22/08/2016 10:10:38

For the sake of a few quid is it worth risking a dodgy battery in a far more valuable model??

Thread: 'Automatic' Windows 10 Upgrade ?
17/08/2016 17:50:41

Hello F1,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've activated the acct.

17/08/2016 14:37:20

Upgraded from W7 to W10 and I can't get any Windows downloads. I've tried everything that I can think of without success. I've also changed the settings in 'Update' Properties from 'Automatic' to 'Manual' and back again, restarting after every alteration. Third party apps. download perfectly well (Except iTunes update - got an error message each time I retried). Don't use it anyway.


I spoke to a senior M/S tec. and he spent quite a while trying but couldn't make any sense of the problem so he downloaded a completely clean version of W10 on Monday. However in spite of the new program the problem persists. I use a third party A/V and after disabling for 10 minutes I still could not download updates.

I should mention that after the original upgrade to W.10 M/S advised downloading the Anniversary package, which I did and that's when the problem started. I could get updates before then.

Has anybody a similar problem? Has anybody go a fix please?

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 17/08/2016 14:57:31

05/08/2016 08:25:03

Thanks for the replies in connection to my post regarding 'Edge' gentlemen.

Funnily enough, I had a genuine message from M/Soft yesterday advertising the 'Anniversary Upgrade for W.10'. I downloaded and installed this, it took some time to complete, and everything - including 'Edge' is working fine (so far).

04/08/2016 15:26:30

Just 'Upgraded' to 10. Mostly seems ok so far but I can't get 'Edge' to do anything useful, For example I use Audacity and the manual download link on the program takes me directly to Edge and nothing happens. I could do without this and would like to do away with this hassle. Any suggestions please.

Thread: Phoenix 2000
03/08/2016 10:48:15

Frank yes

Thread: Ice Cream Anyone?
03/08/2016 10:35:12

Here's one I made earlier:-tx tray 001.jpg

Thread: gap filling glue
25/07/2016 09:28:01

I agree with kc and Bob. Makes a much stronger joint. Just trim the shims flush and then use Aliphatic.

Thread: Bixler 2 problem
13/07/2016 13:21:57

Thanks for the advice gentlemen. I'll follow it. John - Yes, the prop is mounted as per your comments and there is plenty of rearward thrust. In an earlier post Chuck Plains outlined the correct thrust angles for pusher configuration and I have verified that the angle is close to that stated so it seems that lower power on launch as suggested above is the answer.

13/07/2016 08:08:35

I was told that a standard electric propeller mounted 'backwards' would be ok for the Bixler 2. However, the model, which glides well from a no power hand launch, dives sharply towards the ground when the motor is switched on. There seems to be plenty of thrust to the rear so perhaps the prop or the geometry of the motor mount is causing the problem. Any suggestions please?

Thread: Import Duty Brexit
09/07/2016 09:08:00

I'm not worried about it Phil. It's just a point for debate.

09/07/2016 08:53:01

I wonder what the effect on import duty etc. will be when all the negotiations between the UK and the EU are concluded? Will those of us who live on 'The Continent' ordering stuff from the UK have to pay import tax, duty or whatever it may be called and vice versa? Nobody knows at the moment of course but the U.K. will be a foreign country as far as the E.U. is concerned.

Thread: Normal Service may be resumed after Wednesday.........
02/07/2016 08:27:10

Well, Wales have played like a team throughout and not like a lot of prima donnas. Maybe that's the secret........

Come on Wales you can do it.

Thread: Servo lugs
27/06/2016 08:19:47

Do as Dave Bran suggests and glue them in place. It's not worth, either in economy or in time, the effort of replacing the cases.

Thread: Songs to describe BREXIT
26/06/2016 11:39:26

The musical theme from 'Titanic' seems appropriate.

Thread: BREXIT
24/06/2016 09:17:58

It's already dropped pretty heavily.

Thread: Transfering fromplan to balsa
06/06/2016 12:08:38

I'm with Jim Carss every time. Make card templates then you can replicate parts very quickly. Just trace around the template. Useful in case of a part/complete rebuild. The other thing is cutting a former from a piece of paper stuck to balsa is sometimes difficult if the grain 'takes the blade' as there is nothing solid to guide the blade. True making a template takes more time but this is either a swing or a roundabout. I've always used this method employing picture mounting card.  It's a personal choice.

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 06/06/2016 12:11:54

Thread: Browsers
18/05/2016 07:20:27

Yes, I tried that John. I even uninstalled the programme and the re-installed it, which still did not cure the problem.

I'm using Chrome at the moment now.

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