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Thread: Three Channel Stupid Question
27/12/2015 08:57:43

A point regarding 'Stupid ' questions. If one has ask a question because one is not sure how about to go about something that is not stupid. That's what a part of this wonderful forum is for and so very good at providing advice and help. If anyone thinks a question asked is stupid maybe they have forgotten their own uncertainties in the past. Ask away and someone will be pleased to pass their knowledge on.

Happy New Year to all - and posh landings.......

Thread: best visibility colours
18/12/2015 09:10:18

I use fluorescent red water based acrylic paint on the underside of wings and tails of foam gliders. It makes them much easier to see against clouds at height.

Thread: Moving Models
08/12/2015 14:38:33

We are going to put our house on the market here in France in the Spring and am in the process of clearing out the accumulated junk. Also after a lifetime of building from plans, I've decided to sell most of my models including my quarter scale Cliff Charlesworth ASK 18 - built but never flown...... I've a number of well built and finished models probably some 15 in all. Some of which I've not put into the air (I liked building).

When we came to France I made a number of large(ish) plywood boxes and all arrived here without damage. I use the boxes for storage of odds and ends now in the workshop.

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 08/12/2015 14:39:35

Thread: 1/48 scale Lancaster
27/10/2015 07:36:15

Thank you gentlemen.

26/10/2015 12:34:10

Has anyone assembled a static, plastic 1:48 scale Lanc? I need some guidance regarding replicating exhaust burns on the wings.

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 26/10/2015 12:34:58

Thread: Balsa Bashing Tools
12/10/2015 09:09:49

I buy the 10mm snap off retractable blades. I've a metal holder (the plastic ones are too weak). A packet of blades is around £1 for 10 and that gives around 100 new cutting edges. Cheap and very sharp.

Thread: Hawker Hunter crashed at shoreham airshow
05/09/2015 13:35:34

The media is usually so wrong. I wonder why they all say ' Fighter Jet'? Surely it's a Jet Fighter. Did we have 'Fighter Propeller' in the pre jet days? I don't remember if we did.

Thread: Downloading of Malcolm Holt's Futaba 14SG book
29/08/2015 12:58:00

That's a good tip Malcolm.

Thread: Computer Problem
27/08/2015 09:18:52

'morning John,

Well, I can't say how it was transmitted to me but I did send off the whole live email page to the seller. I sent the download that I'd originally copied, to my granddaughter and she tested the page on her laptop but like you with your example, she only got a 'Sign-in' page so it seems as that's covered. The Yahoo 'Home' link is active though and takes you to the main Yahoo page. I had thought that when I typed a website address into my own browser it might also appear in the address field on the Yahoo page. This does not appear to be the case however so I'm hoping that I'm secure. Perhaps I could block the Yahoo site as a further precaution?

Thanks to all of you gentlemen who replied to my post.

26/08/2015 21:37:46


Well, on my inbox page I right clicked on the image (the invoice) on the email received from the book supplier and chose 'Copy'. (the invoice was sent to me as an attachment to the original email). I then downloded, what I thought would only be the attached picture. I then replied to the received email with my downloaded copy of 'the picture' as an attachment. Later in the day I thought that I'd just have another look at my download and to my surprise I saw that I had attached the live inbox page, complete with links. I immediately set about changing passwords and details on important accounts. I also cancelled my email account and uninstalled my Firefox browser. I also cleared browser history as well as cookies. Though I don't think that changing browsers benefitted me much.

I sent the download image to myself and saw that the links were presented in list form with no graphics. Anyone trying to access my old email account will have to login and the login details are now defunct and the account has been cancelled anyway. The links do take you to the main yahoo website. So I live in hope that nobody will be able to progress beyond that. I'm assuming, hopefully, that Amazon has tight controls on emails received and that these are safely tucked away in some archive.



Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 26/08/2015 21:42:21

26/08/2015 19:23:55

Well the damage may have been done now. I wasn't aware of your tip either Martin.

26/08/2015 17:58:55

It's a pity that I didn't know of that Frank.

26/08/2015 17:57:09

I've been thinking over what I did and this was:

I brought up the email from the bookshop (Amazon - World Books) and 'click' copied the image of the invoice on the screen, sending this to my download files. I then replied to the email requesting a screen shot adding the downloaded image as an attachment. I fear that this was not the right thing to do as the links on the attachment might prove to be live on the recipient's computer.

26/08/2015 16:17:12

Thanks for your reply Area 51. Yes it was just a screenshot but it wasn't just the picture of the invoice that was on the screen that went it was the whole of my inbox page. Has me concerned as especially the downloaded copy that I made of this page as a reference has active links in it. Perhaps it was relating to the links stored on my laptop and these would not be accessible as live links when sent to another computer.

26/08/2015 15:22:12

Some of you techies out there might have the answer to my query.

I bought a book from a well known, reputable website and disputed the postage charges. They asked me to send them a screen-shot of the emailed invoice so that they could check the carriage charges.

I brought the email up that was displaying the invoice and, after saving a copy to my download folder, I 'sent' the display. A little later in the afternoon I retrieved the copy from my download file that I had made and was surprised to see that the whole of my email page was shown with 'active' links.

I changed the passwords etc for the email account but my browsing history links were still live and those sites could be accessed from my downloaded copy. I've now deleted my browsing history too.

My question is will the recipient of my screenshot also be able to access the live links.

Thread: Downloading of Malcolm Holt's Futaba 14SG book
17/08/2015 10:35:18

Ripmax Handle Futaba now so give them a call Tony.

Ripmax Ltd,

241 Green Street,



Tel:- 0044 (0) 2082827500


Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 17/08/2015 10:36:12

Thread: Motor for Mpx Heron
14/08/2015 10:20:30

Problem sorted. Thanks chaps.

Thread: Buying from Staufenbiel
14/08/2015 10:17:32

No problems in my experience with them either. As Andy said give them a call. They are very professional people.

Thread: Motor for Mpx Heron
12/08/2015 18:14:21

Thanks for your interest Dave but it needs to have a folding prop so perhaps this won't work.

That motor looks to have about the right dimensions too Bill. I'll have a 'gander'. Ta!

12/08/2015 16:47:11

Thanks Dave, that looks about the right dimensions except for the short (5mm) prop shaft.

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