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Thread: Wire Gauges and how to measure them.
24/05/2020 08:07:37

Thanks, everyone!

That's exactly what I needed, KC, and, combined with the charts/links suggested by Tbone, and Colin Bernard can proceed with confidence. I use Futaba-type leads for servos,so no problem there. Diolch yn Fawr, pawb,cadw yn saf iawn, Den, Cymru (Wales).

23/05/2020 09:31:36

Hi,everyone, and I hope you are keeping well in these dangerous times. I'm planning a few builds that need wiring extensions. I don't know how to order cable for the circuits, because they are always quoted in 'gauge size'. I've looked for a chart, but can only find the American sizes. Has anyone a simple method of doing this online, please? I just need to know the PHYSICAL size of the cable needed (the diameter), NOT the WVA/electronic calculations, Thanks, Den

Thread: Four Engine electric setup
13/05/2020 05:15:05

That's great, everyone - I followed Tony Richardson's advice and contacted Ray McDougal in B.C., Canada, and had a very informative, courteous reply from him.I feel I can now move forward to build the aircraft, especially given the member's great pics of their aircraft. Diolch yn fawr, pawb, Den.

12/05/2020 06:17:54

Thanks, everyone! A lot to consider, but I will probably set up a two 'twins system', inner and outer, I have an example, with a Coronado seaplane being built on youtube in Australia, and will revisit that video whe I get the chance

Keep safe, and diolch yn fawr 'to, Den, Abertawe.

11/05/2020 10:22:52


I have given up searching through the tortuous search engine - yes, it still only has 'Electric for beginners' as a title, as apparently there are NO experienced flyers who use electric-motor driven aircraft in the UK. News to me. Also, whatever you do, don't expect the search engine to deal with a multi-word enquiry, such as 'multi engines', unless, of course, you want to get into i/c!

That's the beef off my chest, and my apologies to those of us who already know all that.

I will be building a replica of the Short Solent that was used on the 'Coral Route' from NZ to Fiji, (I think), and am starting to look into how to set up the wiring for a four engined aircraft. I have actually visited the aircraft I'm talking about, it's in the Museum of Science and Technology in Auckland (which has Keith Park's Hurricane on a pedestal outside!), along with a Short Sunderland (the last pilot of which I spoke to. Oddly enough, he was stationed just down the coast from me at Pembroke Dock!) .

I understand how to set up twin electric-motored aircraft, but would like any information on setting up three or four-engined (I also have a Graupner Ju 52 waiting in the wings!) aircraft. Thanks very much in anticipation of your replies - an enquiry with the brilliant membership here never fails to get help when needed. It's much appreciated.

Hope everyone is keeping safe, happy plaguing, Den, Abertawe.

Thread: Starter Motor Refurbishment
25/04/2020 11:39:35

Hi! I had a go at the starter motor, but both brass retainer 'ends' snapped off, making it impossible to get a spring-loaded commutator brush to stay in place. I haven't chucked it yet, but it's a very frustrating problem. A simple design feature of being able to remove the housing would have soved it. Anyway, thanks for all your help,Den.

13/04/2020 08:08:07

Thanks for your help, everybody - I'll have another crack at it this week, and let you know how I get on. Keep safe, Den

10/04/2020 08:26:40

In theory -That's the problem! I know how to replace the brushes, it's easy, but I can't see how to open it up in the first place! Thanks for replying anyway, keep safe!

09/04/2020 10:52:24


Is it possible to refurbish/renew brushes et al in an rc starter motor? Or a youtube video of same ( I cannot find one!). That's the starter we plug into the flight box and turn the spinner with, not an onboard starter, cheers, happy flying, Keep safe,Den, Swansea

Thread: speed 400 x 3!
30/10/2019 10:18:53

I don't think my nerves will hold after all the effort at building this formidable kit!

I'll probably go down the 3s - 2018mm - 2000kv route with a large ESC!


Den, Swansea

29/10/2019 10:09:46

The kit didn't have one, so I ordered it from ebay, Shaun - nice one! That's it, folks, I'm good to go, keep you posted. Still tempted to try the corrugation, but I'll read Trevor's review first. Den

29/10/2019 10:00:52

That's great,boys, thanks. I have not checked the kit since it arrived, but will get on it later. I'm sure you have given me all the info I need, Cheers, Den


Re: the robbing gov of indeterminate parentage's efforts to sting us for £ 9, all our members are flatly refusing to pay it!

29/10/2019 04:15:13

Thanks, both!

So I just need to work out what size/capacity brusehed ESC I will need. Any ideas on how to work that out, for three motors, please?

Thanks again, Den.

28/10/2019 10:02:18

Hi, everybody!

I recently bought a rare Graupner Ju 52 kit, complete with the three speed 400's in the box. I understand that it only needs one speed controller, as the motors are connected in parallel to one (I think!) battery.

Does anybody have any experience/suggestions/wiring diagrams with the circuit I would need to set up, please. I have no experience with brushed motors at all.

I hope to start the build in January (after a nearly completed Tony Nijhuis Hurri, a nearly completed HK catalina, and a Flite Test Seaduck! ). Also, I would like to use corrugated covering, but it may take too long!

Thanks, everyone,


Thread: alternative undercarriage Sabre 64mm FMS?
23/10/2019 05:07:06


19/10/2019 06:22:31

Thanks, they are all too heavy, unfortunately. I'm tending towards a fixedu/c - may even use cable tie loops, a la Glue'ngo Mig 27 on Youtube! This system works well on those, although the Sabre is a bit heavier, I think.

18/10/2019 09:49:44

Hi, everyone.I've recently gained access to a tarmac strip (quiet road!), and was thinking about fitting undercarriage to my 64mm Sabre. Does anyone have any ideas about fixed or retracts, and any alternative sets that may fit the 64mm FMS Sabre, please? Thank you, Den, Cymru.

Thread: Waterproof glue
08/07/2019 07:52:47

Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've opted for 'Gorilla Glue', as the aircraft is of a very lightweight depron sheet construction. I won't be able to use even a tisuue covering, but will probably use 'Coverall' as a wrap-around seal for the chine.

The boats took me back to my sailing days, both on the Oceans (single-handing), and the European canals - lovely examples shown her as well. So thanks, once again, I'm sure it will be ok with the Gorilla Glue. Den Swansea.

07/07/2019 06:03:27

Hi! My apologies for putting this in this area of the site, but the search engine doesn't have a result for 'waterproof glue'.

Can anyone tell me a good glue to use for the lower hull of a water plane, please? Thank you, Den, Swansea.

Thread: gyro behaving oddly!
06/07/2019 07:26:36

Haven't had time to swap out the y-lead, Den - my gdaughter's 5th bday! Frank/Robert - putting a servo reverser on does just that - reverses the servo, so I'm a bit leary about doing that, although I will investigate the connection sequence of servo to recever, or direct to gyro further. Thank you, everyone.

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