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Thread: Waterproof glue
08/07/2019 07:52:47

Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've opted for 'Gorilla Glue', as the aircraft is of a very lightweight depron sheet construction. I won't be able to use even a tisuue covering, but will probably use 'Coverall' as a wrap-around seal for the chine.

The boats took me back to my sailing days, both on the Oceans (single-handing), and the European canals - lovely examples shown her as well. So thanks, once again, I'm sure it will be ok with the Gorilla Glue. Den Swansea.

07/07/2019 06:03:27

Hi! My apologies for putting this in this area of the site, but the search engine doesn't have a result for 'waterproof glue'.

Can anyone tell me a good glue to use for the lower hull of a water plane, please? Thank you, Den, Swansea.

Thread: gyro behaving oddly!
06/07/2019 07:26:36

Haven't had time to swap out the y-lead, Den - my gdaughter's 5th bday! Frank/Robert - putting a servo reverser on does just that - reverses the servo, so I'm a bit leary about doing that, although I will investigate the connection sequence of servo to recever, or direct to gyro further. Thank you, everyone.

05/07/2019 07:45:58

Thanks, boys - I've done all that, and now I have written to the manufacturer. I'm puzzled as to why the stick signal splits normally through the 'Y'- lead, and the gyro signal reverses on one side! They are cheap enough, but I'll wait until I hear back from them before making a final decision! Cheers, and thanks for the advice, Den.

04/07/2019 09:01:44


I put a cheap gyro in a P47, and the ailerons come up at the same time, instead of one up, one down. The rudder and elevayer act as asked. The aircraft controls are in bog standard mode, and respond correctly through the sticks.

Anyone had this problem,please? Cheers, Den.

Thread: Bec for twin EDF?
17/05/2019 09:25:47

Thanks , Nigel, and sorry for the confusion! John, that's absolutely nailed it for me, just what I was after, I'm afraid I'm a little challenged with electronics side of our hobby!

Happy flying! A great response as ever, thanks again, Den, Swansea

16/05/2019 11:20:58

'Does that still need a wiring diagram?' - I'm afraid it does, Nigel, because I want the power supply to the servos to be independent of the main Lipo, otherwise there is little point in using a BEC, other than in large capacity situations.

16/05/2019 10:11:23

Hi, everybody!

I have a Dynam Me 262 - the type has had problems with the ESCs overheating - there is a good vid on youtube showing one catching fire in the air (luckily only minimal damage) !

I'm looking at emplacing a BEC system, to offset the overheating problem, and need a wiring diagram for a TWIN setup. I know about ducting air over the esc's etc., but, really, I'm just asking about BECs for twin setup. Thank you, Den, Abertawe.

Thread: wire rigging
29/04/2019 09:54:58

Thanks, Manish, but turnbuckles are a bit too weighty for this aircraft. I looked up the fishing supplies, and they have 'figure of eight' flat pieces, which, if I bend them slightly, will be ideal. Thanks every one, Den.

Thread: Deafness needs light, not buzzer!
27/04/2019 09:27:11

Thanks , everyone. I thought someone would know how to do it, is all.

Den, I have/know those points/fittings, and thank you for that. The only bit I didn't know was ' A protective resistor is required sorted VI/R' ? Cheers , Den.

Deafness - Good point is I cannot hear people calling me names!

26/04/2019 13:09:34


As my hearing gets worse, I find I cannot hear the buzzer on my transmitter, unless conditions are absolutely perfect, so I would like to fit an Led light (connected to the buzzer) on the outside of my transmitter.

I'm ok with the soldering etc, and the polarity, but would like someone to tell me the correct wiring/diagram.

I suspect its a straightforward 'loop'with the bulb in the middle, but not all sure! Cheers, Den, Swansea.

Thread: wire rigging
22/04/2019 08:49:39

I agree about the 'top tip'!

As the four 'v's' come to single points, I've decided just to tension using the 'Spanish cramping' method, i.e. twisting, to take up slack, as I don't want/need the wires bow tight.

As usual, a really helpful response from everybody, cheerio, Den, Swansea.

21/04/2019 06:32:29

Thanks, everyone. As the rigging is functional for this particular aircraft,, a necessary part of the wing support system, I'll go with the fishing wire et al, and use soldered crimps.

It's the brackets that are key to avoiding all that drilling and shaping. My hands aren't up to too much of that these days! Cheers, Den

20/04/2019 03:51:07

Hi, everyone,

I'm rebuilding the wing support system for a Hobbyking Flybaby (44" w/s), and need to make up the wire support system. The system leads upwards from the axle ends to two bolts through the wing, and these bolts feed wire back to the single fuselage point above the wing.

My problem is sourcing fittings that will carry the wire, (sourcing) the wire itself, and secure it to the fixing points. I know I could make them, but as there are twelve of them (three under/three on top of each wing) I'm hoping they are a manufactured item. The bolt size through the wing is 4 mm dia.. The upper fuselage point is secured by a self-tapper (although I'll probably bolt this with 4mm nylon bolts) .

I don't even know what these fittings are called! Help!

Thanks, everyone, Den, Swansea

Thread: Range of a Gypsy Moth?
29/03/2019 10:47:55

Hi,everyone -this is really for 'everything flying'! I'm reading about Amy Johnson, and her epic trips, and I wondered - does anyone have any idea of the range of a DH Gypsy Moth, please? Cheers, Den, Llangyfelach.

Thread: left or right thrust ?
20/02/2019 07:52:51

...and that reminds me of the 'Dual Ace' that's sitting on my shelf, waiting to be flown - that has 'normal' rotation! devil

19/02/2019 15:35:56

That's honest of you, Piers! Thanks. That's a fast looking aircraft, Martin - good luck with it. Den

19/02/2019 11:30:14

I'm convinced! Outward it is! I may need a stable gun platform if we loose at the Arms Park on Saturday!

Thanks again, everyone, really helpful, and as usual, an impressive knowledge of our hobby shown by all, I can't count the number of times everyone has given me sound advice, makes it a great hobby!

18/02/2019 10:24:57

So - tomayto, tomahto!

The engines/motors are mounted on the fuselage parallel axis, Jon, and I have no argument with that.

But now I have two suggestions for completely opposites! The counter rotation towards each other makes sense, any variation in torque effect being thrown 'inboard', so to speak. I'll probably go with that one.(after I make up some cowls, wingstruts, and aileron rods!). Thanks, everyone,

Den Swansea.

18/02/2019 09:14:43


I'm putting together a Guanli Catalina which has been in its box for a few years, and have found out that it is supplied with reversed props (unlike the motor cowls, struts, and rods !).

Can anyone tell me the 'correct' placement of the CW and CCW props on the left or right wing please?

Thanks, Den

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