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Thread: Hobby Eagle
01/12/2018 13:49:05

I'm there! The gain on the right side pot was the culprit - I now have the elevator control surface level in all switch positions. There isn't much response from the elevator in any position, so I suspect that the rod/horn settings need to be revisited.

It was such a relief to see the elevator flick back to 'horizontal' ! Thank you very much for your time, patience and expertise, it certainly made me feel that there was a solution to the problem, and it would have taken me ages to arrive (if ever!) at this point.

Diolch yn fawr, Den

01/12/2018 11:20:29

Hi! I checked that the 'position ' is correct in the manual - here is a photo ( 'flat' :

gyro position me 109.jpg

I swopped the elevator and rudder leads, and sure enough, the rudder did the same thing in switch three 'auto-balance' position.So it is a gyro setting, not the elevator servo.

I then did a level reset in normal mode - same result. Ditto in auto balance - same result.Here is a photo of the aircraft at rest:

aircraft position atrest me 109.jpg

all else seems ok?

30/11/2018 10:42:24

Hi, Den - One last thing (I hope!). I've made great advances in my understanding of this unit, and have now successfully setup using 'Mode' 2 - Normal, off, and Auto-balance on my three-way switch.

In switch position one,Normal, the throws are correct.

In switch position two, all is off, correct.

and now the oddball - in switch position three, Auto balance, the throws for the aileron and rudder are good, but the elevator is going to the end of the servo travel when switched on ( the aircraft is 'at rest' on my table, so no positional or attitude change has taken place).

Any ideas on this one,please? Cheers, Den

27/11/2018 10:51:35

Hi, Den

This a.m. I tried again, and got as far as your advice line ending in '......disconnect this for now'.

No result - just a continuous flashing red light. So I decided to carry out a 'factory default' reset. As my granddaughter says ...' This is tricky', because you have to depress the little black control button on the unit, keep it depressed, and THEN connect the battery - not easy with an XT60 connector!

Having done this, I discovered that Robert was my mum's brother, and the unit went back to 'normal' - showing the blue light. Then I carried out the further lines of your advice, and found out some interesting things:

a. The pots need a really small slot head screwdriver to turn them, but you have to be patient and find the 'ends' of the travel , clockwise and anti-clockwise - at the centre of this travel its the null point - no movement of the relative servo will occur.

b. I now saw a tiny movement (from the rudder) when I turned the aircraft, and, after further tweaking the left hand pot (aileron) I got that moving as well. The elevator didn't move, but it's servo did,so that needs investigating, probably an old servo where the arm isn't gripping. Both the aileron and the elevator needed to be reversed, but following the instructions for that is easy, and for me, it worked.So I now have the gyro doing its job.

I still don't know what happened to demand a factory reset, but, hey, as long as it worked, who cares?!

I know you are well up on this unit, but I have described my setup in case some other poor sod comes across the dreaded 'Continuous flashing red light' ( akin to pc blackscreen, I suspect!), and casts his household into sackcloth and ashes mode!

Thank you very much for your help, not for the first time, I know, and I'll let you know how it does in the air, and if I'm brave enough to try a 'mode 3' setup!

Diolch yn fawr'to, Den

27/11/2018 00:04:22

Hi, Den,

yes,yes,electric,Lipo,yes at the top. So, the flashing red is - what? It's not mentioned at all in the manual, or any of the videos I have seen.

I'll try going back to factory default tomorrow, I have cleared any 'mixes', as per, and everything seems in order, I just can't get back to the 'normal' mode blue-light status. Cheers, Den.

26/11/2018 12:53:59

Bother! I've been trying to set up a Hobby Eagle A3V2 gyro, and the manual is optimistic, to say the least!

I now have a continuously flashing red light? I can move from it into the 'selection box' , but when I try to get out of that, it goes back to a continuous flashing red light. This isn't mentioned in any manual or video, and I'm a bit stuck? Help,please? Den

Thread: Park-zone Me 109
24/11/2018 09:48:32

Hello, everyone. I bought a Park-zone Me 109 2nd hand - it's a great plane for hand-launch, but I want to fit fixed mains. Does anyone have a photo of these, or a spare set for sale, please? Thanks, Den.

Edited By Den Moran on 24/11/2018 09:49:21

Thread: Drop tanks for a Mig 15?
16/10/2018 20:58:35


I've got a pair of droptanks for the Mig 15!. I checked again with Motion RC, and, out of the corner of my eye, noticed an advert for their opening in Europe. Out of curiosity, and chasing another item for sale with them ,when I clicked 'go to cart' they had included a pair of droptanks! They were treated as a EU item, so no customs payment, just a small US tax at source, and slightly more postage than UK internal. So I'm well pleased - result!

Thank you once again for your kind offer, it was re-assuring to know that an offer of help was at hand. Happy flying, Cheers, Den.

10/10/2018 18:18:42

That's really kind of you, Andy!

How about if I give it a few days,to see if anyone has pair, or knows where to source them, and if nothing turns up, I'll get back to you,ok? Thanks very much, and be sure I'll let you know the outcome.

Just for interest's sake, what would you need for your printer? A 3D drawing? I've seen one working, and one of the members at Meidrim club near Carmarthen had a trim little Spitfire that flew well! thanks, Den

10/10/2018 09:28:07

Hi, everybody! I bought an Exceed Mig 15 at Much Marcle second-hand. Its an absolute delight to fly, and I'm well-pleased with it.

However, I've tried sourcing spare drop tanks for it .Yes, they are available in the US for $2.50 - about £2.00 . Add 'International' postage of £ 45, yes, £45!!!! (a 'morphed' nitroplanes site in Europe adds the US AND EU postage - grand total delivered to your door -119 euros!).

Small wonder the Chinese are fast becoming THE global superpower, with their freepost system. My mate tells me they just have 'heavies' lined up, and when one is full, off to anywhere in the world it goes!

Anyway, has anyone a spare set, or similar for another make, the 70mm edf ones are all about the same size,, including the HK ones (true to form,HK no longer sell their highly successful Mig, or spares either!), which I can buy from them please?

Failing that can anyone suggest a good method of making a pair? Thanks, Den, South Wales

Thread: Nasty washers!
09/10/2018 10:56:16

Thanks, everyone! I think I'll go down the ring spanner or tube route, and tab it with superglue! John, I LOVED the plastic bag suggestion, but I use my kitchen floor as a small bits unclassified storage area (according to my daughters!), and it may feel neglected if I don't drop everything! wink I will use your suggestion, though. Thanks for the help, all, a problem solved! Den, South Wales

09/10/2018 08:57:15

Hi, everyone! As I'm getting to the stage were even Methuselah is becoming envious, I find that I'm getting more difficulty with small objects.

The case in point here is those spring clip washers with the cruciform hole in the middle that secure servo tower control/rod restrainers.

Does anyone know of a tool suppliers that sell a bespoke pliers with the right size indent and centre hole, or does everybody make one up themselves - if its the latter, I' stuffed! Hahahaha!

Thread: I need info on a 'McKay' engine
08/10/2018 13:23:32

Brilliant! Thanks, both. I loved the pics, Geoff! Den

08/10/2018 08:14:58

Thanks, both ! Ron, your 'link' did the trick, and has given me the info I needed, so thank you for that.

Daithi, it's defo a Mackay', but thank you for your help.. Den

08/10/2018 06:15:11

Hi, everyone. I have started to set up a Great Planes Stearman, and have an engine that was previously used in an Ultimate biplane. A member at my club told me it was a 'McKay' make, and explained its requirements ( Petrol!) etc,, so I should be ok to bench test it, before mounting it in the aircraft.

The Moki 30, which is of similar size ( and appearance), and the manual for the Stearman say the prop size is ok at 17 x 8, so no problem there,as I have three of those in my box!

If anyone has any info on 'McKay' engines, such as where to get a manual etc., or general advice, it would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks! Den, South Wales

Thread: Tony's hurri retracts!
15/09/2018 07:23:49

Thanks, Bob.

14/09/2018 11:28:22

Thanks, everyone, and my apologies for not thanking you earlier - the grandchildren effect, I suspect! Den.

Thread: Identify aircraft, please?!
02/09/2018 21:47:25

Thanks for the detailed help, and descriptions, everybody. I've started to get it ready for flight, and hope to get it in the air next weekend. I have a converted 2 stroke to 4 stroke .60 that'll fit the space neatly, or an Irvine 46. Great pics as well, thanks!

02/09/2018 06:57:27

Hi, everyone!
I bought this aircraft at the Much Marcle Show yesterday. It is a tail dragger, and is set up with a fuel tank etc. for i/c. It is in really good condition, and I couldn't resist it as a bargain buy!

There wasn't much information about the aircraft at the point of sale (to be fair, I didn't ask!), and there are no obvious trade markings on the aircraft itself. W/s is approx 72” ( or my settee length!).


Does any member remember this aircraft, and can they identify it for me, please? It seems to be circa '80s or 90's.
Thank you, Den.

Thread: Super Tigre 25cc wrap around?
02/09/2018 06:12:43

Thanks for your replies, everyone. Den,

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