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Thread: Traplet Me 262
03/11/2016 12:53:11

Hi, everyone,

I’m considering building a Traplet Plans Me262.,w/s 50”.

Has anyone had experience of this build, and are there any pitfalls for the unwary there!?

I would also like to know if retracts and flaps are an integral part of the plan , and especially the ‘leg’ dimensions for the oleos, as well as a suitable retract make. Or could I add them?

Lastly, are there any other sites which would have this info?

Thanks very much,


Thread: Hobbyking Cessna twin 1100
03/04/2016 12:38:13

Hi, everyone,

Hobbyking Wwide have no prop replacements for the Cessna 1100 twin. Can anyone tell me : the size/specs of the pair of props,and,

where to source them, please?

Thank you,


Thread: Changing from 35 to 2.4 - setup?
06/03/2016 15:42:14

Thanks, Engine Doctor! That is exactly the information I needed! Brilliant answer, which gives me all the up-to-date information, and the safety cautions I will need. Cheers, Den

P.S. Alan - it is my local club, but with the howling (80mph recorded at Mumbles last week!) winds and the horizontal rain, we haven't met much lately!

06/03/2016 11:03:19

Sorry, Chris, I'm straining to make the link between nimh batts, yes or no: and transmitter settings! But thanks anyway.


06/03/2016 07:28:31

Thanks for the help, everybody - so in effect, the only change is my receiver, which will work off a normal fourpack NIMH, such as an enerloop.

Mechanical differences are the servo for the throttle, and, of course ,no ESC!

05/03/2016 11:23:52

Hi, everyone.

After a longish period with electric power, I want to resume I/c flying. In the interim I have gone to a 2.4 transmitter, and wish to continue using this.

I need to know the setup, let's say for an Irvine Tutor trainer using a 40 two stroke. All the articles I see are about setting the power unit up, rather than the battery, receiver, switch etc. Help!?

Den, Swansea

Thread: How to choose which fan/motor combination
04/06/2015 06:04:45

Thanks - Roger, I looked at the Wemotec site, but coudn't find a formula ,or calculator, just stuff on sale.

Dave - that's good of you ! I'll be looking at it this weekend and will give you the info as soon as I have it.

I'm not sure about the blade count, though!


03/06/2015 11:54:41

Hi, everyone,

Having been given a delta that needs an EDF - how do I assess its power needs, please?

I am used to doing this with i/c and electrc propeller aircraft,but never done an EDF before! Some sort of tutorial/ tbles would be nice, ta muchly,


Thread: Jocasta build
28/05/2015 07:08:17

That's nice! I like the colour scheme with the highlighted cockpit area! Did it go ok on the maidenflight? Den

Thread: Jocasta
20/05/2015 17:00:04

Just use a turnigy equvalent from hobbyking. All Turnigy is good quality, and half the price! Hobbyking itself takes a bit of getting used to but it's worth it for the reliablity. Turnigy batteries are good and cheap as well. Den

Thread: Jocasta build
05/05/2015 07:49:08

Finally done it! The winter build of 'Jocasta ' is finished, and maidened successfully.


I found the build straightforward, although I was caught out with the 'former' material, finally ignoring the '1/4” balsa' statement, and following the cutout diagram notes. I noted Jim's comments about the weakness of the tailwheel, and used a loop axle which was fibre-glassed into the tail with tissue, the resin carried into the lower (dowelled with a toothpick) hinge. This is a strong arrangement, and well worth the time and effort.

jocasta alterations design 004.jpg djoc.jpg

I also used shaped balsa wingtips, with (top photo) lightening holes.

Having blessed (!) many a designer for their access to battery et al , I introduced a different battery and ESC area;

bbbbbbb 039.jpg

There are two compartments, one on top of the other. The ESC can be seen in the lower one, in line with the airscoop (under – unsighted), and the battery on top ( the velcro strip for it can be seen on the raised battery 'floor'. The prop in the pic is not fitted yet! On the wing, the battery and hood.

The rails to support both 'floors' are acting as longitudinal strengtheners, and the floors are secured with screws.

All my decals are home-made, using transfer paper and the PC. The roundels were printed on light paper, and stuck on with 'Pritstick'. The code DYS-G , used on all my trainers, is the start of the Welsh word for learner, 'dysgwr'.

bbbbbbb 034.jpg bbbbbbb 036.jpg

The flight was supervised by a local expert;


….and celebrated in appropriate style!


'Jocasta' flew really well, although I will alter the prop thrust angle, it's a bit floaty for the Atlantic breezes at Pembrey! All the participants shown above were in the air at (nearly!) the same time as the maiden flight.

With many thanks to Jim Newberry for a sensible plan, an easy build, and a great flier.

Den Moran

Thread: cant copy from pc and paste to thread
03/05/2015 15:10:33
That's great - thanks, everyone! Den
03/05/2015 14:57:35
Text, yes - but pictures?
03/05/2015 14:22:41
....without some awkward code thingy appearing. What a drag!
Thread: Jocasta build
29/04/2015 17:04:12

Help! I've made up a report with pictures about my build for 'Jocasta' , but cannot 'paste' it here with the pictures. The site keeps asking me to copy and paste each one, with an added CTRL + V thingy as well - pretty laborious! Please don't tell me it's my browser, unless a suggestion on how to modify it comes as well! Ta muchly , fellow Jocastites,


Thread: Nose wheel leg
16/04/2015 10:48:45

Hi! Can anyone tell me where to get 4mm+ thick 'straight' (just the spring curl) nosewheel legs,please?

All the ones I see online are 3mm or less, or if heavier, are just two inches (!) from the spring to the end ! Thas

Thread: Decal Fonts
23/03/2015 17:25:12

Can anyone tell me where to download free decal registration fonts from, please? I'm especially interested in the teens, twenties and thirties era, Thanks!

Den, Abertawe

Thread: Flaps the old way
23/03/2015 08:45:35

Thanks a lot everyone, especially for the diagram - I can fettle that now! Den

22/03/2015 17:45:18


..... has anyone got a diagram/ explanation of how to set up flaps using one servo (for the two flaps), i.e. before 'y' lead and two servos became popular,please?

Thread: Scratchbuild i/c covering
19/03/2015 09:22:13

Hi! I'm building a foam wing which is to be finshed with brown paper and rattle can car acrylic paint.

Although I have used ths method for electric models, this is the first time I have built a wing like this for i/c (glow).

Can anyone advise me about fuel proofing the wing and its decals (ijet printed) please? I normally use clear acrylic spray varnish,or Ronseal paint-on clear varnish.Thanks,

Den, Abertawe

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