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Thread: Front or back mounted?
06/03/2015 08:25:15

Thanks for the help,everyone,and the laughs!

Den, Abertawe

28/02/2015 13:23:08

Hallo, everybody. I'm trying to source a motor size 3720 kv600 brushless. I want the mounting bracket to be at the FRONT of the motor, I.e. where only the shaft is poking through, ready to be fitted with the prop etc. In other words the motor is behind the mounting wall/bulkhead inside the nose. I don't know what terminology is used for this form of mounting , although some shops advertise 'back-mounted'. Apart from the obvious (front-mounted!), what is it called? Thank you, Den

Thread: Jocasta
08/01/2015 15:45:07

Hi Jim! Happy New Year!

Sorry to be a pain, but can you give me the name of the decal people again, please? Ready to join the wing pieces now, so looking to order them over the next week or so.

Thanks, again,

Den, Abertawe

Thread: 2.4 aerial length
27/12/2014 09:35:35

OK! I'll take the path of adding strength. Thanks for a brilliant response, everyone, Den

23/12/2014 14:49:03

I have several damaged aerial leads and wish to replace them. Apparently it's a design weakness with

Turnigy receivers

that causes them to break/defray at the point of exit from the case.

I know they are co-axial, and the 'FPV' video on youtube shows how to solder it in, but the length he is stating is 55mm for the whole thing.

Does anyone know how I can replace them? It's not a question of cost, the new ones are reasonably priced, but I want to fit a better receiver aerial that won't snap off.

Thanks everyone, Happy Christmas!

22/12/2014 10:30:48

Hi! Can anyone tell me how long a 2.4 aerial should be please? What cable is best to use, and does it matter if its 'too long', or is this critical? Thanks!

Den, Abertawe

Thread: Turnigy receivers
11/12/2014 07:50:58


I have several damaged aerial leads and wish to replace them. Apparently it's a design weakness with Turnigy receivers that causes them to break/defray at the point of exit from the case.

Does anyone know how I can replace them? It's not a question of cost, the new ones are reasonably priced, but I want to fit a better receiver aerial that won't snap off.


Den Moran,


Edited By Den Moran on 11/12/2014 07:51:56

Thread: Routing Aerials
08/12/2014 13:49:50

Hi! I have six or seven Turnigy receivers (2.4) with damaged aerials. How do I replace them? Anyone have any ideas on what wire to use,please,

Den, Abertawe

Thread: Jocasta
25/11/2014 08:21:12

Hi everybody, and festive (nearly,anyway!) greetings!

Jim, I've fitted the motor on, and the 'down' angle as per plan looks very steep. Can you confirm that the plan angle is the correct one, or did you need local adjustment when you set it up initially?

Have got the fuselage to the ready-to-cover stage, and hope to complete the wings and all before the festnogs hit! Also found a great place to fly off water - but still looking for suitable float plans. Cheers,


26/09/2014 08:04:34


You had me laughing about the 'multi-coats', had a similar experience before I chose the spray can route!

I already have the Solartex colours as shown in the pics, and everything else has arrived , so, once I build the SLEC fuselage jig, it's onward and upward - but don't hold your breath! The decals I want are the same with one exception, the number code - I use 'DYSG' then a number for my trainers, DYSG being the first four letters of the Welsh for 'Dysgwr' - learner!

Many thanks for youe help, I will keep you posted as to the build,


25/09/2014 21:02:44

Has anyone any idea about how to replicate the impressive decals shown in the article, or the name of a decal printer to order a set, please?


24/09/2014 08:25:48

Funny how things come together - I too will be fitting floats to Jocasta - the odd bit being that I've just realised that a pill (tidal creek - Gower) where I was brought up is large enough at either side of high water to provide a really sheltered , safe flying site - the gulls will have a bit of a shock, I expect!

Also, I have a pair of skis of the right size, so I'm hoping for snow, as well! Good luck,Jim, with the Sesky... pesky... er, next series of aircraft!

22/09/2014 05:07:08

Ha ha! I thought it was my computer skills (lack of!!!)!

Thanks for the reply, Jim, I'm looking forward to the build, even ordered a SLEC building board to avoid the dreaded 'banana' fuselage. I know 4-max have a good reputation, from other people at my club. So, onward and upward, and keep designing those lovely aircraft.


21/09/2014 17:27:47

Thanks for that! Wolston Flyer. It was the fact that 4-max 'search' wouldn't show it as in existence that put me off! Turnigy will do fine, as ever. Den

20/09/2014 07:10:25

Hi, Jim!

I was impressed by the 'Jocasta' idea. It's a long time since a decent four-channel trainer was available as a freeplan!.

I ordered the 'gubbins' this morning, using Turnigy for the powertrain. The reason for this was that 4-max deny all knowledge of the motor no. ......'PPO3548-110', and I tried really hard to locate it. As with most things, I turned to a reliable source, and got what I wanted easily.

I thought I'd let you know, it's some kind of glitch, and I haven't filed it in the ...' I found one handy in my granny's knickers drawer' section, that a lot of designers seem to think is great to say, without mentioning where us poor people can source one ( Another brahmer is...'you can buy it in B&Q'! Huh!).

I'm looking forward to the build, and will keep up to date here. Thank you for your time and effort , a really good looking aircraft.

One thing I am puzzled by is the tapering fuselage in the front - does one use water to bend the 1/4" sheet to meet the formers, or should it 'go' on its own?


Thread: Blue Foam supplier?
16/10/2013 14:22:35

Anyone know where I can buy a single sheet of dow corning bluefoam in the Swansea area.please? A Cardiff co. wanted £35.00! I'm using the B&Q white foam (£7.00,8x4) at the moment, but it won't shape/sand like a finer bubble foam, such as pink or blue. Den Moran

Thread: Flair Piper Cub
08/08/2013 10:18:18

Hi,everyone. I've been given a Flair Piper Cub Fuselage, and want to make a wing for it - does anyone have a chord section they can send me, please? Den

Thread: Evans Volksplane free plan for beginners?
07/08/2013 08:53:48

Hi, Martin, it IS tongue in cheek, but the photo info kc sent me clarified things greatly. I think PM is a great designer, and follow all his new stuff. For relative beginners like myself, the well-trodden pathways are not always apparent, so a self-congratulory pre-statement like 'easy for ' (scale) beginners always starts alarm bells ringing!

I laughed at your measurement conclusion - us oldies have a nasty habit of being correct with things like accurate measurement!!

When I was teaching, my form used to shout out a sum, and the game was that I had to give the answer before they could do it on a calculator. They were always astonished when I did this, but, as I tried to explain, being brought up in the imperial system ( and playing darts!) gave us a head start! Den

05/08/2013 15:59:26

Thanks for that everyone! I'll use all that info to good effect - I'm not a novice, but this is the first scale attempt. I'm also doing a twenties aircraft from (my own design) scratch - it was the 'easy build bit' that threw me ! Ranks with '- I found mine in a skip, deserted bank, railway siding, in grannies underwear - I'm sure we've all seen this type thing - my favourite is 'you can get it in B&Q'!!! huh! Once again, thanks very much, brill response as usual. Den

05/08/2013 13:17:36

Hello! Just a few observations (and helpful solutions!) on the free plan for the Evans Volksplane in the August RCM& E- I am a first time scale builder, and this little number is quoted as :’…a great scale project for first time builders’:

The covering Article/notes:

1. Sheeting up – no mention of type of sheeting used (except in one small section – obviously a relative, sniff) – learner solution, ask for advice from mates at club, sheeting suppliers, the deity.

2. Cover and finish – no mention of ANY covering used, (possibly the sheeting, no DON’T mention the sheeting!), but some handy pointers on exhaust stubs and windscreens. Learner solution use wallpaper and paint.

The Plan

1. R u listening/looking/praying? I hope so, because the letter ‘R’ presents a huge problem here, as does the systematic counting system of 1,2,3,…etc. Why? Because there are plainly two sets of R type ribs mentioned. The smaller set are for the RUDDER, fancy having to work that out,tut,tut - you,you first-time builder you!

Now the real kicker –counting outward from the wingroot/fuselage – R1,R2,R3, looking good so far , R4, R5,R5,R5, er, then R4 x 3, WHAT? BE patient you FTB you – look on the page carefully – Oh, Joy! It’s there, R4 in all its glory, but what’s this, it’s the same length as R5, so what about the R4 at the end of the wing, - look you FTB! No, can’t find it, not there!

R you still with me, now look at the R5 section – it has little recesses top and bottom towards the back, presumably to fair in the unmentionable sheeting. But, like the dogs with no tails, they must have run out of recesses with the R4’s.

Now this kind of thing confuses us first timers, as well as the sheeting suppliers, who kept asking me did I want ply, tile, or slate!

Having said all this, the photos are really helpful, I’ve decided to finish mine with Dulux Weathershield, so it’ll be ok in the rain, and it looks a great build! Thank you for your patience, Den Moran

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