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Thread: Volksplane Freeplan
04/08/2013 12:18:02

Hello! Just a few observations (and helpful solutions!) on the free plan for the Evans Volksplane in the August RCM& E- I am a first time scale builder, and this little number is quoted as :’…a great scale project for first time builders’:

The covering Article/notes:

1. Sheeting up – no mention of type of sheeting used (except in one small section – obviously a relative, sniff) – learner solution, ask for advice from mates at club, sheeting suppliers, the deity.

2. Cover and finish – no mention of ANY covering used, (possibly the sheeting, no DON’T mention the sheeting!), but some handy pointers on exhaust stubs and windscreens. Learner solution use wallpaper and paint.

The Plan

1. R u listening/looking/praying? I hope so, because the letter ‘R’ presents a huge problem here, as does the systematic counting system of 1,2,3,…etc. Why? Because there are plainly two sets of R type ribs mentioned. The smaller set are for the RUDDER, fancy having to work that out,tut,tut - you,you first-time builder you!

Now the real kicker –counting outward from the wingroot/fuselage – R1,R2,R3, looking good so far , R4, R5,R5,R5, er, then R4 x 3, WHAT? BE patient you FTB you – look on the page carefully – Oh, Joy! It’s there, R4 in all its glory, but what’s this, it’s the same length as R5, so what about the R4 at the end of the wing, - look you FTB! No, can’t find it, not there!

R you still with me, now look at the R5 section – it has little recesses top and bottom towards the back, presumably to fair in the unmentionable sheeting. But, like the dogs with no tails, they must have run out of recesses with the R4’s.

Now this kind of thing confuses us first timers, as well as the sheeting suppliers, who kept asking me did I want ply, tile, or slate!

Having said all this, the photos are really helpful, I’ve decided to finish mine with Dulux Weathershield, so it’ll be ok in the rain, and it looks a great build! Thank you for your patience, Den Moran

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
15/05/2013 07:59:21


08/05/2013 07:54:01

I have a fixed blade propeller - a 9 x 7.5 (3.5mm shank) for my Tucano, but would like to fit a folding blade prop, to facilitate landings at my landing area. Can anyone advise me on how to choose one, or is it a straightforward match? Thanks, Den

Thread: Finding where your 'post' is!
05/04/2013 08:28:40

....cannot find where the replies are, i.e. the general 'post' its in. Seems to be yet another inet nightmare site with assumed presumed knowledge, but it should be a lot easier to get into - anyone help,please? Den, Abertawe

Thread: Tucano power system chat
04/04/2013 11:12:43

I'm not building a Tucano, but have been offered one for a song at my local club. I understand that things have changed re: battery weights, c. of g. etc., but my main problem is not knowing what motor to buy for it. I also would like to get hold of a picture that shows how the wiring from the motor to the ES/C battieries/receiver goes, and is there a switch (?) to turn it off on landing!? I'm getting into e/c flight with the aircraft I'm building now as a trainer backup to my i/c craft, but felt that the Tucano was too good to miss! Thanks in advance, everyone,

Den Moran , Abertawe

Thread: servo order in receiver sockets
10/03/2013 14:59:29

Thanks, everyone, especially Roger! - All the members of my club fly mode 4, I'm too new to look further in terms of whats normal! Also, the transmitter I've got has the throttle on the left side. It's ok, I'm not finding any problems using it .

I know about trial and error - its i/c, so no prop/b with that, its just that a member of our club asked me which order the servo plugs were, and I didn't know. Given the abysmal state of electronics in our hobby, I always try to cut out any 'guesswork' if I can! Happy flying, Den

10/03/2013 07:21:38

Hi,everybody! I'm setting up my trainer after a slight altercation with mother earth, and want to know the order of placement of the servo plugs into the receiver - The sockets are numbered 1-5 (FutabaFP-R115F receiver), and I want to know what goes where. I'm flying mode 4. Thanks! Den Moran

Thread: cable colours?
19/07/2012 18:27:18
Hi! I have a protech flight battery with a plain red,and a red with a black stripe cable.I'm assuming the plain red is the positive ,is that correct? Den
Thread: bad varnish?
27/06/2012 18:29:48

I've just used decal paper through my printer for the first time,and was impressed by the results. Nice colour,slid off,and onto the wing of my trainer ,no problems. Then I painted the decals with polyurethane varnish (B&Q) , which is supposed to dry clear. In the morning I found it had a brown gravy wavy look to it!

Anyone have any ideas about getting this stuff off, or making it go clear,please?

Thank you, Den, Abertawe

Thread: 2012 Vintage Mass Build Chat Thread
15/06/2012 07:27:03

Thanks , everyone, that's the info I needed.Den

14/06/2012 18:05:27

Thanks, Chris - I've set that up now. Still wondering how to make wheels for my SE5! Den

14/06/2012 08:38:05

last should read 'whatever that is!'

14/06/2012 08:37:11

Hi,everyone! Can anyone please tell me where I can get information on how to build WW1 wheels for a 36'w/s ex ff SE5a? I'm rebuilding it,and converting it to two channel, and the old wheels were 'going home'!

Also, how do you 'paste' a picture on here, my images on file don't seem to have a URL, whatever Thanks, Den Moran,Abertawe.

Thread: definitive foam cutter
06/06/2012 17:08:20

This what I'm trying to get to. Is the dimmer switch an ordinary mains one -AC? What on earth is a primary,and why cannot I use my halfords charger, stuck it together but nothing happening.does the dimmer go before or after the charger? does a good car batt charger work i.e. one presumably with a regulator? Still looking for that elusive simplicity,thanks again,Den

06/06/2012 15:36:10

Thanks everyone - I haven't a clue what a brushed thingamebob is, and I still get a reluctance with your answersto mention AC/DC. I do understand that 12volt AC is ok to use,as long as the connections are safe.

Since I posted I have linked an ordinary 12volt DC car battery to a guitar string,and crocodile clipped it - it worked a treat over approx 30" of cutting length. I need to be able to contol the heat,though.I know I can do it by lengthening/shortening the cut, but really want a little easier control than that for various jobs. Once again,thanks a lot,everyone. Den

06/06/2012 11:31:08

AC,DC,TAKS,BATS,and CRATS - like most people there are two in there I have a vague idea about.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram, and/or a clear suggestion for powering a foam bow cutter please? I'm not an expert on wiring, as the above shows.I have a transformer that takes 240 volts AC down to 12v AC. I also possess a car battery (12volt), and a 'leisure' battery (12volt), plus some nichrome wire.Oh,and a 'dimmer' switch.I saw an interesting article by David Deadman using a battery charger and a dimmer switch,but no go here I'm afraid!

My problem is stringing it all together - my car battery charger( Halfords) doesn't seem to do much, and the dimmer switch I have is a mains one -does that matter.? Any help would be gratefully appreciated, but please mention AC or DC,my first stumbling block in terms of safety alone, probably!

If I succeed in making one, the description will be fulfilled - something simple to cut foam with - ME!

Den Moran,Abertawe

Edited By Den Moran on 06/06/2012 11:34:11

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