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Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
14/06/2015 21:08:08

Hi Danny,

I haven't dissapeared totally. It sounds, like some of the others, as though I have had to briefly change my priorities, but I am still moving slowly on?

I like the latest progress on the chippie. The foil idea looks good, I got some of the foil from Mick Reeves as part of an order some time ago. I know my wife has a plotter/cutter thing for her crafting, the challenge will be getting her to assist with the operation, whilst using it to cut foil rather than paper! Did you draw the stencils manually prior to scanning them, or are they created in CAD?

Keep up the good work.


Thread: Alex's Chipmunk G-ALWB
01/03/2015 20:01:03

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, I appreciate the sentiments.

Colin, I have not set up the wing seat yet, I have only added a small amount of washout and I have not made a decision yet.


28/02/2015 20:15:25

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have had a bit on my plate recently,culminating in the loss of my father, unfortunately.

I will be back in the workshop very soon, I have built the flaps and ailerons recently, they seem rather flexible at the moment.

I am being spurred on by the progress being made by the others though, it looks like a lot of the bugs are being sorted.


Thread: This Chip-monk will be praying for help
10/02/2015 21:04:32

Hi Nigel,

Thats very classy looking planking. You have raced on.



Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
12/01/2015 09:14:32

Hi Danny,

Thanks very much for the video, I saved it for this morning while I wait for my car to be serviced, very worthwhile use of the time!

I have the tapes, I am looking forward to having a bash at this.


Thread: MFs Chipmunk
04/01/2015 09:46:13

I will sit with you John, in the oddball corner ( IC and a box ) party.

I have doubled up F3, as there isn't much left after I cut out for the box.



You really are making rapid progress, the rear wing fairings look good to me, they do seem different on every example. I know how much time it soaks up with very little progress.


Thread: Chip Shop
03/01/2015 21:33:39

Hi Guys,

Last year I was involved in a get together with a bunch of people. We spent the Saturday at Duxford and the Sunday at Old Warden, I loved it. A reverse version would be good, the 22nd could be at Old Warden, 23rd at Duxford and finish the evening off with a display at Old Warden! It is about 30 to 40 mins away from memory.

This could just be the ravings of someone with a sugar rush, there was a lot of icing on that slab of Christmas cake!



03/01/2015 09:16:01

Oohhh! 100 posts, small celebration cakeparty


03/01/2015 09:14:24

Hi Nigel,

I think it is worth using soft 1/8 sheet for the planking. Having recently sanded the fuselage, it really allows you to get stuck in and remove the "starved donkey" appearance, without the worry of leaving too little meat.


Thread: Alex's Chipmunk G-ALWB
02/01/2015 22:31:32

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I have not had too much to tell!

I have completed the fuselage halves, I really enjoyed the planking, I love the pattern revealed when you sand it.

I started to plank the bottom all the way from the front, then decided to do the front in sheet, with a scarf joint to remove the stress concentration at the rear of the cockpit.


This is not a rare single seat variant wink, I just wanted to plank in one go, to the rear of the front seat, so that the independent bit in the middle was correctly aligned.

I will cut out the wing seat and cockpit openings soon.


Going back and forth between the fuselage and the wing, I have fixed the undercarriage legs and sheeted the underside of the wing. I made a couple of hard points for the fixings that set the leg angle, just to stop the bolts crushing the soft balsa rib core. I knocked a rivet off its shaft, drilled it out to 3mm and cut it to the exact length to match the rib thickness. This was glued in place with epoxy and micro balloons. Thinking about it now, I should have just cut away some of the balsa core and filled it withe the epoxy/microballoon mix, never mind blush.


Before I sheeted the u/s of the wing, I re-pinned it to the board on its T/E packer, then fixed temporary additions to the L/E and T/E to preserve the washout settings when I flipped it over. I was convinced that I would twist it if it was otherwise left to its own devices.



I have a feeling that the next stage with the flaps and ailerons, is going to be a test, if the other Chippites experiences are any indicator!

Happy New Year to you all.


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
18/12/2014 13:51:36


I do love the catch! I would leave "smug mode" engaged for a while yet.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
16/12/2014 22:39:20

Hi Colin,

I will have to sort out servo mounts for my wing soon, I hope you don't mind me cribbing your ideas?

Your chippy is coming along very well.


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
10/12/2014 18:38:07

Cheers Danny,

I have used that Red Devil stuff, it is fantastic, it's so light you have to weigh the tub down!

I will look up the West Systems stuff, I do love all the fluff and nonsense you can add to epoxy.

I'll look at the wing height carefully, and make sure I maintain the correct angle of attack relative to the datum.



10/12/2014 16:59:00

Hi Danny,

Your progress and solutions are really taking away some of my trepidation!

I have a couple of questions. Did you recess the wing further into the fuselage, I seem to remember it being mentioned somewhere? Just interested what the exotic additive to create the epoxy filler you were waiting for was? You were going to use it for the wing fillets, I think.



Thread: B24 Liberator - 1/12th scale PSS
03/12/2014 14:14:01

Hi Andy,

I'm a late finder of this build blog, now subscribed! Great looking build. It looks like your balsa stash is much bigger than my LHS!



Thread: Alex's Chipmunk G-ALWB
02/12/2014 23:34:03

Progress has been made, and pictures will follow when I have stuck some of the modified fuselage top formers into place. I decided to double up former no.3, as I will have to cut most of it away, to accommodate the engine box.

I have tried a few different metal types and thicknesses for the undercarriage legs, and have settled on the side of an old computer drive box, it's just about the right thickness. Now that I have found the tin snips, I cannot put it off any longer. I don't know why this task has caused me to think so hard!


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
02/12/2014 23:19:55

Hi Danny,

The wing looks superb, are you still going to glass cloth the front of the wing? I have a big piece of the very thin Proskin, I thought I might see if it would wrap around ok, it could be fitted in pieces that represent the panels. Mick Reeves suggests, in his "tips" page I think, that the weight is very similar to glass cloth and resin.

What do you think, too much bother?


Thread: Kev`s Chipmunk Build.
27/11/2014 23:26:14

Hi Kevin,

i thought you had brought the mattress into the den build from your sick bedwink!

i hope you feel better soon.



Thread: Chip ' Bored'? Certainly Not!!
27/11/2014 08:32:08


I like the look of those hole cutters, I think a set would make a good Christmas present for my wife and her crafting. I will even offer to store them in the workshop for her!

Progress looks good, it looks like we are following a similar path on the wing.


Thread: Alex's Chipmunk G-ALWB
22/11/2014 23:28:48

Hi John,

I have a Laser 160 in a SLEC T240, I never sorted out the tank height properly, it caused all sorts of hassle. I decided that given a blank canvas, I would make sure things were spot on. The laser I am using runs so smoothly, and idles so slowly you can count the revs. I do not want to give this motor any excuse to misbehave.


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