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Thread: Panther autogyro head kit
24/03/2019 17:39:49

I collected the SLEC kit for the Panther, and I have to say was very impressed with the completeness, wood quality and service.

They do the CNC pack, additional wood which included the excellent quality blade material, and the complete head kit with hardware.

Thanks to all for the advices.

Allan M

Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
13/03/2019 05:51:07

Southwest Airlines, America's biggest Max 8 operator, found that the specifics of disabling the MCAS system had been left out of their FCOM, the aircraft ops manual.

Wait for it, from the Wall Street Journal,

“One high-ranking Boeing official said the company had decided against disclosing more details to cockpit crews due to concerns about inundating average pilots with too much information — and significantly more technical data — than they needed or could digest.”


12/03/2019 13:33:09

When the Airbus family of twin jets was launched they had several total losses and one or two very close calls, mainly due to incomplete or rushed pilot training.

An 8,000 hour senior captain would not willingly allow a jet under his command to crash if he knew what the fix was.

Take the Air France A330 out of Rio I think, that stalled into the South Atlantic. Because they weren't trained thoroughly in modern crew concepts, and were brainwashed into believing that Airbuses cannot stall, they didn't know what the fix was.

Better training would have saved them all, as was proved by an ex- BA colleague of mine who suffered exactly the same failure of airspeed inputs on an A330 from Manila to Hong Kong many years ago. Power setting and attitude information will always give a certain speed in all phases of flight so get back to basics and the plane will still fly without any of the computers. The Quantas A380 which had a catastrophic engine failure out of Singapore that took out 65% of almost everything, quite rightly initially ignored the hundreds of lines of emergency checklists and found out very quickly what he could still do or not do with the plane: turn right, turn left, go up, go down....sorted! Now read the checklist!!

It's sad that Boeing has followed Airbus down the "computer will fix it" road at the expense of basic pilot skills, for that seems to be the cause of this tragedy.

Thread: Turnigy 9X range issues?
07/03/2019 10:37:01

Yes Mike, led did flash and bind was good a few weeks ago, now no flashing and no bind to Beast or orange rx on the bench.

I think it's dead..... unless there's anything hidden in my fiddling with the programming that could disable it....

It's set to PPM and all the default parameters are untouched.

06/03/2019 12:03:37

But there is no bind with the Beast any more, so nothing works.......

06/03/2019 08:49:54

Thanks guys, Mike the internal is the diy Orange which did work before and the stock Turnigy plugin module with aerial mod. I was led to believe both modules could be on together. Both would bind OK after I had finished the Orange installation, with your expert help, BUT the Turnigy receiver never STAYED bound.

Denis, unfortunately I don't have a second Spektrum protocol Tx for testing the Beast, though the model and an Orange rx did bind OK originally, as above, BUT with no throttle response.

HOWEVER, during my inept attempts to find a correct channel order for the Beast I did generate an engine response and the little blighter flew off the bench, with no damage...... I cannot remember how I did that.......!

At that point I sat down to REALLY study the er9x manual, and now nothing works!!!

05/03/2019 20:10:00

Good evening Mike,

After several months since we last talked Turnigy/9Xtreme, I have been studying the programming options. Setting up my Turnigy 9X for a UMX Beast via the Orange module, I now find that the module seems to have died as no bind or flashing led's on the Tx. Beast flashes away waiting for a bind but zippo from the TX.

Could I have done something during the programming? Both modules are ON for the model and Orange gets 11 volts from 9Xtreme board. On the brink of binning it all and going Spektrum.....

Allan Morris

Thread: Panther autogyro head kit
31/01/2019 19:01:35

Thank you Gentlemen,

Just ordered the SLEC full kit for collection on my upcoming UK visit.

Hoping that the headset kit includes all the hardware shown in David's photos above, then no need for a gearbox, thanks for the offer Rich.

Look forward to starting when I return to South Africa in March!

Allan Morris

Thread: Expensive to crash in Africa
24/01/2019 16:05:49

Hi Chris from Wilderness!

A retired airline pilot still flying but with feet planted firmly on the ground. Enjoying all that South Africa has to offer for the last 15 years; the wine, weather, beautiful ladies and delicious food. Rediscovering the joys of aeromodelling with all the modern developments we are privileged to see.

Any thing you might need from a trip to the UK, please let me know as one is coming up in Feb and I go about twice a year to visit family.

Allan Morris

Thread: Panther autogyro head kit
24/01/2019 15:57:34

I realise this thread is nearly 6 years old now, but since the Panther has been resurrected in the Autumn special mag complete with plan, can anyone tell me if the head kit is still available and from where?

Sarik don't seem to know there ever was a separate head kit, which is not included in their laser cut short kit.


Thread: Turnigy 9X range issues?
10/12/2018 18:11:12

OK, you make it sound very easy! Can you have power to both modules at once? I thought they would interfere with each other. I think I'd remove the original now that it's modded.

Been reading some of your OpenRC posts re the Orange module and throttle, so I hope mine is new enough to be OK. Otherwise there's a long road ahead......BNF was the main reason for fitting it!

Have a great week,


PS my email is, saves all this logging on stuff!

10/12/2018 16:11:17

Thank you very much Mike, normal service has been resumed! I would never have dreamt my problem could be fixed at such a distance, and I shall do the PayPal thing right away! I don't have a 3.5 mm jack trainer socket, it looks more like a centre pin charging socket on my TX, but of course there isn't a charging socket.....

The next chapter is finding the Orange module and the software switches to fire it up. As I said earlier it seems to be connected to the 9xtreme board but I haven't looked for it yet on the screen. This probably isn't the last you'll hear from me.......

Is there another flash required for the latest version?


10/12/2018 07:26:00

Flashed the new test firmware.

Tx switch OFF =2580 0000 BUT after checking the 10 pin connector and cleaning between pins, the Tx ON/OFF switch functioned correctly for a couple of switch-ons, but not switch-offs: same "shutting down" and "EEPROM busy messages. Now numbers have changed to 2680 0000 and switch malfunctioning as before.

Tx switch ON = 26EO 0001 before cleaning connector and now 26CO 0001. By cleaning I mean wiping between tracks with a stiff brush and blowing hard!

I don't see me ever using the trainer port. How can it be disabled if that's the problem?


09/12/2018 17:41:17

OK, that worked, we now have 14 pages!

On debug page last two numbers on 4th line from bottom with TX switch ON are 26EO 0001

with TX switch OFF (but still battery connected) "shutting down" msg with a regular flash of "EPROM busy" and a line of numbers along the bottom 0 0 1 0 0 0

Switching off battery screen goes blank.


09/12/2018 16:47:33

Did exactly that, but still 2015 and only 9 pages.........?

09/12/2018 15:44:20

OK, there seems to be a basic bit of knowledge missing from my brain.

I have the test file displayed, and when I open it, eepe is the default screen that pops up.

With eepskye opened I try and open the test file using the dialogue boxes and burn to Tx. All seems to happen successfully, but the version is still 2015!!! So you are correct.

So what am I burning to the TX????

How do I get the test file opened for eepskye to use it?

09/12/2018 14:54:23

OK, test file transferred to TX successfully, thanks for your patience!

With that combo of buttons I see no DEBUG screen...........everything else like BOOT REASON, BATTERY, TRAINER etc a total of 9 in all.....

09/12/2018 12:49:55

Now someone called AVRDUDE has joined the party and he can't find USBasp..........

09/12/2018 12:42:45

OK, I understand UP LONG and RIGHT as the 4 buttons on the TX!

I transposed my right and left buttons as + and - when installing the 9extreme board so is your RIGHT, above, my LEFT perhaps??

09/12/2018 11:58:07

Sorry, you mean "install" on the laptop!

Now please explain "UP LONG and Right several times" as I am looking at the eeprom editor screen with all the images along the top.


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