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Thread: Nats - Chuck and Duck.......
18/08/2018 08:46:55

Thanks guys. I have looked on the BMFA website and I have to say that I think the tightening up was necessary. I have seen some incredibly stupid (and dangerous) behaviour in the past and there are plenty of videos on youtube which prove the point. For many people the Chuck n Duck is the highlight of the Nationals and it would be a tragedy if it had to be stopped altogether because of a few idiots.


17/08/2018 08:18:02

I usually go to the Nats on the Sunday, a major part of which is the Chuck and Duck in the eveninglaugh.  There is a danger that it might not work out this year so........  is there a Chuck and Duck on the Saturday evening?thinking


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Thread: State of the Art R/C - in 1953!
12/11/2017 00:32:25

Great stuff!....... Thanks Peter.

Thread: Models and Engines Stolen
06/11/2017 23:12:38

Keep an eye on ebay....... A Mills .75 that was stolen from me at Old Warden eventually turned up two years later. I bid for it and got it. I then asked for my money back but the seller claimed they bought it at Weston Park and then stopped answering messages. I informed the police and even supplied them with the seller's name and address but they couldn't do anything because I couldn't prove that the seller knew it was stolen goods.........  But at least I got my best Mills back!

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Thread: Rabbit Problems
14/10/2017 08:08:31

+1 for ferrets....... Also hawkers. Try to find a local field sports enthusiast, they are always looking for new places to hunt.


Thread: New generation of Fake Spektrum Receivers
04/09/2017 07:49:18

Is there a way to spot a fake........ apart from the price?


Thread: Battle of Midway
02/09/2017 16:57:51

Who needs special effects and computer graphics when you can see the real thing....... 'Great film, thanks!

Thread: Junior 60 build
26/08/2017 08:51:28

Certainly beef up the dihedral braces but all this talk of it ballooning under power probably means that the model had too much power or possibly not enough down thrust....... Ballooning is not a function of power but of too much speed caused by too much power. Back in the day these models didn't have much power and the problem didn't arise until it got into a dive when the speed would build up and it would pull itself out....... That's what they call stability and the J60 had loads if it! If flown as it was designed to be flown it should stooge around not far above the stall, hopefully achieving a modest climb and when the motor stops you should hardly notice the difference except that it starts a gentle descent. Most people seem to want more exciting flying these days and yes, if that's what you want you want, build a Super 60 but please don't modify such an iconic design..... just fly it as it was designed to be flown.wink


Thread: MP Jet 040 - Gudgeon Pin removal
06/08/2017 16:47:29

'Done it !!!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions..... Denis, the engine isn't "precious" as such and I think your idea would have worked but I would be reluctant to drill holes in it unless it was the very last resort. Engine Doc you were right, it was a bit like a Chinese puzzle....... I put it at bdc and jiggled the big end, the piston and the crankshaft plus a little more force than I felt comfortable with and it went. Having fitted the new crankshaft, the next challenge was putting it all back together again. The tolerances on these engines are incredibly tight and it really didn't want to go. The problem was that the end of the crank pin has very sharp edges and, because it wasn't perfectly aligned, it tended to dig into the much softer aluminium big end. In the end I had to use very fine wet and dry to take the sharp edge off the crank pin and with some oil and a little persuasion, it went back in. I have now run the engine and it is "as new"! smile

Many thanks to all for your input.


Edited By Paul Jefferies on 06/08/2017 16:49:26

06/08/2017 08:30:28

John, thanks for your suggestion, I think I understand what you are getting at but having made up the ring there would be no way to get it over the piston down inside the crankcase and then, because at tdc the gudgeon pin is still below the top of the crankcase, there would be no way to access the screw in order to turn it ......... or have I not understood you correctly?mp jet1.jpg

05/08/2017 22:41:38

I have removed both the head fins and the cylinder liner, leaving the piston loose in the crankcase but still attached to the crank via the con-rod.

I think the "sliding bronze case" is a less than perfect translation from the Czech and it refers to what we would call a bronze bearing. It does have a bronze bearing which was pressed or sweated in but it certainly doesn't slide........ There is a small amount of fore and aft movement of the crankshaft in it's bearing but not enough to allow removal of the con-rod. It is very nicely made to quite close tolerances!


05/08/2017 21:19:53

Yes, that's the engine. I can't take the piston and con-rod out together so I need to separate them by removing the gudgeon pin.......... but I can't remove the gudgeon pin with it all in situ. There has to be a way to do it but I just can't see it!


05/08/2017 19:04:21

Does anyone have any experience of dismantling an MP Jet .040? I am trying to replace the crankshaft but I can't get the old one out because I can't get the con-rod off the crank pin. I have removed the liner but, unlike a Mills, there is not enough play to "jiggle" the whole piston/conrod assembly out in one. It looks as though it was assembled by inserting the gudgeon pin through the hole in the crankcase where the carburettor assembly screws in but there seems to be no way to remove it by the same route....... I am sure there must be someone out there who has had this problem before so any advice would be much appreciated.


Thread: What's flying over your house
04/07/2017 20:16:21

****** 'Missed it....... I'll try the late news. dont know

"To be honest I suspect they took the makers plate, mounted it on a ladder abd built a new aircraft onto it based on what they dragged out of the sea."

Yes,  I was thinking the same based on the SFP report......


Edited By Paul Jefferies on 04/07/2017 20:20:07

04/07/2017 13:29:50

Thanks gentlemen, I'm sure that must be the one........ and very fine it looked too! teeth 2


04/07/2017 08:10:07

Thanks Both. The one at Elmsett sounds quite likely, I must wander over and have a look...... Now, what could I possibly need from Hobby King?


03/07/2017 16:19:55

'Had a Hurricane fly over this afternoon smiley......... River Orwell, a few miles East of Ipswich. The underside was half black and half white. 'Anyone know anything about it and where it is based?


Thread: Do you run up your engines in the garden?
29/06/2017 08:45:49

Thanks Martin, 'Wonderful video! Ah, the halcyon days before elf and safety. It reminded me of an engine session session I had in my back garden with my mate and fellow superannuated schoolboy a few weeks ago........

I live in a fairly rural situation with only a few neighbours, most of whom are only here at weekends or out at work during the day. "Normal" engines are not really a problem but on this occasion we decided to give my hitherto untried Pulse Jet it's first firing......... With fire extinguisher at the ready, at first it was reluctant to do anything at all so we thought it might help to warm it up a bit with a heat-gun. That seemed to make all the difference! There were a few extremely loud bangs which echoed down the valley then several huge but short lived sheets of flame shot out of the back.......... and then it started! The noise was indescribable! I was aware that these things are not quiet so I had my noise meter at the ready and it topped out at a bit over 120db! It says in the instructions not to run it on the bench for more than a few seconds or the petal valves will burn out so we stopped it after about 15 seconds......... And then after it had cooled down we felt we really ought to try it again, just to prove that it wasn't a flook.......... And then just once more, to ensure that the petal valves hadn't burned out though after the first run we did whimp out and used ear defenders ;o)

It was serious fun but I would never dare to fly it!


Thread: FORE!
20/06/2017 08:59:17

The obvious lesson to be learned from this incident is that all golf courses should be made into airfields!wink


Thread: Cleaning Transmitters
13/06/2017 07:58:41

There is a solvent cleaner used by installers of UPVC windows and doors. It cleans as well as Acetone but it does not attack the surface underneath the grime. I you put "UPVC solvent cleaner" into the bay you will find many brands at around £6 - £8/ Ltr. ........ 'Great stuff and I wouldn't be without it!


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