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Thread: Wanted 2 BA compression screw (diesel)
11/05/2019 22:52:47

Ps. I did try to make a T bolt once out of a pan head bolt but it failed under load.

11/05/2019 22:51:05

Right on Don!

11/05/2019 17:56:16

I have one in there now Pat, but I've lost the T screw and it's driving me nuts (how sad) not having the original format available.

11/05/2019 10:58:05

Thanks, am aware but after used item if possible.

11/05/2019 08:30:25

I need a 2BA compression screw for A PAW 2.49 if anyone can help please?

Thread: Oodalally
13/02/2019 08:04:18

That's it M.

12/02/2019 22:43:17

I love my Ood and goes like a rocket with a glow 32 in it, This will be my 4th season with it I think. I have repaired it about 3 times after various prangs and it now looks like an old warhorse. Mine has a vicious wing stall if flown too slowly so my advice is keep the speed up even when landing.

Edited By D for Donald on 12/02/2019 22:44:04

Thread: Irvine 53 carb setting
21/04/2017 15:35:15

Crikey, ​ I confess I had forgotten about my post of March 2013! Thanks all for your comments but I have sorted out the tuning on my Irvine 53 by using the tube and pin method. My request for the Manual was for completeness as I bought a couple of 53's on ebay back in 2013 and they are still going strong . The Mark 1 is a brilliant engine I have to say.

Thread: Oodalally
03/09/2016 18:57:21

To update you all I have repaired my Ood hopefully for a final time. The right wing now has a slight warp I can do nothing about due to a difficult repair and the fuse has exterior 1/32 ply plates on each side as it's broken in half there before. I carefully rebalanced it to make sure the CG is exactly per plan. The flying is not too bad considering its repeated surgery but I still have to land fairly fast if it's not to drop too hard on the deck on flair out. It has to be flown in all the way and if I don't get a bounce or two I'm lucky. If our field wasn't an aircraft carrier strip there would be no problem as I could just grease in anywhere I fancied, but that's not the case so we have to land accurately.

10/08/2016 22:11:36

Thanks everyone, all your comments are very instructive and I take them all on board. It's true the model gets slightly heavier and out of true with each repair but the first prang was also in the circs I've described. As a matter of interest what do others do if a wing drops so close to landing? Or maybe do you just land fast?

10/08/2016 19:10:45

I'm not complaining Peter or criticising the design - just describing my experiences and seeking comments.I think it's legitimate to find out if it's just me. As an aside maybe not many people like to admit they keep crashing a model!

10/08/2016 18:59:26

Very interesting comments. I'm not the best pilot in the club and not the worst but I have enough experience to know what cannot be expected in terms of slowness of approach. My hanger is 6 or 7 models and all I can say is this is the one I'm ha ving problems with. When one is 6 feet of the ground there are not a lot of options but I would appreciate comment. I was taught that you never ever apply down elevator at this stage of landing.

10/08/2016 16:28:31

PS the rocking is in all probability me trying to save the aircraft with overcontrol of a violent wingstall to the left in the first instance.

10/08/2016 16:17:01

Many thanks all for your comments and suggestions. It tip stalled from newly built - rocking violently left and right if the airspeed was insufficient. I am also baffled and had concluded it was just a fast model that wont fly slowly.

My Tx settings, wingbolts and thumb are OK I think. The engine is an ASP32 2 stroke.

After 3 crash repairs and now the fourth yet to be done the model will be heavier than when newly built and also the wing has been repaired twice. I will post an update when I have repaired it again and rechecked against all the suggestions.

10/08/2016 08:50:22

Hi all, no disrespect taken but to explain I've been modelling for over 50 years (oh dear!) and the surfaces and C of G are on the button per the plan. I have noticed particularly that if the engine cuts in flight the tip stalling is particularly violent if the nose is not kept well and truly down. We have a limited strip as to length and width so we have to come in accurately and not at excessive speed if we are not to overshoot. If we had a large mown field the speed wouldn't matter too much. The glide is not good.

10/08/2016 07:13:20

I'm thinking about retiring my Ood after it's 4th crash. I find it very tip stall prone and impossible to fly slowly for landing without it dropping out of the sky. Any suggestions?

Thread: Limbo dancer
17/03/2015 22:47:50

Just completed my SLEC kit and I decided from the start I didn't want a screaming 2 stoke in it. I installed an ASP 61 FS and I'm delighted with it. It balanced perfectly - the CG can be 10 to 15mm further back than the safe spot on the plan. It's not overpowered but it can endlessly loop on1/4 throttle, go vertical out of sight or pootle around beautifully with that superb 4 stroke sound.

Edited By D for Donald on 17/03/2015 22:48:16

Thread: Oodalally
15/12/2014 10:40:13

Love the big version Richard and looks expertly built. I've enlarged a Colin Usher plan to build a large version of a model and very satisfying it is too. I would have to put an IC engine in it however - maybe a 120 4 stroke!!

Thread: Galaxy Magician builders
14/12/2014 17:37:41

Very nice Paul. The red detail on the canopy looks good.

13/12/2014 13:49:22

I recommend the Mystic, it's brilliant with a 90 2 stroke - thought it is on the big side for transportation. The price keep creeping upwards however. Hobby Store and Pegasus Models both charge £118 for it now - though curiously Pegasus is a little cheaper if you want a Magician.

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