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Thread: Oodalally
10/08/2016 16:17:01

Many thanks all for your comments and suggestions. It tip stalled from newly built - rocking violently left and right if the airspeed was insufficient. I am also baffled and had concluded it was just a fast model that wont fly slowly.

My Tx settings, wingbolts and thumb are OK I think. The engine is an ASP32 2 stroke.

After 3 crash repairs and now the fourth yet to be done the model will be heavier than when newly built and also the wing has been repaired twice. I will post an update when I have repaired it again and rechecked against all the suggestions.

10/08/2016 08:50:22

Hi all, no disrespect taken but to explain I've been modelling for over 50 years (oh dear!) and the surfaces and C of G are on the button per the plan. I have noticed particularly that if the engine cuts in flight the tip stalling is particularly violent if the nose is not kept well and truly down. We have a limited strip as to length and width so we have to come in accurately and not at excessive speed if we are not to overshoot. If we had a large mown field the speed wouldn't matter too much. The glide is not good.

10/08/2016 07:13:20

I'm thinking about retiring my Ood after it's 4th crash. I find it very tip stall prone and impossible to fly slowly for landing without it dropping out of the sky. Any suggestions?

Thread: Limbo dancer
17/03/2015 22:47:50

Just completed my SLEC kit and I decided from the start I didn't want a screaming 2 stoke in it. I installed an ASP 61 FS and I'm delighted with it. It balanced perfectly - the CG can be 10 to 15mm further back than the safe spot on the plan. It's not overpowered but it can endlessly loop on1/4 throttle, go vertical out of sight or pootle around beautifully with that superb 4 stroke sound.

Edited By D for Donald on 17/03/2015 22:48:16

Thread: Oodalally
15/12/2014 10:40:13

Love the big version Richard and looks expertly built. I've enlarged a Colin Usher plan to build a large version of a model and very satisfying it is too. I would have to put an IC engine in it however - maybe a 120 4 stroke!!

Thread: Galaxy Magician builders
14/12/2014 17:37:41

Very nice Paul. The red detail on the canopy looks good.

13/12/2014 13:49:22

I recommend the Mystic, it's brilliant with a 90 2 stroke - thought it is on the big side for transportation. The price keep creeping upwards however. Hobby Store and Pegasus Models both charge £118 for it now - though curiously Pegasus is a little cheaper if you want a Magician.

Thread: Eastnor Castle 2014 16/17 August
17/08/2014 18:07:48

Yes indeed Masher! I didn't buy 2 gallons for the same reason! So that's 6 so far. Any advance on 6?

17/08/2014 14:40:00

Agreed Ian, well said. I admit it wasn't the Matterhorn but there was no publicity, no advance notice of the access/car park and no warning of the mobility requirement until you had paid and it was too late. We aren't orange badge holders but only after we had paid was I told of the hill down and more importantly the hill back up!!!

I haven't been to any other shows with a hill of the nature. Yes, walks on the flat but not a hill.

Anyway lesson learnt.

17/08/2014 13:09:18

Ian, I agree with much of what you say but I assume you are fit and in the best of health? For those who are older and less fit let's face it the car park location was poor and I heard many moaning about it. Even the parking staff said it was a hike back up and they were youngsters. Carting heavy stuff up and down specially wasn't likely to happen and many people left well before the end.

17/08/2014 11:25:44

Went on Sat. The locations is stunning .............but. The show was just about OK though expensive at £10 per adult for what it is. No concessions for seniors. By no means a sell out and the display flying very good if you like 3D style but monotonous. Dave Bishop's commentary wears after a while as he thinks silence is to fail. Car parking at the top of a hill and a long drag back up the hill on foot. Wont bother again.

Thread: Oodalally
21/06/2014 09:57:33

If you want a canopy rather than a screen, I cut one out from a Lidl fresh orange bottle -see my pics earlier.

Thread: Another Hobbyking tale.
14/04/2014 20:25:45
Posted by Spice Cat on 14/04/2014 12:25:52:

Paid for an order on in stock items items on the 7th of April. Still not dispatched. Request sent into support

Better to go on Live Chat - much quicker.....and demand compensation for the delay. It worked for me.

14/04/2014 08:16:50

I have bought stuff (not modelling stuff admittedly) by mail order from Northern Ireland on a number of occasions and never had a problem. I would guess it's the same the other way round.

Global capitalism is fine and yes local traders have to adapt to meet it, but once the UK trade has been killed, they are likely gone forever. The government used to impose what was called import duty and tariffs to combat unfair competition. It's a matter of personal choice where you buy your stuff from, but having tried HK, I'm going to stick with local suppliers whenever possible until there is no alternative.

13/04/2014 22:53:10

There are instances of that here - and I suppose it depends on the interests of the proprietor. Luckily there are still a good number of suppliers here but I'm told a lot are struggling because of the likes of HK are killing it. Once they are gone they are likely to stay gone and that would be a great shame. Unlike local shops you wont get good practical advice and a place to take faulty stuff back from HK customer services!!

13/04/2014 22:26:10

Daithi, maybe the low price competition from HK is the reason you have no hobby shops near you? I hope it doesn't go the same way here - but it's entirely up to us. When we pay tax and courier charges and wait for months for the stuff, the price is perhaps not so attractive after all.

Your local shop will only stock stuff if there's a big enough a market for it.

13/04/2014 19:49:14

Daithi - there are plenty of hobbyshops that do mail order this side of the Irish Sea you could order from and a lot nearer and quicker than Hong Kong and without the tax issues.

13/04/2014 17:57:10

I'd heard £16 but if you've read £9 on the customer site that's likely to be correct. In addition the UK courier has to pay the tax I believe and then recover it from the customer. The courier charges something like £10 for the tax collecting service. So you end up paying the tax and the collection fee of £10 or whatever the courier's fee is. I have also heard that customs are getting wise to HK and far eastern suppliers.

You don't get much for under £9.

13/04/2014 17:47:49

The "Chat line" gets the quickest response (relatively speaking) if you have half hour to spare. However, HK are totally hopeless and I have discovered that their customer services are only able to communicate with the warehouse by "Skype" and leaving "notes". It seems their customer services have no real power to get the warehouse to do anything and if the warehouse want to remain incommunicado they can!! Unless you want to wait weeks and months for your order and then pay import tax don't bother.

If you feel you have to buy anything from them, buy from the UK warehouse - but better still support your UK hobby shops before all we have left is HK and their dire service!!

Thread: Oodalally Canopy
12/04/2014 17:52:33

I made by canopy from a Lidl Fresh Orange bottle cut to shape. The fit isn't bad and it looks fine.

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