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Thread: Hitec Servos behaving badly,help needed
18/04/2017 10:01:30

Thank you all for your advice.I made two"filters" by wrapping the servo wires round ferrite rings,about six turns, and the jitter and odd servo behaviour has disappeared. It would seen that the cause was interference from the CD unit being picked up on the wing wiring,aggrevated ,maybe, by poor noise immunity on the Hitec servo.Derek is reviewing the rating of the servos in the light of the comments posted on this thread. Thanks.David

11/04/2017 08:59:44

Thank you all for very useful comments. Derek is reviewing the HT lead,which he admits was a bit iffy, and I am making some inductors on ferrite beads to go in the aeleron leads.The size of the servos is under review although the plane has flown well for a few years on the 9g servos,I guess that my friend Derek flies it gently in a scale manner.I will post the outcome to the forum when we have sorted it. Many Thanks,David

10/04/2017 18:00:23

A friend of mine has a Tiger moth with a petrol engine. He recently replaced both aileron servos with Hitec HS81s as a previous cheap 9g servo had failled. With the engine off all works fine.With the engine running the servos jitter and when it is reved up the Left servo moves to full up. The rudder and elevator work normally, as before. He swapped a wing with two cheap servos and a y lead and this works fine on the ground. He has a separate battery for the ignition,and futaba gear, Are the hiTec servos particularly sensitive to interference and is this likely to be coupled on the power or signal lines. Any ideas re filters chokes or other cures would be gratefully received .Thanks David

Thread: Aerotech Int Mosquito t111 71
08/04/2017 09:40:54

I have just bought this mosquitokit at our local swap meet, Unfortunately it is started and has no plans with it. Does anyone know where I can get any? Thanks,David

Thread: low amplitude ppm out on Futaba Transmitter
18/03/2017 11:01:24

Dear All ,a 10k pull up resistor is the amswer,I now have a lovely pulse waveform of 9volts amplitude.Many thanks for all the comments and expertise. What a very useful forum this is. David

18/03/2017 09:14:07

Dear Peter, Thank you for your further explanation of what you ment by checking the scope to ground connection.I understand now exactly what you meant. As the transmitter works with a FrSky module and is not mine anyway,I wont be opening it in a hurry! I think a pull up resistor will be my first shot this morning.10k for starters.Many thanks to all for their inputs. David

17/03/2017 20:12:44

Dear Pete, I presume the ground is OK as the module is being supplied with the full battery voltage when measured on the module board.However I will check with an ohmmeter when I get my hands on the transmitter again.

17/03/2017 17:28:08

Chris, It is not the buddy box connector that I an using but the five pins in line ,which are used for RF modules that plug into the back of the transmitter,Thanks for looking on the net though.

17/03/2017 14:51:50

I have checked the pin out. I agree it looks as though all I am seeing is a capacitivly coupled PPM signal but the 'scope probe was connected directly to the pin ,just via an 0.1 inch socket.I used two different sockets just to check. Got the same result both times.

17/03/2017 14:28:52

I am trying to interface a TOY-MTX module for flying an EAchine E010 to a Futaba FF9 transmitter. The module works perfectly with my Taranis. The pin out for the Futaba is 1 ppm out 2 V+ 3 RF detect 4 GND 5 RF out.

Taranis is 1 ppm out 2 UART 3 V+ 4GND 5 Sport..

With an oscilloscope between pins 1 and 4 on Futaba the signal is only a few mV and highly differentiated. Can anyone explain or help ,Please.

Thread: Gorilla Glue
13/02/2017 11:48:45

I use Toolstation 5min PU glue and very good it is too.I keep the main bottle closed most of the time and decant the glue into a 20ml syringe.That way the big bottle lasts over a year before going off. Toolstation provide a next day shipping service ,free for orders over £10. Their cyano both high viscosity and runny is 95p for 20 ml and works very well,especially on fingers!

Thread: Charging Tx from vehicle
25/11/2016 09:13:10

The regulator chip sounds fine but what about the drop-out voltage? As the tx has a built in charger and the current demand is low why noy just charge the Tx battery when the engine of the motor home is not running?

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
30/10/2016 17:25:55

How about using a cheap class D amplifier and an inductive loop to couple the voice into the hearing aid. The amplifier could be powered by a 3S lipo The loop could be worn round the neck.This would mean the pilot could have a loud warning or other voice and it would be nearly inaudible to fellow pilots. Such an amplifier and loop would only cost a few pounds. David

24/10/2016 08:55:07

With an arduino and a"H" bridge one could arrange it so the retract was off when the pulse to the retract was 1500 microsec long and then move faster up as the pulse width was increased, and faster down as it was decreased. The end stops on the retract lead screw would stop it as at present.The pulse widths would be programmable from the taranis transmitter. I have ordered a bridge to try.The major problem may be miniturising and ruggedising the electronics.David

23/10/2016 20:09:47

Yes one couold not reduce the voltage to the servo,but with some surgery one could reduce the voltage to the motor.Maybe just a simple trim pot to control the speed? I must but a retract unit and try. David

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 23/10/2016 23:40:43

23/10/2016 19:19:13

Presumably a retract servo has a brushed motor,if the voltage to the motor or the duty factor of a pulse width modulated voltaage were changed the speed of the motor could be varied.What about one channel to switch the retracts up and down and another channel to change the speed? or what would you like? An arduino should be programmable to do this. Suggestions? david

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 23/10/2016 23:39:37

Thread: Motor Shafts
22/10/2016 19:28:29

I use drill blanks for replacement motor shafts. Available from Cromwell tools.Very good quality steel and accurately ground to diameter. I sometimes turn a collet insted of using a circlip to stop the shaft pulling out of the motor.,otherwise a diamond disk in a dremmel cuts a pretty good groove for a circlip.

Thread: OpenTx - what is the fuss really about?
19/10/2016 20:04:32

Thanks Andy48,It now works a treat.Lots of lovely screen shots.

19/10/2016 17:53:25

Using the companion simulator I have been clicking the cameara icon in the bottom left hand corner but I do not know where the snapshots are saved so I can not view them.Any help greatly appreciated. This is a great thread to view,many Thanks,David

11/10/2016 14:24:15

Great post; could you please let me know where to find the tx template? Also links to buyiny the decoders? Thanks ,David .

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