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Thread: Ben Buckle Falcon Build
02/06/2020 21:56:54

Best of luck with your Falcon. Mine has been gathering dust in my loft and needs another airing perhaps with a 4 stroke motor rather than the Merco 49 . You can see through the nylon covering just about but really the plane could do with a refurbishment. When I got it from E-bay it was structurally unsound due to mouse damage at the rear of the fuselage, so I just did sufficient with key hole surgery , balsa cement and balsa wood so it could fly,which it did very well.

KK Falcon

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Thread: I said goodbye to an old friend last Wednesday...
24/05/2020 22:25:15

I have told this story before , I lost my black White and Green Southern dragon that flew away on Epsom Downs in September 1962,so I saved up £10 and bought a K K New Junior 60 and radio kit from Heset model Supplies in South Croydon. I flew the the Junior 60 for the second time in 1963 with the TerryTone receiver switched on and rubber power Mactuator wound fully. I was absolutely hopeless with the old radio and the plane disappeared over the Epsom Downs grandstand, so with the transmitter in my hand, my friend and I went to search for the plane that had landed on the adjacent pitch and putt course. By pressing the transmitter button we eventually heard the Mactuator clanging away and found the plane which had been hidden in some bushes and covered with long grass. We then went back on the Downs only to find that all my aeromodelling kit had been stolen including my Instamatic camera. The plane spent the next ten years in a shed before I eventually equipped it with a Sanwa Mini Two radio kit and managed to fly it OK.

Best of luck with your plane David.

1946 JNR 60 and original Keil Kraft 1955 New JNR 60 Built 1962/3

Thread: Flair Junior 60
20/05/2020 21:35:57

This is an elevation and detail provided in the 1955 KK New Junior 60 that I think was not provided with the Flair kit ?. The centre section ribs are 1/4 inch balsa and are flat bottomed without under camber unlike the rest of the ribs that do have under camber.



kk junior 60 (1).jpg



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Thread: What's flying over your house
24/04/2020 22:01:14

John Privett, That flight pattern is very similar to the flight patterns my brother-in-law described when they were on search missions in Bristol Beauforts over the sea in world war 2. However they would be flying at low level and they did not find much, but saw a lot of action with torpedoes, all described in a book on 217 squadron written by Roy Conyers Nesbit his commanding officer.

Thread: T6K TX
19/04/2020 09:33:37


That's odd, I am sure I responded to this yesterday as did one other not shown. I have just looked at 'my posts' and my response is there !

 It would appear that the title has changed ?:

Thread: New User Query
18/04/2020 15:09:31



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Thread: New User Query
18/04/2020 15:09:31

I have a 6K but like the rest of my kit and planes it is disabled at present with the batteries removed. As you have probably found out if you switch it on with the throttle stick above zero an alarm will sound. OK so I have just inserted the batteries and switched the transmitter on. I have plane 1 Twinstar showing. By pressing the button to the right of the screen marked +and holding, the first page of the menu will appear. Top left hand shows MDL SEL., Click down two clicks with the black button straight down and you will be on MDL NAM. Hold the black button down will give you access to model naming. Once you have practiced and mastered this press the button on the left marked 'end'. There is a lock feature on the transmitter where you press both the plus + and Minus - buttons together I seem to remember, so if nothing works try pressing both buttons together. Also if you are setting 'Expo' on your channels on Futaba transmitters you set negative values. Best of luck, the 6K is a bit basic but my system with Futaba receivers has not let me down.

Note that the black transmitter button is 5 directional: Up vertically ,Down vertically,Left, Right and straight down.

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Thread: Converting C/L model to RC
05/04/2020 21:12:32

I bought a Spectre kit from Heset Model Supplies in South Croydon when the owners were selling off the stock in the 1970's. I also bought a Veron Mini Concord, an Enya 09, an OS 10 RC a KK Marquis plus one other plane. As time would tell I was a pretty hopeless CL flyer, but my nephew Nigel was an expert and acquired the CL models. I helped him finish the Spectre and of course can remember that the wings were asymmetric,one wing being larger in span than the other. So an RC version would need the wings to be modified. Nigel may still have the Spectre but when I last spoke to him he said his old shed had partially collapsed squashing some of his old models. I still have the engines but the part complete fuselage of the Mini Concord was stolen from a garage.

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
30/03/2020 22:07:32

With aeromodelling still in mind, Lockdown has encouraged me to carry out domestic repairs first to my garden fence damaged by storm Dennis which also destroyed the plastic covering on our cheap greenhouse. So two days ago I repaired the plastic covering, and my wife decided to plant any number of seeds in pots and trays that we put in the greenhouse. Well yesterday's strong north easterly winds blew the greenhouse down so you can imagine the state of my wife's flower pots and trays.

Prior to Christmas I put all my planes in the loft and that's where they have stayed since the Coronavirus scare. But I have it in mind to finish off a Flair Cub refurbishment and I have other plane kits to start plus for the last three years I have intended to fit a four stroke motor in my acquired KK Falcon that currently has a Merco 49 installed. The enlarged Falcon built by Chris Bates looks impressive.

Thread: The Few Are One Fewer
10/12/2019 21:14:33

We are going to my brother-in-law's 100th birthday party on Sunday next. He served as a navigator in 217 squadron during the 2nd world war and is featured in the book ''An Expendable Squadron, The story of 217 Squadron Coastal Command 1939-1945'' written by his Commanding Officer Roy Conyers Nesbit.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
10/11/2019 17:00:53

You boys are not taking this issue seriously, I can see that sorting out Brexit will take less time ! I am not sure why you A-certificate holders do not need to take the CAA test. In future I think you should all take the test and if you were to fail it you should hand your A-certificates back! If you were all to take the test, the administration task could be sorted out in a week and you could all start to daub your Operator ID's on the sides of your planes prior to the election and Christmas!.

Thread: Flair Cub
10/11/2019 12:20:53

I am beginning to feel a lot better about the Cub , and as the sun was shining I thought it time to take a garden picture. Foxy decided to get in shot , she is a regular visitor.

As the glue had dried on the aileron hinges it was necessary to release the torque arms and manipulate the ailerons to improve movement.



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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
10/11/2019 12:12:23

Thanks for the clarifications Pete and Ron, I pity those club secretaries and other association members who have all the admin to sort out. I would still recommend that those who have not read the CAA on-line guide lines for the identities test should do so to see how easy the test is. If we were all to do the test then the admin levels would be vastly reduced.

10/11/2019 11:19:31

I forgot to highlight that as I see it, it is a legal requirement to obtain your 'Flyer' and 'Operator' identities, and there is the threat of jail if you fly your models and commit some sort of crime without the identities. As it stands as I mentioned before it is a very easy test to obtain the identities, and as far as I am concerned it is just as easy for 'A certificate' holders to pass the test especially as the questions are much the same as those asked within the A-test. So I guess I am the only one at my club that can legally fly at present unless the other members who do hold an 'A-test' can sort themselves out prior to November 30th. It would seem that it is an administration job for the club secretaries and BMFA to obtain the identities of qualified club members and somehow pay the money. Anyone know what is going on at the clubs and BMFA?

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10/11/2019 09:52:02

Ken, I have just passed the on-line CAA test as I have yet (if ever) to pass the A test ',so this was the outcome;

Having passed the test you will be given a 'Flyer ID' which lasts for 3 years. You must keep this ID with you when flying. You will also be given an 'Operator ID' which only lasts for 1 year. My operator identity is OP-MYWTV. ??.. and I will have to display this on the planes that I fly. I have purposely not shown the last two letters / digits.At the end of the test and prior to the issue of the identities you will be asked to pay the £9 fee.

I am still wondering how to add the operator identity to my planes in such a way that it can be easily altered every year.

As for the CAA test I read through the on-line notes and answered the questions which were quite easy. Most questions were related to drones and many are similar to 'A-test ' questions. There was the odd tricky question related to 'Aps' on mobile phones which I was not clued up on. 



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Thread: Flair Cub
09/11/2019 16:54:30

Ailerons now re-fixed with Kevlar hinges , a job I tend to hate but it worked out OK with aileron wing gaps reduced. I still need to touch up the remaining nails and minor repairs where I have removed some of the nails.

Having paid my £9.00 to register with the CAA , it seems all our models have to carry /exhibit our operator identities and these identities will change after 12 months. I wonder has anyone thought about this and how we can add this information on all our models with a view to making necessary changes in the future without detriment to the models?



05/11/2019 09:55:46

Just to confirm the hinges were secured with nails rather than pins and some of the nails which had been cut to a length projected right through the trailing edge of the wing causing bulges in the red Solarfilm (or similar ?). I have therefore removed these nails but could not get all the nails out and there is therefore a bit of making good to do. One of the ailerons will fit perfectly back on the wing with Kevlar hinges but not the other. It's a bit of a puzzle as both ailerons and the wing trailing edges are straight.

03/11/2019 12:59:06

Second aileron now removed from wing and left index finger injury repaired with Super Glue following a small screw driver slip!

As I suspected the cockpit top needs a bit of balsa added and a re-shape prior to re-fixing the celluloid cover . The wing will then fair better with the top of the cockpit.




03/11/2019 12:16:38

I have just got the wings out of the loft with a view to correcting the aileron /wing gaps and remove the existing hinges with minimal if any damage to the plane. It only took a minute or two to remove the hinge axles on one side of the wings by prising them out with a small screw driver. I was then able to twist the torque arm to remove the aileron from the wing. I will paint the existing pin /nails with Solarlac to avoid any damage to the wing and aileron, and will re-hinge the latter with Kevlar strips fixed with 5 minute Epoxy glue. Apart from carrying out the same exercise on the other aileron,I need to check how the wing fairs on the fuselage top as a bit of re-shaping of the front of the cockpit might be necessary.



Thread: Your best vacuum cleaner?
01/11/2019 20:03:44

Yes we have a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner sold to us for about £400 when we moved into our current house in 1987. We were told it would last a life time as the motors were brushless and would not wear out. A year or two ago Vorwerk phoned me with an offer of a new cleaner in exchange for the old unit for a reduced price of £900. I reminded the woman on the phone that my life had not expired so I would keep the original cleaner.

To date the power head 'motor's stopped' warning light remains on all the time as does 'the bag's full' warning light, and the cleaner is somewhat noisy if you lift it up whilst it is still running. The combined power of the two motors is somewhat less than most vacuum cleaner's single motors, but I have to say that the cleaner is well made to last as long as it has and the dry carpet cleaner attachment is very useful.

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Thread: Junior 60 build advice
01/11/2019 10:27:49

As I have mentioned before I have a 57 year old Keil Kraft New Junior 60 that would free flight and had 27 mhz rudder only radio with a rubber powered escapement. Eventually I replaced the radio with 2 channel Sanwa proportional radio and added an RC throttle to the ED Racer diesel motor. The plane always flew well with rubber bands holding the wings and tail in place. Without an elevator it needed about 1/8 inch of balsa under the tailplane for trim so a permanently fixed tailplane would not have worked. recently I have refurbished the plane and added an elevator but to get the C/G right I have replaced the Racer with a heavier OS 20 and added more nose weight but to date the plane has not flown well so further weight is required in the nose.


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