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Thread: Anyone know what happened to Kamco?
04/09/2019 15:24:02

It was us indeed Hugh. Small world!!

Are you still in the area?

04/09/2019 14:20:11

Thank you Nightflyer, It's taking longer than I was hoping as I have to fit it in around the day job as the bills still need paying but we are getting there slowly.

04/09/2019 11:33:05

A reply awaits your attention good sir.

03/09/2019 20:21:53

Hi guys,

I've been working away this summer with my day job so took the ebay listings down as I wouldn't have been able to fulfill orders in a decent time frame.

Brian, message me either on here or facebook and I'll see if I can get you sorted out before I have to go away again.


06/11/2016 14:42:23

Hi Karin,

Sorry to hear about your Dad, He was a real character.

Do you remember being roped in to keep an eye on a couple of slightly younger kids when they all buggered off to the flight line? That was Me and my sister, My Dad Colin was one of your Dad's display pilots.

Thread: Clever words that hide the fact you got it wrong :-)
05/10/2013 12:08:57

'Bin bag landings' are a speciality of mine (why I always keep one in the back of the car) as are 'conversion landings' (converting it back into kit form)

Or another favourite excuse is 'I was getting bored with that model anyway'

note to self... must try harder to keep them in one piece embarrassed

Thread: When do you use exponential?
27/12/2012 17:42:53

It wasn't available when I started flying, so don't really bother now. have played with it a few times to see what difference it makes but that's about it.

Thread: Kamco Kadet
11/11/2012 20:23:07

PM sent smiley

Thanks for the heads up Tony thumbs up

Thread: Martin Bell's new fun flyer
22/08/2012 15:16:50

A very pretty beastie you got there Martin, very nice.

Looks like it wouldn't be out of place in an episode of star trek.

Thread: I really should have read the instuction manual ( a warning)
17/08/2012 16:20:06

Think it might be a symptom of the 'all in one' battery pack.

When electric models were still in their infancy, you used to have a seperate RX battery pack same as you do with an I.C model. You could test your R/C gear with no fear of the motor suddenly springing to life. As battery technology improved it became possible (and these days the norm) to power both radio and motor from the same pack.

I don't have many electric models, but have also had a 'sudden burst of life' once or twice.

might be worth thinking about pulling a connector apart while setting up, or go the whole hog and fitting a kill switch.

Thread: Dean's Kamco Kavalier
16/07/2012 20:34:06

Yes indeed, Kamco is coming back, albeit slowly, having to fit it in around other commitments, but we are moving in the right direction.

Plan sets to start with, then moving on to the kits.

Both Tony and Dean's plans are old stock we are shifting on a popular auction site.

Thread: Kamco Kavalier
14/07/2012 14:48:56
Posted by Tony Bennett on 11/07/2012 17:19:18:


i am going back to basics.

got the kamco kadet to start with and then move onto the kavalier when i am happy with my flying again.

That's the way to do it Tony wink

Thread: Kamco Kadet
23/06/2012 18:23:40
Posted by Roger in Dubai on 23/06/2012 18:12:45:

Kamco Kid, I saw the photo of the Kossack in the June 2012 RCM&E and assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that the plane may have been built from a forthcoming kit as, to be honest, did not think that a plane from the early 80's would still be around. Apologies if I have caused you any problems with your future plans but I suppose any advertising is good advertising and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours to bring back planes from the great Kamco range. Safe landings, Roger

No apologies needed Roger, I was just curious. I think the fact that these models are still around 30 years on and that scratch builders like Tony (who's thread we've hijacked) still want to build them is a credit to the original designer (Tony Ells). I hope I can do them justice when I bring them back.

Thread: How Big does a model have to be to earn respect
20/06/2012 17:47:19

I have a photo somewhere of a tiny free flight piper cub sat on the wingtip of a massive 1/3rd scale R/C piper cub. (must dig it out and scan it )

Both models were absolutely superb.

Don't think it's size that matters, it's the quality that counts and what you do with it.

Thread: Kamco Kadet
20/06/2012 09:41:47
Posted by Roger in Dubai on 19/06/2012 13:51:39:

Years later we built the Kamco Kossack, a lovely biplane using a K&B 40, great flier and I see from a recent mag that it may be coming back.

Yes, I do hope to bring the Kossack back, might be a little while yet but I'll keep peeps up to date.

What mag was that you saw it in? I've not spoken to any of them yet. Must be the rumours that we're back are filtering through.smiley

Thread: Anyone know what happened to Kamco?
18/06/2012 22:55:02

never had a WOT 4 but I think I know someone...... laugh

Thread: Kamco Kadet
18/06/2012 22:29:58

surprise You don't hang about do you Tony. Looking forward to this...

....pulls up comfy chair and popcorn cool

Thread: Anyone know what happened to Kamco?
18/06/2012 22:18:52

I do smiley. but not a lot else!! LOL

Alan was joking about tracing parts, suggesting that it's a bit norty to trace the parts in a kit.

It's only breach of copyright if you then sell them off or pass them off as your own.

If I remember rightly, there used to be a free flight kit manufacturer who in their instructions suggested tracing the die cuts prior to assembly to aid repairs if they were ever needed. might have even been KeilKraft. t'was a long time ago.

18/06/2012 21:13:43


Thread: you started flying models because?
17/06/2012 14:01:05

I grew up surrounded by models, my Father was an exhibition flyer for a couple of manufacturers before he bought Kamco so family holidays revolved around the shows.

Started off with little freeflight models, took to R/C at about 9/10 years old.

I'm 45 now and still playing with my toys!!! smiley

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