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Thread: DX6 Battery Drain
17/09/2020 16:52:36

I wonder why everyone has this obsession to "upgrade".

I've used exclusively Spektrum for the last 8 years, mostly DX6i and DX6.
Before every flying session, I wall charge the 4 eneloop batteries (only about half an hour because they're never flat from the previous session).
After many flying hours and many sessions of 2 to 3 hours continuous flying, I've never seen less than 5V on the Tx display and I've never had the slightest problem, so why "upgrade" anything?
OK, I replace the 4 eneloops every couple of years, but I've never seen any sign of weakening.

In the light of my (limited) experience, and reading the posts above, the term "upgrade" seems rather academic and optimistic, and in many cases, is just resulting in self-inflicted problems.

Am I missing something?

Edited By brokenenglish on 17/09/2020 16:53:49

Thread: Price of Kits
09/09/2020 21:31:12

Kevin, smileys and other similar stuff can be entered by combinations of characters. Selecting visually, as we normally do, isn't the only method.
You have unintentionally typed the pair of characters that give this smiley (could it be "close quotes / close brackets" for example). Formulate your sentence without that sequence of quotes and brackets, and the problem will go away.

Thread: Photo rotation problem persists
07/09/2020 21:16:05

I think the problem is simply telephones.
I use a camera for photography and a PC for the Web and, of course, I never have the slightest problem.

Thread: steam powered model plane ?
05/09/2020 09:11:07
Posted by David Davis on 05/09/2020 08:44:13:

Was it the same David Parker who designed the "Firebrand?"

Yes, and he flew Meteors as part of his "day job".

Thread: R/C KK Invader question
27/08/2020 16:22:48

Jeffrey, I think you're right. A 40" tissue covered vintage glider shouldn't need ultra-strong bands.

Thread: Alloy wheel issue
27/08/2020 16:20:16

I have a friend who is very knowledgeable concerning cars (he's a garage owner and also races), and he uses tubeless tyres, with inner tubes installed, all the time, on his everyday car (Jag), so it can't be bad, just "not usually necessary".

Thread: Harold J Towner plans, has anyone here built from them?
22/08/2020 11:31:03

OK Pat. Steve does a great job, but there are many dating errors, simply because people have given Steve wrong information.

HJT's early plans (forties) were published through Astral, and I think they are all rubber powered.

This Beaufort plan isn't Astral, it's one of the small glow-powered plans that HJT drew during the sixties. There are many examples (Antonov, Anson, Grumman Duck, etc.).

So IMO, there is no anomaly "on the plan". It's a problem of plan identification. It's not a forties Astral plan, it's a sixties HJT plan, end of story.

21/08/2020 21:32:39

Pat, I don't think your assumption is correct.

All HJT's early designs were rubber powered, and I have actually seen a couple fly, although, at the time, as you say, many were probably "static".
However, over the latter part of his design "career", HJT designed quite a few power models, usually control-line.
You'll no doubt remember his super scale Tiger Moth plan (RC or FF), published in Aeromodeller (March 1972), but he also published (all in Aeromodeller) a Lancaster, a Beagle and a Dragon Rapide, all ic powered and all control-line (I think). And maybe others, these are just the ones I remember.

Finally, if any of his ic power plans had been "modified" from an earlier rubber model, then no doubt someone would come up with the earlier rubber powered version at some time and, personally, I've never seen one single case of that occurring.

Thread: acrowot XT engine
19/08/2020 12:14:41

Respectfully, I find it strange that people assemble planes without knowing what engine they can use.

Thread: Jim Davis Lancaster
12/08/2020 19:54:44

Sincere Thanks to Colin for the Jackdaw story and to Richard for the Evans Jaguar video.
Both super interesting posts!

Thread: Getting The Dihedral Right On A Vic Smeed Tomboy.
10/08/2020 08:02:11

And the dihedral brace from the original plan should obviously still give the correct angle.

Thread: Parkzone ARTISAN
06/08/2020 16:55:11

It's easy to make this shape of mount, to your own dimensions.
I cut and drill 1/8" paxolin sheet.

Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
03/08/2020 21:33:40
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 25/07/2020 02:09:14:
Where is Pete Russell, Tuthill/Walker, Bob Palmer, John O'Donnell, Ken Willard, H J Towner, Eric Coasby?

Or even John Coasby...

I have to say I'm a very satisfied HK Europe customer.

Living out in the sticks, I started teaching myself to fly 8 years ago. The results have exceeded my most optimistic hopes, and I don't think I would have made that progress without HK. 

Edited By brokenenglish on 03/08/2020 21:52:38

Edited By brokenenglish on 03/08/2020 21:53:27

Thread: LiPo replacement for Spektrum Tx Li-Ion - care and maintenance?
31/07/2020 08:45:56

My own opinion is simply "Why change something that has been working perfectly OK for years?"

8 years ago, when starting to teach myself to fly, I purchased an rtf Radian/Spektrum combo which was a great start.

8 years later, now with 4 Spektrum transmitters, after a lot of flying hours, I'm still using 4 eneloops in the Tx and I've never had the slightest problem, so why change???

I sometimes consider "upgrading", but it couldn't give a materially better result than the performance I've been reliably getting for the last 8 years...

Edit: Reading my own post, here, and Dale's post, above, it's clear that there are several (or even many) ways of getting a result that satisfies each person individually.
For me, the bottom line is that there's not much point in wasting time trying to improve something that has always worked perfectly OK!

Edited By brokenenglish on 31/07/2020 08:56:14

Edited By brokenenglish on 31/07/2020 08:57:17

Thread: Watch out for online retailers in EU, China & the USA
28/07/2020 14:32:59

I've had great service from HK EU over the last 8 years and I have no intention of changing.

However, it's important to use the Web site properly. For example, you need to set the filters to select the site that you want to buy from. I select the EU site, and only stuff that's "in stock".
Anything else (only available from other sites or not in stock) doesn't get purchased.
This gives very satisfactory results.

Thread: Irvine 53 instruction manual
27/07/2020 10:54:15

You'll find the manual on this page:


Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
24/07/2020 06:41:00

Surely HK can't be the only company marketing this stuff?

Thread: Any recommendations of a Ben Buckle dihedral alternative.
24/07/2020 06:37:21

Have you tried contacting Colin Buckle direct?

Secondly, have a look at the Belair offer and the Vintage Model Company kits.

However, all these old vintage planes obviously represent more "building" than other stuff with varying degrees of prefabrication and, IMO, having a kit for say a Junior 60 isn't much different from building from scratch.
You have to sort out your own wood, which can be a definite advantage in avoiding CG problems. You cut around 20 identical wing ribs (sandwich) and a few other shaped parts, and that's it. It only takes a couple of hours to create your own "kit".

Otherwise, there are several excellent kit and short kit providers in the USA, who are happy to ship world-wide.

Edited By brokenenglish on 24/07/2020 06:38:33

Thread: Cheap or good Quality Lipos ???
21/07/2020 06:54:05

Respectfully, the thread title is a little off track. I think you mean "Cheap or more expensive" and not "Cheap or good quality" (how do you measure the quality?).

I've only ever purchased Lipos from HK Europe and, from what I read on the forums, mine perform at least as well as everyone else's. I certainly have no intention of changing.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits.
18/07/2020 18:58:04
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 18/07/2020 17:48:15:
Posted by bees on 18/07/2020 15:57:18:

The old engines were heavier than the new ones.

There's a lot of "modern" theorising here... But this remark is definitely wrong. The Brown and Ohlsson, etc. engines originally used in these planes are far lighter than their modern counterparts.

The CG problem stems almost entirely from the fact that very few people build light any more.
Unless the entire rear part (aft of the wing) is built using high quality "light but firm" balsa, and is covered in tissue or perhaps very fine silk, you will have a CG problem, Period.
Could I quote the example of my Junior 60s.
My first J60 was built using the kit wood (good but not particularly light), and was covered in Solartex. It needed exactly one pound of lead in the nose (but flew great!).
The latest one was built using my own selected wood and was tissue covered. It needs zero weight in the nose and was even slightly nose heavy as built.

That's where the "modern" CG problems come from, plus the fact that some people like to have the CG further forward for RC flying, in relation to the original rearward (FF) CG.

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