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Thread: Junior 60 (Flair)
15/06/2019 11:14:12
Posted by ken anderson. on 15/06/2019 09:33:21:

ken albert hatfull ….JNR 60 design dept.

Ken, I would never dare argue with a Geordie, but I'm in a nit-picking mood... We're not discussing the 1946 AEH J60, but the 1955 update. The problem raised by the OP doesn't occur on the first version because it doesn't have a rear spar.

14/06/2019 20:02:41

You don't need help. I think you've understood the plan, you just need to build it and stop "wondering", it's been flying great like that since 1955.

As you can see, in the two wings, the rear spar is raised above the building board, because of the undercamber (that you are calling "concave".

Joining the two wings through the centre section needs that rear spar to be continuous, to obtain strong joints and also to enable the ply joining braces to be properly located on the spars.

As you've noticed, the centre section ribs are flat-bottomed, for optimum seating on the fuselage but, for the reasons mentioned above (spar continuity), the rear spar remains at the same height as in the undercambered wings, i.e. it's raised a little above the building board.

Just build it the way the man said, it's a great piece of design work.

Thread: Ripmax ARTF stocks
13/06/2019 15:41:57

I don't see how Brexit can have anything to do with it.
How much modelling stuff does the UK import from continental Europe?
Very little indeed I think, and it's quite possible, even likely, that trading conditions with non-European countries could be improved without conditions imposed by the EU.

13/06/2019 06:58:04

I think maybe the trade, at all levels, is anticipating (fearing) a significant drop in model building/flying activity, as a result of ridiculous restrictive (drone) legislation that is being discussed/implemented in a number of countries.

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
08/06/2019 11:02:06

One point that needs to be made is that, without throttling, you're simply flying in the traditional climb/glide mode, like the Tomboy competitions.
This is great, but the 2 minutes engine run given by the original integral tank is easily sufficient for good flights, particularly with smallish models.
You don't want a model climbing "briskly" for 5 or 6 minutes. It will be out of sight!

Thread: Understanding the numbers....
04/06/2019 21:39:40

Could I make an "ignorant" observation.

I don't even understand what's being discussed here but, unless I've missed something, nowhere is there any suggestion of actual problems occurring in flight!!!

I've been flying intensively on 2.4 GHz for the last 7 years, using the receivers mentioned above, never with a satellite, and I've never had the slightest radio problem.

BUT, I don't run checks on anything, except the normal range check, I just go and fly.

Where am I going wrong?

Edited By brokenenglish on 04/06/2019 22:02:17

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
04/06/2019 10:48:32

Peter, nowadays there are a lot of diesels that throttle superbly All the current PAW TBR range for example And you missed the best of the lot, The Taplin Twin.

TBH, I don't think the OP is a reasonable question. How many people have ever tried to set up an RC throttle on a Mills 75? We're down to conjecture and random opinions.

As stated above, if throttling is absolutely necessary at that engine size, then a PAW 100 (or 06) is the only reasonable choice.

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
03/06/2019 16:50:04

Concerning the fuel proof/resistant question. I think it mainly depends on the fuel. A finish said to be fuel resistant is probably "fuel proof" to mild fuels (zero nitro).

I applied one part polyurethane marine varnish (on both bare wood and solartex) around the nose of my Majestic Major, in 1987, and it's still unaffected by fuel today, but I've only ever used straight methanol/castor fuel.

The plane also has Graupner one part polyurethane black paint on solartex, which has also remained unaffected by the fuel I use. 

Edited By brokenenglish on 03/06/2019 16:51:06

Edited By brokenenglish on 03/06/2019 16:54:34

Thread: Need help to identify plants
01/06/2019 12:06:07

Masher is right, there's a lot around where we live.

My wife says that you won't need to bother about cultivating it... It spreads everywhere!

Thread: Pontefract Single Channel and Retro Meet
28/05/2019 21:11:03
Posted by Mike Bell on 28/05/2019 19:21:53:

It was a very enjoyable day, as always. Some pics below.

Above is a twin Junior 60 by my mate Richard

The twin isn't a Junior 60, it's a Super 60.

Thread: Keil Kraft Outlaw
27/05/2019 20:04:50

Tom, I flew FF competitions for 20 years, a long time ago. One of my designs won at the Nationals (for someone else!), and I've never heard of different polyhedral angles between the two wings. If anyone can quote one example of a successful FF flier doing that, I'd be extremely surprised.

To suggest that it may be a good idea on a KK Outlaw is (pardon me) ridiculous.

Apologies Tom, but I think there's a mix-up somewhere...

27/05/2019 06:17:00
Posted by PatMc on 26/05/2019 22:28:32:
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 26/05/2019 20:44:58:

Mention was made of Outlaw picture one wing tip being warped or less dihedral.

It was the done thing in those days of FF models to have less dihedral on one tip, then the plane naturally flew in a circle due to slightly less lift on the higher cranked wing tip.

Never heard of anyone using less dihedral on one wingtip. However it was common to tilt the tailplane off horizontal or slight warp of one wing tip in order to induce a safe circular flight pattern.

Pat, I think he means wash-out... or the wash-in used on the RH inner panel for the flight pattern. Either way, it's true that slight wing warps were and still are used for FF trimming but, apart from slight wash-out on both tips, they are totally unrelated to RC flying, unless you want a plane that only flies in circles and in one direction only.

Edited By brokenenglish on 27/05/2019 06:26:15

Thread: Complete-a-Pac P-47 Thunderbolt
24/05/2019 08:24:50

The CAP kits that I've seen had quite a few excellent "instructions" on the plan.

Thread: VQ Models
18/05/2019 16:28:30

I've had 4 VQ planes and I've been extremely satisfied. It's true that conventional heat-shrink material would cover better, but then you wouldn't get camouflage, etc. without some kind of manual painting operation, which would probably have a significant effect on the cost.

Thread: Suggestions for vintage model
17/05/2019 12:02:52

If you look at the above posts, which are all valid suggestions, it becomes clear that you have to decide how you want to fly.

If you want old FF models, with gentle radio guidance, and that's what vintage models generally are, then the choice is huge. Vic Smeed of course, but there are even excellent kits on eBay (OSMAF, Ben Buckle, etc.).

However, if you like throwing a plane around the sky, then you really need one of the early radio models: Sparky, Baz Bomb, Gasser, Galahad, etc.

I think it's important for the plane to fly "in character".

Thread: Glow Sticks
14/05/2019 10:12:43

Doug, My Cyclon cell is a small one, and I take it out to the runway in my pocket, in case it should be needed for restarting.

A charge only lasts around 3 or 4 flying sessions, but that's no problem.

13/05/2019 07:07:17

Perhaps I could add my method. Used for years and I'm 100% satisfied.

I use a 2V Cyclon battery and I have two sets of leads. One long (around 1m) and one short (around 40cm). The exact lengths are not critical, obviously.

I always use the long leads, until the glow is no longer sufficient, then I change to the short leads to enable me to continue to the end of the flying or running session, knowing that the battery needs charging ASAP.

I've never had a single "problem" or "non-run" situation since I adopted that "system" in the eighties...

Thread: Tell us about your most embarrassing stories from the field...
06/05/2019 14:27:46
Posted by David Davis on 06/05/2019 13:09:07:
Posted by David P Williams on 06/05/2019 11:02:57:

Hi David - I think the old age is creeping up on you! You gave us the same stories on page 1 of this thread cheeky

You are probably right David, I'm starting to repeat myself. Old age probably accounts for the wonky wing too!

I think we've got a problem of nervous, elderly instructors...

Thread: RC Mercury Marauder?
02/05/2019 10:14:02

Looking at this model and a real Mercury Marauder, I can't see any resemblance at all!

It's absolutely unrecognisable.

Thread: Engine choice for a Veron Super Robot
22/04/2019 16:19:37

The Irvine.

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