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Thread: Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC Mk 2
12/08/2018 06:24:53

Dave, there was a squadron of "Twin-Pins" at Bahrain in the early sixties, and the senior pilot's party trick was that, when landing, he could simply put the plane down in its place in the parking line,..

Thread: 35mhz; 40mhz; or 72mhz best for electric model
11/08/2018 17:41:25

If you're particularly concerned about being totally legal, check the FFAM regulations.

In the bands you mention, specific frequencies are allowed, but usually not the entire band as used elsewhere.
In any case, I don't think many people fly electric on other than 2.4 GHz.

You can check the frequencies here:

Thread: Vintage engine - info needed
07/08/2018 17:48:15

Jon, the engine looks "runable" to me. They don't need perfect compression. Forget your modern fuel mixes. I'd try 30% of the thickest oil you can find (Castrol R?).
I'll try to attach a video of one of my efforts. If you have any problems, just shout on here...
Sorry, I don't know how to get the video to appear!


Edited By brokenenglish on 07/08/2018 17:49:50

07/08/2018 15:49:41

The engine in the photo is a 1946 Bond "BRL Model A" (stamped on the transfer port) 0.57 cu. in. Made in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Quite a rare engine.

Sorry about the quality of the image.
Googling on the Web may get a better result, but at least now you know what to Google!bond brl model a.jpg

Edited By brokenenglish on 07/08/2018 16:05:11

Thread: Does anyone have an ED Bee mk11 con rod spare????
25/07/2018 05:47:20

Yes, I think I have a trashed engine that you can have for free. The internals are all present and OK.

Send me a PM.

Thread: RAF Scampton to be sold
24/07/2018 21:12:21

Colin, I think they will be dispersed to remote airfields in the event of an imminent threat.

Thread: Recomended Engine Sizes For Ben Buckle Kits
19/07/2018 14:09:23

The bottom line is that the 4-stroke size quoted does the job very well, but the same size of modern 2-stroke will obviously overpower the planes. This is mostly due to the fact that Ben wrote this stuff a very long time ago.

So what do you suggest we should do about it?

Vintage model builds vary enormously. My Junior 60 weighs less than 3lbs and flies very well with an old ED Racer.
I see others that weigh 5 or 6lbs, and the flyer wouldn't even think of using anything less than a 40 4-stroke.
Ben was aware of that, and I think he tried to cover such variations, but it's not really possible, and a degree of common sense is needed.

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
16/07/2018 06:45:23

I fly in a field like the one described most of the time.

If you want an "easy to fly" plane, that is "interesting" and will do quite a few things, I recommend the HK Walrus.

If you want something faster and more "dynamic", then the HK Super Kinetic is great.
This has become my standard choice for keeping my reactions sharp.

Finally, in a "long grass" field, an electric foamie Wot 4, with the undercarriage removed, is great!
You don't even have to remove the undercarriage yourself... the field will do it for you... but it's still a great option.

Thread: Holding Your Nose
15/07/2018 18:16:57
Posted by john stones 1 on 15/07/2018 18:07:20:

Tuning for flight is easy, very rarely had to move a tank, you're masking a simple task sound like rocket science, no wonder glows in decline.


Thread: P A W 35
10/07/2018 14:29:37
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 10/07/2018 11:44:03:

David, not wishing to argue but if you refer to their website, they specify 11 x 6 to 14 x 6 for the PAW 35 R/C.


There is simply a slight and unimportant difference between the PAW Web site and their Instructions leaflets, which reflects the fact that at around 12 to 13 inches diameter, with medium pitch, say 6", it's fairly non-critical and the OP won't have a problem.

Edited By brokenenglish on 10/07/2018 14:30:35

Edited By brokenenglish on 10/07/2018 14:31:08

Thread: Flying the Tiger Moth
09/07/2018 07:03:14

John, your OP is excellent, very interesting and "happy" reading. I'm an old aviator, and it gave me a very pleasant start to the week...
I still have a Complete-a-pac Tiger Moth kit that I picked up when touring Scotland in 1976. About time to get it built...

Thanks for posting!

Edited By brokenenglish on 09/07/2018 07:06:31

Thread: Need a warbird without retracts
01/07/2018 20:30:16

I would take the option of any plane that you can fly hand-launch.

Thread: Spruce or Obechi for a wing spar?
20/06/2018 15:06:28
Posted by Levanter on 20/06/2018 14:14:29:

Hi Kit
Bob Cotsford has the description right and I would not use Obechi for a spar for the reasons he gave.
Commonly used for veneers on foam wings because it machines easily.


Thread: Fed Up!
20/06/2018 15:04:41

I haven't watched TV (i.e. no TV in the house) for more than 10 years now.

Important stuff I pick up on the Web.

Thread: AcroWot - Foam or EP
19/06/2018 21:27:22

I'm flying the electric foamie Acrowot, and also the larger built-up model, with an Irvine 53, and I'm very pleased with both, but they both have issues around the motor/engine mount area.

Edited By brokenenglish on 19/06/2018 21:29:27

Thread: LIFE receiver pack not fully charging
19/06/2018 10:46:34

Following a domestic accident, I have to renew all my IC plane Rx batteries. I don't know anything about LiFe, and I'd like some informed opinions.

  1. Do LiFe batteries have to be charged outside the plane (like LiPo), or can they be charged while remaining in the plane (like Nicad)?
  2. Above, there has been some mention of the "possibility" of balance charging, or going over to a balance charge as some kind of "alternative" option. I don't understand this. Why would anyone charge without balancing?
  3. Having to renew my batteries, are there any valid reasons for buying NiMH in preference to LiFe?

Edited By brokenenglish on 19/06/2018 10:47:06

Thread: Old fuel / nitro
18/06/2018 16:51:47

Yeah, in fact, diesels don't actually need kerosene/paraffin in the fuel to run well. "Sport" diesels run perfectly well on simply a mixture of ether and oil. In the very early days, some manufacturers specified simply the ether/oil mix, 50/50, 70/30 or similar. It's just that the kerosene ingredient gives a less expensive fuel that's also very slightly more powerful, but it runs a bit hotter as well (high ether content keeps the engine very cool).

Also, as mentioned above, the "kerosene" ingredient can also be white spirit or automotive "diesel" fuel, from the filling station, with no noticeable difference in performance.

Thread: Spektrum DX6 Tx battery alarm
09/06/2018 14:48:03

I'm very surprised by your "short duration" Tx batteries.

In Europe, not many people are using Nicads. Regulations force us to use NiMH, although I'm still using Nicad Rx packs.

Anyway, a typical flying session for me is around 2 hours. I start with four fully charged eneloops in the DX6 Tx, showing an initial voltage of around 5.4 or 5.5V. After a couple of hours flying, the reading has dropped to around 5.1V, but I don't ever recall seeing a battery reading of less than 5V.

Edited By brokenenglish on 09/06/2018 14:49:14

Thread: Old fuel / nitro
09/06/2018 12:31:01

Don't mess with the fuel without just trying it "as is".

In the past, many times, I've checked very old fuel (>10 years), and I've never ever found a fuel that wasn't still good.

I think the question is more related to "proper storage" than to age.

In any case, if the fuel is OK "as is", then use it.

If the fuel is no longer good, for any reason, then dump it.
Tipping in more fresh ingredients would just be a waste of those ingredients.

To go back to the OP, there's no such thing as "re-invigorating" fuel!!!
You'll probably think you were right if adding nitro improves performance, but that would be the case with any fuel!

To quote one of my own personal references, the late, great Sir Neddy Seagoon,
"There's no fuel like an old fuel!"...
That's not just my joke, he really did say it!

Thread: Wot-4 E Mk2 (balsa) nylon wing bolts
20/05/2018 11:37:46

RCPF, I agree. I had to do exactly that in my Acrowot foamie. 

Thanks Denis, what a mine of information you are !

Edited By brokenenglish on 20/05/2018 11:38:47

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