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Thread: Fournier RF-4
14/08/2020 10:17:23

Hi EarlyBird. I'm just, slowly, finising a, very slow, build of Peter's RF4. You may have seen my build thread on here.
Its not too complicated a build, mainly thanks I'd say to the skill of the designer. It's all pretty straightforward but there is quite a bit of work in building the wings. I chose not to take the SLEC route but that's just because I like cutting up bits of wood and sticking them to other bits of wood.
Let us know how your build goes, at my workrate, real life keeps getting in the way, your RF4 may be flying first.

Thread: My RF4
29/07/2020 18:00:06
Posted by Peter Miller on 29/07/2020 07:03:12:

That sounds an awful lot easier than the way I did it!!

Henry Ford said that lazy people were the best employees, they always found the easiest way to do things!!

28/07/2020 22:07:29
Posted by fly boy3 on 27/07/2020 21:15:47:

Great job you have done on this model FF, fairings have always been the bane of my life. When you mentioned foam and filler could you expand on this please. Thanks

Thanks FB3, but I think a lot of credit is due to the designer!!
Regarding the fairings, being lazy, I glued a piece of polystyrene foam to the lower ply former then shaped it with a modeling knife and very fine grit paper. I wrapped the paper around a piece of plastic tube about the size of a broom handle to get the concave profile. Just a light layer of filler then to cover the imperfections.

27/07/2020 20:38:33

That's the most likely reason Peter. I did try to keep the tail light but, although they're sturdy and very well made, weightwise a 4-Max motor is no match for a lump of IC up front.
I think I remember someone else on here converted the RF4 to electric and had to add a lot of weight to get the CG right.

26/07/2020 21:54:27


Well, everything's on board and its starting to look more like an RF4. However I think I may need to visit the local Church roof to get the CG right!
BTW, as a matter of interest Rene Fournier will celebrate his 99th. birthday this year..

Thread: Back into the hobby after decades away
13/07/2020 11:21:34

This is just another example of what I've long believed. Although sufferers can have long periods of remission, there's no known cure for Aeromodelling. (Thankfully)

Welcome back Gina.

Thread: Lockdown entertainment - fly in your yard!
28/06/2020 13:16:12

Just ordered one. If its good enough for Phil Green .........
I need something to fly in the garden before my thumbs seize up.

Thread: My RF4
16/06/2020 20:24:41

Well even if its slow, its still progress!
The wings are completed and the servos installed. Now just to connect up the snakes for the rudder and elevator, then install the motor, ESC etc.
I know it looks a bit bland in all white but I don't add any trim until after the first successful flight.


The Pilot is getting fed up with sitting on the ground and so am I.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Hunter & Phantom
28/04/2020 23:16:40

Check this out David. The service is excellent.


Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
14/04/2020 20:42:54

David, while I accept that none of this is your fault, your defence of the situation in a previous post does put ypu somewhat in the firing line.
I consider the approach of the publisher to be totally unacceptable. I have been a very long time reader of RCM&E and a subscriber for many years. As a suscriber outside the UK, just, I have come to accept late deliveries as the norm.
However our postal service is still operating as normal, and its just a little hard to accept the decision to just stop posting the hard copies. RCM&E however late is always welcome.
If the hard copies of the magazine stop then I see no reason to renew my subscription,.

Thread: My RF4
05/04/2020 14:56:28

The construction of the wing fairings as described got the better of me so in order to protect the little hair I have left I resorted to the modeller's, and beautician's, friend. Foam and filler!



Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
09/03/2020 19:02:58

What a coincidence. I was just going to post that it must be time for another Turbulent.

Thread: Web Cam?
08/03/2020 14:32:36
Posted by MAD Dave on 08/02/2020 18:38:48:

FAO Fun Flyer, sounds like you have an ideal set up. I would be most grateful if you could let us know what set up and hardware you employ etc.

Hi MAD Dave. Sorry for the slow reply but, as you probably know, real life has a habit of sometimes taking over.

The rig was thought up by my son, I just do the woodwork, so I don't have a lot of technical detail.

Briefly, its made up of a camera, a Rasberry Pi and the guts of a mobile phone which takes the SIM card.
Its all housed in one of these weatherproof boxes from Homebase.


2019-09-22 20.44.16.jpg

Then its fitted inside what is supposed to look like a nesting box.



Thats the camera on the bottom in the middle.
Then a ply sheet is fitted to the front to complete the disguise.

2020-01-25 17.54.30.jpg

Then paint the whole thing matt black to make it look as unattractive and inconspicous as possible.


It all seems to work fine. I haven't installed it on our field yet as like everyone else I'm waiting for the weather to improve.

Edited By Fun Flyer on 08/03/2020 14:36:15

Thread: My RF4
08/03/2020 12:22:26

Thanks Peter. Hinges on order.

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
08/03/2020 12:21:25

Since we're on a "French Roll" Peter, what about this as a future design?


As far as I know only the prototype was produced.

Thread: My RF4
07/03/2020 10:45:23

Just wondering how you hinged the ailerons Peter. I was thinking of iron on covering on the top edge and between the aileron and wing. Also what size wing bolts did you use? i have 3/16 to hand but considering the size of the wing, are they sufficient?

21/02/2020 20:48:45

Thanks Peter. I'm afraid when I start to put it all together it'll be a bit like Johnny Cash's "One Piece At A Time".

21/02/2020 10:38:17

Well the second wing went together quicker than the first one. Its big.


Thread: Great Giveaways
18/02/2020 14:15:25

Who remembers this giveaway?


Needless to say I'm a lifelong member of the "That might come in handy someday society"

Thread: Web Cam?
08/02/2020 14:08:35

Ours is just about to be installed.
Its concealed in a small nest box and the plan is to power it from a truck battery supported by a solar panel.
It takes a picture at a predefined interval, currently ten minutes, and uploads it to a website. It also displays the current voltage, temperature and humidity.

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