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Thread: X9D+ 2019 or Q X7S?
14/08/2019 20:08:23

Hi Kim,

Yes the Q7 comes with OpenTx.

The manual, written by Alex Datos is available here Q7 Manual

Don't know how it compares with the printed one from T9 but it's a good start.

Cheers GDB

Thread: Hi there
03/07/2019 07:42:45

Hi Anthony, welcome back to the fold !

If you have a look at the last item on this page **LINK** you will see that BMFA membership is reduced from 1st July, so you can join, and benefit from the associated insurance, without paying the full annual membership.

The BMFA club finder will help you find a flying club near you.

Hope you're successful.


Aha, beaten to it !!

Edited By Caveman on 03/07/2019 07:43:25

Thread: Spinners for brushless.
22/06/2019 23:05:14

Here you go **LINK**


PS While you're buying you should buy a few extra O rings smiley

22/06/2019 21:41:17

Foxfan, if your shaft is 3mm then you really need a 3mm prop adaptor. A 3.2mm / 3.17mm / 1/8" one will not seat correctly on a 3mm shaft.

A 3mm adaptor is available here **LINK**

A spinner can then be mounted as per an IC engine.


Thread: Handy bit of kit
07/06/2019 22:01:07

Interesting reading here **LINK**

Might explain why they're offloading them for £1


Thread: source for Hobby Eagle stabilisers
27/04/2019 23:01:49

Tony, what you have appears to be a 'New A3'

The manual is available here **LINK**

See the 5th and 6th items down, NewA3 and NewA3L

The difference between the two is the flight modes they provide, but they both like exactly like yours. Presumably you know which functions your is supposed to have (?).

Hope that helps.

Cheers GDB

Thread: Identification please!
27/02/2019 19:47:37

Jeff, very similar I grant you, but, it doesn't have the square (rectangular) horizontal stab of 'ours' and it's 2" short in wingspan!!

In the meantime I'm awaiting Robin's photos with bated breath smiley

Many thanks for your contribution and interest.

It looks like there are many, many models all of a similar theme, not surprising really as it's a classic trainer style.

Cheers GDB

26/02/2019 23:46:10

Hi Robin, thanks for your response.

Is it possible for you to post a photo of your plane? It would be interesting to see it.


25/02/2019 20:55:13

Many thanks for all your contributions. laugh

This is the illustration which suggests that it might be a Kyosho model **LINK**

Mike, your unknown model is very similar to 'ours', but, as Percy points out yours has a swept back leading edge whereas ours is square, and the wing seat on yours is raised - ours isn't. The fin on yours is very much the same, but yours has a strake.

The wings (54" span on ours) appear to be identical. Incidentally, if the fuselage is inverted the wings fit perfectly, further suggesting it could be built as a low wing model. Perhaps this explains the mid mounted tail.

Martin, I suspect this is a kit build, the formers look to be machine made (the firewall has F6 written on it, not printed).

The covering, although reasonably applied, is not to the standard we would associate with an ARTF model, and the fitting out certainly isn't!

The current CoG is 25% of chord, so we'll leave it at that and see how it goes wink 2

Cheers GDB

24/02/2019 20:32:02

Can any of you highly knowledgeable chaps identify this model? It has 'Kyosho' stickers on it, and 'Hughes 500' sticker. but I don't know if these are really relevant.

I've looked on-line and it could be something like a Kyosho Berballa (which was a kit which could be made either as a high-wing or low-wing plane), but, the vertical stab is wrong.

It was bought for a member of our club by his daughter.

It was in a poor state of repair and I have spent a bit of time refurbishing it.

Please don't panic about the wing bands (!), I used rubber bands purely to set the wing and I haven't acquired any proper wing bands yet.

It's powered by an OS FP40 which is well-used but runs quite well.



We look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks GDB

Thread: OS 25 FSR- Equivalent
13/01/2019 19:20:34

Tosh, how about this:


also, Airtek Hobbies have an SC25A in stock (?)


or a 36 if you want a bit more grunt



Edited By Caveman on 13/01/2019 19:21:20

Thread: Latent Servo Response
11/01/2019 12:06:36

Hi Dave, whilst I can't offer any suggestions at to your lack of elevator response, I can make a suggestion ref. a new set of wings for your Pulse XT 60.

When an attack of dumb-thumb reduced my Hobby King Soar 40 from this

HK Soar 40

to this


I dissembled the wreckage, produced a set of plans,


and built a replica of the original, using all the original hardware. It flies just as well as the original plane.

It's not difficult to do as you can see how the original was made and mimic it.

As you only need the wings it shouldn't take too long.

Food for thought?

Cheers GDB

Thread: Flying Aces Sportster
10/01/2019 17:35:38

FB3, if you look here **LINK** there are, rather poor, images of the pages from the magazine describing the Sportster.

I contemplated building one of there as I have a spare OS26FS looking for a plane, hence I searched the net for info.

In the end I think I may build something different, but, if yours turn out OK I may reconsider!!


Aha!! Just clicked on the above link and it does indeed display the pages in question, but, they're not exactly readable!!

If you're interested, send me a PM with you email address and I'll send the original files to you.

Edited By Caveman on 10/01/2019 17:38:10

Thread: Priory Models Silhouette
10/01/2019 17:20:34

Martin, could this be what you're looking for?:


Mostly sports type models, but a couple of warbirds thrown in.


Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
01/01/2019 19:13:32

Snorbitz, I had one of these models some time ago. Sadly it didn't have a happy end crying

However, I can make a couple of observations.

The fuel tank doesn't sit properly if you use the 'standard' mount supplied with the kit - this photo shows that I had the same problem you have highlighted:

2014-09-29 16.01.51.jpg

The solution, in order that the tank sits level, make a replacement support from a piece of light-ply.

You have found that the needle valve screwed itself in during flight. Looking at one of your photos, it looks as if the spring clip, which is there to prevent the valve moving, does not appear to have been installed correctly.

If you look at the following photo the tang of the spring, marked A, should be bearing against the knurled part of the needle valve marked B. That's how it looks to me! Simple remedy, slide the spring into the right position.

needle spring.jpg

Mention was made earlier of a Pitts exhaust. This one shown is exactly what I used, and can be seen in this picture.

Seagull Extra 300L-2

I agree that the noise it makes is awful !! I used it in my Peter Miller CAP20L until I couldn't stand it any longer and changed the Irvine 46 two-stroke for a four stroke - much nicer sound smiley

Cheers GDB

Thread: IC Engine Control
24/12/2018 12:15:57

Brian, assuming the transmitter you have is the T6K then look at this page:


The last item before 'Optional Accessories' is 6K V2 Manual, a link which opens a PDF of the manual.

Have a look at page 104 which explains setting up a throttle cut and assigning a switch.

The throttle trim used to adjust the throttle idle position to suit the current temperature and atmospheric conditions, whereas the throttle cut closes the throttle to stop the engine.

I always assign my throttle cut to a momentary (sprung) switch - this saves the frustration of trying to start the engine with a fully closed throttle because the throttle cut has been left active!


Thread: Plane for new engine - any suggestions?
10/12/2018 00:34:11

Hi Martin, I've got an OS FS26 and I too am looking for a plane to suit.

This would be a simple build and looks like it would be suitable:


What do you think?

There are lots of other suitable plans on Outerzone, just have a browse.


Thread: Connecting Throttle
08/12/2018 23:12:13

Nigel, I use the same system as the Dubro linkage shown by Percy. However, I make my own from pieces of aluminium angle.

This one is a little 'Heath Robinson' and really needs re-working, but it does the job.

I've just finished another one for my CAP20L which uses ball-joints and is a lot less embarrassing, but this shows the basic scheme.

throttle linkage_1.jpg

throttle linkage_2.jpg

Note that the base angle is held in place by the engine bolts which means that no additional fixings are required.

The blue 'washer' between the throttle arm and actuating rod is there to take up a bit of slack!! embarrassed I would have used a ball link fixed to the throttle arm, but I didn't want to enlarge the hole in the throttle arm.

Hope this is helpful.


Thread: Fitting Engine
07/12/2018 20:45:53

Nigel, that looks like the exhaust for a 52/61 size engine.

If you want the standard exhaust manifold & silencer then you can get them from Just Engines, £14.86 for the FS manifold 65-91, and £17.15 for the 65FSSIL silencer, total £32.01

But Weston UK list the manifold/silencer for their RCV58CD engine, item no. R120601, is listed at £18.95 complete.

See here **LINK**

I have both the SC(ASP)70FS and the RCV58CD and can confirm that the manifolds/silencers are interchangable. The only difference is that the RCV manifold is about 10mm shorter than the SC/ASP one.

Worth a call to Weston UK?


Thread: AstroHog tailplane dimensions needed
27/11/2018 17:25:37

Hi Merco, if you don't get a definitive reply then the info you require can be taken from this plan



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