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Thread: Oracover(profilm), solarfilm & HK Film
12/05/2018 10:17:13

Geoff, ref. cleaning the white glue residue,

I use acetone - actually I use Boots nail varnish remover, the cheap/budget stuff £1 per bottle. Shifts it almost instantly!!


Thread: what grass treatment do you use?
26/04/2018 18:41:29

Cliff, we've just treated about 900 sq.yds of our grass with this:

Can't comment on the effectiveness at this stage as it has only been applied for a few days, but fingers crossed!


Thread: Taranis Checklist
25/04/2018 16:36:01

Aha! No golf today due to thunderstorms and rain, so, I'm now onto OpenTx 2.2.1

I copied all the images and sounds from the 'old' SD card as the 2.2V0013 didn't come with many sounds and no images.

Happy bunny now.

Might investigate the Amber sounds pack later.

Thanks for your help, GDB

25/04/2018 11:14:32

BEB, Andy & Matty, many thanks for your replies.

Quite right! You've given me the incentive and I must drag myself into the 21st Century and update to OpenTx 2.2.

I'll do it , hopefully, this weekend.

If I encounter any problems, I'll be back!

Cheers GDB

23/04/2018 23:23:03

Thanks for your reply BEB.

I have actually managed to get it to work. The CAP_20L.txt file in the last photo above is the checklist for my CAP and it works perfectly.

However, while I have separate model definition entries for some models, Easyglider, Microcub and Supercub, these are only 3 models out of more than 12 I have created.

So why is there not a file for my Magnatilla, or CAP for example?

There doesn't seem to be any consistency!!

I realise that as long as I can create a checklist which is recognised it really doesn't matter, I'd just like to know why it's like it is....


23/04/2018 15:41:07

We had a discussion yesterday about the availability of a checklist function for the Taranis, either to check the status of a model before flight, or as a memory aid to the functionality of the switches etc. for a particular model.

I attempted to set up a checklist for my CAP20L as an example this afternoon.

To this end I watched a video on YouTube and it all appeared to be fairly simple.

The video suggested that for every model there would be an entry in the MODELS directory of the SD card. But, when I looked at the contents of my SD card this is not the case!

These are the models as they appear on the tx screen

taranis models list 3.jpg

This is them downloaded into Companion

taranis models list 2.jpg

i.e. one and the same. However this is the contents of the SD card

taranis models list 1.jpg

My Easyglider, Super Cub and MicroCub appear as individual models, but none of the others do!

I don't have a Slow Stick,I think this must be a deleted model.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Cheers GDB

PS The CAP_20L txt file is for that model and does indeed display, even though the model doesn't!

Thread: Chapter One Rib Section
01/03/2018 12:28:29

Hi Paul,

No need to pursue Sarik; I've got the magazine with the original 3 channel Chapter One plan (November 2014) and the one with the aileron wing plan (November 2015)

If you pm me with your address I'll stick both plans in the post to you. I not going to build a Chapter One or A Cruiser so I don't need them.

Also, do you have copies of the build articles (there were about 7 in total) which were published in RCM&E early in 2014?

If not, also let me have your email address by PM and I'll scan them and email them to you so that you have the full picture!

Cheers GDB

Thread: plans
20/02/2018 22:38:57

Hi John, plans in pdf format can be printed to any size you require by printing in them 'tiled' on multiple sheets, which can then be taped together to recreate a full size plan.

It's a bit long winded but it means you can do it 'in house'.

Assuming you're using an up-to-date copy of Acrobat Reader, than set it up as follows:

vernon robot.jpg

Select your printer

Ensure 'All' pages are set to print

Click on the 'Poster' box as shown - this should show, in the preview pane, the drawing overcast with the lines to represent the multiple pages which will be printed.

Note: you can print the plan at any scale by altering the scale figure.

If the 'cut marks' box is checked then alignment marks will be printed in each corner of each output page to allow for accurate alignment.

Then click on 'Print'

Lastly, spend a long time sticking the pages together!!

Cheers GDB

PS Use a straight edge laid along straight lines , eg wing spars & fuselage lower edge, when joining the pages to ensure correct alignment and avoid wavy edges wink

Thread: What are the rules?
20/02/2018 17:03:41

David, no mystery about the pronunciation of Leonhard Euler's name. He was born in the German speaking part of Switzerland, and in the German language 'eu' is pronounced 'oy', hence his name sounds like 'oyler'.

Cheers GDB

19/02/2018 20:07:39

Hi, I've got two relevant pdfs, both from the internet, but I've no idea where from!!

The first about aerodynamics (quite detailed enough for modellers) and the second describing the design of a trainer, including the maths necessary to explain the choices of the dimensions.

If you would like them PM me with you email address and I'll send then to you.


Thread: OS MAX40 fp Carbeurator
03/02/2018 15:17:57

There's one for sale here:


Bit pricey but if you really want one.....


Thread: Greg's Cap 20L 2018 Mass Build
27/01/2018 00:15:32

Hi Greg, simply took the published plan to Staples and ask them to copy it 12% larger! In all they made 4 copies and it cost me about £12.

Unfortunately with the demise of Staples in the UK that's no longer a possibility. However, there are other print companies who can do this, it's just a case of finding one in your locality.

Alternatively you can scan the original drawing in parts, e.g. ribs and formers, and print at 112%, but that takes a lot longer and is potenetially more error prone.


Thread: Paul's CAP 20 L build 2018 MB
23/01/2018 20:08:31

My model is covered in HobbyKing film, as are all my scratchbuilt models. I've never used Solarfilm, or anything else for that matter, as the HK stuff is half the price!!

In this case the coloured flashes are adhesive backed commercial sign makers plastic film, given to me by a club member, having been rescued by him just as it was about to be dumped in a skip!

I attach the film at 100 deg C with no sock, and then shrink it tight at around 140/150 deg C with sock. It goes round curves etc. quite well.

The lettering and logo are inkjet printed onto clear decal paper.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on.

Cheers GDB

Thread: Greg's Cap 20L 2018 Mass Build
23/01/2018 17:02:48

Hi Greg, when I built my model, a year or so ago, I trawled the internet and found a reasonable amount of info about the CAP 20 L including the photo of IZAB. I even found the Viterbo club website and logo, which I reproduced on the fin of my model.

However, I've done a search today and can't find much at all, not even a photo of IZAB with spats, and I've definately seen one in the past.

So I don;t know where they've all gone. But, the colour scheme you've found look good to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished model.

Cheers GDB

PS I make a kit of parts before starting to build, and for a model like this with the inset ailerons towards the wing tips, separate servos in each wing is my preferred method. Even if you don't have spare TX channels a Y lead operates them.

Thread: Paul's CAP 20 L build 2018 MB
23/01/2018 16:39:43

Hi Paul, I haven't progressed to making canopies yet, so I used the 'standard' Vortex canopy and with a bit of careful trimming it does the job quite nicely. Although it's smaller than scale (?) who would know?

Here it is, complete with pilot and FrSky GPS unit.


I do like the way you've designed the cowl. That should be a good sturdy fit, and easily removable.

As I fitted my engine sideways I made the lower half fixed and the upper half removable.

Also, note the Aluminium spinner - much better!



Incidentally, although my first few flight were fine, take-offs and landings were not. The model nosed-over at the slightest provocation.

I have now bent the legs much further forward and that's solved the problem. I don't know if I installed the leg mountings in the wing at the wrong angle, or what, but this is where the legs are currently.


Just one more poimt; going back to the GPS unit installed, this shows that the plane is easily capable of well over 80 mph ground speed, and there's no hint of flutter, so perhaps the counter weighing is doing its job wink

Cheers GDB

22/01/2018 19:00:18

HI, i agree with Paul, spats and longish grass are probably not a good mix!

This is my CAP 20 L, from Peter's plan but increased in size by 12% ( I had an Irvine 46 with Pitts exhaust, and as the plan was originally based on a 32 I went for a larger airframe)

cap 20 maiden photo.jpg

It's based on a this full size example:

cap 20 l viterbo aero club.jpg

I felt that as the full size plane didn't have spats I was justified in keeping to the scale-look and left them off.

Cheers GDB

PS Mine's now got an aluminium spinner in place of the white plastic one, even more scale!

Thread: Lipo storage, slight swell
27/12/2017 18:58:38

Hi Tony, I've got this charger, which is mentioned above:


You can read the manual here:


It will do all the functions you need.

As far as I'm concerned it's a cracking bit of kit!

Cheers GDB

Thread: Ford Flivver - Help needed
19/12/2017 10:50:00

Martin, I've used this formula to determine wingspan or engine size when scaling a plan. It's from a previous discussion thread on this forum:

plan scaling.jpg

This would suggest a 1.00 FS, so perhaps a 0.91 FS would be suitable.


Thread: G-FOUR
19/11/2017 13:12:23

An excellent result. I've thoroughly enjoyed following your refurbishment.

Next job, a decent video is needed.

However, no music please, I can't understand why people make videos of planes and then replace the audio with music! I want to hear the engine(s), and I'm sure I'm not alone....


Thread: Piper J3 Cub
31/10/2017 18:20:21

John, have a look here:

It's the right wingspan, but, a different reg. number. However, Super Flying Models make a larger model:


This one has the same reg. no., so the smaller one could have used your number in the past when suppied to a different importer?


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