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Thread: Electric Cars.
26/03/2019 08:30:41

I have really wanted to buy an EV but at the moment there is not one that will give me a guaranteed range without charge of at least 250 miles in all weathers. That's the return trip to the airport for me and after a long flight home I don't want to stop off for charging. I have bought a Lexus Hybrid which does seem to have some reasonable figures for using the battery. Hopefully in three years time EV's will have progressed.

Thread: Any BT or similar engineers out there
07/01/2019 13:39:02

PlusNet are owned by BT and usually have good access to Openreach which is also owned by BT. I have always found PlusNet to be very good. Normally the wiring would remain in place and just require work in the exchange however now with fibre coming to the local box it probably needs some work in there.

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
04/01/2019 13:57:16

We don't have a mobile phone signal in our house and very weak outside. We have a Sure Signal box from Vodaphone which plugs into the router and acts like a mini base station. We now have a strong signal inside and outside the house. Really works well. I understand other phone companies do a similar device.

Thread: A-10 Thunderbolt from the Mike Pastro Plan
22/11/2018 10:18:50

I see you are going to build the SHM Vulcan. Here is a picture of mine good luck with it.


Thread: Electric Cars.
02/11/2018 13:28:13

Dyson has stated that it will not be a mass markets car but will compete with top end BMW and Merc's so expect £50 - 80,000. Like all his products very expensive although well made.

01/11/2018 14:54:57


Easy solution - Oyster card as used in London. Or like in Rome swipe your card when you get on and swipe it when you get off.

No cash transactions.

90% of passengers round our way are pensioners who just swipe their bus pass.

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01/11/2018 11:05:44

Nissan Leaf 5 star rating.

Not so difficult even with a big battery.

01/11/2018 10:57:19

Erfolg. To answer your point on crash testing.

Tesla Model 3 crushes NHTSA's crash testing with a 5-star rating - CNet

20 Sep 2018 - The Model 3 received top scores in every category tested by NHTSA, including standard safety equipment.

Thread: FrSky X6R EU LBT 6/16CH Receiver
28/10/2018 09:34:57

Go to telemetry page and if RxBt not displayed scroll down and click add sensor. It will now display on your screen top lefthand corner. You don't need any other sensors for that reading.

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Thread: Boeing 737?
22/10/2018 18:18:05


This is my windrider 737 using two 12 blade fans and two 4s batteries.

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/10/2018 16:38:15

Just look how quickly we have gone from almost all i/c planes to electric. I would guess there are more electric now which happened in a very short time.

21/10/2018 10:24:41

Peter Did you read my post about the Super Hub above. The chargers will operate from an enormous battery facility and will not draw directly on the national grid. Given we have hundreds of wind turbines in this area I expect they will mostly charge up when the wind is blowing. They will also be able to power 6000 homes for 24 hours. We also have a very large battery station in Cleator Moor. Tesla have install a massive battery station in South Australia and after years of constant power cuts that now no longer happen. These batteries are charged from wind turbines and in the short time they have been operating (a couple of years) they are well on the way for paying for themselves.

21/10/2018 09:57:56

This super hub will charge 100 vehicles at the same time


Thread: DOZY-1: Flying on less than 10 Watts per pound
15/09/2018 17:55:04

A very interesting project with lots of information and data. Shows what can be done with simple and cheap parts.

Thread: Durafly (Hobbyking)new Canadian Vampire compared to old Vampire
17/07/2018 17:14:24

I am on my third two originals and the Canadian. The Canadian comes with reinforced booms. I find it better to removed the retracts and hand launch and then she is a real flyer. I use 2.7 4S batteries. With the first one I had a radio problem when flying straight and level it suddenly dived to the right into the ground. The second just became worn out with constant use so retired. If leaving the retracts on the front nose wheel needs attention. I hit a rough patch with the Canadian on take off and knocked the nose wheel off. Having said that a great plane to fly and that's why I have had three.

Thread: Electric Cars.
10/05/2018 20:33:28

Comment: Funds bet on $150 oil as Trump blunders into Middle-East battlefield by rejecting Iran deal

​Perhaps we may see a few more orders for EV's now!

28/04/2018 11:22:11

Asda provide petrol pumps is that Tosh as well.

28/04/2018 09:12:28

Went for a 2 hr test drive in the Nissan Leaf yesterday and think it is a very nice car, a bit bigger than I thought. It had plenty of room inside with a large boot. What impressed me was the e-pedal. After the first couple of miles I switched it on and after that never used the foot brake once. I drove on country roads, in town and on duel carriageways. Stopping at junctions, in traffic and parking all so easy. It would be good if they could put such a system on i/c vehicles. It has all the equipment that most cars have now, Lane hold, stops if it thinks you are going to hit something or a pedestrian and all round cameras etc. They told me they had 12 being delivered yesterday and if I ordered one depending on spec I may get it for the 1st September.

26/04/2018 14:02:00

Peter Christy.-

With the creation of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) in 1954, ownership of Windscale Works passed to the UKAEA. The first of four Magnox reactors became operational in 1956 at Calder Hall, adjacent to Windscale and across the River Calder, and the site became Windscale and Calder Works

Calder Hall, first connected to the grid on 27 August 1956 and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 17 October 1956,[40][41] was the world's first power station to generate electricity on an industrial scale (four 60 MWe reactors) from nuclear energy; supplied to the National Grid.

23/04/2018 19:12:45

I often think there is short term thinking. 15 years ago I installed solar panel before feed in tariffs etc. I bought them outright admittedly at about half price. Everybody was telling me that it would take 20 years to pay for them and would cost me in repairs. At the time I was paying 3.5 pence per unit of electric. Today I am paying 16 pence for the same unit. Given the price of electricity has gone up by a factor of four then my payback time must have come down by the same factor therefore a payback time of 5 years. OK, I know that's not strictly true given that it has not been 16 pence for the full 15 years. My electric supply company send me a yearly statement of my usage and it says my usage is 50% less than the average similar homes. At the same time I installed thermal panels (hot water). From April to May we very rarely switch our boiler on because we have all the hot water we need. It is difficult for us to convince our energy supplier that we do not use gas during the summer and last year they insisted on changing our gas meter as they said it must be faulty.

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