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Thread: Electric Cars.
19/04/2018 17:55:50

How many parts are in a car engine

Thousands. From big to small it goes like this. engine block. engine head or heads. intake manifold. crankshaft, camshaft or shafts, pistons, connecting rods, connecting rod pins, attaching hardware like nuts bolts rod caps, bearings, seals, pins, gears, chains or belts, covers and their gaskets and attachment hardware. Valves, valve springs, valve seats, valve seals, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, lifter springs, lifter cups. If you were to take an engine apart, you would have a whole can over flowing with just bolts and have pieces everywhere.

That is without the gearbox and drive system.

19/04/2018 13:07:26

I read somewhere that a Tesla Model 3 only has 17 moving parts. The motor only has one. An ic engine car has several thousand. Tesla does over the air software updates and diagnostics and Tesla knows what's wrong with your car before you do. Highlighted by a recent Tesla crash when Tesla could say the vehicle was on autopilot at the time.

Thread: An Experimental Vulcan: 72" span.
03/04/2018 12:06:20

p1010389.jpgp1010405.jpgMy SHM 72" balsa and ply Vulcan comes in at 12.5 lbs



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Thread: Electric Cars.
25/03/2018 13:46:25

To be clear Percy I am not parting with my Audi. I am looking to change my wife's 9 year old very low mileage Fiesta. Only goes to the shops and back about 3000 miles per year.

25/03/2018 10:40:44


I have hired a couple of Hybrids when on holiday in Spain the last one being a Toyota Auris. I am not impressed with them. They are ok when running on the battery but that will only get you a couple of miles before the engine kicks in but if you exceed about 35mph the engine cuts in anyway and if there is a small hill the engine takes over. We have plenty of hills in the Lake District don't we. They would be ok in a big city.



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24/03/2018 12:45:03


24/03/2018 12:37:20




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24/03/2018 09:11:18

I bought a brand new Audi A3 three and a half years ago for £21,500. Enquiries reveal it is worth £10,500. I can get more trading it in but that is only the discount I could of received from a cash sale. I have made enquiries about a Nissan Leaf. Obviously it is new and there are no trade in figures. Looking at the PCP option a Leaf they can be bought for about £21,500 and after three years there is a choice of handing it back or paying £10,000 to keep it. This suggests to me that after 3 years it is worth £10,000. So it seems to me there is no difference in buying an ic to an ev. The PCP payments would be approx. £11.300 but some of this is interest. I was told that ordering a Leaf now could be 2019 delivery due to back orders of 30,000.

18/03/2018 09:38:02

Last year, South Korea switched on a 12km (7.5-mile) road which can recharge electric vehicles as they drive over it, without the need for vehicles to stop at all. Two public buses are using the Online Electric Vehicle system, or OLEV, in the South Korean city of Gumi.

The technology means the vehicles can be fitted with smaller, lighter batteries, reducing the amount of power required to drive them.

18/03/2018 09:31:01

Buses are already using induction charging at bus stops.

They operate from 6am to 11.30pm





Edited By Alan Jarvis on 18/03/2018 09:32:46

Thread: End for Maplins?
03/03/2018 09:59:14

Wish I had ESR and Gees near me. However I will give ESR first choice on my purchases providing postage is reasonable.

Thread: Electric Cars.
02/03/2018 11:29:58

This is the future and it is happening now.


02/03/2018 09:43:41

I can't remember where I read it but it was over the last week or so. It may be just a local council. Planning applications for building new houses must include electric charging point. Given it would cost very little whilst building and there is a £500 government grant for anyone who wants to install one. I think the installation cost is £750. Buy a Nissan Leaf and they install it for free.

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
01/03/2018 19:32:13

Someone ran into my son's car and smashed it into two others. When the recovery vehicle came my son asked him if he was busy. He said he had another 65 cars to pick up.

Thread: Electric Cars.
25/01/2018 19:57:56

Ev's use Li-ion batteries which are no where near as volatile as Li-Po..

24/01/2018 17:01:45

Nissan will also lend you a petrol /diesel car for 14 days each year when you buy a Leaf.

22/01/2018 12:03:38

In terms of air pollution, according to a piece on Radio 4 a few weeks ago, around 50% of air pollution from vehicles comes from brakes and tyres.

​The new Nissan Leaf uses one pedal and according to test reports drivers hardly ever need to use the brakes due to regenerative engine braking. So air pollution will reduce. When we have self driving cars it may also reduce tyre wear as it may not be as aggressive as some drivers.

Thread: Which model flight simulators work on windows 10.
12/11/2017 17:18:19

Clearview works on Windows 10

Download the free version and try it.

Edited By Alan Jarvis on 12/11/2017 17:28:24

Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
18/09/2017 20:21:23

Hi Tony I am a radio ham but not been active since taking up model flying 9 years ago



Edited By Alan Jarvis on 18/09/2017 20:22:27

Thread: Hobbyking Spacewalker Kit
05/09/2017 20:46:17

I have just about finished building my kit. The kit of parts are very nice and well laser cut but without a plan it can be a bit puzzling. My advice would be to dry fit as much of each section as possible especially the front and rear fuse. Then check it several times before using glue. Same with each wing dry fit and check, check and check. There are so many parts and often not easy to see on the pictures. When you have got a good dry fit check the parts to see if there are any that should be in.

Having said all that it is a nice kit and looks well when finished. It has some nice features on it like the open canopy which gives lots of room for the battery radios and servos in my case. I am now at the point of setting it up for balance throws etc.

It is a very well thought out kit and a plan would make life so much easier but it does go together well with a bit of thought.

Good luck.


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