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Thread: Parkzone Artizan - CG/Trim Help
25/05/2015 09:05:00

I have been flying my Artizan for almost a year without problem. I use 3 makes of 2200 mah batteries and need to push them as far forward as possible to balance and it fly's just fine. I will say the balance point seems to be very critical and took me quite a few flights to get it right.

Thread: Make one in your garage
12/05/2015 15:41:35

You will soon be knocking these out in your garage.


Thread: Building a Search and Rescue fixed wing platform
06/05/2015 20:54:57


Alan, I have looked at the X8 before, but after chucking in a couple of batteries the space inside does start to get cramped doesn't it?

I can easily get another 4 batteries in and it will carry the weight. The fuse is massive.

06/05/2015 17:50:02

I have one of these which I think will be ideal for your project.


With a couple of 4s batteries I was getting 40 mins flight time. It will carry 2Kg so would easily take more batteries.

Easy to hand launch. I also had an APM in it and FPV but just fly it for fun now.

Look up some of the Youtube videos and FPV sites.

Amazing plane.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
05/05/2015 19:00:39

I have removed the four fans and not prepared to spend another £100 on uprated fans.

I cut the tail back and fitted a motor and folding prop thinking a couple of 4s batteries in the intake duct would do it.

Unfortunately all told including batteries it required 40oz up front to balance - so no go.

I have now converted it to PSS. Not had the right weather to try it but I think it will work well and hopefully fly well.

12/04/2015 15:35:13

I have owned and flown many ducted fan planes some of which ran two fans from a common chamber without issue

Having built this Vulcan it is certainly underpowered and the batteries needed to be placed well forward from the design for the CofG.

I believe this is the first DF that Tony built and I am not sure it got it right power wise. Otherwise the design of the fuse and wings are good.

I am presently fitting a single motor and folding prop on the tail cone and will bungee launch.

Thread: EPP Foam Kit of a Avro Vulcan B2
06/04/2015 20:32:38


Alan by the way I like the idea the French had our Vulcan's. yes heart it.

Well spotted on the roundals just some I had lying about in the drawer.

I wondered what that card was for!


Edited By Alan Jarvis on 06/04/2015 20:33:17

06/04/2015 12:22:44

Sorry TIm, Yes it was not appropriate.

Here is my finished Vulcan. First attempt at foam and brown paper so I hope to do better next time.

vulcan pss.jpg

Thread: Hobbyking postage
06/04/2015 09:37:01

Never paid more than about £8.00 from EU warehouse even for large aircraft and arrives within 2 days. Although in this case still probably more than the Rx.

Thread: EPP Foam Kit of a Avro Vulcan B2
04/04/2015 09:32:04

This thread shows how to build the kit Avro Vulcan and now it has been hijacked as a battery thread.

28/03/2015 11:35:15

Mark, the Vulcan is coming along.


Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
23/03/2015 22:59:56

I have stripped the 4 fans out of my Vulcan as they are obviously not going to work. I think my best option now is to cut the tail cone down and fit a motor and folding prop. A couple of 4s batteries were the fans used to sit should balance it up. Will need to strengthen the fuse were the fans have been removed. Bungee launch. Not very happy about it.

20/03/2015 11:26:43


Can you tell us what they are.

I have just realised you are building a scaled up model so probably much bigger than 50mm.

Edited By Alan Jarvis on 20/03/2015 11:30:17

Thread: Avro Vulcan B2
20/03/2015 10:32:54


I will not interrupt your build blog but just to say I received your 2 kits this morning and I am over the moon with them. What a fantastic job you have done and you have made the kit so easy to build with your pre-cut parts and instructions. Everything is included apart from the servos and final paint.

Just amazing I don't know how you do it.


Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
19/03/2015 14:30:51


Given I don't have retracts I don't think prop strike will be a problem. I would fit a folding prop for landing. I have a big foamie with a big folding pusher prop and even hand launch has never been a problem. I do have a bungee frame so would probably launch from that.


19/03/2015 09:34:37


Let me know the results when you have flown I am not rushing this. Are you using 3s?


18/03/2015 20:30:07

Been having a think about what I am going to do with the Vulcan.

  1. Make it into a PSS but I will already have one and I don’t fancy lugging this one up a mountain (hill)

  2. Make it back into Tony N twin pusher. Quite a bit of work cutting two wings back and making good. Two motors and two ESC’s

  3. Fit a turbine £1200 only joking

  4. Buying four 50mm fans that run on 4s. They would give 200g more each ( is that enough) but will need bigger batteries. Fans £24 each plus I will need four ESC’s another £100 =£200.

  5. Cut the tail cone back a bit and fit a decent motor with one prop.

If I go for option 2 or 5 I may need retracts to avoid chopping my hand off. £76.00

Option 2 and 5 will put a lot of weight at the back and removing 4 fans from near the front will reduce weight. I could of course use the area where the fans sit for some big batteries.

My Vulcan weighs 1.75 Kg 3.8 lbs

The fans weight 67g each = 268g or .6 lb.

Rough round figures 4 Lbs with one motor and battery. Wouldn’t need a very big motor for that.

I am favouring option 5 what do you guys think.

18/03/2015 15:39:21

Martin I know how you feel. I am now thinking of taking the fans out and using it for PSS.

17/03/2015 17:12:03

Took the Vulcan for it's maiden today and did not go well. I have not fitted the retracts and it was a hand launch (several) and I couldn't get it going. There was no wind with the windsock hanging limp. It just doesn't seem to have the power but I guess a 5-10 mph wind may have helped.

I have now fixed a hardwood block in the front retract bay and put a hook in for bungee launch.

Thread: South Herts Vulcan
08/03/2015 21:39:43

WOW Matt very impressive thanks for your replies.

Mark, I ordered a couple of your Vulcan models. Not heard anything more. If you can't supply them that is fine but just let me know.


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