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Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
25/05/2020 14:11:23

I am watching this build as it is a great aircraft. Built one a few years ago and it flew a treat.p47 flying 009.jpgp1010961.jpg

Thread: Like for Like Equivalent to a SuperTiger 2000
25/05/2020 14:08:42

Great engines, I have quite a few that I still use, I prefer them to gas. you can leave them for long periods and they start easily once you get some fuel through them.

Thread: For Better or for worse
14/05/2020 13:00:08

Nice to see that I am not the only one to have had some issues.


It was a van so even I struggle to see the roof and I am 6'2", If I had to marry a taller wife then I would not be able to say anything as it may result if more than not just getting dinner.

Reminds me of two old gents who used to fly with us, the were great mates, Len was in his 70's and Stan was in his 80's. Stan was a real gent who was always smartly dressed, Len was a little rough around the edges. Stan once came into the clubhouse looking a little pale and the front of his trousers were all wet. When we asked him what happened he explained that he had gone behind a wall te relieve himself. He was busy with this and next thing Len had lost control of his plane and it crashed next to Stan who got such a fright he forgot to hold his winkie!!!!!. Stan sure gave Len a mouthfull that day.

14/05/2020 07:13:00

I know it was my fault and also I know that my skills in the kitchen are bad so I did not add to spouse abuse statistics under lockdown. This is what the birds thought of my building:


13/05/2020 12:14:00

Whist returning from work one day last week and almost home I passed my mates house that is also a fellow modeller, I saw a wing for an aircraft on his pavement. As I turned the corner I then realised that the wing appeared to be that of my Chipmunk that I had been getting ready for my son to spray. How could my wing be on the pavement?

I then remembered that my wife who has not been out in a month and a half had decided to go to the shops and she had used my van and I had placed my wing on top of it to clear the workbench. Damage is not that bad considering the fall off a moving car onto a tar road but enough to make me think about what the minister had said to us when we got married! To add insult to injury the wing was under a tree that gave the birds that sat in it a purple colour too thier droppings which were used to great effect on my wing!

This is how it looked before its first flight!ch1.jpg

Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
13/05/2020 11:55:47

Hi Peter

Looking great, the mustang and the P47 are the 2 Top Flight warbirds that carry the weight better than the others. The flaps really make a huge difference to the flying and well worth the effort and weight.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
13/05/2020 11:48:06

Very nice Jon. The hard work has paid off. will look great in the air.

Thread: Spitfire light
13/05/2020 11:43:08

My son has done a great job of the painting and is now busy with the weathering and I think it looks great. My son has not done much painting with quick dry paint of Duco which was used for this project. It is much easier to use but far less durable than 2k paint so care needs to be taken when masking or using tape on it. We will use a matt clearcoat of 2k paint when finished to give it a more durable finish. We do not fly in competitions so this is not the most scale Spitfire.


Thread: Fokke RC 1/5 Spitfire MK14
06/05/2020 10:32:19

I used the JIG for the first time and it was not too bad building it this way. I did think about cutting the formers in half, I did it when I built a Dave Platt MK12 Spitfire. The fuselage when assembeled does sag on the horizontal keel so I used a strip of 50mm wide balsa glued to the keel to straighten it. It did help to have the jig small enough so you can move it so you can work on both sides of the fuselage.

Split wings can be a pain to build, I once again decided to go for the hard route. You will need to add dihedral braces if not using the tubes.

I have started on the elevators and not using the supplied ones as they are ply and only have 4 ribs and no other detail on the plans. I am now using the Brian Taylor design for these parts.fspit27.jpgfspit28.jpg

Thread: 2m f3a plane. Lexicon.
06/05/2020 09:42:51

Very nice work and unusual design. I am sure you cannot wait to test fly. I South Africa we have had some stunning weather and we are not allowed to fly.

Thread: Fokke RC 1/5 Spitfire MK14
05/05/2020 12:33:48

The Pica I had was powered with a ST 3000 and I learnt that all props are not created equal with this aircraft. When flying with a Master airscrew 18x8 prop I could not get enough airspeed to loop without a serious dive. With a Punctilo 18x8 Smart prop it would loop from level flight.

Construction continues and I am quite happy with the way it is turning out. The strip planking does give it a nice look. I need to get the wing sheeted in the center section so that I can do the wing fillits. I am busy with the plug in tubes at the moment, I made my own outers to fit on the ali tubes. The allignment needs to be right to make it easy to join the wings.



04/05/2020 14:06:47

I had a Pica MK 9 which was also very heavy so I am not too worried about the weight, I am trying to save some at the back end. I decided that strip planking would be the best to prevent the starved horse look that you can get if the wood mix is nort right as you need soft wood to get it to bend around the formers. The time was also available so I went with the planking. My Doctor mate does think that I do have some strange tendencies and like to punish myself. My son thinks it is good practice as he wants us to do a Peashooter!


04/05/2020 13:33:11

The parts are all ply so it will not be a light Spitfire. The wing is designed to be split in the middle but it is hard going as all the ribs are bowed. You can see the plans have very little detail and hard to see the single line for the ribs.


04/05/2020 13:29:40

fr 1.jpghspit.jpgA few years ago I got a personal message on our local South African Aviation site from a gent who said he had something for me. He arranged to meet me at home and the next day gave me a box of parts and said that he could not build this kit as it was beyond his skills and thought that I could do it justice. This was the first time I had heard of Fokke RC and the parts seemed very nice but the plans were poor.

I did the basics for the fuselage up to the planking stage and then stored the project. With Lockdown and more building time available I decided to get the project going again. A look at some blogs gave me some idea of how to proceed with the project. The plans just show the parts but no detail such as spar size or trailing edges or leading edges.

I decided to strip plank the fuselage so this process was started, I used 2.5mm by 12mm strips and later about 7mm strips. Lots of wood glue and pins used in this process.


Thread: Curtiss CW1 build
24/04/2020 08:19:04

Nice project, I have often read construction articles in the old RCM mag and Model Builder and thought what a nice aircraft. Will be following your progress. So nice to see all the building that is being done.

Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
24/04/2020 08:15:30

Nice work, making good progress.

Thread: Spitfire light
24/04/2020 08:11:10

So work is continuing but slowed by the fact that Byron has also had to go back to work. Byron hopes to start spraying this weekend if time allows as he will be working. The detail added is looking very nice and should show up well once painted. We are not competition flyers so this detail is for us and not the judges.

espit04.jpg espit11.jpgespit12.jpg

Thread: Lockdown Electric Stick
17/04/2020 11:28:12

Correct Nigel, about a 40 size Stick but very different to fly compared to a glow Stick. The electric can be flown fast but also slowly as well. I do many touch and go's when I fly it. First built so that I can cycle my 4 cell lipo's that were not being flown enough.

Thread: Spitfire light
17/04/2020 11:14:27

Well after a year it was decided that it was time to paint the Spitfire as my son was looking for some work whilst on Lockdown. I had to make the radiators and cannon to get it ready to paint. My worst part of the build is to glue on the cannon as it is very easy to get it wrong. I decided to make a jig to help with this process and it made the whole process a lot easier. I used some 6mm balsa cut to conform with the lower surface of the wing and then cut the wood to hold the cannon in the correct position. I then tapped the cannon to the jig and then glued onto the wing with epoxy. I had drawn lines on the wing to help with the alignment.espit1.jpg espit2.jpg

Thread: Lockdown Electric Stick
15/04/2020 10:19:59


Sorry for the late reply, the design has the same wing construction as the original Phil Kraft Stick with no sheeting and double spars in the center of the wing. The design is very light , I weighed the parts this morning and here they are:

Wing: 301 grams

Fuselage: 243 grams

fin and rudder 19 grams

stab and elevator: 40 grams

Total weight so far is 603 grams and thait is with covering in Solarfilm red and yellow and the check is HobbyKing. My flying example weighs 1265 grams without the lipo which is a 4 cell 3700.


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