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Thread: Composite Mustang 1/5 scale
20/06/2019 10:10:46

More picturesm14.jpgm25.jpgm21.jpg

20/06/2019 10:09:21

I managed to find an old Bud Nosen Mustang canopy that was used and my son arranged for the silver paint to be done at his work as as they paint full size aircraft, he also made the masks for the insignia to be used. Very nice masks, we sprayed all the colors in 5 hours and this was with 2k paint so it was pushing the limits as we wanted to attend our annual warbirds event with the mustang the following weekend!m12.jpg m16.jpg

20/06/2019 09:54:48

The hard part when making a composite airframe is getting an idea of the strength that is needed for the components as the shape of the structure also can add strength. The wings were made with a heavy wood spar that supports the joiner tube and the retracts. a number of internal ribs were used but all this resulted in a rather heavy wing and stab.

I decided to have the Elevator and Rudder servos in the fuselage under the cockpit area to save weight in the tail. Pushrods are dowel with 4 40 metal clevises. Hinging is with Robart round hinges and the surfaces are shrouded in a scale manner but this also resulted in less movement on the Control surfaces. My son did most of the work on the wings and I did the rest.

The parts did not include a canopy, rudder, radiator scoop or any exhusts so these had to be made. The idea is to have this model flying as soon as possible so that we can see what it flies like and also make any changes required. A spinner also became an issue as no commercial spinners were available for this size of Mustang as it is larger than a Top Flight one but smaller than the CARF one. We found a Pica Spinner was a perfect match and managed to buy a part built kit that had a spinner and cockpit kit as well.

Thread: Piper PA-23 Aztec 250E
05/06/2019 12:03:26

Top Flite used to make a Piper Arrow that had a full flying stab. I am sure that the build maual would be available or even a build blog will have some detail.

Thread: Composite Mustang 1/5 scale
05/06/2019 08:41:02

m1.jpgThis is a colaboration project, my son detailed a built mustang that I had purchassed and made a plug from it. A fellow modeller then made the moulds as he was interested in making a few kits to sell and raise some income as he is presently looking for work.

My involvement is funding and building the prototype. Strange how people think that when you work for a bank that you have money!

The first Mustang is being assembeled now and is needed to fly as soon as possible to check the design and construction. This is all a learning curve for all of us and has been a bit of a challenge so far. The overall weight will be heavier than the second one as it is hard to detirmine strentgh of a wing before completion. The parts that I received were not all the parts as the rudder and radiator scoop were not included and the plug for the canopy was also not completed yet.

Custom retracts are being made but not yet completed so the retracts from the original airframe will be used for now. We had no plans for the original so all formers and ribs had to be developed. I did all this the old school way with carboard templates.m4.jpg


Thread: Piper PA-23 Aztec 250E
05/06/2019 05:50:54

Stunning aircraft, will watch this closely. Danny, please continue with your one as you have been teasing us for too long with it!

Thread: Mobile hangar fittings
21/05/2019 13:24:55

I have racks at to top of the van for wings, the height of the van allows longer wings to pass over my head whilst driving and the racks are spaced in such a way thaT it will hold wings with the struts on. I made brackets with aluminum and wood cross pieces have a rubber strip on them.

Thread: VQ Models
16/05/2019 10:07:05

I have the Rare Bear and my son has a large porter. Very nice airframes and fly very well. Covering appears to be good but not easy to repair. Spare covering is supplied but many of the airframes have printed detail that is not on the spare covering. The fittings are not as the same standard as other ARF's. Our aircraft had more detail than the equivilent Seagull kits.rbf2.jpg

Thread: World Models Cub Rebuild
13/05/2019 09:24:14

We did the test flight yesterday and I am very happy with the way it flew. We had 2 flights and nothing fell off so it was good. The motor is a ST 45 cc and I am very impressed by the power and reliability, this motor will be used in a composite 1/5 Mustang that is being built as a prototype.

Takeoffs are at 1/2 throttle, not sure how a 80cc motor is recommended, some even use larger motors and prop hang the poor aircraft.. Landings are gentle but it floats a lot further than expected.wc7.jpg wc8.jpgwc1.jpg

Thread: Suitable caption?
13/05/2019 09:12:45

The club instructor suggested I should keep a close watch on my landing speed.

Thread: World Models Cub Rebuild
06/05/2019 05:35:06

My son and I sprayed the red and are quite happy with the results. Masking off the airframe was very time consuming with lots of masks, newspaper, tape and patience was used. Having 2 to do the work does make it a lot easier and having my son 6 houses down the road is great.wm15.jpgwm18.jpgwm17.jpg

30/04/2019 09:58:14

The Covering is made by a local company in South Africa and is called Loomstrate for the micro light industry. You can only get it in 20 meter rolls and it is 1.5 meters wide so it is a lot of covering. I got half a roll from a mate who bought a roll to split amongst his mates. THe rib tapes are just torn Solartex, if you nick an end you can tear the covering quite easily. I tend to use my bits of rolls left as it is surprising how much covering is actually used. The red covering is actually about 20 years old, survived a house burning down and then was left outside in the rain and sonwm1.jpg for 2 weeks and still works well but smells a bit off when heated! This is what a torn tape looks like compared to a laser cut tape to 1/3 scale and tex cut with pinking sissors


30/04/2019 06:40:38

More pictureswmc2.jpgwm13.jpgwm14.jpg

30/04/2019 06:39:22

When I started on the airframe I made a number of changes to make it a little more Piper Cub like! The ailerons were made shorter, the tips repositioned as they were too high, shaped the fuselage wing mount and made new tailsurfaces as the originals were very badly sanded. The covering was a lot of work as this is a large aircraft, the covering tends to frye when it is cut so I used a combination of dope and meduim cyno on the edges then cut the covering. the cyno is rubbed through with the finger tips and gives a strong edge that can be sanded. Many coats of dope later (Nitrate Dope) the covering was nice and taught and seemed to be filled. Dummy rib stitch was done with cotton thread glued to paper then cut too the width required. The tapes are just torn Solartex as we do not have any local supplies for pinked tapes. The Silver is a fullsize aircraft product that gives the covering a good uniform color and UV protection. It is also very good for adheasion. The white paint is a 2k paint and covers very well. Spraying was done outside so it was not the best finish as it was windy and rain was also a problem. Takes a lot of time to spray this size airframe.wm10.jpg wm12.jpg

Thread: 1912 blackburn mono
16/04/2019 07:57:47

Rib stiching works very well but is very time consuming. You will have to use a tex type covering to do this as tapes will have to be used over the stiching. Early aircraft like this had torn tapes not pinked tapes on modern aircraft. If you peel the baking plastic off the covering you can nick the covering at the spacing you want and just tear the strips to the desired width. The first one may vary in width but the next one will be a constant width. We did this on a 1/3 Reeves Bleriot. I am also uing torn tapes on my Cub, this is how it looks compaired to a laser cut one. The stiching on this is only dummy stitching. wm6.jpg

Thread: World Models Cub Rebuild
16/04/2019 06:16:51

I was given 2 1/3 Cub airframes that were in very bad condition. I was told that I must throw them away if not usable. I started stripping the covering of the worst aiframe and found that it had never been flown. The Cubs had been used by a companny a numer of years ago to assist with anti Rhino poaching operations. They were used in a very humid area tht affected the wood and glue joints. The plastic covering was stripped off and the wooden structure was painted with a 2k paint. The structures had been badly sanded and then covered with a fabric which was also badly done. I needed a large airframe to test motors and I had quite a lot of covering which is like Sig coverall that needed to be tested so this was a good oppotunity. I am also a person who does not like to throw airframes away and enjoy bringing them back to life.cub fuselage.jpgcub left wing.jpgcub tail surfaces.jpgcub wing.jpg

Thread: Sinbad bushveld build
16/04/2019 05:57:01

My son and I went to test fly the Sinbad last Sunday afternoon as it was wind still. My Bungee is tired but we decided the Sinbad would not need much pull so we tried to see if it would work. The hand lauch test confirmed it would fly so it was time to commit to a bungee launch. First attempt showed that the towhook was in the correct position with a straight climb but not enough pull. Next attempt we streached the rubber a bit more but it snapped. We tied a knot and tried again. 2 launches showed the glide was fair but we needed more pull, when we tried the rubber snapped. I decided to try and hand tow. My son and I are more like props or locks than wings so we were a little slow for the initial launch so I suggested that we try having a litle of the rubber on the line for extra pull on the line. My son ran and I flew the Sinbad, this launch was good but it appeared to pop of the line near the top of the launch. When I landed my son was moaning that the rubber had snapped and stung his hand. My turn to run, good launch and getting nice height when suddenly it was my turn to have a soresb16.jpg hand, the rubber had snapped again! We decided to pack up and go home before we were on the next episode of The Science of Stupid!


16/04/2019 05:35:19

Covering is Oracover and colours are what was in the cuboard.sb14.jpgsb15.jpgsb13.jpg

16/04/2019 05:32:50

The Sinbad is an old free flight design and is popular due a u tube clip showing a very good pilot having a ball flying on a outstanding slope. The problem is that I do not have easy access to a slope so it will have to be launched via Bungee or aircraft. I made up a launch gradle but the depth of the fuselage made the gradle very high. The design is also weak incertain areas so mods had to be made, I added cross grain sheeting between the fuselage longerons so you can get a good grip when using the bungee. Not sure how good the glide will be, the wing is undercamber and with the large fuselage the drag will be high.sb10.jpg sb11.jpgsb12.jpg

16/04/2019 05:23:10

Just to show that I did not just build the Sinbad whilst on holiday, here are some pictures from 1 of the 2 game drives that we went on, one was a night drive.sb6.jpg sb7.jpgsb8.jpgsb9.jpg

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