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Thread: Potential 4th generation aero modeller
08/06/2018 06:23:00

I got a call from my flying buddy and he expressed concern that Griffin will grow up a little soft, I will not use his term, as he is being exposed to electrics at such a young age. He said that he has an almost new Diesel that he will now place in a bag and give to me so that I can build a C/L plane for Griffin when he gets a little older. According to Sybrand True men need to come back from the flying field smelling of diesel.

Thanks Sybrand, I will build a plane but you will have to get the thing running, lucky you still have some time to practice.

06/06/2018 08:13:43

20180603_102843 (002) (002).jpgNow that I have a grandson who is potentially a forth generation modeller I decided that I would buy a nice kit that we could build together. I discussed this with my wife and managed to convince her that the model I wanted to buy was a viable option.

My dad built models at school, free flight and control line as RC was not available yet. When radios became available my dad then moved on to RC. My dad built me a C/L model when I was 5 years old and my dad taught me to fly. Birthdays and Christmas was normally a new cox plane. We then moved on to the RC stuff, He had a large Stick, it had a 60 on it (10cc was big in those days) We often flew in the open veld near Little falls with some 3 channel and even single channel with escarpment aircraft. A escarpment is a basic servo that has a twisted rubber band to power it and stopped working when the turns ran out. We flew the bigger stuff at Durban Deep Radio Flyers as my dad knew some of the guys from his school days. Clive Alexander was helping to teach me to fly. Flying in those days was a little hit or miss as radios were not that reliable yet and very expensive, far more in relation to what we pay today. In High School my folks got divorced so a lot of the building and flying was less supervised but progress was still made and we moved clubs to RMAC and later Alberton clubs.

Towards the end of the 70’s and Early 80’s the quarter scale movement started with the giant QUADRA 32cc engines, this was stuff you could only dream of. My dad did not like scale aircraft so I met Jack Allen who was a very talented modeller who loved large WW1 aircraft. Jack took me under his wing and helped me learn about scale aircraft and later complained that he did not know when I stopped visiting him and started visiting his daughter! Things moved on in life and the Hobby and Jacks wedding present to me was a ½ scale Fokker DV111 that he scratch built. A few years later Byron was born into this world of models and did not have much chance not to like them as he spent lots of time on mine and Jacks workbenches when at home and even more time at the flying field.

My mates knew that if I was around the Byron was close by and most had no choice but to spend time with him. I remember one flying day at the old Rand Skyriders club that become quite water logged, Vic de Vries had taken Byron’s nappy off and allowed him to play in the Mud. When it was time to go we were faced with a seriously muddy boy that had to be cleaned up before I got him home and we only had our oily cleaning rags from the aircraft to do this task. We found that castor oil does have another use and that is that it gives the skin a nice shiny look. When Byron was around 3 years old he went with Jack to his son-in law to see his newly built garage and when Byron saw that only a car was parked in the garage he asked Paul were all the aeroplanes were ( Paul was not a modeller) and even offered some of my aircraft as Byron thought that garages were to have model aeroplanes in them. Since then Byron has grown into an accomplished aero modeller.

Now it was turn for Griffon to be exposed to our way of life, I managed to get a nice big aircraft that came in a large box so even if the aircraft was not entertaining, a kid loves a box. Whilst building the aircraft Griffon has not shown much interest which is a little disappointing as I am worried that he will be like young males today who have a greater interest in breasts than aircraft. He did not even appear to like the box! I am now trying to convince my wife that I should get a civilian aircraft with nice colours as Griffon might not like the military colour schemes but she is not falling for this.

20180603_083350 (002) (002).jpg

Thread: Anyone can build a model plane.
11/05/2018 05:26:20

The Tomboy is a great model. I am part of a Vintage Model aircraft group, that has mostly vintage moddellers as well, and it was suggested that we use the Tomboy as a one design climb and glide aircraft as used by many clubs overseas. I looked at the design with my mate who has a lazer cutter and we decided to modify the airframe to suit the skills and pockets of the club members. We enlarged the airframe 10% so standard 9 gram servos and electric motors could be used without having to use smaller equipment. We also changed the spar design to a 2 spar with shear webs as the single spar can be weak. we also added turbulator spars to increase strength and lift. Standard covering is also not a problem at this size and most airframes are built with the longer span wings and tailplane.

A local hobby shop stocked all the equipment needed as postage in South Africa is very unreliable and courier is expensive and also the older members do not like internet. We first thought we mike have to make around 24 kits as they were made in batches of 8 for cost. We have now made over 160 semi kits with most being built by first time builders. The longest glide we have had is 28 minutes from a 1 minute motor run.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/05/2018 11:28:13

I mounted the ST 3250 that my son had been given and found to my dismay that it would not run, I was faced with to options, one was to use another 3250 that I was not happy with or use a 30 year old reliable 30cc ST. I changed motors and test ran the 30 which seemed strong and reliable. My main question was now would it be enough as I am in Johannesburg South Africa which is 5500 feet above sea level so this affects lift and engine performance. I reasoned with Myself that a ¼ J3 would fly well on a 90 2 stroke and a 120 F/S and this was the same amount of wing so allowing for more drag and higher weight the 30 cc should be enough power. A local modeller posted pictures of a Seagull Lysander that he test flew a week before and I contacted him to query what they had done and also what the aircraft flew like. They had not changed the incidence on the stab but had moved the cg to 10mm behind the leading edge at the root of the wing. Flight performance was great and over powered with a twin cylinder 60cc motor.

I got my aircraft to the airworthy stage so I could test fly to see for myself what the performance was like as the varied reports do cast doubts of the flying qualities and the fact that I have never seen a previous model in my 45+ years of modelling seemed to indicate that it would not be an easy flying aircraft. I balanced the model on my fingertips at around 10mm on the leading edge and did not change the incidence of the stab. Sunday morning early I picked up my son and we went to the flying field and assembled the aircraft before there was even enough light to fly. Range check done with the motor running just to ensure all was good, final control checks done and time to see if it flies!

Take off was brisk and climb out was brisk and quite a bit of up trim needed but all other controls were fine. I throttled back to less than a 1/3 throttle for some circuits but found it hard to slow down, the Lysander was too fast for scale even with low power. I let Byron fly it and he climbed and did a stall test and it just slows down to a ridiculously slow speed with no bad habits. Byron also had a problem slowing it down so we landed and changed the prop from a 20x8 Top Flight to a Master Airscrew 20x6. Next flight was a bit better speed wise and still plenty of power for climbs. Landing was a little fast as Byron complained that he ran out of up but had not given power to help and had not used flaps. I elected to take it home to ensure all was still good before flying again.

So what am I changing, nothing so far. I want to fly it a little more before I decided what is needed. I think landing with a little flap is a good idea as it is more lift and drag so you can have a little power to help the elevators. If we are honest and you want to design a great flying aircraft it will not look anything like a Lysander, high aspect ratio wings with lots of taper and a low aspect ratio tail plane with lots of taper are not what you would expect on an aircraft. As this is a scale model, that is what you have to have so the challenge of flying scale aircraft is flying it in a scale manner. Each aircraft will have its quirks and that is what I enjoy is learning to live with them and that would mean fly a Lysander slow and gentle. If you feel the need for speed build a Mustang or Spitfire but then do not expect them to fly slowly.

This is a great aircraft that I look forward to flying for many years and commend Seagull for producing such a great unusual aircraft, I love it.

08/05/2018 11:27:34

Before I build a new aircraft I check for information regarding the aircraft both full size and models. Quite a lot of information is available for the Seagull Lysander and most mention these faults:

CG position is too far forward

Stab incidence is wrong

Cowl is too long

Undercarriage is soft.

Reading up on the real aircraft I found that it had 2 main issues, 1 was a temperamental engine that would quit if incorrectly handled when opening the throttle and the adjustable tail plane had to be set correctly for the mode of flight as the elevators were not that powerful.

Most of the build blogs I saw were powered with 60cc and larger motors and a friend asked me to test his 5 Cylinder Magnum f/s so this was the main reason for me buying the Lysander as I thought it would be a great match. On reading the blogs I was concerned about the CG and incidence issues so I decided that I would test fly the airframe on Super Tigre and once sorted move on to the 5 cylinder. I first thought I would test fly with a 45cc but once I had a good look at the kit I thought that that much power was not needed and a 3250 would be plenty.

not used flaps. I elected to take it home to ensure all was still good before flying again.

So what am I changing, nothing so far. I want to fly it a little more before I decided what is needed. I think landing with a little flap is a good idea as it is more lift and drag so you can have a little power to help the elevators. If we are honest and you want to design a great flying aircraft it will not look anything like a Lysander, high aspect ratio wings with lots of taper and a low aspect ratio tail plane with lots of taper are not what you would expect on an aircraft. As this is a scale model, that is what you have to have so the challenge of flying scale aircraft is flying it in a scale manner. Each aircraft will have its quirks and that is what I enjoy is learning to live with them and that would mean fly a Lysander slow and gentle. If you feel the need for speed build a Mustang or Spitfire but then do not expect them to fly slowly.

Building the airframe was quite easy with the construction and fittings all being good and all the supplied parts and fittings being used. The overall design was very good and covering was excellent. A few parts construction were not clear, I had to cut slots in the wheel pants/covers to clear the strut attachments. I added ply to the rib for the elevator servo mountings and made a 6mm ply wedge to change the geometry of the tail wheel as it slanted forward not back. I also strengthened the wheel pants/ covers with 163 gram cloth and epoxy to make them stronger in the areas that I thought needed it. Epoxy was also added to the forward fuselage to fuel proof and strengthen the undercarriage area. I found that the wing could be moved up and down on the leading edge as the hole for the anti-rotation dowel was elongated. I made a template and added a second dowel to the rear of the root rib to prevent this play. When doing this I had the wing with the most positive incidence that was available.

08/05/2018 11:24:59

img-20180507-wa0002 (002).jpgimg-20180507-wa0001 (002).jpgFlew my Seagull Lysander, great aircraft.

img-20180507-wa0000 (002).jpg

08/05/2018 11:24:53

img-20180507-wa0002 (002).jpgimg-20180507-wa0001 (002).jpgFlew my Seagull Lysander, great aircraft.

img-20180507-wa0000 (002).jpg

Thread: Hobbico - files for Bankruptcy
15/01/2018 04:44:44

Top Fight and Great planes are a few of the companies that are part of Hobbico and they make some of the best builders kits so I wonder what will happen in the fure as it must cost a huge amount of money to make a batch of kits like the Gold Edition giant scale kits. I have been buying kits over the last few years so that when I do retire in around 10 years time I will have things to build. I am sure that if kits are availabe by then, I would not be able to afford them, even scratch building is becoming very expensive and many of our older pensioners are struggling to keep on flying and any mishap becomes a crises.

I spend a lot of time reading the older model mags from the 70's to the 90's and in those days 50% percent of the mag was advertising by either hobby shops or manufactures. Very sad, as a long term moddeler to see how many of these shops and manufacturers are no more.

Thread: David Boddington Raider Combat RCM&E Febr 2017
26/09/2017 11:18:37

kitfox 154 (002).jpgkitfox 153 (002).jpgI received a mail from TON with all the detail needed to build the raider and hoped that I had learnt a few things since my previous attempt 25+ years ago. At least I knew that the radio and engine would be more than what I had used. I made a few changes as our ground in Africa is very hard so I wanted a little more protection for the equipment. Used a Park 450 890kv motor with a 30amp esc, I thought the performance would be marginal but it is great. This makes a nice small field/ holiday airframe. My son is now busy with his Raider so we will have 2 by the weekend. Thanks David and Ton for the great design.kitfox 152.jpg

Thread: Mens Sheds
19/09/2017 05:32:51

One of our local hobby shops has a build night every Tuesday night which my son attends on a regular basis, he said it is great fun and nice being able to help others learn to build. Only problem is when they come up with some strange ideas, one of which is a Tomboy that is built as a canard! No alcohol is allowed on these nights.

Thread: Spitfire takeoff accident at french airshow
15/06/2017 12:41:21

At Oshkosh a number of years ago a famous pilot died in what I recall was a landing accident in a Sea Fury. One of the marshals wrote that he was one of the first to reach the overturned airframe and that that it took quite a while for emergency teams to arrive and get the body of the pilot out. The postmortem showed that the pilot had suffocated to death due to the angle of his head and neck in the inverted aircraft on the ground. Had those marshals done what these guys did, then that pilot would be alive today.

Thread: matched engines for a twin
09/06/2017 13:33:44

Many years ago I built a Dornier Skyservant that I designed as I thought that it would be an ideal twin engine test bed with the sub wing with the engines on. I used 2 new ST 45K motors and both had the same set up. In the beginning a tach was used to try set the motors as close to each other as possible. I had more problems doing it this way than setting each engine up to a reliable setting individually. I eventually found that one motor ran better with muffler pressure and the other was best without? This aircraft flew for 15 years like that until I had a brass tube break in the tank due to old age.

Thread: Shuttleworth Gladiator Engine Problem
05/06/2017 10:34:15

My Mistake, I see it was Seafire, is that new on the circuit?

05/06/2017 10:32:59

Not sure what Merlin is in a Seafury?

Thread: Saito 90 flat twin-enough power?
05/06/2017 10:31:24

My Son has a SAITO 100 that I use in my Eindekkerish and I have a Saito 180 in a 1/3 scale Kitfox. Both are very reliable and start easily with great idles. No onboard glow is used and only the normal glo-sticks to start . The 100 is very happy with a 15x6 wood prop and the 180 turns a 18x8 well. The fuel I use is 7 /2% m and 71/2% synthetic with 10% nitro. The motors are easier to set up than what I expected they would be, just take your time and adjust the needles slowly.

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
26/05/2017 10:09:38

Hi John

That airframe is just beautiful, I love the Hurricane airframe with all the stringers. The bad part of your build is I have a DB kit that I want to build but I need to finish some of my other projects and these pictures make it harder to resist starting building. I am getting some great ideas from your build and will use them when resistance fails.

Thread: creating accurately sprung scale U/C
24/05/2017 11:38:32

Gee that is neat, I will not show my metal and soldering skills on a public forum! I like to work with wood not metal.

Thread: Strange issue with Hitec 311 servos
24/05/2017 11:33:04

I have the same situation with new CYS 3006 servo, also FF9 35 meg radio but I know it is the sevo not the radio. It is just like it looses the centre position when you switch on, Gave it a work out on a servo tester for about 1 hour with no issues. Behaved itself for about 15 flights the suddenly moved. I have it on throttle but now need to change it.

Thread: Gee Bee Model D
24/05/2017 11:06:54

Many years ago I watched the video of the Delmar Bengimin/ Steve Wolf replica that they made. One of the most touching parts was when Delmar flew the GeeBeeR for Bob Hall and his wife who were very old by then. You have to see how this aircraft performed to see that it was not a bad design but was just too hot for the pilots who flew it. Delmar even scrapped an aileron on landing when the aircraft was still new and never repaired it as he said it was a reminder that you got aileron reversal at something like 90mph so it had to be kept above that on landing!

I saw one of the original demonstration flights of this replica at Oskosh in 1994 and most people were waiting for the crash but saw a routine that included knife edge passes, slow rolls and inverted passes a few feet of the ground. fantastic to watch and made me fall in love with the Gee Bee aircraft. Nice aircraft but a real challenge to land.

I have this kit that I bought partially built along with the E as well and hope to finish them someday. Great work so far and I am watching the progress.

Thread: Scale Trainer?
15/05/2017 14:47:05

I have built a few of the DB Sport and scale Cubs and found them to be great flying Cubs. The lighter the better and I have one now with clipped wings and flies on a Park 25 electric motor with 3 cells. My first one built nearly 25 years ago was solartex that was sprayed and had floats was over powered with a ST 60.

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