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Thread: Ben Buckle Falcon Build
21/10/2019 13:25:41

Nice plane, they fly very well but the main wheels are very far forward which can make it hard to land as you have a lot of weight on the tail wheel, we built a double size one over 20 years ago and it kept on breaking the tail fin off in a ground loop.

Thread: Black 5 twin IC from Sarik Hobbies - Anyone Know it?
15/10/2019 05:27:12

This should be a very nice project and have a great sound with the 2 RCV motors

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
15/10/2019 05:25:50

Not as large as I thought, it seemed a lot bigger when I first built one 35 years ago!


15/10/2019 05:24:01

Hi Martin

That is my son's work area which is very nice and also clean, My area,fb1.jpg though larger has a lot more clutter! I tend to always have a few projects on the go and I do not like hanging a project up if not fully completed so this does lead to full work areas.

Progress on the wings has been good, the ribs are mainly from hard 3mm balsa with some 3mm ply ribs for the wing joiner mounting. The tips are laminated balsa as the real one was also laminated. Both panels have been built, the one is sheeted and cap strips added, the second needs some sanding before the sheeting is done. The wing is nice and strong and quite light for its size. The joiner tubes are the next step and I hope to get this done on the weekend.fw6.jpgfw5.jpg

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
11/10/2019 10:25:48

Either glow or electric work very well, electric is far more reliable. Glow requires constant maintenace to ensure reliability and also you need to take your time on the engine set up to ensure reliability and to know when not to fly when things are not right. I lost a big 120" DC 3 when 1 90 quit in a climb but it was my fault as I had been pushing the limits. My Brian Taylor Mosquito was lighter than the original and easy to fly on electric as you did not have the pronounced swing on tke off with glow motors, The rudder is not very effective at low speed. Choose the right airframe for the motors. Vibration is a lot more on a twin._dsc3386.jpg p1010347.jpg

Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
09/10/2019 07:48:25

Watching this with interest, looks like a great kit, very different from the original DB kits that were all hand cut. I built an original 1/4 Pup in the late 80's. I bought the kit from Henry J Nichols shop in 1989 on my first ever overseas trip.

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
09/10/2019 05:41:00

The red Cowl is from a World Models 1/3 Cub but is the wrong shape, we will be using a Balsa USA 1/3 Cub cowl to make a fiber glass one. The real Fly Baby was designed to use the motor, mounts and cowl from a J3 Cub so this will more scale. The wings will have tube joiners to make them easier to rig and less reliant on the flying wires.

flb3.jpg flb4.jpg

09/10/2019 05:29:50

A few months ago a long time flying buddy passed away and my son and I had the task of clearing out his hobby room and trying to sell the items for his wife. This has to be one of the hardest aspects of the hobby but it has to be done. Dennis was a Fly Baby lover and is the reason that I got to know him as I was building a 1/3 FlyBaby as a school boy and Dennis had just completed one. As luck would have it he stayed 1 block away from my aunt so it made my visits easier. My Fly Baby was not succesfull as it exceded my skills, equipment and budget so it was one that I had on my build list for a long time. Dennis built a number of Fly Babies including a 1/2 scale in the mid 80's and this was the biggist aircraft in the country at that time.

One of the aircraft that Dennis still had was an old 1/3 Fly Baby and when we cleared the workroom I was able to have a good look at it and saw that it had had a hard life. Another of Dennis's friends wanted to have the Fly Baby so it was bought by him. Jon stripped the airframe and started to rebuild it and Byron and I decided that we would use the plans that we found in the workroom and would build a new one. The plan is to have a memorial fly inn at the club were Dennis was a member and also where his ashes were planted along with a tree, and to fly the Fly Babies. Byron (my son) stays 6 houses away from me so it is easy to have a project build. He is building the fuselage and tail plane, I am doing the wings.

We are using a combination of plans and also the full size builds to gather information and ideas for our build. The power will be a Zenoah 38 that was also from Dennis and we found a set of 6" Dubro Balloon wheels amongst his stuff as well. The Build is progressing well and I need catch up with Byron as he started whilst I was busy on the twin.flb2.jpg flb1.jpg

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
08/10/2019 10:35:41

For some reason the retract will jam in the up position and does not come down when the motor quits, works fine when both motors are running? It has something to do with the up lock of the retract, I need to see if I can get the retract to release when lowering the gear. Works fine on the bench but I must check when the air pressure is higher as the retracts retract quicker with higher pressure.

08/10/2019 05:41:46

As the airframe has flown it earned its colours so the stickers have been added! I think it looks quite smart and is very visable in the air. My son and I had 4 more flights on Saturday and the airframe has proved to be taking its trainer role very seriously. We had 2 more 1 engine landings, 1 was after a slow low pass with Byron at the controls and 1 when I was at the top of the loop. Both times were not overly traumatic, much like my old Twin Slim that I had, Use throttle and rudder and bring it back for a landing. To complicate the situation is that 1 engine will mean that you only get 1 wheel just to make sure that you concentrate. The other 2 flights were great with the motors really on song and having the bonus of 2 wheels for the landing. The rudder is very effective and allows nice take offs and control when a engine quits. The flaps are very effective and very nice to use when landing. The only problem with the plane is the amount of fuel used, the 2 14 once tanks sure empty the 5 litre bottle fast.cw45.jpg cw46.jpgcw47.jpg

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
03/10/2019 05:16:31

Great project, I look forward to more progress reports on it. Strange how some projects do take time, I have a 120" DC 3 that is also one of those stop start projects.

Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
03/10/2019 05:04:41

That is a work of art! Very nice. I admire the work that you are doing. I have done a few fiberglass fuselarges and each time I do one I get more appreciation for work like you have done as I always need to fill areas that should have been better.

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
01/10/2019 09:38:28

Thanks for adding this, my pc skills are lacking, more of a balsa basher!

01/10/2019 07:34:03

I went to test fly on Sturday morning with my son and assembled the plane and did all the checks and made sure all was working the right way and rates set correctly. My son double checked and we did a range test and the 35 meg PCM receiver was good. Motors started easily so it was time to fly. Take off was at about 1/2 throttle and quite a bit of right rudder needed but easily controlled. Climb out needed quite a bit of up trim, a combination of noseheavy with all the fuel ahead of the CG and also I normally have a little down elevator set up before a test flight. I did a few circuits and then gave the TX to my son who was happy with the way it flew. One motor then lost a muffler and then quit. Landing was fine other than one retract did not come down so it confirmed that the tip design was good as no damage was done.

The muffler had stripped the thread so we could not sort it out at the field so we flew our other aircraft. When I got home I fixed the muffler and the retracts as I needed to make a hole to allow the axel more room in the wheel well. Late afternoon I went back to the field and had another good flight, motors are not very happy yet as a combination of one new and one used is not ideal but the airframe is good so not really an issue. The flap slows the landing approach well and no pitch is experienced at low throttle.

These are the links for some of the flights: and

Thread: Duxford Spitfire Day
27/09/2019 10:56:08

Very Nice, thanks for sharing

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
27/09/2019 10:53:05

So many different requirements so I am glad I am not the editor having to try and please all the readers. I also see the comments regarding the adverts and this is a sure indication of the poor state of our hobby with fewer shops and manufacturers. In South Africa I have very little chance of getting a magazine if I subscribe and if bought at the local newsagent it would cost the equivilent of a good steak at a resturant! I also find it hard to read a digital version in the mens or bed.

Good luck to Kevin in his new role.

Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
27/09/2019 10:24:24

I have only second hand radios and all work well and all are Futaba which I have used for over 35 years now. The FF9 is a great radio and has been the main radios that my son and I use. I had one on 2.4 and one on 35 megs. Most of my glow aircraft are 35 and electric is 2.4. Most of your modern equipment is very reliable when compaired to the older stuff as manufacturing has improved and the electronics are better. Many of the modern Transmitters have far more programming and seem to exceed my skills so I prefer using the older TX's that I can program.

I recently purchased a FF7, FF8 and FF9 with 3 spare tx modules and 8 receivers on 35 megs for ZAR 500.00 which is about GBP 30.00

Thread: Duxford Spitfire Day
27/09/2019 08:22:23

I saw that a Spitfire at Duxford had an expensive take off attempt on a South African site, clipped the prop when the tail lifted.

25/09/2019 10:06:45

Great pictures, thanks for taking the time to post them as I do not have the priviliage of seeing airshows like this. In Africa, Aviation heritige is not popular.

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
25/09/2019 09:31:14

Some proof of progress.cw41.jpgcw42.jpgcw43.jpg

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