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Thread: Fouga magister 1/4.5 moulded from scratch
16/08/2019 08:27:01

Very nice work. When you see the amount of work and materiels it takes to make the moulds you have admire the commitment to making them. I had a little involvement with a P51 and I think I would rather stick to using balsa.

Thread: Single servo ailerons
16/08/2019 07:38:00

In the 70's and 80's servo' s were very expensive, had little power and many more components to them than todays servo's. The receivers were also nat as todays ones and extension leads and y leads were not used as these caused interference. The transmitters did not have any programming so all the instalations were manually set up, if the controls were reversed you had to use a reverse servo or change to to opposite side of the servo if possible. If you needed more movement you had to use a longer servo arm of move in on the control horn on the control surface.

Many people now use multiple servo's and the servos are of a better quality and power and the radio's make it far easier to sep up the aircraft. I have had very few servo failues in my aircraft and most could be traced back to vibration, poor set up or stiff controls. I often move a control surface via the pushrod and wonder how the poor servo copes with having to do this. Power source can also contribute to failures so on my larger electrics that use more than 4 cells or 5 servos then I will have a seperate power source for the radio and not the ESC / BEC

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
15/08/2019 06:01:48

I have started mking the wing tips, I start with a ply skid that extends quite a bit below the wing that protects the tip and also the servos in the event of a retract failure. I have used this a few times on other aircraft I have built and all had good low speed handling so it may even assist in this area. The tip design was done on the wing and not on the plan so I make it up as I go along.

cb11.jpg cb12.jpg

The Nacelle is also done in much the same way and is progressing well.


Thread: 1/4 scale PSS MB326 Impala
15/08/2019 05:46:15

Very Nice Monz, Good to see the Springbok is alive and well in the UK. I cannot see the nuber that you are using on this aircraft, my mate Charlie Rudnick was the number 5 and he was killed in the aircraft at Lanseria when the wing folded. Dave Boddington was in South Africa at the time and was with me at the airshow and in those days it was still cameras with film. Dave took a whole number of pictures of the events leading up to the crash and gave me the film to get it developed as he went to the Kruger Park. The pictures had lots of detail in them, far more that what appeared in the press. I called Dave and asked him what I must do with the pictures and he said that if he was family he would not like to see them and I must pass them on to the airforce for their investigation. True Gent David was and not money driven but rather a passion for aviation.

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
13/08/2019 05:04:54

Very nice Nigel. A very nice looking aircraft that is very well made. It must have made quite a dent on your balsa stock.

Thread: Covering for a vintage (Dave Platt) SE5A
13/08/2019 05:00:37

The Topflite SE5A / Dave Platt kit was made before the tex coverings were made so that is why the silk covering is recommended.The airframe is quite small by todays standard so any weight savings would result in a better flying aircraft. Tex covering would be fine but could be heavier than a silk finish, it all depends on how the colour will be done as paint is heavy. These are very nice kits and quite a lot of work, please post some pictures of the airframe as I would love to see it. I have one of these kits stuck away for one day.

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
12/08/2019 14:23:15

No special mixing will be used, I plan to keep it as simple as possible in the beginning, the 2 throttle servos will be on a y lead but I will be able to use mixing if needed. It is very easy to over complicate things that I find can cause a problem when a situation arises.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
12/08/2019 14:18:21

Thanks Alan. I am very Chuffed with this model. It is strange how rewarding some models are as the look good and fly well with far less effort than others that take a huge amount of time, effort and money to build yet continue to give more frustration than reward. I sometimes have to question my sanity with some models that I own when I can have so much fun with models like this.

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
12/08/2019 11:04:00

No Idea on the weight yet, I am not one to try and build to an exact weight. I use the wood needed for the task and you will see that all my balsa has its weight on the sheets so that I can select the wood that I need. The flaps will be bottom hinged, much like a Mustang. I have found them easy to do and work well on a wing like this.

I am very lucky to have a large workshop with 4 work benches so I can work on 1 piece whilst the other is drying and I also tend to be a fast builder.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
12/08/2019 10:56:38

My son flew the aeronca for the first time this weekend and was very impressed by how well it flies. Plenty of power and the rudder is very responsive so you can fly around like it is a foamie. Got a little video:
Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
12/08/2019 06:14:57

More pictures


12/08/2019 06:14:20

And now the pictures, I always forget to update the album


12/08/2019 06:09:57

We had a bank holiday on Friday so I managed to go flying twice and get some building done, Saturday was a good building day as it was cold and windy. The wings were cut for ailerons and flaps and the leading and trailing edges added. Mounts for servos done and retract mounts made. I made up ply sub ribs to give strength to the mounts as the loads will be quite high on our rough grass runways.

I have also done some work on the fuselage and started making the parts for the nacelles.

06/08/2019 07:45:03

One of the motors was originally used on a Bud Nosen Cessna 310 over 25 years ago. The 310 had a 10 foot wingspan and was a little marginal on take off but was great once in the air, I am sure it will find the Chill a breeze in comparison! Part of the reason of doing this project is to re learn the set up of twin engines as most of my recent projects have been electric so it will be nice to get this done. My son and I have a few projects that need to be finished and we need to get the confidence to use glow motors as electric on a big twin is expensive and a bit of a cheat in some ways. We have a Bodo DC3 that was crashed 30 years ago that can be fixed, a esm DC3 anda ESM B25. Throttle management will be important on this plane along with good hinging, servos and pushrods. We have a big Heinkel that is electric but it is seldom flown, a pain to transport and get all the lipo's charged.


Thread: Playboy Senior
06/08/2019 05:37:49

A playboy is a great flying aircraft, I built one for a mate about 10 years ago and it is still flying. The undercamber wing and pylon arrangement were designed for maximum climb rates so the Playboy will climb under power so it may be best for initial flights to use limited power after a launch or take off. We tend to hand launch the playboy as it must be directly into wind. The cg can be further back than normal aircraft. Best to set up your rates on the radio as well. I am sure you will have lots of fun with it.

Thread: Prop failure
06/08/2019 05:25:31

The prop failure I had was with a Master Airscrew 20x8 on a ST 3250, it failed right in the hub area. I had been given the prop by a well respected modeller and he had done some balancing of the prop, I thought it was ok but it failed. This is how it looked after the failure and was no more than 20 meters from where I was standing.


05/08/2019 11:51:44

I have 2 prop failures and it is not fun. the first was also a partial failure and the vibration caused huge damage to the airframe. The second failure resulted in the prop spitting through the hub and one blade embedding itself in the ground about 20 meters from were I was standing, it was also a 20 inch prop.

Please check the airframe well for damage

Thread: Extra Hot Chilli
05/08/2019 07:41:31

I was very tempted to use some cores that I had cut for a Spitfire but decided against it as the tips are very thin and I did not feel like cutting new cores.ct5.jpgct6.jpg

05/08/2019 07:39:24

I recently had my 55th birthday and decided a fast car or young lady was not what I wanted so I decided that a nice sport twin whould help get the blood flowing. I have taken the plan of the Chilliwind downloaded from Outerzone and enlarged it to a fuselage length of 1.8m and a wingspan of 2m. This will form the basis of the build and the rest will be done as we go along. The wing will have flaps and retracts. Power will be 2 original ST 90's that are about 30 years old, one is still brand new in the box and the other has had around 15 flights. I cut my own foam cores and my patient wife helped me with this. She did complain that my side of the cores are not as smooth as hers.

Wings and stab have been sheeted with 2mm balsa applied with latex glue. The fuselage is being joined in the jig and will be long and sleek.

ct 2.jpg ct3.jpgct4.jpg

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
30/07/2019 06:08:09

The Trick when drilling the holes tis to get them straighter than what I did!


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