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Thread: Spitfire light
20/03/2019 05:30:18
These are the videos of the flight:
20/03/2019 04:48:22

I have just returned to work after some leave and whilst on leave I had time to test fly the new Spitfire. I was very happy wit the overall performance and also very little trim was needed. Flight times are very good, 5 minute flights used 1700 mah and the packs are 3700 mah so 8 minutes are possible. The power is great and it is easy to see that the large prop is more effecient , take off is around 2/3 throttle. I flew the other Spitfire 2 days later and found that I was using more throttle for most of the flight.

My son also flew the Spitfire and said it is the best one that we have ever had which is something as I have had so many great flying Spitfires. The Propdrive motor has lived up to the bad press as the magnets have come loose after only 4 flights so I now have to fix it or replace it.

Thread: Piper Pawnee
27/02/2019 04:15:34

That is very cute. Nice project.

Thread: Seagull FW 190
26/02/2019 09:00:24

some more pictures of the lead added and the almost finished product as I am still adding detail when time allowsfw22.jpgfw23.jpg

26/02/2019 08:58:25

fw20.jpgHi Sirkan

Nice project and motor that you have for it. I have found the painting worked out better than expected and I am sure that you will be happy with the results. The FW flies very well and is quite stable in the air, mine needed down trim and I would suggest that you add this before the test flight as the first flight it took off at a lower speed than it should of and behaved in tail heavy way until the speed had increased. My son did the flight and has good fingers and nerves so it was well controlled. I tend to allow plenty of speed to build before climbing. Approach is stable with no elevator trim needed with the flaps at low throttle.

I would add 3 mm dowel pegs to strengthen the firewall joint as mine almost came out after a fast landing and the landing gear ply delaminated resulting in the gear folding. This was very dissapointing as it was not a bad landing. Could be that this was a early kit and has had improvements since then. I used lots of epoxy reason to strengthen the undercarriage area and drilled 1mm holes in the ply plate and then soaked with cyno. I also used longer wood screws and have not had any issues since this was done.

I needed a lot of lead to achieve the balance point of 146 mm from the leading edge and it could even be a little forward of that. I did not weigh the finished product but other than the lead it should not be mush more than the standard kit.fw21.jpg fw21.jpg

Thread: Vintage Antic r
20/02/2019 05:39:27

a3.jpgl1.jpga5.jpga4.jpgI was recently made an offer of being able to buy a vintage Proctor Antic. This aircraft has been on my wish list for many years, the first time I saw one was when I was still in school and one of the main men in the club had a Antic Bipe.

This was a large complex aircraft that had lots of pieces in the construction. Later I saw a monoplane which was more like a Bleriot which had an 80inch wingspan. The builder was not very complementary about its flying qualities but he was not the best pilot so I am not sure how bad the plane was.

My Antic is the Monoplane and is equiped with floats. From the notes I got with the plane it was started on the 17/06/1982 and first flown on 27/08/1985 on wheels and floats on 28/01/1986 off water. The original power plant was a HP 40 and was later upgraded to a Laser 75 which came with the airframe.

The airframe needs a good clean but is still in good condition. Strange to see the radio installation as servos were large and no long extension leads used at the time the kit was made in the early 70's. I will be flying as is and will only change the clevises to new metal ones. I see that this kit is still being made today by Proctor and blogs are still being updated today so this is a bit of a cult following. The aircraft has not flown for many years and the engine has been stored with lots of oil in it. Johannesburg is very kind to metal as we have little problems with rust so the engine is in very good condition and should be able to run after a good flush and clean.a2.jpg

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Harvard - Build Log
19/02/2019 13:52:31

Great work, I will be watching the progress

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
15/02/2019 09:47:18

I like to test fly with a little down trim as you will have less chance of the plane taking off at a slower speed than it should and it is easier to hold up than down.

Thread: Are all watts created equal?
15/02/2019 04:25:09

Lots of good views and information here. Prop selection is vital, in the old days most of our aircraft were marginal on power so propellers were very important. You even used to see articles in the mags on how to modify the propellor shape to get those few extra rpms. The brushless motors and lipo's have resulted in our aircraft being very overpowered so prop selection is less important than what it was. I had a 1/5 scale Yellow aircraft Spitfire with a 30cc ST that would not loop from level flight with a Master airscrew glass 18x8 yet would easily loop from level flight with a Puntillo 18x8 wood prop.

My view is that a larger prop turning at lower RPM is more efficient than a smaller ones, that is why people such as Mick Reeves have made gearboxes. A watt meter is important to ensure that you are using the motor correctly as many of the motor specs are not a true indication of the actual requirement. The thinner air in Johannesburg also normally require a little more pitch on the propeller to get the same figures as that at sea level.

14/02/2019 11:32:25

Interesting comments, I have used a watt meter to see which prop gives the best reading as I am finding it hard to get the watts from the 5060 motor as it needs a bigger prop. I am not a fan of static thrust as a finer pitch prop will give you higher readings but limits the speed of the aircraft. More pitch can result in less static thrust like a motor boat with a high pitch can cavitate. I tend to be a try and see type of modeller so I look forward to see in practice what difference it makes. To compound this you also get some props of the same size but different makes that also suit an aircraft better than others.

14/02/2019 09:54:16

I asked this question on another forum a few years ago and never got a answer that made sense to me. In the early days of Giant scale a Quadra 32cc was rated as 1.2 hp which was equal to a good 40 size glow motor but it would use a 18 to 20 inch prop and fly aircraft up to 20 pounds in weight. My Rossi 105 was over 6hp which is more than a DLE 55 is rated today.

Now the actual question is if my Spitfire with a 5055 motor produces 1300 watts on 6 cells with a 14x6 prop and the other with a 5060 motor also produces 1300 watts on a 18x10 prop can I expect the same performance?

Thread: AcroWot XL Build
13/02/2019 05:07:44

Gee that is a good looking motor, I hope it rewards you with lots of reliable flights. I am sure it must have been heartbreaking to see it in the original condition and became a bit of an obsession to fix.

Thread: Spitfire light
13/02/2019 05:03:53

sp3.jpgBeen a while since I have done an update. I covered the elevators and rudder in Solertex and added simulated rib stitching with thin copper wire glued in position with cold glue. Strips of torn Solertex were added, we do not have access to the cut strips on offer like Mick Reeves does. The serrations on a 1/6 scale are so small that the torn edge does not look bad. The radio installation is complete and power checks are being done to find the correct prop. I am not sure how the Hobby King prop sizes are done as I never find them even close.

The plan is to test fly and when happy I will paint it, All up weight is just under 5 kg ready to fly. Only 100 grams of lead was needed to balance so this is least I have ever needed.sp1.jpgsp4.jpgsp2.jpg

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
08/02/2019 08:35:51

I was flying my Ultra Sport aerobatic aircraft a while ago and I could not get it too spin or snap the way it should and then I realised I had set it up like my war birds, I did not have enough elevator, increasing the movement soon had it spinning and snapping as it should

Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
08/02/2019 05:20:03

Early 80's was the start of Giant scale with the Quadra 32cc being the start of larger aircraft. Transmitters even started to have features like dual rates and the servo reversing switches. Later PCM was introduced and dual conversion receivers which really improved the reliability of radios.

For me it was the 90's that were the best as the world started to open up for South Africans politically so we had far more exposure to the world. We could even participate in world championships! Ducted fans and turbines were the rage and very impressive to see the development. Prices started to become more affordable with the mass production being used. Servos could now be left in airframes and not swapped around when you wanted to fly another plane. Computer radios with model memory also made this much easier especially when you could allocate a name to the airframe and not the 1, 2 or three of the early radios

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
08/02/2019 05:02:28

Very nice project, I will watch this with interest. Good choice for the engine.My DB Hurricane taught me that if you can see the elevator move then you have too much movement! Really light on elevator but a great flying aircraft.

Thread: Expensive to crash in Africa
06/02/2019 05:18:15

Hi Monz

Love the D7 and great work as usual. You really are a talented builder with a huge amount of patience. I need a radio to get my stuff to fly. I only build and fly for my own enjoyment as I need some escape from work.

The DLG's are magical in the performance and the structures are magical. Those light weights and razor sharp trailing edges. I think that SA will be sending a team to Hungary, we have quite an active group of pilots including a few juniors.


Like the humor, we need to be able to laugh.

25/01/2019 08:41:19

Hi Allan

Thanks for the very kind offer. I have more projects than time at the moment so nothing needed at the moment. I was with South African Airways for 20 years which allowed me to meet many hobby greats and access to goods. I ran an aviation awareness project for the airline in the 90's which was a great experience, we built many thousands of Delta Darts with kids around the country.

Now in Banking!

24/01/2019 13:14:58
Posted by Monz on 23/01/2019 15:14:17:

Ai Chris, that's too funny! And sad at the same time. As an ex Capie I know what you mean about the cost of things. Living here in the UK has opened up modelling for me like I could only dream of in SA.

Hi Monz

Good to see that you are still following the blogs, what is your latest project as we do not see any of your latest projects. I miss seeing your masterpieces.

Hi Klippy

Glad to hear that you enjoy the hobby in Lephalale as well, were do you get your stuff from?

24/01/2019 05:13:37

South Africa is a large country in size with your main modelling groups in the larger cities. We have some great hobby shops, the larger ones cater more for the top end products. Our postal system is a waste of time you need to courier if you want to receive the goods. If you want to order from overseas and you use the postal service you have a 20% chance of getting the goods, many institutions will not send to South Africa. If you do get goods via the postal service it will take around 3 to 8 months.

I buy most of my stuff when it is available and keep in stock for when needed, a lot of this is bought second hand. One of closest hobby shops tends to cater more for the builder and keeps balsa spruce and Chinese ply in stock. Quality aircraft ply is very scarce and very expensive if available. We do not have any real local manufacturers like SLEC or Sarik, you do have the guys who have a laser cutter who will help cut parts.

I have built up a large collection of kits and quite a stockpile of fittings and wood so most of my builds can be done without having to buy much from the shops. The advantage of this is that I have no idea how much my aircraft cost me! If I did know we would be to scared to fly them like we do.

On the positive side is that we normally have great fly weather all year round and a number of great flying clubs. My local club has grass runways in the middle of a large field with no trees or structures close by.

Economic pressure and the political situation are much like the UK were it is easy to get depressed, lucky the balsa dust, glue and paint fumes give me my required fix to keep going!

I am also priviledged to have my son who is an active modeller and now stays 6 houses down the road from me and also friends in the hobby which means that model aircraft are a way of life. p1010340.jpg

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