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Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
12/12/2018 13:00:58

Hi Timo

No pictures of the Whirlwind, one of the few aircraft that I do not have a picture of. I lost the airframe and the pictures in a house fire 5 years ago. Flying was a treat and much easier than I expected, Take offs and landings were quite easy and the shape was great in the air. I actually won a prize with it at one of our larger scale events in South Africa. It was for the most unusual aircraft.


Thread: 1/3 grob 109
12/12/2018 10:06:50

Very nice, Must have been quite a clean up after all the foam was shaped and then removed. How did you remove the foam once glassed?

Thread: VQ Models Rare Bear
12/12/2018 09:44:30

rbf3.jpgrbf2.jpgI have just finished my Rare Bear and hope to test fly this weekend weather allowing. This has been a very nice kit to build and should be a nice flying aircraft as well. It has the recommended electric retracts and has a Super Tigre 3250 to power it. I was going to go for the standard Bearcat but could not resist this version.rbf1.jpg

Thread: 1/6 Westland Whirlwind
03/12/2018 14:28:06

Great work, I love the shape. They fly well, I had one that I built from the Peter Wilson plan and it had great performance. A very under rated aircraft.

Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
29/11/2018 04:42:10

I fly both, big electrics are very expensive and take more time to ensure batteries are charged but less time after flying as the air frames are cleaner and little vibration issues. Most of us will pay more for the petrol to get to the flying field than what we will use cost wise for the fuel or batteries when flying.

A nicely set up gas or glow motor does give me a thrill, and a nice sounding is even better.

Thread: Super Tigre 20cc - 30cc engine parts
27/11/2018 04:44:16

I am from Johannesburg South Africa which is almost 6000 feet above sea level which means that the air is thinner and can get hot. This would normally mean that Nitro can be used to increase the power in a motor if the correct percentage is used. The Super Tigre motors were developed from the 20cc that was increased to the 3250 with the same basic dimensions. The majority of the motors were made in ITALY and later motors made in China. In the earlier days the European motors ran on no or little Nitro as it was very expensive and the American motors required more Nitro as it was cheaper and more freely available in America. Americans battled with the 30cc ST as the tried to run it with Nitro which caused it to run rough and overheat. The 30cc quickly had a poor reputation and I think had the shortest production run of all the big ST's. The later motors made in China were produced for the American market so they were changed to run with Nitro. I am not aware of any 30cc motors made in China. The Italian ST's have made in Italy on the back plate and these motors are regarded as still being the best ST's.

I had a Midwest AT6 that I flew for 20 years with a ST 2500 and the motor was never removed from the air frame. I had 2 dead sticks in those 20 years and both times it was due to using fuel that had 5% nitro. This motor was mounted inverted and would idle very well once warmed up. The carbs tended to be a little rich in the mid rage and you need to clear the motor by running up to full power before take off. I also find that running a little rich in level flight is best as the motor will lean out in a climb and will cut if too lean.

I bought a number of my motors from Mick Wilshere who used to supply a printed A4 page with all the do's and dont's and if followed to the letter resulted in many happy hours of flying. A number of my motors I got from very unhappy users who either gave them to me or sold them for very little as they found them unreliable. These guys were then sorry when they saw them in my aircraft performing very well.

26/11/2018 04:32:16

I never use nitro in my 20 TO 3250 Super Tigers, These motors are high compression motors and should be shimmed if Nitro is to be used. I have owned over 40 of these engines and still use them today. Busy running in a 3250 that will be used in a VQ Rare bear that will be started tonight. My Seagull FW 190 was test flown with a 30cc yesterday and it was plenty of power.rare bear1.jpg

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
23/11/2018 11:44:57

mad models electric flying 056.jpgSome nice information here, A Spitfire is a weak point of mine, I have built around 10 over the last 25+ years. I have often looked at this plan but found the structure quite heavy and a lot of work for a semi scale aircraft. The Mick Reeves and old Dave Platt kits/ designs are very good. The last 2 MR 1/6 spitfires were electric and had great performance. I use foam wings for most of the builds.mad models electric flying 040.jpg

That is my son, I am bald with old nerves!

Thread: Seagull FW 190
19/11/2018 12:49:25

Progressing slowly, we have had a heat wave with temperatures reaching 36 c so more effort needed to complete anything. Just need to install a throttle servo and push rod , tank and the final hook up of controls. I did add some bits to the cockpit area to fill the empty space. Starting to look like a 190 now.fw 190 16.jpg

Thread: Seagull 62cc Sparrowhawk
19/11/2018 12:38:58

sparrowhawk 7.jpgCowl and spinner now fitted so the air frame is now complete. This is a good looking and flying aircraft and I am glad that i did the changes that I did as this combination is great, a larger motor would ruin the cowl and not add performance.sparrowhawk 6.jpg

Thread: No space left for new models?
14/11/2018 12:12:32

Some very nice aircraft.

I too faced space issues, 5 years ago it was solved when the house was destroyed by a fire, now I am faced with the same space issue so I helped my son by a house 6 houses down the road. As he is also an avid modeler it means I can store air frames at his house but means that you now uses my workshop as a hobby shop and collects stock!

I use Tamiya Acrylics and had good results with them but they are expensive.

Thread: Electrifying Top Flite Stinson Reliant
06/11/2018 08:58:20

Sorry to see the project go, lots of nice detail in the build blog. This is a project I will build one day when I get more time as I have a kit bought as a retirement project. Best of luck with the sale.

Thread: Build versus flying time
05/11/2018 14:17:25

I have around 40 aircraft ready to fly so when I build I like a project that will keep me busy and also be a challenge of some sort. The first flight is normally the repayment of the time spent on the project.

The other side to a long build is how much money would you have spent to get the entertainment or keep you busy for this time!

Thread: Electrifying Top Flite Stinson Reliant
05/11/2018 11:05:26

Nice work, thanks for the updates.

Thread: Seagull FW 190
31/10/2018 08:50:28

The no dust decree Will be lifted as soon as the sinus infection clears. Staying in South Africa has advantages and disadvantages but Spring is traditionally a tough time of year with lots of dust and pollen which is a bad combination. We have not had very little rain in 5 months but are due for good rain in the next week. I normally do all my sanding and dope work outside as we have a fair size garden that allows for a gazebo and table to be placed on the grass under a tree. Summer temperatures are around 30 degrees mean it is easy to work outside.

Permagrit tools are great but not freely available in this country, I use normal sandpaper for most of the sanding.

31/10/2018 05:13:37

fw 190 8.jpgfw 190 11.jpgThe cooling duct has been added to the fuselage, will make a huge difference to the amount of air passing through the cowl. I wonder why it was not added when the fuselage was made as round cowls are problematic with engine cooling as the exit size must be bigger than the inlet.fw 190 7.jpg

31/10/2018 05:09:30

fw 190 9.jpgI decided to try and add some colour to the upper surface of the wings as the supplied scheme was not what I wanted. You have to wonder why a lighter grey was not used when the original covering was done as Seagull have stock as it is used on the mosquito. I also then did a little work on the fuselage to break the hard lines between the colours and am happy with the resultfw 190 10.jpg.

Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
25/10/2018 10:04:04

I love the challenge of building a model that flies! Like Peter wrote, the challenge of getting a difficult model to fly is what makes the hobby enjoyable. I often rebuild crashed models that others failed to fly to see if I can get it to fly. As age and life have reduced my nerves to a fraction of what they were , I often get my son to help test fly.

6 years ago 6 of my mates and I built a 1/3 scale Bleriot that was an absolute stunner, had a Laser 300 for power and flew well but was not flown often due to sentimental reasons. 5 years ago the house was destroyed in a fire along withe the Bleriot and about 140 other aircraft. I think I should have flown it more!

Thread: Seagull FW 190
25/10/2018 06:05:41

fw190 3.jpgfw190 2.jpgThe FW kit showed a very well build airframe that was covered well but in an unusual colour scheme that needed some help! Engine cooling would be a problem as the fuselage did not have the scale outlets behind the cowl. The supplied retracts would also be a problem as the units are 90 degree retracts and a wedge was built into the wing to have the inward canter of the real 190 but this results in the retract being at an angle in the wing so the supplied wheel doors would not fit. The wheel was also very small and the oleo short giving a very strange look on the ground. I have a spare set of ESM/ YT FW 190 retracts that I will be using on the model so I will have to change a few things to get them to fit.

I made cardfw190 1.jpgboard templates and used them along with ink pens so that I could draw some detail onto the airframe. All very smoke and mirror stuff, but I think it will add a lot of appeal to the finished product.

25/10/2018 05:52:29

A recent sinus infection resulted my wife placing a no dust ban in the workshop. As I spend a large amount of time in the workshop building this makes life hard for me. I would also not be able to continue working on the rebuild of a large World Models Cub that I was busy with as it needs a whole lot of sanding and recover in nylon and dope.

A local hobby shop helped by having a Summer special on Kits with great discounts and I decided to test the credit card and bought a Seagull FW190 that I would use to improve my detailing on film and also more importantly practice clear coating as this is a art especially when using a matt clear coat.

I have built a few Seagull kits this year and am impressed by the build quality but have found that often need a few changes to improve scale appearance and flying characteristics.

I am not a scale competitor but like a realistic aircraft, this is my Mick Reeves 1/6 Spitfire that I built.spittiebanking (003).jpg

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