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Thread: Foam Wing Cutter
15/11/2019 05:14:31

My set up uses a transformer with a light dimmer switch so you can adjust the power needed for the foam that is being cut and the length. The denser the foam and the longer the foam requires more heat. If you cut with a wire that is too hot you get a ripple effect and the wire can stretch so you loose accuracy, too cold means a slow cut. My transfomer also has an amp meter so you can see where you are when switching on heat wisect 2.jpg. The bow design is also important as you need to tension the cutting wire. This is how mine looks. I was given this set up and am not the best to describe electronics.

Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
12/11/2019 10:54:25

Still following with interest, this kit is very well thought out and must take a lot of time to cut with all those lightning holes in the structure, would add quite a lot to the costs to make it. This will be a nice size as well.

Is that an Avian in the backround?

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
12/11/2019 10:02:53

We are going to use a Zenoah 38 so it is an old school petrol motor, we got this from my old mates estate so I hope it runs well as he had the ability to make most things unreliable, from radios to glow, petrol and electric!

12/11/2019 08:24:41

The airframe is comming along well now, Byron has been working on the cowl and dummy motor, I have been working on the wing joining and motor fitting. Lots of sanding as well getting the wing to fuselage fit nice and then added a ply root rib. The cowl is also quite heavy now with the dummy motor so I added ply for the mounting screws.

The motor is shorter than the cowl so I made up a 6mm birch ply mount to fill this gap, just need to finish sanding it so that it can be mounted. The wings have ply pieces for the flying wire attachment points along with the blind nuts needed to secure the metal rigging plates.

The elevators will each have a servo with a push rod and the rudder will be push pull cable. I have started on the servo mounting and the horns needed to drive the control surfaces.



Thread: How many on-going projects and unstarted kits do you have?
11/11/2019 11:45:18

I too have far too many airframes, projects and kits. I went on a buing spree 6 years ago after the house burnt down and I lost all in the fire. This spree was also componded by the fact that many of my retired mates cannot afford to build new models so I wanted to ensure I had stuff to do when I retire in a few years time. The demise of Top Flite and Great Planes also resulted in me buying kits second hand when they came onto the market as kits are getting very scarce. Many of these kits came at great prices which made it even harder to resist.

I am very lucky to have a son who loves the hobby as well so if I do not get around to building it he will build them. I have over 60 kits but I think the exposure to glue fumes, balsa dust, dope and spray paint has affected my judgement so I will still buy more should the right opportunity present itself!

Some of the kits are:

TF 1/6 Mustang

TF 1/5 Mustang (2 kits)

TF Stinson Reliant (2 kits)

TF 1/6 Thunderbolt

TF 1/5 Thunderbolt

Pica 1/5 Trojan

Pica 1/6 Waco bipe

Marataka 1/5 Peashooter

Marataka P38

ESM KITS: B25, 110, 109, Mig 3, P47

Projects include a 1/3 Balsa USA Cub, 89 " Chipmunk, 120" DC3, TF 1/5 Mustang bought half built and a TF Mentor.

I also have too many plans and magazine for new ideas for the next project. I do like to Scratch build!

Thread: lockheed vega
05/11/2019 09:57:58

Ikon Northwest made a kit many years ago and they were distributed in the UK by Apache Aviation, both companies no longer exist. You might be able to get a kit second hand.

A mate of mine built one from this kit about 25 years ago and I flew it a number of times for him. It is still around and has an ENYA 240 for power. A very unique aircraft.

winnie mae.jpg

Thread: Rugby World Cup 2019.
31/10/2019 04:32:55

May the best team win and may the ref be fair and consistant.

Just some points that need to be considered is the fact that the Springboks are in the final despite the fact that we have quota systems in all aspects of South African life, this means that being the best does not mean you get the job. The economic situation has also resulted in many leaving South Africa to earn a living in other countries. Most of the teams at the World Cup had at least one South African in their squad and yet despite all of this the Boks are in the final!

Thread: Am I getting to complicated?
30/10/2019 12:41:24

I found that I can never reach the figures recommended on the Turnigy motors, the KV ratings are often way out. I now test the motor with various props to give the required watts. You also need to be sure that you have a good lipo when doing these tests as one with a high internal resitance can be very frustrating when a larger prop of more pitch does not give more watts. I have also found the the air tests do still give the best results as some props of different makes but the same size can show better performance than others.

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
30/10/2019 04:55:56

This is my build so far, the Dynaflite seems to have the same design as the SLEC one. I enlarged the Roger Pegg / Radio Moddeler plan and made some changes to the tail surfaces to make it closer to scale. For the wing I went the foam wing route so that I could add the missing ribs. I got further than I thought, airframe is glassed, the wing needs filling and then MS primer so that rivit detail can be added. The idea was not to have a super scale aircraft but rather a nice flyable aircraft.cm3.jpg cm4.jpg

29/10/2019 05:10:20

Very nice build, a Chipmung is a great aircraft. I had a Carl Goldberg one for many years and loved it. I have a scratch built airframe about the same size as this one that I need to finish, I used a Dynaflite kit as a basis for my one. I Have not worked on it in a year and a half but have decided that it must be finished. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
29/10/2019 05:02:03

All the parts have been cut out and assembly has started, this took quite a bit of sanding and carefull fitting to get the parts positioned correctly. I think it will look better than the ABS parts for a Balsa USA kit.


24/10/2019 09:37:29

My Doctor has questioned my sanity with a number of my builds as he claims I like punishing myself, I think that he may have a point. I am now cutting out the parts needed for the dummy motor on my faithfull Dremel jigsaw.

wb16.jpg wb15.jpg

24/10/2019 09:32:39


This has been on my build list for over 30 years now so I am glad it is being built.


It should be a nice flyer, the real ones have a very good reputation for being gentle aircraft.

The main undercarriage on the real one is made from wood and the only suspension is from the wheels and ours is being done the same way. One aspect that I like about building a scale model is doing some research on the aircraft. I am doing the laminating of the main undercarriage the same as the real one.

fb11.jpg fb12.jpgfb10.jpg

22/10/2019 06:15:17

Byron and I spent some time on Sunday getting the wing tubes glued into the wings so that I can finish sheeting the wing panels. The Fly Baby has 5 degrees of dihedral so the tubes are mounted at quite an angle in the wing ribs. Once we were happy with the rigging the tubes were tack glued into the ribs so I can complete the gluing at home. I also made the cowl the was moulded in an ABS Balsa USA 1/3 scale Cub cowl. The shape is musch better than the cowl shown in the pictures which is a World Models Cub cowl.wb10.jpg wb11.jpgwb13.jpgwb12.jpg

Thread: Ben Buckle Falcon Build
21/10/2019 13:25:41

Nice plane, they fly very well but the main wheels are very far forward which can make it hard to land as you have a lot of weight on the tail wheel, we built a double size one over 20 years ago and it kept on breaking the tail fin off in a ground loop.

Thread: Black 5 twin IC from Sarik Hobbies - Anyone Know it?
15/10/2019 05:27:12

This should be a very nice project and have a great sound with the 2 RCV motors

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
15/10/2019 05:25:50

Not as large as I thought, it seemed a lot bigger when I first built one 35 years ago!


15/10/2019 05:24:01

Hi Martin

That is my son's work area which is very nice and also clean, My area,fb1.jpg though larger has a lot more clutter! I tend to always have a few projects on the go and I do not like hanging a project up if not fully completed so this does lead to full work areas.

Progress on the wings has been good, the ribs are mainly from hard 3mm balsa with some 3mm ply ribs for the wing joiner mounting. The tips are laminated balsa as the real one was also laminated. Both panels have been built, the one is sheeted and cap strips added, the second needs some sanding before the sheeting is done. The wing is nice and strong and quite light for its size. The joiner tubes are the next step and I hope to get this done on the weekend.fw6.jpgfw5.jpg

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
11/10/2019 10:25:48

Either glow or electric work very well, electric is far more reliable. Glow requires constant maintenace to ensure reliability and also you need to take your time on the engine set up to ensure reliability and to know when not to fly when things are not right. I lost a big 120" DC 3 when 1 90 quit in a climb but it was my fault as I had been pushing the limits. My Brian Taylor Mosquito was lighter than the original and easy to fly on electric as you did not have the pronounced swing on tke off with glow motors, The rudder is not very effective at low speed. Choose the right airframe for the motors. Vibration is a lot more on a twin._dsc3386.jpg p1010347.jpg

Thread: DB 60" Sopwith Pup
09/10/2019 07:48:25

Watching this with interest, looks like a great kit, very different from the original DB kits that were all hand cut. I built an original 1/4 Pup in the late 80's. I bought the kit from Henry J Nichols shop in 1989 on my first ever overseas trip.

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