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Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
22/07/2019 06:01:37

The Oldtimer meet is on Sunday so I have had to push to try and get the aircraft finished. Struts were made from 6mm x 20mm obeche sanded to shape with ali plates for attachment points and then covered with Solertex. The spats were also covered and then the whole airframe given 2 coates of Nitrate dope. The spraying was done outside and as luck would have it it was one of the coldest and windiest weekends of the year! The fuselage was given a coat of Sits Polly spray wich was used to give a even color for the blue. The blue was left over from the Mustang and is a 2k paint to covers very well. I spayned this on Saturday. Sunday morning was spent masking for the white and I noticed that the paint was lifting with the tape, not a good sign. I was going to spray the wing registration but decided against it due to this.

The White was sprayed and then the long anxous task of removing all the tape. I had a few areas that the paint was lifted and had to gently paint them with a brush. Lucky this is an Old timer and not a serious scale project. A mate gave me some matt plastic which looks good and hides the empty interior.as30.jpg as32.jpg

Thread: ESC only works when increasing the throttle very slowly
15/07/2019 09:44:51

can be a timming issue if the motor works when opened slowly. Take the prop off the motor and see what it does with the 4 cell pack.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
15/07/2019 06:16:54

The wing center section was fully sheeted and the real one has stringers so I used the balsa craft trick and added masking tape under the covering to simulate the stringers.as27.jpg

15/07/2019 06:14:05

Started covering, using some very old blue Solertex with newer Antique on the fuselage as I wanted to ensure better Adheasion and shrink. I diid use some Oracover Stick adheasive to help keep the covering in position. I will use 2 coats of Nitrate dope and then paint with 2k paint. The spats are made but only one sanded so far. I am very pleased with the way it looks so far.as26.jpgas28.jpgas30.jpg

Thread: What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?
10/07/2019 06:44:39

My First wife was the daughter of a well known South African Modeller who loved giant scale WW1 aircraft. I thought this was the way to go as she was brought up with model aircraft. I think the years of exposure to paint and balsa dust had negativly impacted her and after 18 years of marriage we got divorced.

My second wife is very suportive of the hobby and loves the fact that she knows who I am with when not at home and also knows that I am in the workshop building or getting aircraft ready to fly when at home. She can also see how close I am with my son due to our common interest so she activly supports us and the hobby. Even the money I spend is not questioned as she knows that I do not spend what I cannot afford.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
08/07/2019 06:20:04

Most fabric aurcraft have a ver distinctive fuselage to fin fillit that is all done with covering which I hope to do in Solartex.I have used balsa to build up the around the stab to supprt the covering.


08/07/2019 06:15:00

The construction is now almost complete, I just have to finish the wing mounting and sheeting on the top of the fuselage. I have done most of the sanding and am now busy with the servo and pushrod installation. The cowl came out nicely and the top is removable.


Thread: Corben Super Ace Build
02/07/2019 06:04:57

Nice build Phil, I am following the progress with interest.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
02/07/2019 06:00:26

The cowl is the next challenge, plans show lots of thick balsa which will be very expensive in money and labour as it will take a huge amount of sanding. I decided to make up formers and will sheet with 3mm balsa. The noseblock will be with 2 laminations of 8mm balsa. I also have made a hatch under the fuselage for the undercart and servo access .as10.jpgas11.jpgas14.jpg

01/07/2019 05:53:00

as11.jpgas8.jpgI managed to do quite a bit this weekend, The plug in wings was the most important bit done. I do my best work early in the morning so this was done at 04:00 yesterday! I wanted to use wooden dowls but did not have in stock so I used some aluminum tube and glass fibre rod. The hard bit is to get the angles right with the correct dihedral and no twist in the wings. I used the centre section ribs as a jig and then sharpened the ali tube which was then used to make the holes in the ribs. Once happy with the positions the rods were glued in with epoxy and extra support glued in position. The struts will add strength so it should be able to do mild aerobatics if wanted. Loop and stall turns. as7.jpg

Thread: Composite Mustang 1/5 scale
28/06/2019 06:43:37

Hi Engine Doctor

That looks great, it really does deserve to be flown. I also love the green grass, we only have brown grass and dust this time of year in Africa.

I am not sure how much movement we have on the flaps, I will check this weekend. My son said the Mustang lowered its nose when flaps and undercart were lowered. He said it was easy to counter with a little up and did not feel the need for any mixing to be added. I have this photo to show the amount of flap used on the lading and you can see how stable the approach was. Very surprising for an aircraft this weight.m24.jpg

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
28/06/2019 06:27:16

I am lucky to have 5 workbenches wich really helps speed up the build, I use mainly Cold glue to build.


28/06/2019 06:24:49

This is the progress


28/06/2019 06:19:40

Thanks for all the replies. I am building this for our annual vintige meet at the end of July so it is being built as an vintage aircraft and not a scale project so that means the structure will be according to the plan.

Dave Boddington would normally design his aircraft to have a tail high look in flight as he said it looked much nicer, the DB Cub is proof of that as it does the best tough and goes with the tail high. I spent many hours with David and built a few prototypes for him so I like his way of doeing things.

The progress is good and I am enjoying the build so far. Hope to get quite a lot done this weekend as my work does impact my building time during the week.

27/06/2019 13:41:50

Thanks for the link, great to watch. I built a Sportwagon last year and it flies quite well but could have done with a taller fin and rudder. sp1.jpeg sp2.jpeg

27/06/2019 09:38:03

Thanks for the replies, I will continue as the plan shows. I have enlarged to around 80", should be a nice size.

It just looks very strange on the plan view seeing the incedenses compared to the datum line. I will post some pictures on the progress.

Thread: Composite Mustang 1/5 scale
27/06/2019 06:52:50

Thay looks great, I am sure that it will fly very well, our Mustang is the same size as it was based on a PICA airframe.

What retracts did you use, they look nice and sturdy. Not much elevator movement needed so set up the rates for the test flight as my son thought it was a little tail heavy until the low rates were selected. Much easier flying once this was done and landing was also on low rates. Due to the weight our CG is a little forward of the rocommended position.

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
27/06/2019 06:40:34

I have started building a enlarged Aeronca as I need to play with some balsa after the composite Mustang and the Cub rebuild as they were not much building as such. I am not sure about the incidences on the plan as the wing is about Zero and the stab is very negative and lots of downthrust. Does this not result in the aircraft flying very tail low which makes it look about to stall most of the time. I prefer a tail high look in flight.

Any ideas?

Thread: Composite Mustang 1/5 scale
26/06/2019 06:56:00

This airframe is 89" so it is quite large, the weight of this one is 14kg, 31 pounds! I was very worried about the weight but remembered comments on my Spitfire light blog about weight of warbirds. At the warbird meet 2 weeks ago I watched an ESM Corsair flying with an 80cc motor and it also weighed 14kg so that gave me hope. We flew the Mustang last week and it flies very well, plenty of power and very good handling. No nasties at low speed.

Distance from South Africa is a problem so a few will be sold to the local moddelers I think but a am not involved in any commercial aspects, this is my hobby and I do it for an escape from bussiness.

m17.jpg m18.jpgm21.jpg

20/06/2019 10:10:46

More picturesm14.jpgm25.jpgm21.jpg

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