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Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
07/11/2019 02:33:51

three:----Quaker Flash, old Greatplains Sportster (65 four stroke), and a 1/5 scale Cub. Upgrading all to newer servos. -----Bob in Kansas

Thread: SLEC Astro Hog 20cc
27/10/2019 04:11:36

Hello,--speaking of SLEC,- I can not seem to contact them from the U.S. about a balsa stripper. Their address ends in a(.COM) . I saw in a recent RCM&E a line drawing of this balsa stripper like the one I bought years ago . It consists of a meter long "U" shaped metal channel in which a holder draws a rather long (2&3/4) inch surgical blade. Any blades I can come across over here will not click into the holder. Any ideas of how I can E-mail them for new blades? Thanks,----Bob

Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
16/10/2019 02:19:01

I am having similar problems contacting advertisers from here I the U.S. The SLEC E-mail won't work and it has a dot com in the address. In the Special Issue of RCM&E, page 23 ,fig 2 has a line drawing of a balsa stripper I bought years ago which uses a surgical blade to strip blanks of balsa, but I need a couple of new blades. Any ideas how to contact Slec from over here or to get some blades? I could modify it to use X-acto but I would rather get the long style the unit uses. Regular surgical blades, about the size of X-acto ,are too short and slip around. The blades I need are about 3 inches long and are secure in the housing . Any thoughts? Thanks,---Bob

Thread: What's your favourite way of attaching a canopy?
21/09/2019 07:23:01

guys--, I have had limited success with the 560 stuff. Just for looks I cut down brass brads and added a few . If you drill a hole the same size as the brads it usually splits the canopy. Years ago I bought an attachment for my Dremel which cleanly sliced a grove down each side so the canopy fits flush but sadly have not seen the ad for years now. BTW, several years ago I posted an idea about dying the canopy. I used RIT cloth dye . Warm water in a tub and soak it for awhile. Oddly it has only worked on one kind of plastic and not on others. CA glue out gasses and messes up the plastic.------------------------Bob

Thread: What tips for fuel proofing
12/09/2019 22:40:04

Hello, I was recently advised to use "water base polycrylic spray" as a fuel proofer here in the US. I found a really old bottle of "aero Gloss " fuel proofer from about 20 years ago which I regularly used back then, but I will bet it is no longer available. I have .recently used alcohol thinned 2 part epoxy for the job. All the paint I can fine says not necessarily fuel proof. Can finishing resin 2 part epoxy be used also? Just getting back into the hobby and over here it is all ARTF and no body know how to build anything. Much has changed in 20 some odd years! ------------Bob

Thread: Incidence Meter/Gauge Measurement
01/09/2019 03:21:32

My daughter says she can get degree measurements using her I-phone.---Bob in KS

31/08/2019 01:32:08

I have always used the old Robart unit with the little needle that swings. I understand there is a new unit with a screen and digital read out,but have never seen one. I have a friend ( odd, is it not) that uses what looks like what Cuban8 has in his picture, and he uses it to set up machines for metal work. I bought a similar unit , which looks like what Cubban8 has in the picture but got it from the model train people. They use it to set up grade incline for their train sets only it reads in percent grade. 45 degree angle is 100 present grade. Just got it.---Bob in KS

Thread: High Start Beginner
26/08/2019 23:35:09

Hello, for years I have launched my Bird of Time,( 3 meter) with my high start out here in the flat lands of Kansas. 100 feet of 1/2 inch OD surgical tubing and 400 feet of kite string to great effect. What I was wondering is just how big/heavy a sailplane I could get away with using this set up? Or just get into elec launch from the start? I was looking for something more scale. Anyone using this kind of High Start for something that had more weight?----Bob C

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
06/08/2019 02:46:17

Hello David,--I think you or the computer are confusing me with another "Robert"------I have no problems with my subscriptions--- Bob Chamberlain. 

Edited By David Ashby - Moderator on 06/08/2019 15:38:13

Thread: Hitec Optic 6 2.4
03/08/2019 05:56:33

Hello ALL---Maybe someone can explain an issue with my Optic 6 Sport? I could not get Hitec on the phone today, will try again Monday. The instructions say to never have the trans on when connected to the wall charger. My on/off switch is rather loose and easy to move either way. When taking it off charge , I accidently turned it on while still plugged into the charger for a few seconds. Is the problem with heat build up if leaving thus connected ( as when setting up a new model), or an over voltage to the circuits and thus damaging the trans? I'll try again with Hitec Monday, but would like to fly this weekend and am worried if I melted something. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.---Bob C in KS

Thread: Hitec Optima Aerial Mount
26/07/2019 04:13:38

seems I have more planes than receivers. Now using Hitec Optima 6 sport equipment. I plan on mounting one on a piece of light ply. I have never really noticed any getting hot after a flight but did not want to mess up the case area exposed to air flow by doing so. I plan on mounting one on its side to expose the bottom and attaching it to the fuselage with 2 magnets. Easy to move from one plane to another. Magnets don't affect the rec, do they? --BoB in Kansas

Thread: Litho plate substitute?
19/07/2019 07:01:28

OK , just what is LITHO Plate anyway? I imagine thin , easy to form sheet metal? Balsa I figured out years ago and I even know what glue is but,---litho?

Thread: Bungee Tubing
19/07/2019 06:02:59

I got mine at a medical supply shop--Bob

Thread: Radio Link
18/07/2019 09:11:49

Just wondering. With freq hopping ,just how many hops does it do in a second.---Bob

Thread: Hitec Flash 8 Battery Life
18/07/2019 08:54:58

I have a Hitec Optima 6 Sport which has a low trans voltage warning but only for NiCad and NiMh. To use a LiFe I need to program it to accept this. The instructions say I need some kind of equipment, possibly to go through a computer. I can not find any reference to this anywhere. Does anyone know about this?---Thanks--Bob

Thread: Newbie Builder
16/06/2019 04:01:41

does anyone know if Great Planes still have the Sportster 40 twin?

Thread: What setting for charging NiMH batteries
14/06/2019 04:40:19

I have a 5 cell,AA nickel Eneloop batt pack rated at 2000 MAH. Two quick questions: The Mv trip point does not seem to fully charge the pack if set to 5Mv. If set to a higher number, it comes off the charger at 7.4 V and a little warm. What's a reasonable number? The discharge point I have set to use while checking the capacity is 1.2V. While doing a capacity discharge check, should I set the voltage to something lower , or is 1.2V about as low as you would want to get a nickel to?

Thread: Glow Sticks
11/06/2019 08:11:29

Graeme, How long is the wire between the batt and the plug? Or are your glow plugs doing OK @ 2 volts? Wire would, of course, drop the voltage a bit.------------Bob C

Thread: Model Noise Level - Interesting Findings
11/06/2019 02:59:05

Is this why a four stroke is, for me, perceived to be quieter and more pleasant to the ear. I am wondering if it would record the same level of sound as a 2 stroke? One half the power strokes= lower freq and therefore seems quieter?

Thread: Charge currents
19/05/2019 00:51:49

My son ran into a situation lately that puzzled me. he has 2 twelve volt batts in series for 24 volts. I believe they are LiFE .

This was for a power drill. Not A/C related but I figured it is the same chemistry. Taking it off the charger, he separated the two 12 volt batts , and the one measured 35 volts! How can this be? What is going on here? Any thoughts out there?----------------Bob in Kansas

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