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Thread: Litho plate substitute?
19/07/2019 07:01:28

OK , just what is LITHO Plate anyway? I imagine thin , easy to form sheet metal? Balsa I figured out years ago and I even know what glue is but,---litho?

Thread: Bungee Tubing
19/07/2019 06:02:59

I got mine at a medical supply shop--Bob

Thread: Radio Link
18/07/2019 09:11:49

Just wondering. With freq hopping ,just how many hops does it do in a second.---Bob

Thread: Hitec Flash 8 Battery Life
18/07/2019 08:54:58

I have a Hitec Optima 6 Sport which has a low trans voltage warning but only for NiCad and NiMh. To use a LiFe I need to program it to accept this. The instructions say I need some kind of equipment, possibly to go through a computer. I can not find any reference to this anywhere. Does anyone know about this?---Thanks--Bob

Thread: Newbie Builder
16/06/2019 04:01:41

does anyone know if Great Planes still have the Sportster 40 twin?

Thread: What setting for charging NiMH batteries
14/06/2019 04:40:19

I have a 5 cell,AA nickel Eneloop batt pack rated at 2000 MAH. Two quick questions: The Mv trip point does not seem to fully charge the pack if set to 5Mv. If set to a higher number, it comes off the charger at 7.4 V and a little warm. What's a reasonable number? The discharge point I have set to use while checking the capacity is 1.2V. While doing a capacity discharge check, should I set the voltage to something lower , or is 1.2V about as low as you would want to get a nickel to?

Thread: Glow Sticks
11/06/2019 08:11:29

Graeme, How long is the wire between the batt and the plug? Or are your glow plugs doing OK @ 2 volts? Wire would, of course, drop the voltage a bit.------------Bob C

Thread: Model Noise Level - Interesting Findings
11/06/2019 02:59:05

Is this why a four stroke is, for me, perceived to be quieter and more pleasant to the ear. I am wondering if it would record the same level of sound as a 2 stroke? One half the power strokes= lower freq and therefore seems quieter?

Thread: Charge currents
19/05/2019 00:51:49

My son ran into a situation lately that puzzled me. he has 2 twelve volt batts in series for 24 volts. I believe they are LiFE .

This was for a power drill. Not A/C related but I figured it is the same chemistry. Taking it off the charger, he separated the two 12 volt batts , and the one measured 35 volts! How can this be? What is going on here? Any thoughts out there?----------------Bob in Kansas

Thread: Download area
29/04/2019 04:04:36

In some of the more recent RCM&E additions there were mentions of two books. I am currently partly through "Bristol Scout 1264" and I must say it is a good read. It just now came into the US so maybe it has been out for awhile elsewhere. Also the "High hulls flying boats" looks interesting too but I have not cracked it yet. 25 pounds for the Scout and 40 for the flying boats one. It's only money! Bob chamberlain

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
28/04/2019 09:16:15

the Super Sportster would make a nice ship, I think, but it has been awhile since I have seen a kit. I think there is an ARTF out there somewhere.

Thread: Hitec
25/04/2019 08:35:19

I just do not understand this deal with Hitec. The above posts are over a year old. Is Hitec really not going to keep offering transmitters? Or is this old information? My hobby shop here in the US says he can not get any Hitec trans! Just what is the real story?----I am off now to the Hitec site to see what I can find out. Maybe should have done that first instead of asking here. Sorry for silly question, it's late---Bob

Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
15/02/2019 01:53:31

hello all,--- what "after flying" cleaning fluid do people find works the best for them for glow/oil engines?

Thread: A simple problem
02/02/2019 07:38:59

sometimes my "Nistarter" gets a little low by the end of the afternoon. This is the kind with the batt and little meter that pushes onto the glow plug. I still have my good 12 volt batt on the tool box,--so how can I give the 1.5 glow starter a charge up from the 12V? I do not have a power panel. Resister of some value?---or for that matter, instead of trying to recharge the Nistarter, just run a line from the 12 V with a long voltage dropping wire and/or big resister? Of course, I guess I could just but 2 Nistarters! ---Thank you,---Bob in KS,USA

Thread: Identifying Laser Engines
31/01/2019 06:28:11

I am looking into something like a WW1 bi plane for my next project and am looking at different four stroke engines that might be applicable .Any thoughts out there? How about kits? Flair, BalsaUSA, Proctor? I live in the states. Thank you,----------------Bob Chamberlain

Thread: What paint to tint a windscreen?
26/01/2019 03:33:08

for my sailplane I soaked the canopy in a bucket of warm water to which I added "RIT" dye which is normally used to color cloth. Oddly, not all plastics took the color. One came out the same color it went in. Different type of plastic I guess. My sailplane looks great with a semi- transparent yellow finish----Bob in Kansas

Thread: Flap Servo Set Up
26/01/2019 03:06:53

Is there a device to slow down the flap extend/retract time to make it more realistic ? I can not do this from my transmitter. Bob C in Kansas

Thread: Back to model making
26/01/2019 02:25:59

I have built fuselages with and with out a home made jig. OK results either way if careful. What I have found useful is to buy a meter of aluminum "L" shaped stock and cut it up into 1 1/2" pieces. Then drill very small holes into one leg for "Map Pins" to secure them to the board. Nice 90 degree upright! Cheap and cheerful.---Bob in Kansas

Thread: German WW2 Insignia
26/01/2019 02:07:42

Out or respect for the millions who suffered, I would stay away from any form of his symbol---Bob in Kansas

Thread: Quaker Flash build
19/01/2019 06:46:23

Andy, I am building a Quaker myself but a little smaller then your job. Mine is from a U.S. kit manufacturer who is trying to reproduce some of the older kits,--you know, box of wood, plans, some wire,--. I am not familiar with the idea of reeds. Is it not balsa? I was planning on steamed thin balsa for the curves. I am using the same type of hinges, and as on yours they go right through the wood. I have added extra pieces of balsa strip for more support. On the gear, I thought I would also try a small spring instead of the rubber band. As for power, I am planning on an OS 15 or an HP-VT 21 4 stroke, the latter a bit heavier rather than added lead. I think Trexler or similar, wheels would look neat oldtimy -------------Bob C in Kansas.

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