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Thread: Hitec
25/04/2019 08:35:19

I just do not understand this deal with Hitec. The above posts are over a year old. Is Hitec really not going to keep offering transmitters? Or is this old information? My hobby shop here in the US says he can not get any Hitec trans! Just what is the real story?----I am off now to the Hitec site to see what I can find out. Maybe should have done that first instead of asking here. Sorry for silly question, it's late---Bob

Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
15/02/2019 01:53:31

hello all,--- what "after flying" cleaning fluid do people find works the best for them for glow/oil engines?

Thread: A simple problem
02/02/2019 07:38:59

sometimes my "Nistarter" gets a little low by the end of the afternoon. This is the kind with the batt and little meter that pushes onto the glow plug. I still have my good 12 volt batt on the tool box,--so how can I give the 1.5 glow starter a charge up from the 12V? I do not have a power panel. Resister of some value?---or for that matter, instead of trying to recharge the Nistarter, just run a line from the 12 V with a long voltage dropping wire and/or big resister? Of course, I guess I could just but 2 Nistarters! ---Thank you,---Bob in KS,USA

Thread: Identifying Laser Engines
31/01/2019 06:28:11

I am looking into something like a WW1 bi plane for my next project and am looking at different four stroke engines that might be applicable .Any thoughts out there? How about kits? Flair, BalsaUSA, Proctor? I live in the states. Thank you,----------------Bob Chamberlain

Thread: What paint to tint a windscreen?
26/01/2019 03:33:08

for my sailplane I soaked the canopy in a bucket of warm water to which I added "RIT" dye which is normally used to color cloth. Oddly, not all plastics took the color. One came out the same color it went in. Different type of plastic I guess. My sailplane looks great with a semi- transparent yellow finish----Bob in Kansas

Thread: Flap Servo Set Up
26/01/2019 03:06:53

Is there a device to slow down the flap extend/retract time to make it more realistic ? I can not do this from my transmitter. Bob C in Kansas

Thread: Back to model making
26/01/2019 02:25:59

I have built fuselages with and with out a home made jig. OK results either way if careful. What I have found useful is to buy a meter of aluminum "L" shaped stock and cut it up into 1 1/2" pieces. Then drill very small holes into one leg for "Map Pins" to secure them to the board. Nice 90 degree upright! Cheap and cheerful.---Bob in Kansas

Thread: German WW2 Insignia
26/01/2019 02:07:42

Out or respect for the millions who suffered, I would stay away from any form of his symbol---Bob in Kansas

Thread: Quaker Flash build
19/01/2019 06:46:23

Andy, I am building a Quaker myself but a little smaller then your job. Mine is from a U.S. kit manufacturer who is trying to reproduce some of the older kits,--you know, box of wood, plans, some wire,--. I am not familiar with the idea of reeds. Is it not balsa? I was planning on steamed thin balsa for the curves. I am using the same type of hinges, and as on yours they go right through the wood. I have added extra pieces of balsa strip for more support. On the gear, I thought I would also try a small spring instead of the rubber band. As for power, I am planning on an OS 15 or an HP-VT 21 4 stroke, the latter a bit heavier rather than added lead. I think Trexler or similar, wheels would look neat oldtimy -------------Bob C in Kansas.

Thread: Ben Buckle Junior 60 Electric conversion build
17/01/2019 05:26:03

I've got an HP VT also which will go on a Flying Quaker. The instructions say it needs a high concentration of castor oil to help seal the valve assembly. In your experience Dave does this gum up the insides too much? Also, it looks like those are Trexler wheels,---are they still available ? Bob C in Kansas

17/01/2019 05:26:02

I've got an HP VT also which will go on a Flying Quaker. The instructions say it needs a high concentration of castor oil to help seal the valve assembly. In your experience Dave does this gum up the insides too much? Also, it looks like those are Trexler wheels,---are they still available ? Bob C in Kansas

Thread: my dremel drill
28/12/2018 03:23:38

I did have a problem with my Dremel which is at least 28 years old, but not electrical in nature. The motor has a splined output shaft and the end where all the cutting stuff is attached is a splined shaft. These two shafts are connected with a flexible vinyl tube. After all these years it came apart. My Dremel is so old the parts book did not even reference a part number. So , I got a short piece of vinyl tubing --3/8 OD and 1/4 ID --and pushed it onto the two splined shafts. Warming it up helped. Even thought it did not have any internal splines, it seemed to be a pretty tight fit. I have used it this way for several years to do the usual stuff like cutting music wire etc and it has held up so far.--------Maybe through the years this is a common part, who knows? I took a wild guess and ordered a Sears part #2-615-294-309-760 and it turned out to be exactly the same part. Don't take my word for it as this was 4 years ago and Sears in the US is having problems. Do your research as it was a non returnable part. --$3 for the part and $12 shipping! I had to buy the tubing by the foot , so now I have 10 inches left over. ---A 15 cent investment for the future! I think today I will be building inside as it is 22 F outside. Bob in Kansas

Thread: Fire extinguishers
27/12/2018 05:06:12

I have always been told that theses dry powder types had an anti- coagulant agent mixed in to prevent them from turning into a solid cake. Don't know if this is true or not but tomorrow I am going out side to blow a 10 year old one to find out for sure. It is a slow day and I am retired ,always looking for the "fun factor" in life. In fact, I have always used a hard rubber mallet to bang on them from time to time to try to break em up. Got the mallet years ago to install hub caps securely on my car. I'll try discharging that on too. Time will tell, -------------Bob

Thread: fitting servos
04/12/2018 03:34:31

As I understand it, with a torque rod set up, the end has a 90 degree bend which is pushed into the aileron. Wouldn't this eventually wear out this hole and make for a sloppy surface? Should extra wood be put, top and bottom to reinforce it? It is possible that I have a complete misunderstanding of the whole thing! I am looking at a set of plans that are over 25 years old when a servo was relatively expensive and one in each wing could add up the $$$

Thread: Glow Sticks
04/12/2018 03:10:40

as I understand it, power panels are powered by a 12 V battery which drop it down to something that can be used to light a glow plug. If I were to make up a cable that was connected to my 12V sealed battery and run it to my glow plug,-----what size/type resister would I wire into one lead of said cable to drop the voltage????

Thread: How do I charge a 2S lipo through the balance lead?
16/11/2018 01:09:53

I have a new 6 volt Rec system so wouldn't a 2 cell Life batt be too high? Also, my 5 cell nickel pack is OK at 6 volts but comes off the charger at 7 plus volts. All this OK to use?

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
08/11/2018 03:44:55

Hello,--I just mailed in my renewal with a Visa payment for RCM&E. On the top and back part of the renewal paper , where it says "3 easy ways to renew or upgrade", the post address ends in Northampton NN47BF. Being a Yank, I thought that last part identified the city and country. The post office took a wild guess and filled in "England".

Now while looking at the front side of said paper, it does indeed say " UK: 0344 243 9023" which I failed to put in the address. Do you think it will ever get to you?

Before I finish bothering you, I really would like clarification on the phone # I need if I ever need to call. One of the numbers is in parenthesis. Do I use or skip it?

Thank you, Robert Chamberlain


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 08/11/2018 08:29:26

Thread: What setting for charging NiMH batteries
03/11/2018 03:08:18

Another senior moment ,--as I understand it, when I plug in a 5 cell NiMH to my charger, It recognizes the cell count. I have my doubts as to how much it is being charged with a 5 MV peak setting. So--I decided to run a discharge cycle to see just how much of a charge it was getting. The charger wants to know how low I should set the voltage to. Do I set it to the voltage of the total pack, or to the individual cell voltage of 1.2? Thanks

30/10/2018 03:16:43

I set my charger, when charging NiMh , to stop at 5MV. I'll run a capacity check to see if it is full tomorrow. If it is not , does anyone recommend a higher number? Maybe 6 or 7 Mv as the termination point? I don't want to cook it,--thanks

29/10/2018 01:33:37

While we are on the subject of NiMH charging, what MV cut off point should I set for the peak termination?

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