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Thread: Silicone Wire Size relative to Volts / Amps / Watts ?
05/10/2018 03:53:24

I read in the August issue of RCM&E about a glider with a rather long fuselage where the servos might be a bit of a distance from the receiver. A "choke" was suggested to help,( with interference?) and I was wondering what it was and what ratings it might have. Any thoughts? ---------------thanks, Bob

Thread: Download area
23/09/2018 04:43:11

I have been trying to contact Brian Winch via E-mail (Wizard of OZ) several times but the message keeps coming back as undeliverable . Any information on a good address? Thanks.

Thread: Engines - general questions.
23/09/2018 04:38:48

I have tried to E-mail Brian Winch (Wizard of Oz) several times about a question on my HP VT but the message keeps coming back as undeliverable . Any ideas about the correct address?

Thread: Can I have two Life batteries powering my Futaba receiver?
22/09/2018 04:02:06

Concerning Tim's comment above: My question is, if using 2 batts plugged into the receiver, what would happen if one batt should fail? Wouldn't' the other batt try to feed into it? As I only have 6 ports on the rec, why couldn't I just use a "Y" extension, plugging the two batts into one end and then only having to use one rec port?

If we are talking about a 2 cell LiFe batt, isn't that a little too high voltage? Every thing on my radio is 6 volts. Thanks for any input. Maybe I'll just go to NiMh--------Bob

22/09/2018 03:43:52

Hello all,--I am new to LiFe battery technology and am uncertain as to the charge rate. AS luck would have it, my cell phone battery has one, rated at 5 volt and 1000MA and my wall charger says the same thing on the label. All new wall chargers for flip phones say 5 volts 2000 ma. Does this mean to imply that these batts can take a 2C charge rate? Of course, I do not plan on using this cell phone batt in an aircraft, but I was wondering if this was indicative of all LiFe batts?-------thanks in advance, Bob in Kansas

Thread: Engines - general questions.
17/09/2018 03:04:48

Hello all, I read an article from "The oily hand" and his comments about caster in 4 strokes.. I have 2 HP-VT four stroke rotary valve engines which say to run caster to better seal the rotating valve assembly. Any thoughts on just going to synthetic instead?-----------------Bob

Thread: lead weghts
05/09/2018 04:41:13

I have used lead shot mixed with epoxy in the hollowed out nose of my sailplanes

Thread: bullet connectors
27/08/2018 06:28:22

While on the subject of connectors I have a quick question.---What about the Sermos or Anderson Power Pole type? I find the Sermos easy to solder up and safe to use however, I have no idea of the Amp rating. I have heard there are different Amp ratings available. I am getting into higher power applications and need to plan ahead.

Thanks in advance,---Bob C

Thread: Jack plugs and sockets
25/08/2018 04:31:07

how about 4 mm plugs? I'm thinking battery to ESC. Bob C

23/08/2018 06:33:17

can anyone offer any help on Sermos or Anderson Power Pole plugs as far as Amp carrying capacity ? Thanks in advance. Bob C

Thread: Please Help Me Out With The Arithmetic On This One Gentlemen!
22/08/2018 05:28:42

I am just getting into electric and am setting up a gentle lady to use the motor to launch. Initial set up is with Sermos or sometimes called Anderson power poles which I find easy to use but I am not certain about their elec rating. Some say there are several ratings and the research I am getting is all over the board. Nothing gets hot ,especially with the short motor runs. Any thoughts out there?---Thanks in advance. Bob C

Thread: Where to put the lead
30/07/2018 05:33:10

I have always used lead shot / epoxy mixture,------easy to adjust in small increments. Only started doing this as my hobby shop also sells black powder and shot

Thread: Saito 180td
12/07/2018 02:14:28

Saito 72 four stroke question. Don't know where else to post it. A couple of years ago there was an article in RCM&E about case venting. As I recall, it stressed a rather short length. If I need to vent the case I would need about 6 inches to get it out of the cowling. Anyone ever put this engine in an ARF Cub 40? The cyl is mounted at the 7o'clock position. How much oil really comes out of this vent anyway? Should I pump after run oil into this? If the front bearing is sealed that would be a problem, won't it? ----------any thoughts? Bob C

Thread: To BEC or not to BEC
10/07/2018 22:44:59

My thanks to all,--Trevor, Nigel,amdyh,Tim,Ken---------------Bob C in Kansas

10/07/2018 05:15:08

Hello all, I was "gifted" a broken sailplane into which I have installed an electric motor powered by a Lipo for the launch. Right now, the receiver is powered by the 5 volts from the ESC. So far , so good. When the Lipo finally shuts down I still have power for the Receiver but, for how long? If I am up in thermal land , I do not want to have to get down. SO,---Separate batt to run the receiver . DO I just cut the little red wire from the ESC and leave the black wire as it is. Doses the black need to stay? or do I just unplug both small wires from the ESC and plug in my separate battery source ? Very little power is required for the sailplane anyway. Any thoughts out there besides the need to have two different batt types to charge? Thanks-----Bob In Kansas USA


Thread: "Brown outs"
24/05/2018 03:24:55

Hello,----- It has been suggested I go to a 5 cell receiver batt pack to avoid voltage drops due to a temporary high servo load. Am I correct in that this would cause the rec to brown out and shut down for a second? If so, would it re-set quickly? How quickly? Am I on the right track with this?-------Thanks in advance,----Bob C

Thread: Prop selection
24/05/2018 02:54:08

Just for comparison purposes for the load the prop puts on the engine/motor, I have sometimes used,----P X D X D X D to give me a raw number. Truthfully, I have never correlated this to anything like amps or RPM. Just a thought to put out there. Maybe I drink too much coffee.------Bob C

PS--I usually just follow the manufacture's advice

Thread: Electric motor for WOT4
05/05/2018 06:42:15

have not worked it out yet

Thread: Instruction Manuals How Useful?
08/04/2018 03:26:25

I think sometimes it is a matter of a solution looking for a problem. Why the engine kill when years ago we just pulled the throttle trim back? On my transmitter, in the airplane mode, flaps are called " flaps".---In the glider mode, flaps are called " CAMB" ie camber. Took me awhile to figure that out. I admit this is my first computer trans. Should get better as time goes by.-------------Bob C

Thread: Returning to hobby
10/02/2018 03:23:50

I am getting serious about getting going back into flying again, but have a couple of quick questions.

1. I have several Futaba servos, never used, that are over 20 years old. I suppose they have nylon gears. Does this material degrade over time and become brittle?

2. I have several feet of very flexible, multi strand 13 gauge wire, but am not sure how many amps it is good for. I'll check around the internet, but so far only found references to A/C current.

3. I have many Sermos/Anderson power pole connectors but can not find anything in my notes as to their amp rating. As I recall, one could buy them in different ratings.

Any ideas?------Thanks in advance----Bob

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