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OZ Funfighter P51 Mustang

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Rosco03/01/2015 10:12:47
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Hi all,

This thread may be a little bit premature as I won't be starting the build for a little while but because I've put it here now, it's a reason to get on with it so the show must go on yes

I am looking forwards to joining the group build as I am a reader of RCM&E and I have read about the build before so am glad to finally join in albeit from Australia.


I have decided to build the Ton Van Munsteren P51B Mustang that was offered as a free plan in the mag. I have had several Mustang models in the past and all have flown well, therefore it was a no brainer although I must admit, there were several other models I was considering too, a scratchbuilt P40 KittyHawk was at the top of the list, maybe even a Zero!

I settled on Ton' Mustang because I've seen it fly and I have a plan to follow, well......I tell a lie.....I'm going to do some modifications, but I will be trying to stay true to his plan where I can smiley

Like I say, I've announced it now so I will have to commit. The build will most likely be slow so I apologize in advance if it seems to drag

...........until I start,

Happy Building all,

Rosco from OZ beer

Rosco03/01/2015 11:36:55
448 forum posts
386 photos

Apologies, typo error in the OP. I meant P51D not P51B blush

I thought it appropriate to finish it in an Australian scheme. I found this one which I like. The Sharksmouth drew me to it ,which is why I really wanted to build a P40, so I can have my cake and eat it too yes

p51d mustang 2015 mass build#1.jpg

p51d mustang 2015 mass build.jpg


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john stones 103/01/2015 15:10:27
11504 forum posts
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Looks good Roscoyes


Rosco18/01/2015 11:01:11
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hello all smiley

Apologies as this build still has not started but I am trying to finish of another before starting on this one.

For anyone who may be interested, it is Mr Ashby' Eager Beaver:


I've had a few thoughts on how I will be doing this Mustang build and although I will be following the plan, it will have some modifications to its construction.

some if my ideas......

I will be only 'D' boxing the wing as I will be covering it with film only.

The tail surfaces will be of 'frame' stlye construction as opposed to full sheet.

The Fuselage will also have more 'framework".

I might add retracts (as I have a set from a previous model Mustang) but will wait and see


Mainly, I am trying to keep it fairly lightweight and will not be doing the full sheet/glass covering as per the original. I am also trying to work with parts that I have laying around therefore I am trying to keep this a cheap build without the need to purchase any more accessories unless I absolutely have to.......

furthermore, I just intend to have fun building yes

Sorry there are no pics yet but they will come.

Rosco smiley

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Ton van Munsteren18/01/2015 13:11:30
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Hi Rosco, looking forward to the build pics.



Rosco20/02/2015 09:37:47
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386 photos

Finally I got a start today smiley

Its not much but it's a start!

As I mentioned before, I will be following Ton's plan loosely but adding my own touch to it. I have started by photocopying the tail and modifying it to be built as a frame rather than a single sheet as per the plan. At this stage it is a bit of an experiment but I can't see why it will not work. My plan is to make a majority of the framework from 5mmx10mm strips. I'm hoping to build the fuselage in a similar manner, all in the name of trying to keep it lightweight as I don't plan on sheeting it.

The great wall of China started with one brick so, here is the start..................yes


You can see where I have drawn a framework over the photocopy. This will be how I plan on building it.




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Rosco21/02/2015 11:40:41
448 forum posts
386 photos

Today I got the tail surfaces built.

I had to make a crude balsa stripper but it did the trick!


pics speak for themselves.........






Rosco03/03/2015 23:04:26
448 forum posts
386 photos
Hi all,

I got a start on the wing today. I have cut the ribs and spars but may add some strengthening because of my intention to cover it with film instead of balsa sheet.

Whilst I have been cutting the parts I have been considering if I will have the ailerons as per the original plan or if I will run thinner full span ailerons along the TE? I have a Super Chipmunk that has the full span ailerons and it flies quite well. The other reason being that in an effort to keep it lightweight, I would like to use a single servo. We'll see......?

Anyhow..... I also tried a different method of transferring parts from plan to balsa. I tried using photocopied parts transferred by heat to the balsa. This method only works with ink from an inkjet printer but it did test my patience and melted my covering iron!

Basically the copied part is layed inkside down on the balsa and 'ironed' on. It works but I found it not to be as easy as it sounds.

Pic's later.......


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Rosco04/03/2015 09:48:54
448 forum posts
386 photos

Here are a couple of pics.......

A photocopied cutout of a wing rib. Unfortunately because I need two, I needed two photocopies because after ironing it on once, the ink transferred across becomes almost non existent the more times it is used.

The other issue is holding the paper in place. If it moves during the ironing, so does the line!

I also found the balsa warping a little after applying the heat from the iron but I was surprised how well it actually transfers across if you get it right. The pic is of my first attempt but subsequent attempts got a better outline laid.


My wing ribs and spars......



Rosco07/03/2015 10:07:29
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hello all smiley

Today I started to put the wing together.

I am still having some thoughts about how it will end up and what exactly I will be doing.

I dummied up some retracts but I'm not going to use them. I had intended to only use a single servo for the ailerons but it looks like I will go with two separate servos and I'm going to add some flaps just for fun yes

Hopefully I can get a bit more done tomorrow............till then, here's some more pics.

Wing ribs, spars and false leading edge glued up....


As per Ton's far wink



Rosco08/03/2015 11:29:50
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all....


After todays effort, the wing now has ailierons and flaps. I have started to sheet the control surfaces. I will be 'D' boxing the front section, capping the ribs and sheeting the ailerons and flaps. Pictures speak a thousand words so here you go...... smiley


I'm still following Ton's basic plan as you can see. Because I have added the flaps, the rear longeron ( I don't really know what its called!) spans all the way across the wing, whereas originally, only the aileron had the longeron to hinge into....


The ailerons and flaps were made as one piece to be separated before sheeting. The longeron needed to be sanded to the correct profile first so I pinned the two pieces together and sanded them to shape, then added the rib extensions and separated the alierons from the flaps....


The lower sheeting added to the control surfaces. I don't have enough balsa sheet to 'D' box the front so I started on the other bits!.....


I couldn't resist pinning the flaps in a down position just for a look!.....



Next is to fit something for the servo's to fit into and finish the sheeting. I will be using the covering film for hinges and need to sand the ailerons to suit. The flaps only need to hinge from the bottom so when they are up, there should be no gap. I need to make some tips up and add the strengthening gussets. Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Untll next time.......

Happy building yes


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john stones 108/03/2015 11:42:33
11504 forum posts
1516 photos

The longerons called a spar..i think, looks a light build on the wing Rosco yes


Rosco08/03/2015 12:08:52
448 forum posts
386 photos

Cheers John, a 'Spar' will do then. perhaps a rear Spar in this case wink

Yes, I'm trying to keep the weight down and have been caught out in the past adding bits and pieces that proved unnecessary.

'Build it to fly, Not to crash' was something I heard somewhere and have run with it ever since.

A bit off topic but I once built a balsa P51D Mustang, that I enlarged from the original plan. It was intended to be a free flight model but I just added some electrics to it for some enjoyment as an RC model. I built it exactly as per the plan and on its maiden, it actually flew - bar requiring some trimming, very well but unfortunately due to restricted space, I powered off and it crashed, with very little damage mind you.

My biggest regret after that was unnecessarily rebuilding it and adding a bit of strengthening here, some there and a bit somewhere else. It only served to add weight and the next time it flew, it was a completely different 'heavy' model that hit the ground twice as hard and was destroyed........ angry.........since following the 'Build it to fly, Not to crash' mantra, I have always had decent flying models that I have built cool


Here is a clip of its maiden (pardon the language at the end!).......


Back to the regular programme then....................


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Rosco09/03/2015 01:05:29
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G'day all again,

So.......back to building for a couple of hrs this morning.

I've almost got the wing completed except for the sheeting and the tips.

Seeing as though I can't get any more balsa today, I thought I'd consider my options about building the fuselage and sat down for a little thinking session!

Ton's plan has the framework skinned but as you would know, I am intending on covering using film so mine will end up slightly different.

My intention is to keep it simple and just build a box style fuselage. I will have some lightening holes cut out and have a former/bulkhead or three but I will be trying to keep it simple. The other difference is that it will lose some of its 'roundness' but I will still be attempting to keep a little shape to the fuze.
It will still look like a Mustang when it's finished, that's the important part.

Now.....time to see when I can get some more balsa!

Rosco12/03/2015 11:17:46
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all again!

I've started on the fuselage. As I mentioned before, I am building the fuze based on Ton's plan albeit using stringers and bracing/crossmembers instead of using bulkheads/formers, with the intention to cover with film, not sheet balsa................

Here is the start of my fuselage. You can see above my balsa frame, the plan has a 'spine' piece. I have just built up a frame as opposed to a single sheet 'spine'. I glued the end of the balsa together and pinned it down to the plan and followied the outside curves as best as possible.....


For those that don't know, Ton's plan calls for the fuselage to be built in two pieces - a top and a bottom. Where the framework sits on the plan is where the top and bottom are separated. I will most likely sheet the turtledeck and the nose with some thin balsa just to get a nice curve on top, other than that, the rest of the fuselage will be of an open framework style.....


If you look closely, you can see how my framework will continue for the fuselage instead of having bulkheads/formers.....


I will need to have a solid firewall to mount the engine to but other than that, the bottom half of the fuselage will all be of a framework nature.....


The other difference will be that the original plan calls for a battery to be inserted under the nose where as I will be modifying the model to accept a battery from the top.

To add some strength to the frame, I am using 6.5mm thick balsa for the majority of the framework.



Chris Barlow12/03/2015 18:26:52
1904 forum posts
1308 photos

Looks very light, and with flaps should fly nice & slow for landing.

Looking good! yes

Martyn K13/03/2015 13:43:05
5083 forum posts
3678 photos

That looks very nice indeed. I love these open structures


Rosco16/03/2015 10:52:51
448 forum posts
386 photos

Thankyou for the comments guys yes I've continued on the fuze, not much but it is slowly, slowly progressing .

I started to 'fill in' the rear section of the fuze. I am still trying to keep it light and I'm still following Ton's plan.

One thing I keep having to hold myself back from is adding un-necessary brackets and gussets. The frame as is can be twisted slightly but I can feel the stifness also. I am happy with it's strength so far and have to keep telling myself to leave it alonesurprise

Once it is covered, it will hold itself together a little more also.

My intention is to make the belly scoop from some sheet as opposed to building it up in 'frame' form. It will benefit from a little more strength in the belly scoop area as it will be a belly lander.

That's it for now, maybe some more tomorrow?

As's some pics smiley

My 'frame work' fuze on top of Ton's plan. I have put the frame work in the same areas as Ton's plan has the formers (like I say, I am still following the plan albeit slightly different).....


Same concept, just from a slightly different angle. You can see the frame work following the plan a little better.....


Fuze without the distraction of the plan!


Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow............till then,

Rosco smiley

Ton van Munsteren16/03/2015 12:03:02
1290 forum posts
3303 photos


Great to see your modifications iam following your every step and its always good fun so see, that your going your own route.



Edited By Ton van Munsteren on 16/03/2015 12:03:27

Rosco19/03/2015 03:10:02
448 forum posts
386 photos

Thanks Ton, hopefully I won't let you down blush

So back to it then.......

I have an old canopy from a P51D model that fits perfectly, both physical size measurements and size according to the plan! It is sourced from the 1100mm HK Durafly model (which may help if anyone is building another)

I spent some time creating a base for it so that I can fit it onto the frame and then have the turtle deck flow into it. I have not really achieved alot more on the wing but this is because I have been thinking about how to mount it a little bit differently to Ton's plan. My thoughts were to have it mount via nylon bolts from the front and from within the fuze and locate at the rear via a locating pin/s or tounge and slot. I'm still thinking about that one. I always think pictures better explain my build or any build for that they are.........smiley

Bottom of the bellyscoop will remain open, only covered by film (to keep it light) but the part under the wing will have a soild base.....


Side view of Fuze and beginnings of the turtle deck formers and the belly scoop.....


Canopy and base (which I might end up lightening by removing some of the sheet balsa 'cockpit' floor )........


Canopy on the base. If I remove any of the sheet balsa 'cockpit' floor then I will leave enough to fit a pilot onto but otherwise it will all be open.....


Canopy on the base and sitting on the Fuze in its location. Note the turtle deck formers.....


I couldn't resist putting it on with the wings and tail just to have a look. (It may look funny because the wings dont have thae ailerons or flaps attatched).....


Until next time

Rosco smiley

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