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OZ Funfighter P51 Mustang

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ron evans03/04/2015 10:29:58
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Quality build Rosco,coolwhat span is she? Would be nice to keep the big lump under the bonnet (or is that hood in OZ ), I've found that bigger lightly loaded motors give better run times than smaller motors flat out.


Rosco03/04/2015 15:00:43
448 forum posts
386 photos
Thanks Ron, much appreciated comments.

The span according to Ton's plan is 1136mm.

Nup, I would say bonnet though some here might say hood!........

So tonight while I am waiting to get some more balsa sheet to finish the wing, I thought I'd make a start on the thing that makes the Mustang most recognizable, the belly scoop.

Unfortunately I cannot post pics from my phone but I will post some when I able too.

I have 'solidified' the scoop for a better word, compared to the rest of the fuze because it will be landing on it.
I have laminated some thick and thin sheets together to give it a solid belly to land on. At the moment the scoop is looking a bit shabby because it needs a sand but once the glue has dried tomorrow, hopefully I can get stuck into it with some sandpaper and smooth it out.

Sorry again, no pics now but they will come!

Until then, happy building,

Rosco05/04/2015 01:59:25
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386 photos

Hello again!

Happy Easter to all.

Here is a bit more progress. Bottom of wing is done. Belly scoop is 90% finished. Wing needs tips and a LE. I'm up in the air (pardon the pun) about leaving the wing with a straight LE or adding the little bumps where it comes out from the fuze?

Anyway, here's some pics...............

Belly scoop before sanding.....


Belly scoop Pre sanding in situ on wing. Note the wing has not been finished in this pic.....


Side on view.....


Belly scoop roughly sanded and in situ. Note wing is sheeted, capped and just about done.....


Close up of the scoop.....


Front view. I don't know if I will blank it off or keep it functional yet?.....


Side on view after rough sanding.....



Rosco smiley

Edited By Rosco on 05/04/2015 02:00:55

Rosco09/04/2015 12:33:54
448 forum posts
386 photos

G'day all,

Well honestly, I haven't had much time over the last few days but I did get about an hour in somewhere! blush

Ironically, I have been thinking about my modifications to the Trojan a bit more too surprise and turning it into an EDF might warrant another thread somewhere but I'll consider that when I get to it......anyways, back to the Stang.

Like I say, not much to report. I made some small extensions that give the wing a bit of transition from the underside of the nose join and I've added some pieces to strengthen the wing mount. I also did an extremely small amount of sanding to get the wing to seat a little better. Not much but fingers crossed, I will get some more done soon.

My next plan is to add the electrics and work out the balance because I need to install a battery tray but I'm not 100% sure on where it will fit at the moment. Once I have worked that out, I can finish the front hatch also.

Here are some pics but, nothing to get excited about........

Sanding the wing seat for a better fit. I put some tape on the top of the wing and a bit of sandpaper inbetween the wing seat and the wing, tighten the wing screw mount up enough to be tight but loose enough to allow the sandpaper to be slid back and fourth.....

wing seat sanding.jpg

A little strengthening of the wing front mount by adding another piece to 'laminate' the mounting 'slot' hole. It is now a nice snug fit for the 'tongue'. I made a boo boo here. I intended to run the grain across the underlying piece' grain but after I had tacked it on with CA it was too late so I just had to go with it. I'm sure it will be OK.....

wing mount.jpg

The small filler piece to continue the under nose section wing transition.....

wing gusset#1.jpg

Side on transition piece.....

wing gusset.jpg

Sorry, not much but enough to keep it slowly ticking along. Hopefully some more soon......

Rosco smiley

Rosco10/04/2015 12:06:59
448 forum posts
386 photos

........Back again yes

It always amazes me how sometimes just doing one thing can bring a model to life! I managed to get a hatch made today and it has added another dimension to the model. I still dont know if it will actually be used for battery insertion but I just made it anyway.


I'm almost there but there are a few things still to be done. I still need to make a LE and wing tips for the wing. I also still need to make some holes for the servo wiring and then the wing should be done.

The fuze is almost done bar a battery tray. I really need to fit it out with the electrics to work out where the battery will sit. I still think the 3536 motor is quite heavy and I might fit a smaller motor in it. It actually seems quite light to the feel but I will give it a proper weigh soon.



The hatch.....


Hatch closed.....


Nearly there.....Top view.....


A few different angles.....




I got carried away and didn't take any bottom pics!


Rosco smiley

Edited By Rosco on 10/04/2015 12:10:19

Rosco12/04/2015 14:38:02
448 forum posts
386 photos
Sorry, no pics today.
I have finished the wing now. All it needs is a light sanding once I've finished the rest of the model.

The fuze is 90% done. I still need to add a battery tray and some where to mount the rudder and elevator servos. Until I have fitted it out with the electrics, I don't know where the battery needs to be to balance it out so I should be getting to that soon.

I also gave the parts a weigh. The whole lot minus the chunky motor came out at 310g although there are a still the other parts that I mentioned that need to be added.

I'm in two frames of mind with the covering. I don't know if I'll use some shiny chrome coloured stuff or a plain silver?.... The chrome stuff does look pretty good though...

Sorry again, no pics from today.

Until next time time,


Rosco17/04/2015 14:00:44
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all,

I couldn't help myself blush

I had some Chrome Profilm laying around from another project so I had to try a bit on the wing and it now looks like I'm going with the Chrome covering..........surprise

It looks good but it has some downfalls too. It shows up EVERYTHING! It can discolour slightly if too much heat is applied and it scratches and creases easily a few feet, it is still shiny yes

I had an issue with my covering iron during my last build - it partially melted at the handle where it joins to the base, so I tried a domestic household iron. It did the job but it was a bit of overkill and didn't work well when it came to the 'finness' side of covering so I'll see if my proper iron will still do the job without melting..........indecision.........fingers crossed.

Anyway, I'm stuck with the Chrome finish now so here's some pics....................

Note the fine scratches.........unavoidable.......but still shiny!.............


It shows up everything, no matter how good you think the wood finish is............but still shiny!.........


Big hole in the middle will be covered. I made several attempts with the domestic iron but I couldn't get it right so I'll have to try with the proper covering iron....................still shiny though!...............


At $30 for 3m of Chrome Profilm from my regular Hobby Shop/s, it is a bit of a rip off considering I was going to use the $15 for 5m (but just plain Silver) from HK but I'm stuck with it now and it really does look good, even if it does have some minor blemishes.........I just need to get some more now, to cover the rest sad



Rosco17/04/2015 14:09:37
448 forum posts
386 photos

Here's the build that I used it on last (quite a while ago now).

I think it is pretty sexy looking stuff.........yes



.........Note my profile pilot. I'll be doing the same for this one.................

vicious virgin.jpg

Rosco cool

ron evans17/04/2015 16:28:35
431 forum posts
22 photos

Boy is that shiny Rosco, any radio problems with the metallic covering (any metal in them I wonder?). Neat work.


john stones 117/04/2015 16:45:32
11525 forum posts
1517 photos

Looks great Rosco, they are not scratches or blemishes it's weathering wink


Rosco18/04/2015 07:49:13
448 forum posts
386 photos
Thanks guys.

Ron, apparently not, according to the hobby shop fella. I did ask. I didn't seem to have any problems with the other model.

John, I like your style. Weathering it is then.

Unfortunately I was only able to do half the wing top because my proper covering iron didn't like the heat and decided not to play fair. It was much easier to use than the domestic iron though but I may have to go back to using the domestic one if I want to finish the covering......oh well.

Till next time


Edited By Rosco on 18/04/2015 07:51:33

Rosco19/04/2015 01:31:31
448 forum posts
386 photos
Sorry, no building today but a few thoughts I've been having....

I am a little disappointed in the way the chrome has come out on the wing so far. It's only early days and I'm sure it will look ok but I can't help thinking I've ruined a good thing.

I really need to get the electrics sorted. Without having them dry fitted, I have no hope of getting it finished because I still need to glue a few more things in place.

I'm a bit annoyed about my covering iron and I might have to work out a fix for it. Using the domestic iron is like trying to undo a 6mm nut with a big shifting spanner. It works but is a bit of overkill.

I have also had the usual problem of fitting the covering around the tips and as I was using an old piece, amount of wastage was at a minimum therefore I only just had enough to hold onto to pull and shrink but it doesn't look good so I'll have to rethink that again too.

Anyway, other things to do today so happy building to all. Until next time..... Rosco

Edited By Rosco on 19/04/2015 01:37:29

Rosco21/04/2015 12:56:03
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all,

Good news is that I fixed my proper covering iron, although in was a pain in the butt. This means that I can use it to finish off the covering. Bad news is that I need to get some more covering and this might take a little while frown

Anyhow, not much has changed other than I have covered the main wing section and only just had enough covering to do one Aileron and Flap.

As mentioned, I still need to sort some stuff out with the fuze but it is just about completed otherwise.

Here's some pics..............

Top of wing done. Obviously I still need to do the tips.........


Bottom of wing............


I couldn't resist the temptation to fit it up............



Rosco smiley

Rosco27/04/2015 14:01:48
448 forum posts
386 photos
Latest update......

Call me crazy, call me mad but I made a decision today not to continue with the chrome covering.

Although it was looking reasonable, there was something not quite right about the chrome covering that bothered me..... I don't know what it was, it just wasn't right for some reason?

I was standing in the hobby shop and I did it. Instead of purchasing a roll of chrome, I got silver instead!

The wing is stripped and I've given it a sand. I couldn't be bothered starting the covering today so I might start tomorrow if I get a chance.

So that's it. It's going to be silver.


Rosco28/04/2015 16:12:33
448 forum posts
386 photos
Hi all,

What can I say other than.... aaaaaaarrrrrrggghh!

I've got no one to blame other than myself!

Today, I started covering the wing. I got one half of the bottom done and started on the other half. All was going well up until I got to the last bit of joining it in the middle...... was short by a mm.

I could not be any closer yet so far away. It was enough to stop me from being able to shrink it because it had nothing to hold onto. If it was short on a solid base I could have covered it but it was short on the edge of an open frame.

I spent alot of time trying to get another piece to fit without looking ugly but I just couldn't seem to do it. I don't want to waste the covering film trying to patch up stuff so I'm not happy.

It still looks ugly but I thought it best to put it away and come back to it another day.

I did attempt to cover it by drawing some panel lines ontop and I might just get away with it if I do that when it's finished.

Anyway, Sorry, I just needed to have a rant because I'm a bit cheesed off with myself.

Until next time,


Edited By Rosco on 28/04/2015 16:15:52

Rosco03/05/2015 12:18:14
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all,


I've been sitting on it (not literally cheeky) frustrations..... for a week now. I must say that after looking at the covering after not looking for a week has made me feel better about it. I still wish it was better in a few areas but I need to suck it up and get on with it.

After covering the wing, I took to it with a fine tipped texta and have drawn some panel lines on it. It will suffice.

It has taken on a little bit of the 'starved horse' look around the wing ribs but I expected it with the open frame structure and in hindsight, sheeting the wing would not have added much more weight at all....not to worry, I'm sure it will still work as it's meant to!

Don't worry about the wing tips in the pics, I've nearly torn all my hair out trying to get them right and I may just end up solidifying the tips?

Any how, enough blabber, on with the pics................

Bottom of wing , the uncovered front centre section needed a piece to fill it in because I just couldn't get the film to look right.....


Panel lines drawn on......


Top of wing with panel lines drawn on.....


I had to fit it up for a look.....

from the bottom.....


From the top.....


It will look better once the control surfaces are done - Hopefully by the next post yes

Till then,

Rosco smiley

Rosco04/05/2015 13:02:29
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hello all,

As promised, wing with control surfaces......



Bottom (I will be redoing the tips!).....


On the fuze.....



I'm starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere again yes

The problem I have now is that I need to be very stringent on my usage of the covering film frown I don't have any spare for stuff ups. It actually cost me $30 for only 2 meters worth, not 3 like I previously mentioned angry

I hope you are all enjoying my build so far, even if it seems a bit repetitive.

Cheers beer


Ian10104/05/2015 13:12:58
226 forum posts
323 photos

Looks good to me and yes, I am enjoying it Rosco.

ron evans05/05/2015 09:53:59
431 forum posts
22 photos

Still watching Rosco, panel lines bring it to life. Wish my film covering efforts were as good, last time trying to be economical I ended up with mucho burned fingerslaugh


Chris Barlow05/05/2015 18:46:58
1904 forum posts
1308 photos

Looks nice & light so far. Any idea what the AUW is likely to be?

Yep still watching, looking at the photos (wondering if I should also build one) and looking forward to a successful maiden.


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