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OZ Funfighter P51 Mustang

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Rosco06/05/2015 01:32:16
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Thanks guys.

Ian, glad you are enjoying it. I was starting to feel the build was getting a bit boring to onlookers.

Ron, don't look to close at the covering! I'm only just barely satisfied with it. I rekon it would've come out better if I had sheeted it. I have to be a bit tight (pun intended) with the remaining covering and keep my excess to a minimum so I might end up with burnt fingers too!

Chris, thanks, I'm flattered that it is inspiring you to get a build going. It's a while off a maiden but I will post a vid when done.

Thanks again fellas

Rosco09/05/2015 04:28:09
448 forum posts
386 photos case anyone is interested, I've started a thread on RCG on my EDF Trojan. I'll post a link later.

Edited By Rosco on 09/05/2015 04:30:32

Rosco09/05/2015 12:48:16
448 forum posts
386 photos

Here is the link to the Trojan mod. Please feel free to follow it by adding it to your favourites or bookmarking it.

Rosco smiley

Edited By Rosco on 09/05/2015 12:50:45

john stones 109/05/2015 13:17:40
11588 forum posts
1517 photos

Nice panel lines Rosco what do you draw them with and will it stand up to being cleaned ?


Rosco09/05/2015 13:34:02
448 forum posts
386 photos
Posted by john stones 1 on 09/05/2015 13:17:40:

Nice panel lines Rosco what do you draw them with and will it stand up to being cleaned ?


Thanks John smiley

Panel lines are just done with a fine tipped permanent texta (sharpie). Cleaning should be ok provided I don't use anything that will remove permanent texta! cheeky


onetenor09/05/2015 14:31:14
1901 forum posts

A bid soldering iron with an ali sole fixed on it can be useful when covering or a small travel iron. Smallest you can get. Some are really dinky

Rosco11/05/2015 00:28:46
448 forum posts
386 photos
I've never heard of the soldering iron one before but I have heard of the travel iron. Thanks for that ot.

I have managed to fix my proper covering iron sufficiently so that should keep me covering!

I have started covering the tail and have my electrics put aside to fit into the fuze. I will finish covering the tail surfaces and then sort out the fuze internals before covering that.

The problem I have at the moment with the electrics is that I have managed to make it so light that my motor is giving it way too much nose weight and the battery needs to sit almost in the tail to balance it and that is with my heaviest battery! I may need a smaller motor. Stay tuned......Rosco

Edited By Rosco on 11/05/2015 00:31:48

Rosco11/05/2015 13:26:02
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hooray........... beer

laugh I've finally moved on from the wing (although I still need to do the tips! crying)

I started to cover the tail today. I also started to fit in the electrics and I now need to find a motor a bit smaller. I have some motors in my parts box but I'm not sure if they will suit this model. I'll wait and see what the AUW is looking like its coming to and then I'll decide.

I have 'dry' fitted some servos for the tail surfaces control and run linkages to the tail. If you hadn't realised, my model will be using rudder control.'s amazing what some panel lines can do to a covered bit of balsa yes

I didn't achieve as much as I would have liked today but at least I have moved on from the wing....for now!

I'm being pretty tight with the covering (pun intended smiley) and cannot afford much excess, if any, so it's getting tricky in some areas and wastage is not an option. I hope I have enough to finish it frown

Anyway, here's a few pics of the progress today.........

Horiz stab sanded and elevator halves joined via bamboo skewer glued in!.............


Halves glued and ready for covering. I'm using covering film for the hinge.....


Covered but looking a bit boring.....


Some panel lines to make it look a bit better.....


Rudder and Elevator servos.....


Linkages to tail.....


Linkage guides to stop some flexing.....


The linkages will just slide out the side of the covering but there are some relief slots to make their exit point a bit neater.....


I couldn't resist fitting up the tail for a look!.....


Another angle.....


Until next time...........


Rosco12/05/2015 13:39:20
448 forum posts
386 photos

Hi all smiley

I had more written out but accidentally closed the tab and lost it all surprise I can't be bothered writing it all out again and I'm tired so here are todays pics................




Last pic is with most of the parts bar the wing servos, some odds and sods and the battery. It also has the Heavy motor within so perhaps a smaller lighter motor will work?

Rosco yes

john stones 112/05/2015 15:13:08
11588 forum posts
1517 photos

It all looks to line up nicely Rosco,wink


ron evans12/05/2015 16:20:04
449 forum posts
22 photos

That's light Rosco, should finish up under 30oz. with batts.What size do you plan on using ?


Rosco12/05/2015 22:37:47
448 forum posts
386 photos
Thanks John.

Ron, I have the standard collection of 2200mah 3s.

I mentioned before about the location of the battery to balance it with the 3536 motor. Interesting that I can only recall only one other model that I have built being nose heavy! I don't want to have the battery sitting up near the tail so the only solution I can think of is putting as much stuff as I can, as far back as I can and then try using a smaller motor so that I can get the battery further forwards. One thing that I haven't tried yet is replacing the spinner with something lighter than the one in the pic's.
Rosco13/05/2015 16:26:53
448 forum posts
386 photos

Tonight I spent a bit of time sanding and finishing off the fuze. I have managed to round off some of the square corners so it is not so boxy although it still retains a bit of its square edginess.

I also finished off the belly scoop and mount so now I just need to cover and glue it. I made a mount for it to glue onto the wing with as I thought it would need a little bit of a stronger bond because it will be copping the landings and I have also blanked it off. I was going to leave it open as a functional scoop but it will get grass and crud inside on landings, besides, the scoop under the nose is functional on my model. I also finished the hatch mounting. I have just used a skewer as a locating pin in the front and some magnets to hold the rear down. It won't be coming off, the magnets I use are very strong (from aan old busted brushless motor) especially if you piggy back them. I will be covering the fuze without fitting the battery tray because I can fit it afterwards and I would like to be able to sort out the motor issue once I have a close AUW so covering it will help with that too.

Sorry I can't add pic's from my phone but I'll chuck some up when I can.

RoscoEdited By Rosco on 13/05/2015 16:33:55

Rosco14/05/2015 01:19:24
448 forum posts
386 photos

Here's the pics...............

Sanded belly scoop ready for covering.....


Mount for scoop to hold onto for some extra bond strength.....


Belly scoop in situ.....


Hatch mountings done. Skewer locating pin at front and magnets at rear.....


Snug fit of the hatch.....



Hopefully by the next post I will have the fuze covered smiley



Edited By Rosco on 14/05/2015 01:21:12

Rosco15/05/2015 12:20:22
448 forum posts
386 photos

Fuze is covered......





I cant help myself so I had fit it up for some photo's.....






The entire covered airframe with no electrics is......


I have a couple of spots to finish up but nothing major so it might be a few more gram's ontop but otherwise, fairly lightweight in my books for its size.....

Next up comes the panel lines.

Until next time


Rosco19/05/2015 12:04:23
448 forum posts
386 photos

Some slight progress but not alot to report today.

I have added panel lines to the fuze but not quite finished yet. I have also added the sharks mouth.

Hopefully tomorrow I might get some time to start finishing off the little bits of covering that need to be done and adding some electrics.


Sharks mouth.....








Slowly getting there. smiley


Rosco19/05/2015 12:14:10
448 forum posts
386 photos

Just some memory refresher pics of the Mustang I am using as the scheme.....oz p51d mustang.jpg

oz p51d mustang#1.jpg

oz p51d mustang#2.jpg


ron evans19/05/2015 14:04:54
449 forum posts
22 photos

Looking good Rosco, have you decided on a motor yet. Going to turn out v light, could have handled retracts...mmm.

Your model has reminded me of a guy I met in work around 1990. We were using his electric motors in our circuit breakers, and he was over from OZ. to sort out some issues.

We got chatting and he told me that he'd flown Mustangs back in OZ. when he was younger,and before returning home he'd arranged a flight in the Grace 2 seat Spitfire !

I often wondered if he was pulling my leg because judging by his age that would put him in a Mustang about 1958 / 60, were they still in use back then?


Rosco21/05/2015 23:09:35
448 forum posts
386 photos
Thanks Ron.

I'm not sure about any Mustangs in Australia but I found some info about them being used right up until 1984, so it may be possible.


I have started fitting out the model with its electrics.

I have also solidified the wing tips and finished covering them. I literally had to use bits and pieces to finish it off because I had no covering left other than a few scraps!

Annoyingly, I tore some whilst fitting out the wing with servos but managed a patch up and even more annoying is that after that, the servo stopped working even though I tested it before fitting? I still have to fit the flap servos and truth be told, I hate this part because it's when hangar rash can be at its ugliest and it's started for me already.

I'm still not sure what motor I'm fitting as it seems that the spinner is causing me the nose heavy problem, admittedly it is rather heavy and ironically, it helped me with some previous Mustangs with tail heaviness issues!

I'm hoping to get some film to finish the decals (I use signwriting vinyl film).

ron evans22/05/2015 18:20:41
449 forum posts
22 photos

Hi Rosco, yes it is annoying having a servo go down, but better now than on the maiden !

The spinner is such a prominent part of the Mustang, hope you can get a lighter one that suits.

I've just found the RAAF Museum website, it seems the Mustang served with the Citizen's Air Force Squadrons until being withdrawn in 1959.


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