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Signal Loss with Spektrum?

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ben goodfellow 103/01/2015 18:45:44
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ok so at the bvrmc field today and coming into land my engine cuts and plane goes into a dive from 25 foot . my sebart 2.2su29 nowt left , as you can imagine am boiling as there was nopthing i could do . i know it was LOS as the engine cut . come home and everything works . when set up . has any one had any similar experiences . im now going to send the tx and rx to HH to see what they say ...

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator03/01/2015 18:51:28
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How was your F/S set Ben? When you say "engine" I assume petrol yes?


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 03/01/2015 18:57:48

ben goodfellow 103/01/2015 19:13:50
1069 forum posts
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yep petrol , the rc excel switch kills the engine in event of los then when we checked it on the ground there was nothing also....fs was neutral surfaces and engine kill

Pete B - Moderator03/01/2015 19:15:05
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Sorry to hear that, Ben - ouch!sad

Appreciate you're probably feeling a bit apoplectic at present but a fair bit more info would help before you box up the radio.

A full description of your setup would give us somewhere to start.

What are you suggesting - that the radio went to failsafe on approach or that uncommanded engine cut and down elevator actions occurred?

The more you can tell us, the better...


Colin Carpenter03/01/2015 19:16:25
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Hello Ben. What rx were you using. I have witnessed several such Spektrum incidents including my Easyglider. Both Orange and Spektrum rx being used. I have come to the conclusion that the DSM 2 rebind time is too long unless very high and ONLY USE DSMX now with no repeats in some 500 flights.


iqon03/01/2015 19:24:29
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I have had similar with hitec gear, went into failsafe as it flew past, didn't know at the time but my rx was too close to ignition. have learnt since, but learnt the hard way......

Dave Hopkin03/01/2015 19:43:54
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Sorry to hear that Ben, But if you had failsafe with throttle cut and neurtral control surfaces, why did it go into a dive rather than a shallow descent?

bouncebounce crunch03/01/2015 19:51:25
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Sorry to read of your loss Ben.

Failed receiver battery pack while under load?

Do a load test on your battery pack, I have a Prolux multi tester which puts nicd and nimh batteries under load before giving you a final capacity reading, I have saved a few models with this method.

What happens when battery capacity gets low? well the control movements don't get slower like a toy draining the batteries, the receiver just stops working at a 3.5 volts.

in the Spektrum manual it states this and in this font manner too- CAUTION: we recommend that you DO NOT fly a model with battery charges at less than 5.3 volts.

hope this was of some use in your Air crash Investigation, bbc.

Paul Marsh03/01/2015 21:06:07
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I was flying a small electric balsa model a few weeks ago on a Planet radio. I used it loads of times at shows and with loads of other models in the air at Weston, etc.

On the 2nd flight, as I cam for a pass, the motor stopped and piled straight in, smashed. I thought it was the radio, but although it worked, the EC3 connector had drifted from the battery, which caused the problem. It lost power, not radio.

Worth checking switches, etc, as loss of power would make the rxeXel switch to chop the engine.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator03/01/2015 21:49:01
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

I have changed the thread title - as a number of forum members have pointed out there could be other explanations than Tx/Rx failure - some possibly even more likely. I think in fairness the title should reflect that.


PS And before anyone asks - no I'm not a Spektrum user - I just find its useful to keep an open mind smile

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 03/01/2015 21:49:44

ben goodfellow 103/01/2015 22:44:07
1069 forum posts
41 photos

its a dx 18 qq tx ar9110 powersafe rx on 2no 1800 lipos...

Lee Smalley03/01/2015 22:48:25
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
Had a few issues with DSM2 especially head on or at very busy fly ins so I switched to DMSS I consider DSM2 an old protocol now and there are for me better ones out there especially if using expensive equipment
ben goodfellow 103/01/2015 22:49:28
1069 forum posts
41 photos

coming into land at approx 1/4 power engine cut then plane went vert down into ground . when we got to the debris the rx was on servos were buzzing (digital) but no commands were being followed. fails safe was set at neutral surfaces and engine kill.

Dave Hopkin03/01/2015 23:36:39
3672 forum posts
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Lots of other possible causes other than signal

Duff RX battery

Duff RX battery connection

Engine Fail

Pilot Error

TX Battery

Engine Cut Switch Failure

Probably more....

Just saying like.....

ben goodfellow 104/01/2015 10:06:59
1069 forum posts
41 photos

the above suggestions are all ruled out , two rx batteris two connections . engine was cut ,definately not pilot error tx is fine on other planes . id actualy like it to pilot error as atleast then id know what happened , but as i stand ive another airframe for my da 60 servos rx and the rest of it but am a bit concerned at installing it all . there were about 10 flyers most of which seen it happen that could prob confirm it looked like was sigal loss

bert baker04/01/2015 10:33:31
1584 forum posts
326 photos

Yep had same thing, just completed a left turn on to finals, and then the plane went into slow roll right into the ground.

No response from radio.

38cc petrol

spektrum 7 Chanel receiver with 2 remotes

two 2200 6v batts both tested and had on board monitors

everything worked after crash.

my mate filmed it and we played it back a few times.

The only thing I could put it down to was a blind spot on the receiver.

I did sometimes wonder if it was because I did not turn and face the model full on with the transmitter

If I have glitches from receivers they get a hammer through them now and get a new one.

New models get a new receiver.

I was using a JR 9 mk2

Edited By bert baker on 04/01/2015 10:35:03

Edited By bert baker on 04/01/2015 10:36:13

ben goodfellow 104/01/2015 10:45:02
1069 forum posts
41 photos

yep sounds the same . except i had 4 sats on board. i was also turning left about 100 metres down wind ..

cymaz04/01/2015 10:53:40
9196 forum posts
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I had unexplained failsafe at Much Marcle which lost me my Gipsy Moth.

The 2.4 scanner in the control tent showed intermittent "hash" passing through the 2.4 band. I'm affraid that there may be more instances like this in the future.

2.4 was supposed to be the cure-all to radio interfence. But with the millions of planes, UAV's,phones,computers etc on it could be its undoing. Just a thought.

bert baker04/01/2015 10:55:26
1584 forum posts
326 photos

What radio was you using.

I spoke to both Spektrum and Jr, Spektrum could not see an issue using Jr tranny, Jr implied something different

ben goodfellow 104/01/2015 10:57:37
1069 forum posts
41 photos

DX18QQ TX 9110 rx . what did jr say??? cymaz your right w will prob get swamped out


Edited By ben goodfellow 1 on 04/01/2015 10:59:00

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