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What are the values of this forum?

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avtur02/02/2015 20:34:19
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I have to admit that I am quite disappointed.

There are many posts on this forum about the 'values', the mods are very defensive of high moral values which I'm perfectly OK with.

However I am very disappointed in the following post ...

"Another post deleted.

This thread is just to express your goodwill towards Alan, nothing more."

I am not sure that making such a comment and then closing the thread is consistent with open and honest comment; if the thread is closed how can anyone make a positive comment.

I haven't seen any of the negative comment, they've been deleted before I've seen anything.

This is a heart warming story which is attracting much positive comment across all media, I am disappointed that the thread has been closed to further positive comment.

I hope that making this comment doesn't put me on a hit list, but I do have that concern that questioning mods may have a negative impact on my forum future ...




Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 20:39:52

FastFlyer Smyth02/02/2015 21:08:33
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I agree 100% with you Avtur, I neither saw anything negative in that thread and I am also disapointed that the thread has been closed for no apparent good reason being given. I doubt you will be put on any kind of a "hit list" as if you are I will surely be in the firing line also, by replying here.

If anything does happen as a result then as far as I am concerned it is their loss mate. I love this place and I know rules are rules but I don't think they would jeopardise the loss of a good forumite who brings experience and good humour to these rooms over a decision to close a thread.

Just my twopence worth. Sorry mods.......

Craig Carr02/02/2015 21:23:23
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Spot on avtur.

I appreciate the difficult position the mods lads have but agree 100% with the particular case you mention.

For the sake of 1 or 2 nuggets why not just delete/boot them off the forum (which was definetely the right action this morning) rather than closing the thread to allow the other 99.9% of the good forum lads contribute and make positive comments.

Would be great if Dave unlocked kens thread, rather than let the daft lads win.


fellow dissapointed

ken anderson.02/02/2015 21:35:27
8793 forum posts
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well said avtur-I've posted similar on the pitts café thread after Alan's got closed - I always go with young asher's and the mod's decision's whether I agree or not..... but in this particular one I was a bit upset by the fact a couple of silly people managed to get it closed-David(young asher's) if your looking in could you maybe have 2nd consideration please ...thank you.

ken A.Barnes supporter's dept.

Pete B - Moderator02/02/2015 21:41:54
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Thanks for raising this, avtur, the thread was locked temporarily to clear the offending posts, allow a cooling-off period and give the mods a chance to discuss it. It has now been re-opened and it is hoped future posts will tend towards the positive aspects of the thread.

The reason neither of you saw the posts is that they were removed fairly quickly once we'd seen them. They were unpleasant on the part of one poster and unhelpful, shall we say, on the part of another. If you don't get to see them, then we're doing our job - I'm sure you can accept that.

I'm really disappointed that you've both chosen to view us in such a negative, accusatory light. I might be biased but I believe most members accept that all posts are welcome here provided they do not contravene the Code of Conduct. If they do, the posts are moderated as you would expect and I think, quite honestly, we tend to take a fairly lenient approach to the sanctions imposed in most cases.

If you have any issues with decisions taken by moderators, it is far better to deal with it by PM rather than start threads, by the way. We know we're not perfect and sometimes we get it wrong, but it is never through malice, you can be sure.

I find your reference to a 'hit list' more amusing than anything else - and not worthy of any denial on my part.


Tony K02/02/2015 21:58:06
228 forum posts
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Perhaps some people think that this story is emphasising the cult of the celebrity, the one off.

I have every sympathy with the person concerned but I wonder how many other victims of our apparent civilised society have received financial support to the extent that this individual has. There must be many in similar devastating situations who do not receive the same amount of financial support because they have not had the “oxygen” of publicity.

Perhaps if the elected managers of our countries did more to help the less fortunate instead of penalising them at every opportunity, such requests for support would not be necessary.

avtur02/02/2015 22:10:21
883 forum posts
20 photos
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 02/02/2015 21:41:54:

.... I'm really disappointed that you've both chosen to view us in such a negative, accusatory light. ...


This is getting very confusing ... if the above comment is aimed at me as the person who started the thread I'm really not sure where the "accusatory" reference comes from ... I took some time and went out of my way to make my comment in the most 'neutral' way possible ...

As for contacting 'mods' directly, then I wasn't aware that was encouraged.

Mods could you please clarify this situation.

I have made comments in support in an entirely good cause, although I was the first to comment there appear to be a number of far better respected contributors than me agreeing with my comments.

I really did not set out to make any accusatory comment towards anyone ... I know that goes against the forums rules and I would not have done it ... I am genuinely confused 

Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 22:12:12

Pete B - Moderator02/02/2015 22:24:47
7681 forum posts
735 photos
Posted by avtur on 02/02/2015 20:34:19:

I hope that making this comment doesn't put me on a hit list, but I do have that concern that questioning mods may have a negative impact on my forum future ...

With respect, avtur, if that isn't a negative, accusatory comment on the way we mods conduct ourselves, I don't know what is....disgust

The final paragraph in the Code of Conduct reads as follows:

If you have any questions or are in any doubt then then send a private message (PM) to any of the site administrators - David Ashby, Biggles' Elder Brother, Steve Hargreaves, Pete B and Chris Bott.

I thanked you for giving us a nudge - yes, the the thread could perhaps have been re-opened sooner - but we did so as soon as you flagged it. The final comments in your post were, IMHO, unnecessary and unwarranted.


FastFlyer Smyth02/02/2015 23:22:34
312 forum posts
12 photos

For what it's worth I moderated on a fairly popular website a few years back.

I lasted about 3 months. I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was a site very different to this in context and I can concur that a mod's life isnt always as easy as some may think. If we had people kicking off or saying/typing things that they know they really should'nt be doing (and lets face it this planet is full of trolls) they would immediatly be blocked with a warning and no further fuss made. Is it as simple as blocking an IP address ? I think so..... It's as easy for admin to click the "lock thread" button as it is for a troll to type something inappropriate.If its someone with only a few posts that has made the offending remark(s) then IMHO just block them. End of............


Edited By FastFlyer Smyth on 02/02/2015 23:23:34

Edited By FastFlyer Smyth on 02/02/2015 23:36:59

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