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Issuing of Certificates

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Erfolg05/02/2015 12:39:55
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I am enquiring how clubs issue the BMFA individual certificates to the member.

At this time of year, very few members actually go to the flying field, within my club. Although a small number can distributed, effectively that will be about 4, from a club of 40.

Then there is club night, that generally attracts about 10, 4 of which go to the field.

Which leaves the issue of how to distribute the remaining 30.

By letter is relatively expensive, door to door (although cost me money) is time consuming.

Any bright ideas of how to do the task effectively in a timely manner.

Dave Hopkin05/02/2015 12:41:58
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Email the recalitrant members asking when they can collect thier insurance docs....

John F05/02/2015 13:06:35
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I would have thought that collection from the club would bring some members in but are you charging just the BMFA fee or more?

If you are charging more than the BMFA fee surely the extra money would cover the 70 pence required to post the certificate?

(62p for a stamp plus 7.5p for an envelope (£1.50 for a pack of 50 with free postage))

Erfolg05/02/2015 13:07:24
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Nice idea Dave, except I just have about 25% of the members E-Mail addresses, assuming all members have an address. Of those only 2 have replied to me with confirmation that they received an E-Mail from me.sad

Erfolg05/02/2015 13:09:02
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Our club fee is £5, there is little meat to waste on posatage, unless unavoidable.

avtur05/02/2015 13:57:40
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Our membership secretary sends them out by post, he has the membership list including addresses, he deals with BMFA, so with the addition of some of his time (generously and freely given - nice chap!), they get posted out.

2nd class is 53p plus cost of envelope which is covered by club membership fees.

No problem. smiley

John F05/02/2015 13:59:14
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I think you've already convinced yourself that you have tried everything other than drive to each and every house to manually post, which may well cost more than the club buying in a few stamps and envelopes to post to the remaining members.

I think most members would not haggle over a £1 increase to enable a postal service next year.

Having said that do you have a club website? If so put a notice up there to state the certificates are ready for collection. If not I am sure once the weather starts to be more agreeable the members will seek you out.

Olly P05/02/2015 14:06:14
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Do you have a club hut? Perhaps a text to any mobile numbers saying they are in such and such a place in the club hut. please claim when next at the field?


Erfolg05/02/2015 14:06:28
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We do not have any Internet presence. It is something which we are investigating.

To be honest John, I think you are correct, in thinking hat i will probably just drive round, as far as is practical. The remainder will have to be posted.

I was hoping that some one else had a magic bullet that resolved the issue easily for me.

In the longer term, I would hope that the BMFA would just send me or the individuals a file via the Internet, that they could personally print out if they had a need. Although, I guess that is a long way into the future.

Cuban805/02/2015 14:19:38
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I can't get over how some clubs dicker over a few quid here and there and particularly when it comes to postage. Club officials give enough of their time for free, so if it means members having to cough up a few coppers for the convenience of posting out essential club communications then so be it.

I'm membership secretary of a club of 105 and although we email renewal notices to members who are on-line, we don't mess about with bringing BMFA papers to club nights, over the field, or left in a local model shop etc etc to save on postage costs.

All our members received their club cards and BMFA certs last week, so other than a few stragglers (we fine them £15) the main bulk of my work is done. BMFA portal makes it even easieryes

Erfolg05/02/2015 14:51:06
11857 forum posts
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Whoa, you are hard Cuban, or should I call you Sir! smiley

I am a total wimp, that prefers that we spend on the things that are absolutely necessary, and help us in our hobby.

I have started to distribute BMFA events via the Internet to club members, that is as far as possible. To date not with great success. Yet the mighty Oak grows from the first acorn.

It seems I will be struggling through. I must say, that in my opinion (at the moment that is) as long as the members are insured and the BMFA sends out the mag etc.not having the bit of paper is not a life threatening issue. I may change my mind though, if some one explains why.

John F05/02/2015 15:06:12
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There may be another issue though in that refusal to get the certificates to the members in a timely fashion might be frowned upon by the members as the certificate is theirs, not the clubs. The BMFA might see it in a similar light.

For the princely sum of 70p each they can have it in their hands within two days and improve your wellbeing and piece of mind at the same time. it certainly beats, as Cuban says, dragging the certificates around, hoping to bump into the right members.

IanN05/02/2015 15:10:44
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Erf, a lot of clubs have a two tier fee

- one fee for those who are happy to get newsletters and any other comms by email, and agree to pick up essential docs (such as BMFA) themselves: be that at the field, club night, AGM, or whenever, AND

- a second, higher, fee for those who want everything posted

perfectly reasonable imo. Folks can then make their own choice as to what suits them best, club costs are covered, and why should you have to ferry stuff round at your own time and expense fro those who can't be bothered when you could be flying or building instead wink ?

Cuban805/02/2015 15:21:28
3100 forum posts
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Posted by Erfolg on 05/02/2015 14:51:06:

Whoa, you are hard Cuban, or should I call you Sir! smiley

'Your Lordship' will suffice................laugh

Can't see what's hard about us, the £15 'fine' as I put it, is actually a discount applied to the club's subscription that's valid for early payment i.e before 1st Jan. This has worked well for us for many years and does concentrate the minds and cheque books of a few members who wouldn't bother renewing until spring, with the attendant extra admin and costs to us and the BMFA.


Edited By Cuban8 on 05/02/2015 15:24:36

Engine Doctor05/02/2015 15:23:55
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Hi Erflog As you do all the donkey work for the members why not include an amount in the subs to pay for all likely postage for the year .We have a small excess from subs most years depending on what work we do at our field ; this pays for incidentals like postage, paper and envelopes etc . Anything left over is paid into our reserve account for rainy days. If subs are cut to the bone then this basic need of delivering BMFA docs becomes a pain. Post them and its done . Simples


Erfolg05/02/2015 15:59:19
11857 forum posts
1360 photos

I sincerely thank you all for your responses.

There are many good ideas out there, many of you are more aware of the capabilities of the modern world than at present it appears our club is.

We are taking the first tentative steps towards entering the world of communication using modern technology. Although i must admit that i never use my mobile phone, nor does it go with me. Perhaps when i get a man bag, I will have somewhere to keep it.

I am aware that many members of our club are pensioners, and we are also mindful that those with very young families seldom have much spare cash, as there is always something that the family needs. So I say to you indulgent middle agers, buy that £600 model whilst you can. In the meantime I believe our club will continue our own austerity programme, determinedly not making the PO rich (apologies to all the posties out there).angel 2

Thanks again.

andyh05/02/2015 18:09:03
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my club sends the BMFA certifcate, card, etc. out with the new year's club membership card

I did manage to persuade them to accept subs by bank transfer this year, for the first time

Pete B - Moderator05/02/2015 18:47:51
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One option, if members do resist all efforts to get connected to the modern world, might be to insist on an SAE with their cheque for return of their card when you receive them. Those that don't have to come and collect it.

That'll save arguments over increased or two-tier fees, save your fuel and you don't have to provide the stationery, stamps or ink either....wink 2


Chris Bott - Moderator05/02/2015 19:06:45
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My club insists that members must come to one of the monthly club nights to re-join, they can only collect the insurance cert from a club night, and if they don't re-join at the Dec/Jan or Feb club nights, they will have to pay the new members joining fee of £20 when they do get round to it.
Seems to work a treat.

WolstonFlyer05/02/2015 19:12:32
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I think the postage to send them out will cost less than the fuel and your time to hand deliver them.... you would claim the fuel back from the club 'right'??

Our club fees are much higher than your five pounds Erfolg... 90 all in including BMFA membership so I think your members can stand a small increase to cover the cost of postage and save you a lot of work!

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