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Clarkson dropped

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Josip Vrandecic -Mes25/03/2015 17:13:01
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I know, it will be all sorts even reasoned reaction to his departure .... but this unique and controversial giant greatly missed to me...sad

Stevo25/03/2015 17:26:55
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If I went up to my boss and decked him and sent him to A&E, I'd expect to be sacked, simple as !

Nigel Day25/03/2015 17:28:45
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Yes Jo, he's great to watch.

If the BBC's version is to be believed though, attacking someone verbally and physically because they hadn't arranged hot food isn't reasonable.

However good/special/unique someone is, lines have to be drawn - and it seems he crossed that line.

Geoff S25/03/2015 17:34:02
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Well, as a keen cyclist I consider him an over grown and over weight oaf. He has been on record as saying he'd run cyclists down if they got in his way on advanced stop lines at traffic lights -amongst other things. Now I don't think he'd actually do that but his over macho attitude certainly influences less mature drivers. I metophorically spit as I ride past his former public school in Repton.

Whatever happens the BBC can't help but sack him on what appears to be the evidence. Surely no one can support someone who resorts to physical violence at work. I'm sure if I'd hit anyone when I was working I'd be out the door at slightly under the speed of light.


Michael Ramsay-Fraser25/03/2015 17:36:13
230 forum posts

Have to agree.

I think Clarkson has tremendous presentational skills and always entertains. I've also been a fan of Top Gear ever since Clarkson was slim and had hair (a very long time ago).

However, I've never been a fan of his slightly right of Ghengis Khan politics or his ill disguised zenophobia.

Punching someone in the face and verbally abusing them is just plain wrong and all his fans that are up in arms should ask themselves how they'd feel if their boss did the same.

Craig Carr25/03/2015 17:38:57
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They (BBC) had no choice really, but I will miss the show crying.

Frank Skilbeck25/03/2015 17:43:12
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Shame he's gone, but he was turning into another self opinionated celebrity who thinks the world revolves around them.

Michael Ramsay-Fraser25/03/2015 17:46:45
230 forum posts

Well, I believe Clarkson sold the Top Gear brand back to BBC some time ago (and probably made a fortune in the process).

So the BBC could continue Top Gear but whether it would be the same without him is adifferent matter.

Give it a few years. Just like Jonathan Ross, he'll be back like the prodigal son.

Edited By Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 25/03/2015 17:47:07

Steve Jones 225/03/2015 17:48:24
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There often comes a time when the ego overtakes the talent....the species reverts to type and chases the money... Bye bye BBC and HELLO Sky..... On to the next Chapter....

Dai Fledermaus25/03/2015 18:24:14
1079 forum posts
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Some say Top Gear has long ceased to be a programme for adults, it's more suited to cbeebies.

And on that bombshell...................

cymaz25/03/2015 18:34:06
9610 forum posts
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Chris Evans will not be taking up the post left by JC.

Martyn Perks25/03/2015 18:47:58
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I haven't watched the last series as I felt it was all very tired. I do think it's for the best.

ceejay25/03/2015 18:53:28
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it was reported elsewhere that his interest in TG was bought by BBC worldwide in 2012 for £50 million!! JC has not been sacked, he was not employed by the BBC directly but a company that makes TG for the beeb, what they can and have done is not renew the contract, due for renewal end of March! and as the other 2 presenters contract was due at the same time i find it difficult to see TG continuing, i see its perfectly OK for BBC3 to continue showing TG repeats and making money from JC et al, along with Dave, also partly owned by the beeb apparently!!

hey ho more time in me shed of a Sunday evening, or should i watch the grey TV that occupies most of the other channels,

shed it is then!!


GONZO25/03/2015 19:06:17
1412 forum posts
14 photos

Glad to see the back of the egotistic, arogant overblown public school boy who's too full of his own self importance. IMO a most unpleasant individual. The programm has been rubbish and a load of tosh for many years, only suitable for that section of society that are best classed as 'adult children'. I think the facts of the incident are well recorded and proven; there was a serious and protracted verbal and physical assault causing the producer to visit A&E. Also, the police are now investigating the matter.

Anyone who thinks that JC has been hard done by should reflect on how they would feel if they had been in the position of the producer and what action they would expect from thier employer!

Trevor Crook25/03/2015 19:15:52
1043 forum posts
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Agreed, any physical assault should mean instant dismissal. If only that applied to footballers.....

Gordon Brown25/03/2015 19:40:50
64 forum posts
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I have heartily detested this arrogant, ignorant, racist bigot for many years and am delighted that the BBC have taken the proper action by binning him. The world does not need anyone of his ilk.

Don Fry25/03/2015 19:41:43
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Fair agreement of view then.

On a slightly serious note, and I am well oiled, I remember in work one day being taken by the collar and gently shaken, by a boss, and thinking, as a handy lad in those days, that this "person" would look much prettier at my feet. And thinking marriage, mortgage, think on, think on, don't react ad infinitum. And you think of the minion on the receiving end of his tirade.

Essjay25/03/2015 19:48:36
578 forum posts
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The problem for the BBC is that they're caught between a rock and a hard place. They'll be damned if they do, and be damned if they don't.

I think they've made the only decision they could in the circumstances, especially as it's been hinted now that the Police could be involved.

I can't see Hamster and Capt.Slow continuing in any replacement show the BBC may come up with, and as has already been said their contracts are also up at the end of the month.

In my opinion the best all three can do now is hope for another channel to come forward with a new idea for a show, although I doubt very much if they'll be able to better the TG format.

Brian Wilson 225/03/2015 19:51:41
30 forum posts
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With that (censored) gone, maybe they can produce a real motoring show

jack Armitage25/03/2015 19:54:38
12 forum posts
1 photos

There is always 5th Gear zzzzzzzz

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