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Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??'s a bit warmer!

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cymaz28/06/2018 17:21:15
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Posted by Erfolg on 28/06/2018 13:39:07:

There is another down side, at least for me, every Horsefly for a twenty mile radius makes me their favorite human. To the extent, I wear a sleeved shirt, also because of the sun and long trousers.

I cut the grass yesterday after work....and must have got the rest of the uk horsefly of the Almightys’ creations I can happily swat....vamp

trebor28/06/2018 17:49:41
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Its a bad time of year to fly yellow covered planes, we get loads of small flying beetles and the worst are those small spiders that float in the breeze on thin strands out of the trees which are guaranteed to land on your face while flying angry

Tom Sharp 228/06/2018 19:44:54
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Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 28/06/2018 14:03:57:

Yes Erf, I'm similar. I sit in the shade of the tailgate of the car sipping my drink and just venture forth to fly, then back to the shade! Great isn't it!!

Tom, I don't know what weird mode it is that requires the use of your hamstrings to fly a model - and I don't think I want to know!! wink 2


It was an injury sustained in my other hobby, Stamp collecting. laugh

Erfolg29/06/2018 19:00:30
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Well cymaz, those creatures are sneaky, I was bitten again today, as i carried a camping chair back to the cabin.

Ah, everyone is thinking, has he been flying today, you bet I have.

I could not but laugh, the Fracking Protestors turned up en-mass today at the Fracking Site. They closed half the road, sat in their sunchairs, had a barbeque or two, staggered into the road. Some one had hired temporary traffic lights, to control the now single file road. At least today the police were not assaulted by woman, attacking from the back of the police, whist two of them tried to control a protestor, was randomly walking into the path of traffic. Because the police were either sat in their vans, or driving up and down the road.

Today was one of those days where I was by myself, arriving early morning, as later in the day i was on the school run for the grandchildren. It was a day when all those perfect landings and general acrobatics that I do were not appreciated. It always happens when you are by yourself doesn't it?

In my case no, I managed a bouncy, bouncy landing with my PT19. I did three take offs and landings with my Accuris, The first landing was onto the tall grass at the edge of the Field (the rough). The second was, well, bouncy. The third was bouncy, with a nose over breaking the prop. I next flew my Peter Millar Cussut, which I flew with great aplomb, and made a bouncy, bouncy landing.

The common theme seem to be not just incompetence, but the tendency for the models to float on, then on. Finally when touching down, the speed was still quite high, combined with rock hard ground, ultra short and yellow grass, made a mockery of my best efforts.

At this point I went home, thankful that there were no witnesses to my performance. No one will ever know, will they!

Having endured the Fracking Protestors, for a second time, whist waiting at some traffic lights, there was alight bulb moment. I had not locked the gate to the field, so back to the field. Thank God for aircon, I thought, as the car is possibly the coldest place in the NW at the moment. Even with blinds closed,secondary curtains closed, and every window wide open, including all the French style doors. But I do like it like this!

David Davis01/07/2018 07:10:56
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So do I Erfolg, that's the main reason I emigrated!

Gorgeous weather here in central France yesterday so went flying . I flew three models: my well-flown, by now somewhat battered SLEC Fun Fly, a Boomerang 2 and a Radian electric powered glider. I had a fifteen minute flight from the Radian from a 40 second motor run. It was a good day for thermals!

The Boomerang was powered by an Enya 45 II and it was the model's maiden flight. It took a fair while to get airborne but otherwise flew well. The Boomerang 2 has a fully sheeted wing and is probably a bit heavier than most ARTF trainers of that size.

This is the second Boomerang 2 I've had. The previous one was powered by an Enya 50 SS which flew it beautifully, but I've wrecked the thread in the aluminium of the cylinder into which you screw one of the cylinder head bolts. I'm going to try liquid metal and an M2 tap.

If that fails I'll be up for a new crankcase because it's far too nice an engine to throw away. I've sent an email to Steve Webb about the availabilit of a spare crankcase.

Erfolg02/07/2018 19:02:15
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DD, it is a pity about the natives.

The weather has now been so good for so long that less and less are going to the field. People soon forget UK normality. or so it seems. Not me though, well not quite true, I did not go the field today and cannot go tomorrow, prior appointment.

The exceptional weather is now throwing up issues that are not expected. The ground being so hard, that models that are proper scale or sports types, not the 3d scale type, are having trouble landing. There are two main problems, the first is that the models tend to roll on when landed. The second is that due to the very low wind speed, models need to be flying quite fast relative to the ground, this has caused a number of models to bounce along after the initial touchdown.

The last issue has apparently damaged a superb model, which featured in a then rival magazine over a few issues. In the flesh th quality of the build is or was exceptional. Apparently a few bounces and a cartwheel, was all that was needed.

There has been another factor, in that the wind has been slightly cross strip, where some of the trees , hedges and topography, have an effect.

But hey, I am more than happy to live with these few, minor issues, until I wreck a model.

You ask about the Fracking Protestors. Hmm, the police have had a change of tactic, at least to look at. There were two policeman standing in the entrance to the site. Most frequently seen in the news in France where the riot? police are called in. You know just by build and demeanor, do not even think of messing with me, I will do what is necessary not to be hurt, you may not be as fortunate. Strangely, the fracking Protestors are keeping well clear and out of the road.

Erfolg12/07/2018 15:29:02
11211 forum posts
1101 photos

At long last good news with respect to the Fracking protestors. There is now an injunction in place to prevent them closing of the site. Which means so i am told closing of the main road, as they frequently have done. For non violent protestors, they seem to indulge in something that looks similar, whilst shouting, get out of my face, do not push me, as they crowd the police, or worse.

Anyway, flying, I have been out most days, so it seems. The field is rock hard, the grass, not growing, which is great. Much to my surprise, I found that the hoof prints of the sheep that managed to get onto the field are still there. Diminished, but still significant to small wheels that many of my models have. Also being essentially a farmers field, it is not smooth, being a series of random hillocks.

It is the combination of minor issues that is causing many models issues as they land. Often bouncing several times. The other issue is that the models are taking a hundred yards or so to come to a halt. The normal landing approach is down hill.

The track down to the field is now rock hard, who would believe that the same track was an unstable mud slide during early Spring?

The recent fly in appears to have gathered a number of new club members.

For myself I cannot but recommend the PM Cassut, which I am now flying every time now. It is much nicer to fly with a UC than hand launching as before. Above all it is a great flier, although tiny. I have joked is it eligible for the LMA, being close to 1/4 scale, with a span in the order of 36" or maybe slightly less.

The Bills Flying Models Slingsby T67 Firefly, must be one of the nicest models to fly due to its docile and predicable landing. I am told that the kit has been updated, now having a FG moulded nose.

So far a great summer.let it continue.

Southport a dormitory new town to Liverpoolwink has held a Airshow over the week end. Prior to and during the event, flying over the field has been 2 DH Vampires/Venoms, what appeared to be 3 Pitts, 4 big piston type aircraft, Tucarnos, BAE Hawks, probably a Spitfire, a Meteor, plus the normal Typhoons. Most pretty high or to the side of us, not causing any anxieties, although a close watch was kept on all. At home, across the estuary, I watched many more aircraft and the ground pyrotechnics that accompany these events.

Tom Sharp 212/07/2018 19:00:17
3299 forum posts
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Ah Southport, reminds me of Woodvale Rally, long, long ago.

David Davis12/07/2018 19:12:30
3197 forum posts
533 photos

Woodvale Rally.

I was there as a schoolboy spectator in the early Sixties. The finale of the day was watching three "full house" aerobatic models fly together. At least one of them was a Chris Olsen Uproar, maybe even the Chris Olsen Uproar. Three unsilenced 10cc two strokes. You don't forget that sound!

Edited By David Davis on 12/07/2018 19:13:06

Percy Verance12/07/2018 21:26:27
7381 forum posts
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Been a great evening here in the South Lakes. A beautiful still evening with no wind. I just got back 20 minutes ago after a good session tutoring a new flyer on his Funcub. Went very well.

will -013/07/2018 22:21:46
463 forum posts

Evening flying here in east angular:

Very nearly lost my Chilli Breeze. Looked away from it for a moment and couldn't find it in the sky after. Seemed like an age before I found it again, happily still flying in a recoverable position!

Also, maidened my Sebino Laser 200 laugh

daniel handley13/07/2018 23:05:19
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hi all, my recently built dawn flyer took to the skies yesterday. a couple of clicks on the trims to get it trimmed and flying well, It is a great feeling to see a model I have built from a kit fly for the first time! I look forward to many more flights with it.20180704_134027.jpg

john stones 113/07/2018 23:10:07
10141 forum posts
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Posted by daniel handley on 13/07/2018 23:05:19:

hi all, my recently built dawn flyer took to the skies yesterday. a couple of clicks on the trims to get it trimmed and flying well, It is a great feeling to see a model I have built from a kit fly for the first time! I look forward to many more flights with it.20180704_134027.jpg

Very nice Daniel. yes

daniel handley13/07/2018 23:16:05
47 forum posts
17 photos

thankyou john.its my new favourite model!

Tom Sharp 213/07/2018 23:21:24
3299 forum posts
17 photos

Bet it sounds lovely too, with the wind whistling through the wires.

bert baker22/07/2018 10:54:52
1254 forum posts
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img_2792.jpgFinally after being in progress for a long time. I took my new Blackhorse 45cc Chipmunk out,

Carried out its maiden and carried on with about five flights throughout the day.

I have fitted a NGH 38 fourstroke and it's a great combination,,,,just love the way when on full flap the plane is very positive to control,

Old Geezer22/07/2018 14:34:57
560 forum posts

Well - I finally returned to the Brotherhood of the Oily Paws 3 days ago having installed an Irvine 46 in a previously leckie powered artf Wot4 - it had never been as happy with the big Axi on the front as my previous artf outrunner propelled Wottie. I had a couple of fraught sessions in the garden setting up the Irvine earlier in the week, but with help from other club members we finally sorted it out at the field sufficiently to get a couple of dry mouth 5 minute flights before the fire went out and the Wottie performed two undramatic dead stick landings. So, back up to the field on Saturday morning, a change of prop' down to a 10-6 to allow the Irvine to rev' a bit more freely, and pushing the boat out, a new O.S. plug. Result - two long flights - throttling was spot on - approach on tick-over extended with a couple of blips to get onto the patch - best of all - it flew just like a Wot4. As a dessert I got my Axi powered Junior 60 out of the car and had not quite half an hour whiffling round at walking pace [it was dead calm] and mostly just above head height - bliss!

Peter Miller22/07/2018 18:50:55
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Went flying tday, good afternoon.

The field hasn't been mown for about 4 weeks. WE WANT SOME RAIN

Cracks are 8 to 12 inches deep


Percy Verance22/07/2018 19:21:51
7381 forum posts
143 photos

It's pretty bad in a lot of places Peter.

JUst got back from the Scale Weekend at Old Warden, and it's the same there..... everywhere is parched.

p1000289 (copy).jpg

I also spotted this at OW too. One could perhaps be forgiven for assuming the owner suffers bladder problems...... or maybe he's Scottish and it's another wee joke of some sort?

p1000286 (copy).jpg


Edited By Percy Verance on 22/07/2018 19:36:12

Don Fry22/07/2018 19:55:38
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Today I was sticking my boat into the Charente river, SW. France. Going on a camping holiday on it. Not posh.

But, coming up from the south were 12 storks. At about 70 meters. When I first saw them I thought they were aircraft. Just shorrt of my house, they hit a thermal. And they climbed, in a spiral. Until they were a good 500 meters, specks in the distance. And then they continued north.

And I never saw one move a wing. Magic 5 minutes.

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