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Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??'s a bit warmer!

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Peter Miller22/07/2018 21:07:00
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Hi Percy

and here is one for the Winter flying

flu it.jpeg

Tom Sharp 222/07/2018 21:37:52
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Isn't it an invasion of privacy showing some ones number plate on a public forum. I say this in all seriousness, eg the TV block of car numbers on news items. smiley

john stones 122/07/2018 23:10:27
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Been a warm un, flying this evening was magic...had a couple of Stoats entertaining us a well, how beautiful are they. face 1

Peter Miller23/07/2018 08:08:37
9906 forum posts
1160 photos
10 articles

I am NOT going to get into an argument but a news story would show the date and place where that number was which would then locate the owner at a time and place. That might possibly be an invasion of privacy.

So, if you can tell me where and when that photo was taken I will remove it

I would also add that people with very obvious cherished numbers as extraordinary as that one must expect them to be photogrpahed

Edited By Peter Miller on 23/07/2018 08:09:54

Edited By Peter Miller on 23/07/2018 08:12:31

bert baker23/07/2018 08:26:49
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Let's hope he covers his number plate up when driving then.

Percy Verance23/07/2018 08:41:52
8050 forum posts
154 photos

Exactly Peter.

I'd imagine the whole notion/idea behind a personalised registration plate is to display the fact that the owner of the said vehicle has personalised it and would like you to know that. Otherwise what would be the point?

If the owner of the car I photographed hadn't wanted his plate to be seen by me or anyone else while it was parked among hundreds of other cars, then perhaps a cover over the plate may have been the way to go?

Edited By Percy Verance on 23/07/2018 08:47:25

Nigel R23/07/2018 10:27:02
2837 forum posts
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Well I for one am getting out far more than I usually do and clocking up a good number of flights. Long may it last. It feels like living near the Med.

The harder than usual runway is suiting one or two models better than others. My Chilli Wind, wide stance taildragger, likes it, the RM Trainer with its trike gear also does, the Bi Fly with a slightly forward, narrow and high UC, not so much. My foamie MX2 will nose over on any ground, but it's UC is useless.

This week I have a newly inherited (and quite well used) Pushycat style model - although a touch bigger at 42" and about 3lb (I think built on some Mirus wings) - to "re-maiden".

Tim Flyer23/07/2018 13:33:08
991 forum posts
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Had a great day Saturday flying my World models Spitfire which has a great performance with its Laser 80. I did my first bit of “Warbird formation flying” with a clubmate piloting his very nice Seafire(navy Spitfire) powered by an OS 120fs. The two planes sounded great together with their 4s sound and it was much harder than I had anticipated trying to keep in formation . I must admit I purposely missed out my club mates synchronised “loop” command as I wasn’t ready ! Great fun!

On Sunday I flew my Seagull P47 (my favourite) having had a really good flight I flat stalled it on landing whilst attempting to go around and sadly broke a wing ( new wings now on order) . The P47 with its Laser 100 has been my “go to” Warbird and has had s lot of flights so I’m not too sad about my mistake . Hopefully it will soon be up for more action 😊

Erfolg23/07/2018 20:36:04
11210 forum posts
1118 photos

Along with the other 30, 000 model fliers i have been out, flying my models.

Somethings never change though, United Utilities had more road works on the principal road that I take. Then of course those Fracking protestors were back, although not closing the road. I guess the rather serious, fit looking (rather than the rolly poly) police persons were a serious deterrent. Although the protestors still wander into the path of cars that do not beep in support.

On that basis on Saturday I decided to take the coast road to our site. What a mistake, why, because an attempt at a Guinness record was taking place on the beach. The coast road itself was closed, the detour went at a snails pace. Oh, if my state education had only taught me to read. Then I would have read all about it in the local rag. Oh, if I only had a bit of commence sense, I should have thought that the Lytham festival, with all the singing artists, would have have hoards of the holiday and day trippers in town. I did not twig the obvious, when I was going to see El Divo on the Sunday Night. How dim can one be?

My flying has been mixed. After another repair to the Do 335, it has finally bit the dust. All the repairs, the checks, the hours of blood, sweat, and tears, had it spin out of the sky, totally unresponsive, smiting the ground with a mighty thwack. For £20 from BRC hobbies, years of successful, pleasure laden flights, not bad value.

My Junkers/ Meschersmitt 263 has flown a few times. It needs more development and repairs, as it goes posterior over chest, when it lands. This is due to running out of elevator as it does not flair to land, then going, you know the rest.

The brilliant news is that my HK Arcus is now fling like a Pushy Cat. The one down side is that it is not as sprightly on a APC style prop, as it was on the original Gemfan prop. Weight really does matter, it seems.

At long last my old Ta 152H is back in the air, thanks to a club member launching it for me. I have cut down on elevator throw. One thing I have learnt at my new club is that it is better to harmonise the controls, than to fly round the vastly differing reactions of the model.

Other than that I continue flying the Sterling Kits Stinson, the PM Cassut, he really needs to scale this model up to about 50" span and Bills Models Slingsby T67, which rather flatters the flier.

As to the smaller stuff, it will have to remain my Delta and bring the Pushy Cat back into service.

Long Live Summer!

Tom Sharp 223/07/2018 21:00:45
3382 forum posts
17 photos

Painting sheds. laugh

Luccaaa23/07/2018 21:06:10
65 forum posts
110 photos

Sadly, I too couldn't resist the weather and my lidl glider paid the price! I let one of my friends who flies quad copters chase me. There I am having a wonderful time with my lidl glider and then he cuts the tail of mid flight with his props! All that being said I was up at the club yesterday and having a wonderful time flying my Super 60 and Vampire.


malcolm woodcock 123/07/2018 21:10:55
393 forum posts

Managed to get flying today, only the second time this year. Managed 5 flights with my re-motored WOT 4 E Mk 2, took out all the church roof and fitted paralleled 3S 2200, it balanced a treat. Flies like a WOT 4 should now.

malcolm woodcock 123/07/2018 21:10:58
393 forum posts

Managed to get flying today, only the second time this year. Managed 5 flights with my re-motored WOT 4 E Mk 2, took out all the church roof and fitted paralleled 3S 2200, it balanced a treat. Flies like a WOT 4 should now.

trebor18/08/2018 09:59:58
1898 forum posts
214 photos

All alone yesterday morning for a FFF. (flyfoamfriday)


Percy Verance18/08/2018 11:12:48
8050 forum posts
154 photos

Well I've been in Scotland on holiday for the last week or so, but it's been rather windy and wet at times. I'm now back home, hoping to do some flying, but unfortunately it's rather wet and windy........

Tom Sharp 218/08/2018 12:18:39
3382 forum posts
17 photos

Nice day promised here in the North West, but apparently the sun has moved to the South East and left the wind with us.

Kim Taylor18/08/2018 12:34:27
255 forum posts
53 photos

Not in our part of the South East - windy and raining on the South Downs, completely contrary to the forecast!!

Oh well, gives me a bit of time to put some extra colour on my Wot4 XL, which I find hard to see clearly (who thought GREEN would be a good colourcheeky).


Tom Sharp 218/08/2018 12:49:37
3382 forum posts
17 photos

This year green is a good colour for finding your lost plane in the parched grasslands.

David Davis19/08/2018 07:34:47
3324 forum posts
574 photos

Day 1 of a big weekend at our club yesterday.

Image may contain: shoes and text

Yesterday was our WW1 and Vintage Model day.

I took the Junior 60, the Baron, the Senior Telemaster and the 1/6 scale BE2e. The weather was perfect as were the organisation and catering!

The Junior 60 was photographed in flight by a club colleague with a very expensive camera. I had three flights with that.

The inverted SC 32 in the Baron failed to start until I was helped by two enthusiasts from Limoges. I flew it for a couple of circuits before the engine cut and I had to land in an adjacent field. On inspection we found out that it had run out of fuel!

I hadn't flown the Senior Telemaster for a good long while but I had no problems with it, its Thunder Tiger 91 starting up straight away. I had four flights with it, amusing myself by flying lazy horizontal eights at altitutude using the just the rudder to turn the model and the engine speed to control height.

Unfortunately I'd left the receiver switch on in the BE2 so the battery was flat and I was unable to fly it. I've charged it overnight and I hope to fly it later today. My colleague's Farman 11 flew but like the full-size it is not easy to fly.

I was introduced to two South Africans and two Englishmen who are returning to the hobby. Fortunately only two of them want me to teach them how to fly r/c. The other two are happy enough flying control line and free-flight models.

Then I got cornered by the local stringer who asked about WW1 markings and my participation in La Coupe Des Barons.

All things considered a very successful day. I'm looking forward to today's fly-in.

junior 60 in flight.jpg

Senior Telemaster

francois farman.jpg

Edited By David Davis on 19/08/2018 07:35:41

Erfolg22/08/2018 17:13:20
11210 forum posts
1118 photos

How complacent we all become, when finally the misery of winter and spring departed, a flush of members descended upon the field, people who as a new member I had no idea who they were, not a clue about names. Some came so infrequently they had no idea as to the various combination locks. As the summer wore on less members wee present, as one sunny and balmy day morphed into the next. This is going on for ever, I started to think, yes, let Global Warming gather pace.

The traumas of my journeys to the field were again taken for granted. United Utilities road works would continue to spring up, particularly along the route of the new pipe line. Injunctions would have no impact on the Fracking Protestors, as they were allowed to flout what ever laws they wished. A University professor shouting that our water supplies would be polluted for ever, that flames will be leaping from our taps (although our water supply comes from the trough of Bowland), as I waited and waited to be waved past the protestors. All so boring, but the repetition some how reassuring, this is how it will be for my forever.

Then approx a fortnight back, I was down at the field, Billy no Mates, as all had gone to some flying event or the Blackpool Air Display.

I had my Peter Miller Cassutt up in the air, cruising about at about 100, maybe 200 foot, when I became aware of a drone, of a largish airplane, is he near was my concern? Then I spotted what it was, heading in my direction and very low, much lower than I think I had seen an airplane at the field. I immediately took action and landed. Oh, the delinquent aircraft, a AVRO Lancaster. The aircraft swung into an arc, and was soon heading back towards Blackpool. Oh, if only I had a camera and knew how to use it, or even had my phone turned on.

At this point I decided to ready my delta, and went for it. No sooner was i up and doing circuits and things and the Lancaster was heading back. Down I came again. This time I rushed to get the phone camera up and running. I snapped a picture as it retreated from my awed gaze. I guess you will expect to see a picture?

I now decided to just sit back and watch the participants of the air show, from the comfort of a club reclining chair. Alas not one aircraft came that close or low again, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

What I did see was a Fairy Stringbag at height, four aerobatic aircraft formating up and testing their smoke systems, heard the thunderess roar of a Typhoon, where ever it was and a few other aircraft.

A Stringbag at height.


Well I can see the Tower, the pimple on the horizon, but where the, is the Lancaster?


Then as swiftly as summer arrived it had gone and I have not been able to fly since.crying 2crying 2crying 2

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