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club politics

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Phil 910/07/2015 13:22:06
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I have seen it at more than one club It saddens me when petty squabbles escalate to the detriment of the club

I just wish people could take a deep breath and put the REAL interests of the club first before the own ego.

extra slim10/07/2015 14:04:57
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cant agree more, but its rife...I left one club due to politics and vendetta's, to leave the mini mafia to run it, now I receive bulletins begging people to come and fly as the club is dwindling...they wanted their little private club...guess what they've got it...but for how long?....serves um right.....even a few of the spineless followers....have approached me to move to where I am....sent um packing...

My club is a small group of like minded people who all cant be doing with political rubbish and so formed their own break away faction, so the rules are no politics, have fun safely.....people say what they think, and think what they say...nothing festers....just gets sorted......what a breathe of fresh it

Andy Green10/07/2015 14:59:58
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Tell me about it...

It seems worse if like us you have 2 sites. Just cant shake the them and us, we even split the flying between odd and even days between the 2 sites to reduce our noise impact and encourage mixing, but it doesn't work.

I'd love to say more and describe some of the antics but as Chair I have to keep my council.


stevejet6610/07/2015 15:24:31
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Well i have to say im very proud to be a member of my local club, i was a member of a couple of clubs years ago but due to all the politics and gestapo rules i called it a day, If im really honest looking at most club websites these day and new to the hobby i dont think i would bother taking it up, Yes our club as rules and are very safety consious, But this depth of politics and nonsence as been left behind, No back stabbing, Elitism or the gestapo watching over you, With these to things ripped out of the rule book this is what makes the club very friendly and relaxed, I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

Former Member10/07/2015 15:26:45
8085 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Andy Green10/07/2015 15:38:32
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Do you think its because all these rules stem from one place. (I'm not gong to say it - too chicken) and you know how that organisation is run.


Shaunie10/07/2015 15:55:12
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I'm very happy with the club I'm at. There are several who I can "take-it-or-leave-it" with but I'm sure they think the same about me! However we all chat and get along. It was a little while after I joined before the ice got broken, after all they little about me or my capabilities, but after I showed them I was as poor a pilot as I claimed all was good.

There were some amendments to the club rules being proposed prior to the last AGM and I came back with several suggestions about ambiguous wording, the reply from the Club Sec was "Cor, I think you're the first member to come back with any comments!".

So Politics is a manageable thing at our club.


Andy Symons - BMFA10/07/2015 15:56:52
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Always very depressing this sort of thread as they do not give an accurate picture in any way of clubs.

The vast majority of club committees are well run and manned with individuals giving their free time, usually for very little thanks for the benefit of the club and it's members, without these people clubs would be a much worse place in general.

The vast majority of clubs are well run with the minimum of club politics. Most have as few rules as possible and those they have are very sensible and for good reason, usually for safety or to protect their flying site, they are almost always agreed by the majority of the membership too.

A rule only ever seem to be a problem for an individual if that individual doesn't really want to follow it or thinks that for some reason it shouldn't apply to them but they usually have been agreed by the majority of club members democratically.

So if anyone new to our sport is reading this don't let the negative posts about clubs put you off visiting one and trying them out. The hundreds of well run clubs, the silent majority, just simply get on with it rather than post on the internet.

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 10/07/2015 15:57:28

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator10/07/2015 16:22:56
15748 forum posts
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I am a member of one club and regularly visit/chat with/ fly at half a dozen others. Maybe I'm just lucky but I don't recognise this "club politics" thing. Sure there are ocassional different views - but its usually sorted out with some sensible discussion and a bit of "give and take" on both sides. Yes, over the years there has been the odd one or two (literally) unpleasant characters - but they were very much isolated cases and easily dealt with.

Overall I number a good majority of my "best mates" as club members. So I certainly won't be leaving anytime soon!


john featherstone 110/07/2015 16:43:40
44 forum posts

i belong to a small select club, we have been on our present site since 1990 its a farmers field to which we have a chunk of land about 100x40 yds just for the landing and take off area our membership is small. at the moment its nineteen but we will go to twentyfive our flying times are 24/7 10am till dark ??you cannot simply join our club you will be invited to come flying (sunday is the best day to come) maybe three or four times (if you can fly allready) learners are different and each member is asked what do you think of this person and his flying ??we want some one to fit into our way ,we think thats a good way ,eg NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS nonesense and a lot more besides, must stop blowing the trumpet now see what answers i get. ps our youngest member is 44 i think, and we try to teach him the basics oflive as well as flying ,he recently asked me what a ragmans trumpet was ?????? john

Phil 910/07/2015 17:48:06
4287 forum posts
257 photos
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 10/07/2015 15:56:52:

The vast majority of club committees are well run and manned with individuals giving their free time, usually for very little thanks for the benefit of the club and it's members, without these people clubs would be a much worse place in general.

I very much agree. And it is sad when people central to a club step down or leave the club completely over what seems to be relatively minor differences of opinion that grow into personal arguments

Dave Hopkin10/07/2015 17:59:11
3672 forum posts
294 photos

There will always be times when there are personality clashes, thats nowt to do with clubs or rc flying, its just humanity!

If there is such a clash, its best to just recognise it decide whether you want to work round that clash or just accept it and move to another club

Martin Harris - Moderator10/07/2015 18:45:02
9770 forum posts
264 photos

How sad that there are clubs out there that seem unapproachable. It seems that one or two "bad apples" can spoil a club though - and one or two of the right people can make a club.

When I joined mine, there were tales of problems and strife and some members had left the club over it. Luckily enough, there were several really strong and welcoming characters and I've enjoyed over 13 years of (what seems to me) to be a really happy club where all are made welcome. In that time, we have had a (very) few who didn't really click with the club, but I can honestly say that we tried hard to help them to fit in.

I don't think there's anything wrong with sensible rules - they act as guidance for the less experienced and as long as they are seen to be relevant and applied fairly, shouldn't be a problem to any reasonable person.

Peter Miller10/07/2015 18:55:44
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We have a very small club. (15 members max) Prospective new members come along for four flying sessiopns to see if they like us and we, them.

We have no rules to speak of. we have NO politics, if anything needs to be decided we discuss it on the field or by phone.

We have no arguments no rivalry, no back biting. When it comes to jobs, those who can do them. Basically we consider our club more a group of friends.

Our club secretary and a member went to an area meeting where they heard of all the clubs having problems with inter membership conflicts even to getting solicitors involved.

The meeting was considered to be "three hours out of our lives." and an example of how not to run clubs etc.

I have been in one club where the secretary was known as "The Ayatollah". Fly a circuit the wrong way round merited a 20 minute lecture.

Owdlad10/07/2015 19:08:40
222 forum posts
140 photos

The problem is simple.

Those who seek power àre generally not worthy of power

Former Member10/07/2015 19:18:51
8085 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

john featherstone 110/07/2015 20:08:20
44 forum posts

our club is pretty much the same as peters club ,those that do do and that means all of us? meetings at the hut start and finish in five miniutes thats it,

john stones 1 Moderator10/07/2015 20:25:23
11914 forum posts
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Aye if there's only a few of you, you're less likely to fall out, I prefer the variety of personalities and models myself so the more the merrier for me. And I've been dumb enough to fall out with folk, it's a waste of time you just lose friends crook


Former Member10/07/2015 21:16:04
8085 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Jon Laughton11/07/2015 12:43:52
1241 forum posts
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Well said Andy!smiley

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