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Anyone here using RCV engines?

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Foxfan22/07/2015 13:01:05
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As above. I'd be interested to know of peoples' experiences with RCV engines, both types.

Also resale values, etc.

I have read that whilst listed as British, they are in fact made in China. Can anyone confirm this?



..22/07/2015 13:10:48
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I've never owned one but there have been a few crop up at the club, I've yet to see one running well but to be honest the two who had them seem to struggle tuning any IC engine.

Martin Harris - Moderator22/07/2015 13:18:19
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It seems to be a subject which is carefully avoided by the supplier. I've never seen any statement other than British designed...

I have an RCV90 which runs very well, although it started producing a very odd "catching" noise in the air after some years of use. There was some roughness in the cylinder bearing when I removed it which disappeared while I was looking for the cause - new bearings cured the noise and it continues to perform well.

There's a school of thought that some fuels are unsuitable. Mine has always been run on Model Technics Duraglow as recommended by the original supplier (I nearly wrote importer!) although the "only suitable fuel" has now changed to a product produced by the new owner...

Edited By Martin Harris on 22/07/2015 13:19:04

Bob Cotsford22/07/2015 13:22:44
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I've got a 90CD that came in a H9 Texan. It started and ran ok but it seemed down on power compared to ASP, Magnum and OS91s that I've got so now it's sitting in the bottom drawer awaiting something that needs a compact engine rather than a powerful one.

Tomtom3922/07/2015 13:27:43
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I've got the RCV 58CD and have been running this for the last three years with no issues (it runs very well and I had no problems setting this one up) . I bought this while you could buy them direct from RCV .

Another club member uses the RCV 90SP in a Kyosho Spitfire and has done for a similar period ( it was 2nd hand so can't tell you how old it is ).

At my club there are a few who can be described as "standard head shakers " on the subject of engines . I even had a chap come up to me to tell me that the Laser I had fitted wasn't a great choice. So I now take such advice with a pinch of salt (empty boxes make the most noise!!) Give one a go (preferably with help of someone at the club who has a great deal of experience )

Sorry can't help on the subject of where these are made. Ring and ask Weston UK - who I now understand distribute these.

Tomtom3922/07/2015 13:30:19
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I meant to say that the 58 seems to be in the power bracket of my old Saito 45s .

Former Member22/07/2015 13:40:02
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[This posting has been removed]

Solly22/07/2015 14:40:46
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Hi, - I have no hesitation in recommending RCV engines. I've been using them now for several years and find them easy to use and very reliable. It's important to realize that there are two types, the CD range (which looks like a conventional engine) and the SP range (which is an in-line engine where the prop is attached to the rotating cylinder instead of the crankshaft. these engines turn the prop at half the crankshaft speed and therefore need a large prop with a high pitch). My own opinion is that these SP engines are perhaps better suited to specialised scale models rather than high speed fun aircraft. Currently I have the 58CD, 91CD and 130CD, I also have the 90SP and the 120SP, - all very nice runners. Regarding fuel, I use a castor oil free product with 10% nitro, - Prosynth is as good as anything, -and I've had no issues, -incidently, on the subject of power, my 91CD flies a 13.5 pound scale model without problems.

Jon - Laser Engines22/07/2015 15:42:11
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I had experience with a 120sp that belonged to a friend. I found it was extremely fussy when it came to propellers and it did not like wooden props at all. I suspect this was due to the gearing meaning that it needed a bigger flywheel to keep going. Not totally unsurprising really.

In any event, it worked well when it was in the zone but was somewhat temperamental.

I would like to get a new one for myself and really play with one but I cant bring myself to spend that much on a Chinese made engine that is somewhat of an unknown.

Tony Richardson22/07/2015 16:28:57
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Hi I have a CD 58 and find it equal to most other engines in the 50 to 60 size. as for being made in china OS, Saito, and many others have their components made and or assembled in china, I don't think where it's made that is the issue, it is the quality control that makes or breaks a product, if any business continues to accept poor product then they deserve to loose customer loyalty.

Would I buy more RCV engines absolutely but they are not readily available where I live bought the last one on a visit to the UK.

Just my humble opinion.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 22/07/2015 16:29:56

Foxfan22/07/2015 17:29:24
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Hmm, interesting answers. I'm disappointed that they're made in China, especially as the website seems to do its best to dispel that notion.

Despite my fascination with the design of the RCV engines, I think I'll stay with a Laser as my preferred dream.

I just wish they made a smaller one. I can't entertain a huge model for space reasons.

Many thanks, chaps.


Area 5122/07/2015 17:33:27
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Posted by Bob Cotsford on 22/07/2015 13:22:44:

something that needs a compact engine rather than a powerful one.

I have the 58 and 91, they run nicer once set up, not awkward just follow the instructions, however I reckon Bob's comments above should also be in the instructions! Sums up these motors for me..

Bob Cotsford22/07/2015 18:02:00
8941 forum posts
498 photos

maybe they should also say that CDs sound like a bag of spanners until they warm up! I found mine quite easy to start and adjust, but it does prefer a lower pitch prop than my other 91s.

As for 'made in China'- apart from Laser, Enya and MVVS I can't think of another brand that's not made in China. Most Chinese quality control is much improved on how it was 10 or 15 years ago.

Shaunie22/07/2015 23:31:02
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I've got a 91CD in a 68" Seagull Edge 540. At 9lbs all up it is a bit low in power, however it was a bit "sticky" to start with and I got used to gliding home, after a lot of running in it is now as regular as a metronome. I knew the engine was going to be a bit marginal and was originally bought for a smaller plane. It is however very compact, think of it as a slightly heavy 61. I use model Technics contest 10 with no problems and in direct contravention to Brian Winch I have a crankcase breather that runs the full length of the aircraft to exit by the tail wheel with no problems whatsoever.

Yes they do sound like bag of nails until warmed up, most engines I start and fly, this one I allow to fast idle for several minutes before committing aviation. I also removed the inlet manifold and fettled it as it had a big piece of casting flash inside and was a poor match to the cylinder head, it gained me 200rpm on the Tachometer.


Edited By Shaunie on 22/07/2015 23:36:01

The real Ron Truth23/07/2015 08:14:41
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I had the 60, 90 and 120 sp versions . All run very well but you have to use the starter wand to turn them over .

The worst problem I had was with cooling. The fins are machined at 90 degrees to the airflow so they overheat very quickly.

They are novel and turn a big scale prop which is helpful for some designs.

Servicing was easy , 10% nitro worked fine.

Jon - Laser Engines23/07/2015 08:40:40
5737 forum posts
275 photos

To clarify a few things about engines made in china..

I agree with Bob in that they have significantly improved over the years in terms of QC and the quality of the materials. I have also heard that OS are making their engines out there now but I would assume they are still using a Japanese 'work ethic' when it comes to QC and materials. They have just saved on labour costs (I assume).

The problem with making the RCV engine out there is that due to its design it must be built to extremely tight tolerances with good quality materials or it wont work very well. That was fine when the prototypes were made in the UK but I believe (that is to say I could be wrong) they are now made in the same factory as ASP/SC etc and if so the ASP QC, tolerances and material selection I fear is not up to the task.

Mr Tin, how small do you need? the Laser 70 is the same height as most 52 4 strokes so will go in plenty of normal size models

Foxfan23/07/2015 09:09:42
931 forum posts
7 photos

Physically, I'm not so bothered. I was more thinking in power terms. I'm unlikely to build anything bigger than, say, a Super 60. I know there's a throttle on them, but I also assumed that that capacity engine with its correct prop would be a bit on the big side.

I have a couple of Chinese engines as they were given to me and one was just so cheap it would have been silly not to have it,but I would prefer not to have Chinese if possible. Difficult I know. Odd that you mention the three engines I would elect to go for! I have huge respect for the Czechs and for Enya as a marque. And Laser goes without saying.

I had a client who started getting his models die cast in China, but they were never right. In the end he went over there to find out why and they told him if he kept pestering them to get the models spot-on they would be a lot more expensive than they originally quoted. So much, in fact, that he returned to white metal, made here.

I imagine that's where OS and RCV are paying out to make their products so expensive compared with the others you mentioned.



Mark Stringer23/07/2015 15:22:09
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I have used the 60 and 120 original versions and both were "OK" if you know what I mean. .bit noisy when cold and not quite as much power as other 4 strokes.
I still have the 120 somewhere .. number 11 if I remember correctly so probably becoming a collectors item now!
J D 823/07/2015 20:06:45
1749 forum posts
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Have an SP60 in my Seagull SNJ the sound is very radial engine like on a pass down the strip.

Shaunie23/07/2015 22:17:25
958 forum posts
78 photos

Never had an SP but as the fins are not aligned to the natural airflow then it will be essential to fit a set of deflectors to turn the cooling air through ninety degrees and guide it through the fins, otherwise overheating is going to be inevitable.


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