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Flycam One version 2

discussion thread

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Richard Sharman28/08/2008 21:02:00
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well, a bit better today??? ...

I replaced the supplied Velcro pad with a much larger one, and supported the FlyCam in a foam block with the same footprint as the camera. It seems that the cam was rocking on the small pad at certain engine frequencies. Still not totally cured though, as the picture above shows.


I am not totally happy with the sequence of operating the FlyCam - is everyone else ok? My sequence is as follows (assuming FlyCam is out of plane to start with):

1. Switch on TX, Rx, start engine (you never know how long this is going to take, so get it over with), set to idle,

2. connect remote shutter cable to FlyCam

3. set FlyCamOne operating switch to "on"

4. press "set" to start FlyCamOne

5. press "set" again to get image inversion mode

6. press "mode" once to get video mode (VP) or 5 times to get picture mode (PP)

7. check remote connection is working by operating Tx switch and checking FlyCam status indicators,

8. stick FlyCam on Velco pad in/on model

.... then you can taxi off, start video when ready to take-off (or whatever), etc, etc.

It seems rather a lot of button presses? Why can't (3) be automatic on RX power? Why do we need step 4? Why can't the FlyCam remember the last state it was in when you switch on? Can the process be shortened?

Any ideas gratefully appreciated!!!!


Carl Muff01/09/2008 01:10:00
350 forum posts
212 photos

hi chris

was just wondering if you had any problems with the vids ,i,m on my seconded one and this is do the same as the first muti coloured vids or just sound ,although have got some nice pictures 

Carl Muff01/09/2008 01:11:00
350 forum posts
212 photos
oo forgot very good video
John Roach21/09/2008 22:37:00
1 forum posts
Yes, the videos are fairly good.  The dark screen and sound only output you have sounds like a coding problem.  Each video format requires a proper codec to display on your PC.  For example, Pinnacle Studio readily displays video from FlyCamOne2 and converts it to other formats.  Windows media player (USA) fails to run it  because it is PAL rather than NTSC. Real Player plays back the video in PAL format.  Try updating your viewer software. 
Chris. Harle10/11/2008 14:35:00
4 forum posts

Hi Chris i to have flycamone 2 and i use a Sandisc ultra two  2 gig card and when used on my first flycam i recorded good 10 min vids. but on the new camera it is only recording 25 seconds of vid. but over the last two week  ends it has been cold over here in blity so i think i will try to insulate it to reduce the wind chill from the prop.

I do get some video woble when i reduce the throtle on the 61 two stroke but at high revs it seems ok.

I will report back if the insulation mod works this week end.

As  like some of the preveious posts i sent my first camera back with a broken no 2 button so i hope to have better luck this time.

Great video of Chris,s South African model club airfield wish we had one like that.

Chris. Harle15/11/2008 11:41:00
4 forum posts
Hi a quick quesyion has any one tried a 4 gig card yet in a flycamone to get longer video time.
Alan B15/11/2008 11:55:00
680 forum posts
92 photos
Not me personally.  Apparently several retailers have tried it and it dosn't work. They recommend no more than 2 gig.
Chris. Harle15/11/2008 12:11:00
4 forum posts

Thanks Alan you just saved me some money.

But i have had to order a new internal battery because i am finding the one in the cam. is not holding its charge for very long and it keeps cutting out on me in video mode.

I have got a remote switch with the two pins for a external power supply but the pins are very close together have anyone got any information on where i can get a plug from that will fit.

Alan B15/11/2008 21:59:00
680 forum posts
92 photos

Hi chris

Ref the battery comment - if you read back through this thread you might find it could be a temperature thing ie: most people have found the lower the temperature - the video cuts out. Again you could be wasting your money!!   Try running it In the warm then try running it on a cold day.  It will probably confirm most peoples comments. My own personal experience - I have found the cam runs on warm days till I switch it off. Cold days, it switches itself off after a couple of minutes.

I would suggest as the battery is internal - opening the casing would invalidate the warranty


Richard Sharman16/11/2008 12:14:00
224 forum posts
10 photos

Hi Chris and Alan,

 my FlyCam battery life got shorter and shorter until one day it no longer worked at all. It wouldn't charge at all either.  Fortunately the guys at BRC replaced it (the whole Cam) and the new one works fine, keeps its charge a very long time, etc - for which I was really grateful.  It seems that the previous one probably had a duff battery?

I also bought a replacement battery (which they sell as a spare part) which came with no instructions. So I have no idea how to open the case to insert it!  -- I think the case pops open along one of the join lines, but I fear to try in case I break the case.  Since it's a genuine spare part FlyCam must expect people to change batteries, and so the warranty would be good?  But I still don't know how to do it - any ideas?


Chris. Harle16/11/2008 23:09:00
4 forum posts

Thanks Alan i think you are right about the cold yes the cam worked ok in the house but on the outside of the aircraft it would cut out after about 25 sec.

I placed the cam inside the aircraft today pointing out one of the windows and apart from some vibration i got 13mins of vid. but it wasnot particulaly cold today. If i can sort out the vibration problem with a bit of foam under the cam then i can vid more this winter i hope.

I also use another vid. cam a Packard Bell DVC 4000 that also uses a vid.card and i have made a mount and a cowling that i fit onto the top of the wing on my T240. The base is round and will turn and the cowing is from the top of a 2 liter soft drink bottle cut out like a gun turet it has worked very well untill 2 weeks ago when i did not double check the bolts and it did a free fall from about 300 ft. outch but after a bit of a repair and a lot a 2 pack glue it all works well but it will never come apart agian. O the joys of videoing from model aircraft.

I must learn how to down load some of my vids. Bythe way the vid. cam ran all the way down to the ground the splat. 

joe H 402/12/2008 21:16:00
1 forum posts
what shock/judder do you get when landing because iam planning to use one of these cameras on a car and was wondering how it owuld behave over jumps and rough ground e.t.c???????
Alistair Barclay08/12/2008 13:58:00
14 forum posts

Does any know how to unistall the flycam software?

I cannot get my pc to find the software which has been downloaded and installed as per teir instructions

when I plug the camera in my pc starts looking for camera drivers but cant find them.

also flycam's website has various upgrades ect but nothing to tell you what to use or in what order?

any help will be appreciated bfore the whole lot ends up in a bin.


Carl Muff08/12/2008 16:42:00
350 forum posts
212 photos

have you tried just to reinstall the software ,some times it will give you a option to over write the old one if its duff .is it a flycam one or two .

on another note sort out my prob got a power lead from robot birds and even works in extreme cold

as you can see in the vid

Bob Wells08/12/2008 22:45:00
28 forum posts
1 photos

Hi, I'm trying to view the videos using the camera connected to a portable DVD player. The silvercrest from Lidl didnt recognise the codec. Does anyone know what the codec is? Or better still can they recommend a portable DVD player?

I got round the cold problem by wrapping the camera in the top of an old sock, bit like a balaclava. Still not sure if the camera should be switched on when charging.

Phil_G08/01/2009 22:39:00
58 forum posts
12 photos

I hope I'm not speaking out of place here but to the people who are complaining about FCO2's quality, you do know that there are TWO layers of protective film over the lens dont you? Theres a red dot which is obvious, but also a layer of that clear peel-off film you get on anything with a shiny panel... I've spoken to several other FCO2 users who didnt know and had effectively been filming through clingfilm all this time...  </suckeggs>


Steve Hargreaves - Moderator12/01/2009 21:48:00
6606 forum posts
182 photos

Can I just join this debate.....I've been playing with my Flycam (v2) this evening & am just mounting it in my model for the first time. Since it points forwards I thought I'd just spin the (electric) motor up to see if the prop strobes at all. I set everything up & throttled up to idle speed & switched on the video (I have a Flycam Rx interface to allow me to switch video on & off & take pictures via an additional channel).....the motor slowed down slightly. Thinking I imagined it I tried again & again the drop (only very slight but definitely there).

Out came the wattmeter & yes it seems the camera is definitely taking power from the flight battery via the BEC/Rx. Not a huge amount but definitely something. I measured 40-50mA without the camera (Rx & ESC "at rest" current) & about 160ma with the camera recording so it would appear that the camera is drawing around 100mA.

Finding this a bit disturbing I have scurried up from the shed to search for answers in this learned forum.

Some thoughts occur........1) I can't believe that the wattmeter is fantastically accurate at these currents so it may be more or less current being drawn 2) The battery in the flycam was fully charged. 3)100mA is probably neither here nor thereon a big flight battery especially as the LVC will cut in when the battery gets might be an issue in an IC model however as this drain will obviously flatten the Rx battery that much faster. 4) the extra drain might cause your BEC some problems if its a linear unit & just on the edge of its capability with the number of servos installed (not an ideal situation but I bets its one that exists more often than we care to think about!!), adding another 100mA current drain might take it "over the edge"....mine's a switching BEC so I think I'm OK!! 5) will the current be higher if the internal battery is in a low state of charge?

Rhetorical questions really.....just whats running through my head at the moment.....

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a problem or am I just worrying un-necessarily....?

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator12/01/2009 21:49:00
6606 forum posts
182 photos

Oh & Phil_G you are definitely right about the extra layer of film on the lens......

Caught me out as it's almost impossible to see.........

Richard Sharman13/01/2009 15:43:00
224 forum posts
10 photos

Yep! -- the extra layer of film is there, a tiny circle of film which is a little tricky to lift off.  The face changes from "dull" to  "shiny" as a result.  I tried before-and-after video tests but there wasn't much difference.  However, the light was poor (overcast, cloudy, rainy etc) and I've noticed the the FCone doesn't tend to do so well anyway. I'll try again if we get a sunny day.

As for the current drain (Steve) just a thought -- how good is the battery in the FCone? (I had a dud one, so I know).  If the battery charges properly it shouldn't need an additional current draw from thw Rx battery? and vice versa?  When I used the Rx control lead it was on an IC powered plane, so I had no way to tell if there was anything untoward -- but I was worried! 

Simon Chaddock30/01/2009 00:49:47
5173 forum posts
2710 photos
The instructions for FCone2 suggests the remote power source should be capable of a minimum 500mA! This sort of load could indeed have quite an impact on a smallish RX battery.
Note also the FCone internal battery is not used (or charged) when the external power pins are connected.
I know the printing is small but under the heading "START" the first line does say "Remove the film protecting the lens"! 

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