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Martin McIntosh04/11/2015 22:31:10
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Anyone else started this yet? Got as far as sourcing the retract parts and building them up, also used up most of a 4`x1` sheet of light ply making some of the formers. Need a source for the old Perkins 3 1/2" uncut spinners as I would prefer these to ABS ones. I shall be using the 14x7 three blade props, NTM prop drive 50/50 580kV motors and Zippy Compact 5800mA/h batteries.

The version will be a bomber with the perspex type nose.

A little astounded at the price of the recommended parts, not that I shall be using many of them.


Complete pack - £259

Retracts - £215

Pilots - £10

Motors - £122

Mounts - £9.80

ESCs - £96.89

Props - £29

Batts - £95.98

UBEC - £9.99

Rx batt - £16.99

Servos and leads - £76.23


This comes to £940.88 plus postage. Ouch! My ARTF Xcaliber turbine plus posh retracts only cost about that much. You do, of course, get a `free` plan in the mag. though.

Glad that I am a trad. modeller and can do it for a fraction of this.

I cannot realistically see many people going down this route. Sorry Tony.

Great model though and I am informed that the performance is spot on.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 04/11/2015 22:34:03

Chris Barlow04/11/2015 23:36:54
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I think you'll be starting before me Martin so I'll be following your thread. I've got a couple of builds to finish and a couple of repairs to do before I can get started but like you I expect the build to be a fraction of the "list" price!

Already got suitable LiPo's and after using them in a couple of recent models I'll be using HobbyKing retracts as I'm quite happy at the quality (and price)

I plan to build the fighter version as I like lots of guns on my warbirds!

steve c05/11/2015 04:03:17
20 forum posts

I'm going to have a go at this ,it will be my first build so I will be using the complete pack ,but will also use hobbyking retracts as that is what looks like are the supplied ones anyway .

Also motors and esc will be hobbyking as will the battery

Just need to finish my new workshop before I can get started !

Jon - Laser Engines05/11/2015 08:50:01
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I was also very surprised with the total price. Especially when the larger Brian Taylor mossie is considerably cheaper and includes ali spinners, F/G cowls and doors etc etc.

I would love to build one, but i think its just not quite big enough. The 81'' version is more what i would be after.

Edited By Jon Harper on 05/11/2015 08:50:27

Andy Meade05/11/2015 09:11:02
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As above - I really wanted to build this one, but just a touch too small. Taylor or Reeves for me I think.

Excellent work by Tony on the plan and the look of the model by the way. I shall still be watching all of your build threads cool

mightypeesh05/11/2015 09:15:35
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Hi Martin. Could you please not do things like breaking down how much it costs to build a plane - wives may be reading!!! I like trad building because I can smuggle a whole aircraft into the house in small packages laugh

You have also forgotten the cost of coverings, adhesives, abrasives and paint, along with rods, clevices, hinges........

Cheers, Simon

Martin McIntosh05/11/2015 09:35:21
3547 forum posts
1220 photos

Steve c, I should pick something rather simpler if you have not built before since I anticipate some complex work.

Jon, I tried the Taylor 81". It was so fiddly and flimsy that I scrapped the wing and gave up on it. Still got the mouldings and may try to cut down the nose to fit this one.

Jon - Laser Engines05/11/2015 10:32:04
5623 forum posts
271 photos

BT models are very lightly built and too complex for my taste, which is why i have not bought one. However, Tony says he can scale up any of his plans but cant supply a canopy. so all we need is to ask for a scaled up version of the plans and buy the BT canopy and spinners. The cowls are the wrong shape for the FB MkVI tony did but the cowls are not to traumatic to make.

Edited By Jon Harper on 05/11/2015 10:37:11

Tony Nijhuis06/11/2015 00:37:40
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233 photos

Yes it certainly adds up I agree, but as the starting point is a free plan, you can't argue with that....The great thing about a free plan is doesn't preclude any one from having a go, irrespective of financial limitation....Already a number of builder are cracking on using just the free plan and no doubt they will succeed at a fraction of the price...good on em I say...the more the merrier.

The Brain Taylor mossi is some what cheaper but you only get the formers and ribs and no wood stock or wing tubes so add another £100 to the Traplet price, and you'll get a comparable price.....The BT Model is also 'of its time' and never truly a production plan.....A lovely model but I gave up building one as the complexity was frustrating...

Simple designs to the masses...that's my philosophy.....

Matt Jones06/11/2015 06:58:03
1186 forum posts
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Martin, I agree that the prices are extortionate which is why I was going to plan build and source what I could at more sensible prices. I have several models in this price range but over £1k for one this size is, in my view, just too much.

Having looked at the plan I've decided not to go ahead so if anyone wants the below then make me an offer, sold as one lot only, I will not split.

RCM&E special with the plan, vac form set of canopy, nose and spinners, 2 x pilots from TND and 2 x recommended props from 4-max

Tony, how much flight testing was done before the plan was published? My reason for not going ahead is that I have concerns that the main joiner doesn't go into the outer wing panels anywhere near enough, just two rib bays. For this weight of model I think it needs to be done differently, only my view you understand. Your Vulcan wing failing the same way was the nail in the coffin for me. sad

Jon - Laser Engines06/11/2015 08:49:17
5623 forum posts
271 photos

Tony, i cant argue with the simple design part! The BT plans are far too complex for most and as i bought the special eddition with your plan in it i can see that the construction is very simple by comparison.

I will have to look again at my plan regarding the joining tubes but if memory serves there are some beefy old main spars in there to take the load. Its not a 3d machine so i wouldnt expect massive loads on it :\

Anyway, Tony how much would it be for a plan scaled up to 81 inches, and would you be able to provide laser cut parts?

Martin McIntosh06/11/2015 11:05:35
3547 forum posts
1220 photos

Glad to see that even Tony gave up on the BT version for the same reason I did.

The short wing tubes attracted my attention too and am looking into ways to extend them a bit. I have two other models with tubes and they must be very long for a reason.

Cracking on with the formers but eagerly await the arrival of the full plan so that I can get a better idea of what other bits I need before ordering the rest of the wood.

Retiring fully at the end of this month so this should keep me happy for a little while. Just need a bigger house/shed/hangar or sell a lot of models.

Tony Nijhuis07/11/2015 00:45:28
609 forum posts
233 photos

Jon, regarding the 81" plan, it would be around the £60 mark i would guess...we wouldn't be able to cut CNC part for a one off...the cost would be prohibitive!...your comments regarding the spar are spot on as i will explain to Matt

Matt regarding you comments....running a wing tube through three ribs is fine as long as the outer tube is hard up and bonded against main spar and the sheer webbing to create a integral spar where the load is transferred seamlessly from the tube to the wooden spars. This is the key to load spreading...and that's exactly what has been done here if you look! If the spar was sitting free in the middle of the ribs (like some other designs) then I would agree you would need at least a four ribs span but that's not the case for my prototype Vulcan you mentioned, i think that proves I test pretty thoroughly!....

Martin, If you wish to extend the outer spar tube through into W4 to give yourself reassurance, then best do it when the wing is being built, open over the plan so you can slide the tube further and mark the position on to W4 and then cut a hole accordingly.

Martin McIntosh07/11/2015 10:50:00
3547 forum posts
1220 photos


Yes, that was the idea. I may also transfer the servos to the outer flaps to enable a longer rear tube if the section is thick enough at that point.

Tony Nijhuis07/11/2015 12:35:40
609 forum posts
233 photos

Martin, just for clarity, if you extend the main spar outer phenolic tube, it will clip the bottom edge of may want to stop this tube 30mm before W4 and just extend the ali tube into W4.....its up to you...what I would say is make sure you put a good bead of epoxy where the phenolic tube butts the sheer webbing.

As for the rear tube, its only job is to stop the wing rotating...believe it or not, the tube its some what overkill as I have seen other designs using just a inch long dowel (which appears to work ok).

enjoy the build....

Martin McIntosh07/11/2015 15:04:49
3547 forum posts
1220 photos

OK, thanks for that Tony. Obviously not got as far as measuring where the tube meets W4 since I am still cutting loads of ply. I had not looked closely enough to realise that the main tube is bonded to the spar which is not the case with the other models mentioned.

Chris Barlow07/11/2015 17:16:13
1904 forum posts
1308 photos

Got some cutting to do for a PSS JP and a DH108 Swallow so I might start cutting parts for the Mossie too whilst the scroll saw and sander is out. No where near ready to start building it yet though.

Martin McIntosh07/11/2015 19:07:19
3547 forum posts
1220 photos

img_0191.jpgJust to bore you, here are some pics of the parts cut out so far and the bits which will be fitted.

Steve Adams08/11/2015 00:00:05
196 forum posts

Hi Tony and Martin,

How much would you think that the Mossie bare airframe could be built for from mag plan, and equipping with motors batterys and retracts from alternative sources if shopping on a budget and how would it compare to the list above? Sorry to ask the questions about this and I know things will vary according to where people shop and price fluctuations etc,the Mossie like spit,lanc and hurricane are the sort of planes that almost all modellers want to aspire to but can often be put off buy costs. I like that Tony says that any of his models can be within most peoples budgets and of course he's right, we wouldnt have the yearly mag special otherwise and for that we are all greatful for Tonys hard work. Steve

Martin McIntosh08/11/2015 10:05:23
3547 forum posts
1220 photos

Hi Steve,

This would be an almost impossible task at this stage and I would probably not build another model if I totted up the cost each time. Some parts I happen to have kicking about anyway, such as the correct retract units, esc`s, servos, a stock of wood, paint etc. There are loads of other bits to take into consideration such as covering, a lot of c.a., aliphatic, epoxy, carbon rod, hinges: the list is never ending with any model.

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