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Which radio 2016

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Bruce Austin03/02/2016 15:25:33
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I am retired, and have taken up our RC flying hobby with a particular passion for gliders. I have been flying the Bixler 2 to start with and now the phoenix 2000 and 1600 foamies. They suit my limited budget.

My TX is a Futaba T6J (6 channels). This has served me well, BUT, a six channel TX does have its limitations when thinking about electric motor, crow landings and a few mixes.

2016 has now well and truly arrived with its many new offerings each promising ease of programming wah, wah, wah.

I appreciate that if one is going to have a variety of launch, cruise, thermal and all the other nice things, it is inevitable that some attention to detail and programming mixes is going to be required.

I like the idea of telemetry and variometer possibilities, but maybe that's just novelty which could wear off.

What are the current thoughts on the current market place (new) models on offer, that might be relatively easy to set up and not cost say more than £150.oo.

Obviously the RXs costs are also a factor,and I have to say that I have been very happy with the Frsky Delta 8 being compatible with myT6J.

OK many may laugh at this budget figure, but I'm sure there a few others, that would welcome the knowledge of the Gurus out there on this 2016 topic.

Go With the Flow


Jon - Laser Engines03/02/2016 15:29:43
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Hi Bruce

The futaba 8j an 10j would do everything you need and then some. Only the 10 has telemetry though and i have no idea if it supports a vario, but for the other mixes you mentioned both would walk it. They are also easy to set up (i have the 8j myself) and you can use your existing receivers.

MattyB03/02/2016 15:47:03
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At the price point you are looking at there is really only one option that offers comprehensive telemetry, flexible programming, 16 channels (upgradeable to 32!) and decent (if not top of the line) build quality - the FrSky Taranis. RXs are very affordable, and you can rebind all your existing Delta 8 RXs in FrSky ACCST mode anyway so you will only need to replace any Futaba RXs that you have.

Views on the programming are varied - some find it overly complicated compared to a menu driven radio, others (like me who came from the similarly structured Multiplex systems) simple, logical and incredibly flexible What is undeniable is the incredible power it has - you can do pretty much anything, with no arbitrarily imposed barriers by the manufacturer to make you upgrade to the next set up. It may take you a while to get used to, but there is loads of help online and once it clicks you will wonder how you could ever go back to the restrictions of the big brand manufacturers.

Eagle 89903/02/2016 15:55:33
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+1 for Taranis and you can download a template for your Phoenix 2000 to get you started from **LINK**

Masher03/02/2016 16:01:49
1109 forum posts
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+1 for Taranis yes

Peter Christy03/02/2016 16:39:40
1874 forum posts

Another +1 for the Taranis. Also bear in mind that the Taranis has a separate module slot in the back, so as long as you can get a Futaba module that will fit in a JR slot (and I know they used to do one!) you could even still use your Futaba receivers with the Taranis transmitter!

Perhaps not the easiest transmitter in the world to program initially, but once you get your head around it, there's very little that can match it!



Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator03/02/2016 16:49:23
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And another for Taranis! At your price point I think its unbeatable.

OK, you will have to learn a different programming methodology - but that's it, its different, not difficult.

It has a vast array of low cost telemetry that works well, including a very good and easy to set up vario, and the receivers are rock bottom price. What's not to like.


Dave Hopkin03/02/2016 16:58:49
3672 forum posts
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+1 Taranis

Yes you have to learn a different programming method, but you can download the free companion software and set up all your model on the lap top then download them - so you have tweak away at bizzare mixes and use the companion sim to see if it works

With added bonus you can down load some really dreadful music and play it on the Taranis when your flying - the Birdie song REALLY annoys people

Andy4803/02/2016 17:04:55
1550 forum posts
1 photos

+1 for Taranis, and I agree fully with Dave.

Yes it can be difficult to program, but most of the information and videos on the internet use the transmitter itself to program it. One has to navigate through multiple pages of menus, often with submenus just using button presses. For a beginner it is difficult to see the whole picture. However if you use the Free OpenTX Companion on a Windows or Mac based computer not only is it much easier to program, but the bigger picture is easier to see, and the simulator shows exactly what you have programmed and helps later to understand programming using the transmitter screen.

john stones 103/02/2016 17:11:35
11648 forum posts
1517 photos

+7 for Taranis


P.S no chat please voting only thread wink

Edited By john stones 1 on 03/02/2016 17:12:43

Dave Bran03/02/2016 17:25:36
1896 forum posts
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+1 Taranis

Brief enough, John?

Mike Blandford03/02/2016 18:55:52
651 forum posts
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Actually, at the price point specified, the Turnigy 9XR-PRO should also be considered, currently at £49.66, although you will need to get a battery (around £10) and a FrSky XJT module (around £22) to complete.

This also provides the same comprehensive telemetry, flexible programming and 16 channels as the Taranis. As with the Taranis, it runs an open source firmware.

The firmware that is on the 9XR-PRO is also available to run on the Taranis and the firmware that is on the Taranis is also available to run on the 9XR-PRO.

I won't comment on the merits of the firmware on each, I'd be biased (I'm one of the developers and I'm involved with both). I suspect many of those who have already suggested the Taranis haven't used a 9XR-PRO so are not fully aware of its capabilities.


Andy4803/02/2016 18:58:18
1550 forum posts
1 photos
Posted by john stones 1 on 03/02/2016 17:11:35:

+7 for Taranis


P.S no chat please voting only thread wink

Edited By john stones 1 on 03/02/2016 17:12:43

But... but.... but, surely it is up to Bruce or the official forum police to decide this. cheeky

Anyway, hasn't it been a lovely day today. Up on the moors, wonderful scenery, history all around (walked over a spot where Time Team had a dig) .....

john stones 103/02/2016 19:05:21
11648 forum posts
1517 photos

Right scrub the no chat rule then, I'm being ignored as usual

No Mike I know nothing of the 9XR-PRO, but Bruce now do's smiley


Josip Vrandecic -Mes03/02/2016 19:08:39
2993 forum posts
260 photos

+1 Taranis...... of course...thumbs up


Bruce Austin03/02/2016 19:22:35
242 forum posts
1 photos

Well guys, this is getting quite encouraging. By the way I'm not sure what to make of the "voting" reprimand???

I am getting encouraging comments from all of this. Mike Blandford has raised another mystery which has been troubling me.

Regarding the 9XR-Pro and the need for a module??? Why is a radio supplied that requires a module?

Then, what exactly does the module do??? Please excuse my newbie ignorance in these matters.

What are the benefits of a radio missing a module over one that doesn't need one???

Mr Moderator, if I have strayed into a wrong topic with the need for clarification on this module story, please redirect it and me, and please accept my apologies. My T6J came all self contained without the need for a "module", and to be honest it is only in the last week or so that I became aware of this mysterious requirement on some radios.

Does the Taranis also require a module????

Go With the Flow


Slickriff03/02/2016 19:31:29
48 forum posts
1 photos
Taranis +1
Doesn't need a module. Standard radio. Computer use makes it easier to program than most and more flexible.
Andy4803/02/2016 19:33:35
1550 forum posts
1 photos

The Taranis does not require a module in the back, its actually built into the tranmitter, though there is space to fit a module to use different makes of receiver as they all work differently. However, as you are just starting out that won't be an issue, simply use the FrSky ones.

The 9XR does not come with the internal gubbins that handles the 2.4ghz signal that goes to the receiver, so you have to buy a module first to handle that. Without that module its like having a car without petrol, (or diesel if JS1 wants to be pedanticcheeky).

However, both use OpenTX which is a free software program that handles all the programming that is normally hidden by the transmitter manufacturer so you only get what they are prepared to offer.

With OpenTX you get the programming ability of the most expensive transmitters, and all is available on the 9XR or the Taranis. Mike has done a great deal of this programming for the 9XR, and many of his ideas have spilled over to be incorporated into all OpenTX software.

John F03/02/2016 19:37:47
1316 forum posts
51 photos

I must admit that I am surprised at this and I must add a bit to even the viewpoints here. The OP has stated ease of setting up as a requirement.

Yes, the supporters of Taranis state that the used needs time and after you've mastered it it is easy, but so is being a Doctor; not everyone can do or be willing enough to spend a lot of time studying.

I think folk are glossing over what is required.

The Taranis takes time and the advice for learning how to use a Taranis is to forget what you think you know about setting up your model and be prepared to study and learn a new operating system from scratch.

However, if you keep with the Futaba and just upgrade Tx there is no requirement to get into a steep learning curve.

john stones 103/02/2016 19:42:23
11648 forum posts
1517 photos

Vote only was me being a clown Bruce, nothing wrong with your thread

There are also lots of good 2nd hand Futaba TX's coming up on BMFA site just recently.


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