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Nostalgia aint what it used to be........

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Colin Carpenter04/02/2016 10:58:57
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Gonzo. No . The bridge near the new Millwall ground by the primary school in Ilderton Rd .Strangely enough the whole area around my old house has gone apart from 6-7 houses on the bridge approach ! Found that on U tube.Not been back in decades ! Would I want to go back in time ? No way !!! Colin

Graham R04/02/2016 10:58:58
342 forum posts
26 photos

Parrafin lights lighting the way during those London smogs. Red rover tickets, seeing my first jet airliner with all the prop jobs at Heathrow. Watching planes in the warmth of the lounge at Gatwick whilst having a drink.

Dave Hopkin04/02/2016 11:00:27
3672 forum posts
294 photos

3d on Pop Bottles....

Liquorice root from the Chemist

The spud display in greengrocers that if you touched one an King Edwards avalanche would ensue

The ond Bull Ring, bombed out but still used as a market..... the Eel stall with a galvanised water tank full of lice eels and always being threatened by dad if we didnt behave he would put us in it

Kunzles cakes

Cadbury Mishapes in jars in the sweet shop

School trips to Cadbury's but you weren't allowed to see the Creame Egg production

School High Jump into a sand pit that was 20% sharp sand, 30% rubble, 50% fag ends

Trying desperately and failing miserably to do a "Fosberry Flop"


Edited By Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 11:01:19

Dave Bran04/02/2016 11:03:09
1896 forum posts
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Posted by Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 09:42:42:

Pans People

Especially Babs.............................

Dave Hopkin04/02/2016 11:04:32
3672 forum posts
294 photos
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 04/02/2016 10:04:44:

Four way Family Favourites whilst my grandad sharpened the carving knife on the back doorstep....


God yes... forgotten that....Cliff Mitchelmore saying "Come in Cyprus, Come in Cyprus..." and getting a stony silence while you were eating Sunday Dinner.....


Edited By Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 11:05:41

Dave Hopkin04/02/2016 11:06:11
3672 forum posts
294 photos
Posted by Dave Bran on 04/02/2016 11:03:09:
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 09:42:42:

Pans People

Especially Babs.............................

Get away from MY Babs you................ angry

Keith Evans 304/02/2016 11:33:18
393 forum posts
148 photos

Sherbet "Flying Saucers"

"Black Sambo "chews . (can't use that title anymore ) .

Building dams in the local streams to swim in .

Carrying an unexploded "incendiary "bomb through the high street to the local police station .

The rivers black with coal dust .

Making gunpowder. The chemists would sell you anything in those days .

Making flares with fertilizer .

"Corona "pop being delivered with glass bottles having china stopper with a rubber seal secured by a metal clamp .

Using the expanding roller skate to clamp a "Beano " annual and using it as a skateboard .

Making swings from old colliery winding rope hung from a very tall tree over looking a steep rise ..

My first sight of a "Mini Skirt ".

And looking back and thinking that when I was very little "Xmas " took 10 years to come around , and knowing now that it only takes 10 weeks .!!!!

Yes life growing up in the Rhondda was great .

Phil Brooks04/02/2016 11:54:22
464 forum posts
148 photos

The milkman's horse who knew the round as well as the milkman did, stopping exactly on the spot without a command.

Scooters made from a couple of planks and two ball bearings, decorated with beer bottle tops.

Scrounging old prams to make go-carts (didn't call them that)

Dodging the park keeper, a.k.a. "parky"

Then in my teens:-

Being able to cycle all day on main and trunk roads without fear.

Coffee bars with juke boxes.

Being able to remember things I thought of five minutes ago!

Edited By Phil Brooks on 04/02/2016 11:55:23

Dai Fledermaus04/02/2016 12:02:46
1057 forum posts
52 photos


You forgot building dens up the mountain.

Coal delivered to the front door, so that you had to move it through the house to the coal shed in the garden.

The hooter at the local colliery sounding the change of shifts.

Listening to Radio Luxembourg at night with the signal fading out and in

Talking of Radio Luxembourg, what about Horace Batchelor, with his money winning scheme to predict the Football Pools, from Keynsham spelt K E Y N S H A M Bristol

Edited By Dai Fledermaus on 04/02/2016 12:03:41

IanN04/02/2016 12:25:44
1675 forum posts
119 photos
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 11:00:27:

Liquorice root from the Chemist

Edited By Dave Hopkin on 04/02/2016 11:01:19


And also "Spanish" - the hard black stuff you got from the chemist to shake up in a bottle and make licorice water

And keeping a file handy in the mini to clean up the battery terminals in the boot every time it didn't have enough grunt to turn the starter over

Bob Cotsford04/02/2016 12:28:45
8382 forum posts
463 photos

How about KK and Veron rubber powered model kits sold in the local toy shops and even the newsagents?

Here's one you won't find now - children walking to school and being told not to take sweets off any strangers on the way!

IanN04/02/2016 12:31:07
1675 forum posts
119 photos

And still on the chemist theme, buying both Glycerin and Permanganate of Potash (try doing that these days and see how long it is before you get your collar felt wink) and mixing them to send our old airfix models out in a blaze of glory

Colin Leighfield04/02/2016 12:33:40
5993 forum posts
2503 photos

I remember watching the first episode of Andy Pandy. Before that the kiddy's special was Peter Rabbit. Every weekend they tested the air-raid siren at Kingstanding police station. Sometimes in bad weather the thing would set itself off and you'd be diving under the bed at 02-00.

Being thrilled to see dad come home with his para kit from some NATO exercise, or being able to see him doing training jumps at Castle Bromwich aerodrome from tethered kite balloons. Making a very large parachute and chucking Timmy the cat out of the bedroom window with it attached. It really worked so he floated down safely. He didn't seem to be at all offended and we remained good mates. I feel guilty now though, so please accept this as a confession. Please don't hate me.

kc04/02/2016 12:41:54
6417 forum posts
173 photos

I really miss the 1950's where everything got much better every year for almost everyone. Few had very much but everyone got more each year.

I miss being able to pull into the local garage and buying 2 gallons of petrol and getting sixpence change from a 10 shilling note ( = 50pence ) About 5 pence a litre in 1961 or 62.

Peter Miller04/02/2016 12:44:39
10945 forum posts
1272 photos
10 articles

1943, Coming through the Suez Canal and Mediterranean in the first convoy through after the route was reopened. Watching destroyers dropping depth charges and goin Whoop WHOOP WHOOP. I think they got a whale!!

Seeing the whole sea outside Port Said with nothing but masts and funnels sticking out of the water.

Watching the mothers pass the food round the table and smelling it and asking "Do you think this is bad?"

Watching the gunners practising with the anti aircraft guns.

Watching the Italian submarines coming into Port Augusta in Sicily to surrender.

Not being allowed to go to the party on a destroyer because I was just under the age limit of 6

And NO. We didn't lose a single ship in spite of being chased by wolfpacks of subs out into the Atlantic. The convoy we met and the one that followed us was bombed to pieces

After than Wiltshire was tame.

GONZO04/02/2016 13:00:36
1354 forum posts
14 photos

What about 'Rag, Tag and Bobtail' not forgeting 'Muffin the Mule'(please no smutty remarks) and a cowboy puppet 'Pete' something or other; can't remember the full title.

Dai, you forgot to mention his 'infra red draws' - what ever they were.

Making gunpowder, oh yes, my grandad showed me how and the potasium permanganate/glycerin mix along with endless hours of playing with his garden bonfire. Being given a pair of garden shears(sharp) whilst only 10 and told to cut the garden hedge and make it square and straight or else!

My grandad also gave me my own tool box that he had made containing a saw, wood chisel and plane etc when I was only 5. My wife has given me strict orders and warnings not to indulge in any of this with the next generation or it will be the worse for me. She's just an old spoil sport!

Must say what an excelent way to pass a bit of time this thread is, thanks to some of the comments I'm remembering lots of other things by association. Keep it up guys.

Dave Hopkin04/02/2016 13:00:53
3672 forum posts
294 photos

Moving later on in life......

The almost overwhelming sense of foreboding and impending doom the first morning I was too meet my first Troop Sgt he with more time in the NAFFI than my entire army career thus far and me with my pips still wet......

The first patrol in Northern Ireland.... bum was doing a pretty good impression of a rabbits nose! and trying desperately to appear cool, calm and collected....

Finding out what "crack and thump" really sounded like

Don Fry04/02/2016 13:11:13
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Having my crossbow inspected while out,by an adult stranger. Trailer mounted behind a bike, Bedford 15cwt van main spring, steel cord bowstring, boat winch to wind it. Capable of putting its half inch steel bolts through 2 courses of brickwork at 50 metres. Be careful with that lads was the only comment.

GONZO04/02/2016 13:14:27
1354 forum posts
14 photos

From a previous comment: Oh my god, long boots, hot pants and mini skirts. The trouble I had as a young man traveling on the tube to work from the Elephant & Castle to Islington. Getting all un neccessary just remembering those times.

Pete B - Moderator04/02/2016 13:15:23
7639 forum posts
733 photos
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 04/02/2016 12:33:40:
Making a very large parachute and chucking Timmy the cat out of the bedroom window with it attached. It really worked so he floated down safely. He didn't seem to be at all offended and we remained good mates. I feel guilty now though, so please accept this as a confession. Please don't hate me.

Your former high standing in my eyes has been restored, Colin.....teeth 2


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