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The final straw.Spectrum doubts

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gliggsy06/03/2016 18:51:10
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Hi guys, just back from the field having 2 planes 'go in', not best pleased. Now, when I started flying about ten years ago, most of my crashes I could attribute to myself, either poor flying, loss of orientation, poor installation etc etc but as I have progressed there have been times when the reasons for crashing haven't been as clear, quite a few of ' what happened there' unexplained crashes. Today I lost signal on two planes with no obvious reason, both ended in tears, I have read other threads on here berating Spectrum equipment and have suspected mine for the last two years. I am now of the opinion that my dx7 is as reliable as my garmin sat-nav which is equally as useless, both of them constantly losing signal, what a load of junk. anyway, rant over, what are the suggestions for a reliable new transmitter because the dx7 will be sent for repair (its two years old) and then it will be consigned to E bay otherwise I can't carry on building or buying planes just to have Spectrum destroy them.......Glyn

cymaz06/03/2016 18:56:19
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I'm sure someone will recommend Taranis. I will say Futaba. There, that's got the ball rolling

Tony Richardson06/03/2016 19:07:16
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How much do you want to invest question

iqon06/03/2016 19:07:19
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MaxG06/03/2016 19:15:20
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Frank Skilbeck06/03/2016 19:17:12
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Frsky is very good value for money, but there are a couple of guys flying with Taranis txs and Multiplex M Link modules and receivers, after having some range issues with the Frsky X series Rxs, but Frsky have updated the firmware so that has probably been addressed now, check the BARCS forum thread on this out.

But before you blame the radio what Rx batteries where you using, the telemetry on my Multiplex radios has warned me when the Rx batteries, high capacity AA cells, suffer a significant voltage drop underload. I now use 2s Life of sub C Nimh batteries in all my planes and power dips are a thing of the past.

But at our field Futaba, Hitec, Multiplex and a couple of Spektrum Dx9's have all been good and my original Spektrum Dx6i, bought in 2008 is still working OK (but is only used for BnF and foamy models), but then again I've got 2 garmin sat navs (one on my pushbike) and they seem OK too !

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator06/03/2016 19:17:49
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I'd hate to dissapoint Cymaz! wink 2

So, Taranis!

Tomorrow's tech today. Rock solid radio link - I've never had the slightest problem with conventional aircraft - a few challenges with large MR's bristling with CF plates yes - but I think that any system would struggle with them and at least Taranis tells me when it has a problem via its default RSSI telemetry.. Low cost Tx, low cost Rx, 16 channel, easily expandable to 32, s-bus compatable, excellent telemetry - again at low cost. Superb PC based programming capability, open programming - no restrictions to set model types. If you can imagine the mix then you can have it!

What's not to like!?


cymaz06/03/2016 19:25:07
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Ha ha....see someone had to do it. It might have well been BEB...King Taranis wink

Denis Watkins06/03/2016 19:25:20
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What a shame you had problems with 2.4 gig, but just be very careful on your new installation in the next model, as it has been found repeatedly that 2.4 gig will not tolerate slight voltage drops, tight servo rods, or shielding Rx from signal very well, it does not matter what manufacturer.

Alan Gorham_06/03/2016 19:36:11
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Denis please provide evidence that any manufacturers 2.4GHz equipment will not tolerate "slight voltage drops" in the receiver power supply.

Andy Palmer06/03/2016 19:38:38
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Multiplex. Never had any problems, certainly in my experience none of the problems Denis stated are a problem. When I first switched to 2.4 the telemetry showed my rx battery duff before it had caused a problem, so I can confirm what Frank says.

At my club if there is anyone having a problem with a model needing to re-bind etc there is only ever one manufacturer... I wouldn't touch it myself.

John F06/03/2016 19:45:59
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Exactly the same signal loss claim can be found for Taranis, Futaba or any other radio manufacturer that you care to search on.

One chap I knew is refusing to go back to Taranis after he swears blind that caused him to lose a FPV plane he was flying last year. No proof what the issue was, no idea what the issue was and absolutely no wish to investigate, Taranis is rubbish and always will be forever more, in his eyes. His kit went on eBay next day.

Unless you investigate a loss there's not much mileage in just ditching it for another setup in the hope it's better. It might have been his installation that did the famous "reduce model to matchsticks" trick rather than the kit itself.

Edited By John F on 06/03/2016 19:46:35

PatMc06/03/2016 19:49:55
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Posted by Denis Watkins on 06/03/2016 19:25:20: it has been found repeatedly that 2.4 gig will not tolerate slight voltage drops...

I think that's a peculiarity of Spektrum, not 2.4GHz. I don't know of anyone that's had "brown out" problems with any other make.

I now use FrSky Taranis & hack module equiped MPX SX. Previously used Futaba FF8 with FrSky module & original Specky (DSM 1) converted to Frsky V8. Never had any problems with any to date. All models used either 4.8v nimhs or the built in BEC of ESCs except a lightweight vintage & a DLG that both used a single cell (3.7v) lipo.

Colin Carpenter06/03/2016 19:51:13
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Would be interested what Rx you lost control with ? I have nearly 1400 recorded flights on my DX 9 now , and only 1 loss of control with DSM 2 . None with DSMX. I use Spektrum , Orange , Lemon rx on DSMX only . This Tx has given the greatest usage in 46 years of rc despite owning virtually all other brands. This is because now retired , I can fly any time not just Sunday's. Colin

Colin Leighfield06/03/2016 20:00:53
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Been up the field today, nearly froze my fingers off. Flying with Spektrum, as usual. I have for years after a gradual change over from JR on 35mhz. I've used my DX7 since I bought it years ago,as well as a DX6 and a range of Spektrum receivers.

I've never had any problems. Clearly some do, but I haven't.

Don Fry06/03/2016 20:02:29
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Gliggsy, rant accepted.

Two points,

First, sell a suspect tranni on E bay, think again my friend as to wether you want to inflict this on a fellow traveller. Your morality choice

Second. Get real here, Spectrum is no better, or worse , than other makes.

Not a third point, but Garmen Sat Navs, sea going or road versions also seem no different from others. but I suspect happiness and equipment is not destined for you.

john stones 106/03/2016 20:08:53
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Oooh another tx war wink I'm keeping out of it, Frsky and JR user myself. yes


Don Fry06/03/2016 20:11:48
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Actually John I don't care, they all seem to work.

gliggsy06/03/2016 20:14:54
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Hi guys, thought at first it may have been a tx battery problem (lipo alternative) but voltage good at 7.4 . genuine rx's,both installed on small ie30" w/span foam models, nothing binding and no brown out flashing from rx. Checked on deck after event and only about 20' or less range. Motors went dead, into failsafe and both planes turned turtle from about 30' up and 100' out..........Garmin loses signal about 3 times per hour for anything up to 15 mins totally useless........Glyn

gliggsy06/03/2016 20:16:18
103 forum posts
4 photos

or it could be me that's jinxed......Jonah

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