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The final straw.Spectrum doubts

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Colin Leighfield07/03/2016 12:16:44
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Hi again chaps. Geoff, yes, the servos were originally wired the other way around! Although later on they converted to the same as everyone else. Something that you needed to be aware of.

Stuphedd07/03/2016 13:40:15
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I like Sanwa and currently have 2 sets of RDS8000, and 11off 35 and 27 old Sanwa txes,

also fly with a DX7 and a JR.

and no problems at all EXCEPT the DX7 and JR have the charging leads reversed to the "rest of the world "!!!!!


ans Sanwa sold adapter leads for their "old " servos with the ribbed plugs

Robert Putley 107/03/2016 21:00:08
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The other side of the coin....

Purchased one of the very first Spektrum DX9's, my first 2.4 set, and am absolutely delighted with my purchase. Totally reliable. My first rx's were Spektrum DSMX, an 8 and 2 x 4 channel. Then many - competively priced - Lemon rx's & rx/stabilizers.

I have recently purchased the new DX6 which very shortly I shall be putting to good use.

When in the past, I have damaged my Blade heli's, I have received fast, efficient service..with no charge.

So, I am one very satisfied customer.

Shaunie07/03/2016 22:52:39
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I have an original DX7 (DSM2 only) which I have used since 2010. I have 3 AR7000s, AR6400NBL, 3 AR500s, an AR6210 and three Orange receivers. In 5 years I have had ONE lockout in a fun fly with an Orange R615 receiver. It rolled to level for about 2 seconds and then control came back. I think that's pretty blooming good. I am a realist that can see the small difference between good and perfect. I do think that owners of some brands would prefer to call a crash "dumb thumbs" rather than impune their so called "perfect" brand.

I also exclusively use 4 cells in my Rx packs on I.C models, keep promising to go 5 cell but never quite get around to it.

I do however take care to space my antennas out, fitting them at 90 degrees for multiple antennas and spacing satellites out correctly.


Ronaldo08/03/2016 00:43:27
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I'm using a Spektrum DX9 Black edition and a QQ DX18 .... but since losing 2 precious models through loss of signal on DSM2 over a year ago, I've gone totally over to DSMX RX's ... so far no problems..... fingers crossed ! Also I would never power my Rx with any less than 6v as I too have had brown outs on 4.8v in the past on Spektrum. I use 5cell ni-mhs or life batteries.


onetenor08/03/2016 02:57:55
1901 forum posts

I use old Futaba 35mhz and Graupner Tx s with either makes Rx s and Sanwa Rx s I ' ve had no probs with any of them mix and matching . I had one signal loss when an aerial came adrift. Luckily it was on the final and gliding so it landed safely. Also use Sanwa servos and never had a problem with them either. Just lucky I guess

cymaz08/03/2016 06:19:55
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In 15 years of flying I've only had one futaba servo fail. I tend only to use Futaba and Hitec ones.

My only plane loss using Futaba Tx and FrSky Rx was due ( on rigorous testing) to me using the wrong plug cap on a spark eninge causing interference

gliggsy08/03/2016 06:24:40
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Hi guys, certainly opened a hornets nest here, thanks for the replies. Just to clarify a couple of points. My battery monitor was showing a full battery and the reading was 7.4v. With one of the planes the battery wasn't ejected and as I approached the plane sprung into life at about 8'. Stepping backwards and forwards at this point was making and breaking the tx connection. Both on genuine rx's. I did have a few oranges etc but ditched them after too many failures, looks like they were innocent after all.....glyn

..08/03/2016 06:36:41
974 forum posts
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Posted by gliggsy on 08/03/2016 06:24:40:

Hi guys, certainly opened a hornets nest here, thanks for the replies

No Glyn this particular nest is open all over forums & social media across the web and has been for quite some time. All I will say is you pay your money & make your choice. There are enough tales of woe online and at the field to keep me from being tempted.

David Ovenden08/03/2016 06:37:17
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Just to add another view, I use JR XG11 and XG14 sets and have found them 100% reliable. Extremely fast binding to rx and blisteringly fast (very low latency) with no delay at all. I think that these points are at central to this debate about reliability. If you have doubts about the Spektrum system, then what radio has a bullet-proof RF link?

Well in my experience JR XG series with DMSS does. Also has xbus system that can be programmed from the Tx and a good telemetry system too. Every channel (even ch 14) has the same very fast frame rate so no delay on any control. So worth looking at the JR sets seriously if you are in the market for a new radio.  














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gliggsy10/03/2016 14:38:13
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Transmitter now in the hands of Horizon, watch this space......g

Dave Hopkin10/03/2016 15:51:59
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Without wanting to pour petrol on the flames............

At one of the sites I fly at, there is one corner where using a Taranis have had "Signal Critical" warning for a couple of seconds it has then recovered itself - I have had this a couple of times in that corner, but its very much the exception, normally its fine - we have had a couple of models go in coming out of that corner with a loss of control, both on Spektrum BUT before you all go AH HA!!!!! - probably 80% of the sets at that club are Spektrum

But it did cross my mind that is it something to do with the recovery time on Spektrum thats causing the problem?

Assuming there is some thing attenuating 2.4 signals down that end of the patch causing a break in reception and loss of control, while the plane flies through the blind spot as it emerges there must be a time lag before control is restored is there a significant difference between flavours of RX?

Steve Colman10/03/2016 16:30:19
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I've been in a similar situation. About two years ago now I bought a DX8 as an upgrade from a DX6i which had given stirling service and been faultless.

In a matter of a couple of weeks I lost a total of four models. Two had been flown previously with no problem whatsoever using the DX6i while the other two were on maiden flights. All four models exhibited vittually identical behaviour and nosed into the ground. I had no control of the models at all at this time.

Now , given that two models had given no sign of misbehaving while under the control of the DX6i and that I had meticulously set up my models as always, the one common factor was the DX8.

I sent it to HH for a check up whereupon they informed me that they could find no fault but they would change the RF board anyway, just as a precaution you see. This story, I've heard repeated many times now regarding the DX8 and other Spektrunm Tx's.

Upon return of my DX8 I was very wary and it was difficult to have confidence in it. After a few trials with some small and cheap foamies I began to trust it step by step. Now, and I'm probably courting disaster here, I have to say that it's performed flawlessly ever since.

However, I am still of the opinion that there were, and perhaps still are, problems with a number of Spektrum transmitters, which of course, they aren't going to admit to despite the many instances of changing RF boards.


Edited By Steve Colman on 10/03/2016 16:31:00

Cuban810/03/2016 17:04:32
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Regarding four and five cell RX packs - don't forget that the C rating of the cells is very impotrtant. All AA packs are not equal and will often struggle to give 2C e.g a 1500 pack (four or five cells) will not usually give much more than 3A so you'll be sailing pretty close to the wind with digital servos or other accessories (stalled retract servo for instance) driven from the RX battery. Not having the C rating of Nimhs made very obvious is unhelpful, so unless you test for yourself, you might have cells that are totally unsuitable for a particular installation and render your model an accident in waiting. Brand of radio will make not make a jot of difference.

Higher capacity AA cells tend to be the worst, so it's safer to go with physically larger cells to get the capacity and current ratingwith Nimh chemistry.

Try your own packs by setting up a discharge test on your charger. - for a fully charged five cell AA pack, set the cut off to 5V and test at various discharge currents depending on the Ahr capacity of the cells. You might be surprised at how little current the cells will deliver before quickly collapsing below 1V per cell.

Just as we take particular care to be aware of the performance of elecric flight equipment so as to not overload ESCs, Lipos and motors etc. the same effort should be taken with the radio power systems - but unfortunately many modellers appear to be unaware or ill informed of the requirements of a robust system.


Edited By Cuban8 on 10/03/2016 17:07:33

David Davis10/03/2016 18:00:32
3679 forum posts
688 photos

I use a DX9 and have had no problems with it. I also own a DX6i which I use as a buddy box, again I've had no problems with that either.

Just before retiring to France I sold a lot of surplus stuff including a lot of old Sanwa black plug equipment which I wasn't using. I put the lot on eBay and got about £30 for three or four transmitters, at least one of which was only suitable for spares, a similar number of receivers and loads of servos.

The new owner had everything tested by an electronics engineer, replaced all of the black wires and then put one of my old receivers into a Junior 60. Using one of my old transmitters he flew the model until it was a small speck in the sky , then he landed it. He was delighted with his purchase.

How do I know? Because he phoned me up to tell me!

GONZO10/03/2016 18:11:11
1354 forum posts
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A good reason to use LiFe cells.

Edited By GONZO on 10/03/2016 18:12:15

gliggsy10/03/2016 18:12:04
103 forum posts
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Hi guys, Steve, I did say that I would be ditching the DX7s after being repaired but if they do change the board or find a fault then I suppose it would be sensible to stick with it given the amount of rx's that I have but.....It will only get the one chance, if it fails it will finish up under the wheel of the car. I followed Bens thread last year, can't remember if I posted but I certainly empathised with him .. C8 these are electric models fella, 3cell lipo, batteries weren't an issue....g

GONZO10/03/2016 18:14:17
1354 forum posts
14 photos

Depends on the size of the electric model ie how much current will the BEC cct in the ESC deliver?

Edited By GONZO on 10/03/2016 18:14:51

ben goodfellow 110/03/2016 18:25:14
1069 forum posts
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Posted by gliggsy on 10/03/2016 14:38:13:

Transmitter now in the hands of Horizon, watch this space......g..................... rf board . we have replaced for your piece of mind.................. how much can i put on that in your report.................

gliggsy10/03/2016 18:36:00
103 forum posts
4 photos

Hi Ben, got to say you had my sympathy with your saga, I couldn't at the time be positive that I had the same issues, I am sure now and there is no amount of trying to blame anything else would convince me. Sorry guys and I do appreciate any advice or help that may give me another idea to try but after following Bens thread I think I have covered all the simple things, this problem, imo is the one that you can't see.....the signal.....g

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