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Engine projects

or I THINK it's all there ?

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jeff2wings23/03/2016 21:01:18
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So during a tidy up of the workshop I found some boxes with some forgotten engines in need of attention, a couple had some work done on them but got left to one side because the old Myford needed a rebuild first, now that’s done (a project in itself !) and not having any where to fly, I think it’s time to mangle metal !

first up is the Merco that I wanted to give a the look of a old "sparky" engine




jeff2wings24/03/2016 14:42:42
839 forum posts
2056 photos

Well the merco was a straight forward job to do as I started with a complete engine, the next one however, was not. It came to me from a club mate’s estate, he had told me it was a Rossi 61, however I think it’s a 45 heli/DF engine. After striping and (a lot of ) cleaning, the bearings replaced, I had to make a cylinder head and prop driver with its split taper collar.


ready to go together


ready to run ! that's the original head next to it.



jeff2wings24/03/2016 22:02:49
839 forum posts
2056 photos

So with those two finished and the ASP120 2st rebuilt with new bearings, I can turn my attention to this little lot I got off the bay this week.

$_12 (1).jpg

looks o.k here 5 engines in total ?

$_12 (2).jpg

Looks like it could be a bit of a gamble, just a hint of bodging going on there smile o !

jeff2wings25/03/2016 10:30:59
839 forum posts
2056 photos

So starting with the one in the lower left of the picture, that looks to be a mid ‘70s model before it was phased out in favour of the FS model that it ran along side with for a time. After striping it down and cleaning, time to get that flange off frown


DOH !! some people should have their tools locked away angry ! Well luckily there is a undamaged case for this model on the right of the picture,this is when experience and a good eye help when buying a job lot of bits like this.

So overall the rest of the engine is in very good shape , I had to swap the (correct) front case from the blue engine ,then a good polish and.....................



And so onto the next one!.

john stones 1 Moderator25/03/2016 10:49:41
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Looks like you're enjoying yourself there Jeff, will you be building models around these, or is it purely the love of the engines ?


Former Member25/03/2016 11:35:37
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[This posting has been removed]

Stuphedd25/03/2016 12:44:48
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I like this thread ! HP engines were/are brilliant , and the Perry carbs were superb, I have quite a lot from people who could not get on with them , They needed a packet of patience included in the box , but once set smiley


bert baker25/03/2016 16:44:25
1650 forum posts
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It was the HP 61 Gold Cup and OPS Power pipe and the ED square carb that provided a powerfull combination in its hay day for me.

jeff2wings25/03/2016 19:02:14
839 forum posts
2056 photos

Thanks for the interest, John to be honest since losing our flying site a couple of years ago, the ME side of things has started to take more of my time, I’m still building planes but there’s no rush to finish them.sad

Percy, 5 engines 2 carbs! This was the only one I had that fitted.

Pete, yep, got a soft spot (between my ears) for HP’slaugh

Bert,I think the black and gold finish gave it the extra power wink


next will be the Mk 1 that's in the middle.

Former Member25/03/2016 19:10:23
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[This posting has been removed]

jeff2wings25/03/2016 20:16:57
839 forum posts
2056 photos

Really?? I have no idea what was in the mind of the person who inflicted such engineering muppetry on these fine engines, general rule of thumb, modify the silencer/manifold to fit the engine, not the other way round!!.

So once it’s dismantled, on too the lathe and mill off the flange.



Yes, I know I'm climb milling indecision



jeff2wings25/03/2016 21:20:02
839 forum posts
2056 photos







kevin b25/03/2016 22:18:40
2059 forum posts
187 photos

Excellent thread. yes

Hey Ed. How about an engine restoration feature (or 2) in the mag ? I know Brian Winch takes new engines to bits, but something about restoring old "club size" engines might be interesting.


jeff2wings26/03/2016 20:31:52
839 forum posts
2056 photos

I like to think of these as working restorations rather than trying to return them to "as new from the factory " as I would then need a bead blasting cabinet and a means to anodise bits,but not on my pocket money laugh !

Did I mention I like HP engines ?



Former Member26/03/2016 21:17:45
8085 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

jeff2wings29/03/2016 21:41:17
839 forum posts
2056 photos

Hi Percy, I think they were more aimed at the collector as it’s far from a practical power unit for aircraft being long, heavy and a bit rev happy, I think I remember seeing a picture in a mag of one fitted in a large “flattie” boat with twin tuned pipes, must have been an impressive sight going flat out across the o

Ah yes, the open front no loss (apart from your flying field) silencer, brilliant.Not the  best of ideas frown

Well in the end I had to do very little to engine No 4, just an external clean and I swapped over cylinder heads, putting the one with missing fins on it as this will be my “user “.The only thing I needed was a carb so looking in my “it might come in handy” box I found an old Irvine job.


A bit of work on the lathe




Not bad ,4 HP 61 's total cost £53 smiley !

Next I will be doing something with these



Edited By jeff2wings on 29/03/2016 21:42:01

Tomtom3929/03/2016 21:49:21
708 forum posts
1 photos

What a pleasure to troll through this post. I'm a big fan of the HP's too and still use both my .40 and 61 Gold cups.

Many thanks for rekindling my interest in 2 stroke IC (now where did I put my box of MVVS's!)

Bob Cotsford30/03/2016 10:07:05
8948 forum posts
498 photos

I too remember those venturi 'silencers'. The one that came with the HP61 that I had was fitted from new with a domed cap at the front making it quite a reasonable silencer for the day. Right up until the cap came loose and it reverted to being a performance boosting open front venturi - what a racket! As I recall, airflow through the silencer caused a negative pressure assisting with exhaust scavenging and allowing higher revs - making them popular with the racing crowd until the noise complaints started.

As for the Meteor in the photo, I still have my old 40, and the P&R silencer I used with it after the silencer bolt holes stripped in the cylinder. The bearings and compression were still good the last time I looked at it.

David Davis30/03/2016 10:56:54
3865 forum posts
741 photos

...and I have a Meteor 60 which I picked up for a song. Runs well, Super Tigre silencer.

meteor with stq silencer (1).jpg

jeff2wings30/03/2016 21:08:35
839 forum posts
2056 photos

Bob, this was a short lived (thankfully)fad in the early 70’s as a result of I think of the FAI requiring pylon racers to fit silencers resulting in this “work around” interesting to note that OS and Enya never offered this type for their engines. The Meteor 40 is on my hit list!

David, Meteors were a good alternative to the Merco and were used to good effect by Terry Cooper in his bulldog and super bulldog aerobatic models, although I think he used a Kavan pressure injection carb and pipe to make it go


So as I have some Meteors in my collection I fancy doing a “special”just for fun


more anon...............................

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