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Seagull radial rocket

Has anyone got or owned one?

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Graeme Poke29/03/2020 04:20:10
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Hi All, After Ron gave me some advice, see further up the thread, I bought one of these. Since I'm spending more time in the workshop (you know why) I decided to put it together.

I started with the engine, Saito 80, and ran straight into trouble. The instructions state that the distance from the firewall to the thrust driver is 113mm. However, if I do this (with some difficulty pushing the cowl on) the lines/paint work on the cowl do not line up with the fuse. But if I take the distance out to 133mm it's spot on. Is it a mistake in the manual or am I missing something?

Has anyone else had this problem please? Happy building, Graeme

cymaz29/03/2020 06:03:02
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if you look 11 the manual gives another measurement. Try emailing Seagull, they’re should get back to you 

Edited By cymaz on 29/03/2020 06:05:02

Graeme Poke29/03/2020 06:42:53
180 forum posts
20 photos

Thanks cymaz, more confusion.

That manual is similar but there are some differences. On page 17 of the manual you linked to, the electric set up states 145mm. In my manual it's 113, same as IC. Doesn't make sense. Why would it be 125mm for IC, 145mm for electric in your link?

I'll do as you suggest and email them. Cheers Graeme

Ron Gray29/03/2020 09:38:44
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Graeme, I will go and measure mine to see what I have.

Ron Gray29/03/2020 11:13:22
2328 forum posts
965 photos

Mine measures 138mm from back of spinner backplate to firewall.

Graeme Poke29/03/2020 23:04:24
180 forum posts
20 photos

Thanks for that Ron, you are a champion.

Looking at it with more precision, 138mm is spot on. The 133mm I came up with earlier was a quick, rough measurement and in my frustration assumed the manual must have been 20mm out. So in fact it is 25mm out.

So I will go with 138mm. It also helps to fit the Saito 80 four stroke in that it gives it more clearance from the firewall.

So back to the assembly, cheers Graeme

Tim A30/03/2020 03:56:12
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Seagull have obviously updated both the manual and the plane according to the online manual. The landing gear struts have been modified with a different mounting system in the wing too late for mine, Ron's and probably yours!

The old manual shows I.C. & E.P. 113mm New manual I.C. 125mm E.P. 145mm.Just measured mine (E.P.) 146mm. I set mine so the graphics on the cowl would align with the fuselage. it is quite possible that Seagull have made an error again with the manual!

With the motor set at 146mm my C.G. was too far forward had too cut back into the servo mount plate to move the battery (5S 4000) back by approx 30mm.

Graeme Poke30/03/2020 06:13:56
180 forum posts
20 photos

Thanks Tim. I will do as you and Ron have done and align the cowl and fuse graphics. Then mount the engine accordingly. All the best Graeme

Lubomir Bakalov21/05/2020 12:20:03
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38 photos

Hi guys,

It is very beautiful baby ...  



I've decide to use lighter servos for wings and flaps - 26gr - Goteck DS9257.
Digital, ball bearing, coreless motor, lighter.

This way I have had to modify its places.

Goteck DS9257 servo

Edited By Lubomir Bakalov on 21/05/2020 12:24:16

Lubomir Bakalov21/05/2020 12:21:52
11 forum posts
38 photos

The whole wing

Ready wings

Lubomir Bakalov21/05/2020 12:27:48
11 forum posts
38 photos

Also decide to change the mechanic of horizontal stab from 2 to just one wire.

..not opened but hidden :D :D :D

new stab mechanic -1

New stab mechanic - 2

Lubomir Bakalov21/05/2020 12:34:17
11 forum posts
38 photos

Respectively have had to pen the tail body .....

Stab glued -1

Stab glued 2

..and of course use HEAVY WEIGHT to save the geometry/glue in place...

..or say say a friend: "training brazilian as..." :D :D :D

Lubomir Bakalov21/05/2020 12:41:04
11 forum posts
38 photos

And follow again the HAMLET question - What engine accomplish the name?

OS 61 complete 694g
SC 91 complete 812g

With ALL them I'm too nose heavy.

Any suggestion welcome! Thank you!

Lubomir Bakalov16/06/2020 08:53:50
11 forum posts
38 photos

Thank you for comments and suggestions!

Finally choose OS .61 because of weight.
Of course later I can change it and cut around 6-7 cm from motor box....

os.61 up.jpg

os.61 right.jpg

os.61 left.jpg

Ron Gray16/06/2020 09:05:39
2328 forum posts
965 photos

Hmmm, that doesn't look like my Seagull Radial Rocket!!!???

Lubomir Bakalov16/06/2020 09:34:38
11 forum posts
38 photos

Even lighter engine and super lighter pitts exhaust (half the original) the recommended CG is trouble.

I plan to use glow power driver and second battery for.

And have to move both batteries in the tail.

battery bay-2.jpg

battery bay-1.jpg

Also prepared a receiver plate:

receiver plate.jpg

Lubomir Bakalov22/06/2020 07:35:32
11 forum posts
38 photos

Fairy tale continue...

Landing gear is: not scale, too big, too heavy, bad tendency ....

So I've prepared a new box and reorganize the body ...

land box-1.jpg

land box-2.jpg

land box-opening.jpg

land box-in.jpg

land box-in-final.jpg

land box-down.jpg




Ron Gray22/06/2020 08:18:21
2328 forum posts
965 photos

Nice job you've made of the landing gear 'box' and with that style of 'gear you won't get the ground handling problems the standard kit has! the full size Rocket had a variety of landing gear styles including retracts!

But I'm surprised that yours has come out really nose heavy, mine is powered by a Laser 100 and the flight batteries are located just behind the servo tray, on the fuse floor.

As I said earlier, yours just doesn't look like the same kit as mine, the construction is different, are you sure yours is a Seagull Radial Rocket?

Lubomir Bakalov07/07/2020 12:18:38
11 forum posts
38 photos

Thank you for comment, Ron!

Not - I'm not sure that is Seagull but is more or less Radial.
Can it be Rocket I will let you later.
Seems this aircraft is not so optimized for speed like ex. Sundowner....

Any way I've got it as burth-day gift and prepare for speed.....
I don't care that is w/o docs

Let me continue ...slowly the finish:

So for cowl's clear view:

cowl wood logs up.jpg

cowl wood logs down.jpg

xhaust back.jpg

xhaust down.jpg

And finally ...

prop&spinner&cowl front.jpg

model ready front-right.jpg

model ready front-up.jpg

model ready front.jpg

and the AUW:

model weight.jpg

...meaning wing loading up to 108-109 g/dm2!
Flying/landing brick! many war bird models!

I calc the geometry and MAC and got the CG of 85-95mm in root.
Just the test fly will tell us more.

Stay safe, happy and lucky!

Lubomir Bakalov22/07/2020 09:03:10
11 forum posts
38 photos

The story continue (just in pictures)...

....with cooling:

cooling side view.jpg

cooling fron-side view.jpg

cooling front view.jpg

cooling top view.jpg

cooling inlet.jpg

cooling outlet.jpg

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