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What's the daftest thing you've done in the workshop?

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Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator15/05/2016 18:50:14
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We all have those moments - you know the ones where you're happily pottering around in the workshop then suddenly it hits you,...that realisation that you have just done something really daft. Something that is not only wrong, its so wrong its going to make a load of extra work for you putting it right!!

Some examples are well known of course - so well known its probably true that most of us have done them, these popular faux pas would include...making two identical fuselage sides instead of a left and right pair,....gluing the tailplane into a slot and then realising you haven't put the elevator joiner in place and now you can't fit it in,....building the entire wing and then realising you have no way of feeding the aileron servo lead through it. All these are well known.

This afternoon I think I managed a new one! I was instaling the aileron servos in a model and wanted to make up the clevis and control rods etc. Obviously I needed to centralise the servos so I could get the length of the pushrods right. Usually I'd use a servo tester to do this - but I lent mine to a mate a week ago. No problem, I'll just set up the Rx with a gash ESC to power the servos.

Ah, Rx isn't bound, no big probs. I get a 3s Lipo and an old 20A ESC out of the box (they are not the ones for the model but that doesn't matter). I need to bind the Rx, "oh come on I haven't go all day",..... I turn on the Tx, and bind the Rx,......thus neatly overwriting the bind on whatever model happens to come up on the Tx, what flew last yesterday - ie the Wots Wot. Oh No!

DAMN!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! angry. Already in a hurry (that's prpbably part of the reason this happened) now I have to "time out" while I take the wings off the Wots Wot (not trivial) to get at its Rx so I can correctly rebind it to the model in the Tx. 40 minutes by the time that was all done,...then I could get back to binding the new model to a new memory slot in the Tx which is what of course what I should have done in the first place!!

So that's my stupid act of the day - whats the best totally pointless, completely avoidable, time waster you have managed then?


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 15/05/2016 18:54:38

Keith Evans 315/05/2016 19:01:44
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148 photos

With difficulty , half covering an already balsa locked fuselage , only to discover I had not taken the backing off the Solarfilm ! ! !

cymaz15/05/2016 19:41:05
9285 forum posts
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Checking a model in the field. Oh ailerons reversed....Hell, how did that happen ? Reversed ailerons - Damn now the throws are all wrong and they are not centering ....


......oops wrong modelblush

cymaz15/05/2016 19:43:09
9285 forum posts
1200 photos

Got the engine to start on the prime but wouldn't run.....primed it, ran, stopped......primed it,ran,stopped



...fuel it up ,you turnip blush

PatMc15/05/2016 20:14:44
4437 forum posts
538 photos

Mixed epoxy then wondered why it was taking such a long time to go off.

Equal parts resin with resin mix doesn't make a strong bond. embarrassed

leccyflyer15/05/2016 20:31:17
1518 forum posts
327 photos

Built my first low winger just exactly the same as I'd built my previous high wingers - with the aileron servo underneath the wing.

Didn't like the paint job on a latex pilot, so cleaned it off with white spirit. The pilot's head instantly swelled up like the Mekon. Threw him in the bin, but next day the swelling had gone down and he survived.

Tidying up after a lengthy late night soldering session carefully placed the still hot iron on the stove to cool down and then turned round and equally carefully picked up the spiral wound wire soldering iron stand to put it away- picking it up by the white hot wire coil. The scars are still there.

Disconnected the bare ended charging leads on a Hitec charger rather than disconnecting the plug. Okay it was only a 4.8v receiver pack but as the wires touched, welded themselves together and glowed I went into a break dance routine trying to let go of the melting plastic on the pack.

john stones 115/05/2016 20:39:56
11604 forum posts
1517 photos

Jeez and they let you fly...cheeky

Not workshop I'm o.k in there, going fields another matter though..wrong wing, no wing tube, no tx, forgot my lipos and I once forgot my flask crying


Robin Kearney15/05/2016 20:59:38
1080 forum posts
183 photos

Whilst removing the connector from a new 6s pack which arrived without my preferred connector, I hastily grabbed the wire cutters and snipped through both wires at once. The resultant spark was quite something!

IanN15/05/2016 21:04:36
1675 forum posts
119 photos

I don't wish to offend anyone's sensibilities, so give due warning that anyone of a delicate disposition may want to skip this entry

Being a civilised sort of a chap I have a kettle in the workshop, and always take some milk with me to ensure that the tea and coffee keeps flowing during building sessions. This inevitably means that nature sometimes calls, and I then have to return to the house. That is no problem when the weather has been moderate, but the workshop is at the bottom of the garden and has no paved access. Not to put too fine a point on it the lawn down at that end is an absolute mudbath for most of the winter, and could give the Somme a run for its money whenever it's particularly wet.

So my "alternative arrangements" consist of an empty gallon fuel bottle and - of course - some disinfectant hand wipes, thus meaning that I can answer the call without leaving the shed. So, no need for all the palaver of slipping and sliding through the mud, getting soaked in the rain, and then having to take wellies off at the kitchen door, get told off for letting the wind and rain in whilst swmbo is watching Downton, etc etc etc. And just to complete the virtuous circle, the "by product" gets regularly emptied onto the compost heap which, as any google search will tell you, adds valuable nitrogen and is recommended by many horticulturalists. So, win win!

This arrangement has served me very well for a no of years until this January when whilst answering the call I suddenly thought "hang on, this bottle seems a little heavy, I'm sure I emptied it yesterday".

It was only at that point that I realised I was "topping up" a less than half used gallon bottle of Southern Modelcraft's finest 10% Synthetic

blush blush blush

Pete B - Moderator15/05/2016 21:43:21
7672 forum posts
734 photos

A rush of nothing to the head when soldering an XT60, polarity reversed, onto a brand-new 60A ESC and then watching the magic smoke appear when I connected the Lipo....face 21


Mike Blandford15/05/2016 21:52:00
647 forum posts
25 photos

BEB, interesting! With all my transmitters (open source firmware) it is only the Rx that "remembers" the bind, never the Tx, so even though I might bind another receiver to a model, the original remains bound!


Darrell Woodward15/05/2016 21:53:56
94 forum posts
1 photos

Built five Warmonger vintage combat models to completion inside a week.

I went to a party on the Friday night, came home Saturday morning very smashed and noticed I'd built them with the asymmetry the wrong way round!

Former Member15/05/2016 21:56:44

[This posting has been removed]

bouncebounce crunch15/05/2016 21:58:51
1739 forum posts
212 photos

Two left wings.

4 Sig Koverall, doped, primed and painted built up ailerons, when attaching to wings realised the tops were actually the bottoms. so that was many hours for nothing.

Dave Hopkin15/05/2016 21:59:57
3672 forum posts
294 photos

After lots of sanding etc... deciding that it would be a good idea to bench test a motor to find out what prop to use....

Screwed motor to test bed, fitted 16" prop, connected ans ESC, plugged it into a RX switched on TX. plugged in the watt meter, plugged LiPo.... listen to ESC arm, open throttle a touch to check rotation direction - thats ok.

So lets open her up to see if I get the 900 Watts advertised.......... I can hear motor spooling up but somehow the world has vanished in a sawdust and general crap whiteout.................. I looked like a bloody snowman when I staggered out of the shed coughing and spluttering and just to add the icing on the SHMBO just happens to be watching from the Kitchen window, trying hard not to laugh.............

Dave Hopkin15/05/2016 22:01:43
3672 forum posts
294 photos

Arriving at the field with a fuselage and a wing - sadly from different planes.....

Locking my car keys in the boot of the car while packing up at the end of the day.....

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator15/05/2016 22:09:39
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Posted by Mike Blandford on 15/05/2016 21:52:00:

BEB, interesting! With all my transmitters (open source firmware) it is only the Rx that "remembers" the bind, never the Tx, so even though I might bind another receiver to a model, the original remains bound!



Er,....are you telling me that in OpenTx systems binding the same memory location to another Rx has no effect on the original? ie it would still be bound?

Because if you are then things are even worse than I thought!!! You see I use Taranis (OpenTx) so that means the "rebind" was a double waste of time because I didn't need to do it!!!!! Oh hell! disgust

Do you ever get the feeling it really isn't your day!


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 15/05/2016 22:12:35

PatMc15/05/2016 22:13:35
4437 forum posts
538 photos
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 15/05/2016 21:43:21:

A rush of nothing to the head when soldering an XT60, polarity reversed, onto a brand-new 60A ESC and then watching the magic smoke appear when I connected the Lipo....face 21


Ditto, except I changed a battery from 4mm bullets to XT60. Results below :

embarrassing lipo.jpg

oh dear.jpg

sulking esc.jpg

Also, about 4 years ago managed to connect a 3s lipo to a 8s nicad instead of the intended ESC when doing a bench test. More evidence :

Shorted 4mm connectors

The lipo survived unscathed but the nicad went belly up.

Bob Cotsford15/05/2016 22:17:44
8663 forum posts
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Posted by Mike Blandford on 15/05/2016 21:52:00:

BEB, interesting! With all my transmitters (open source firmware) it is only the Rx that "remembers" the bind, never the Tx, so even though I might bind another receiver to a model, the original remains bound!



I think stripping a model in order to unnecessarily rebind a receiver might be high on the listwink

Another one for two left wings from a plan where only one wing half is shown.

Arriving at the field with the 'other' tx which is still 35MHz while all the models are 2.4.

Correct fuselage, correct wings, correct tx, incorrect wing joiner.

Filled the sugar bowl with tea - no, not loose leaf destined for the caddy but brewed tea from the pot. Waste not want not, it may be why I'm well on my way to diabetesdevil

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 15/05/2016 22:18:17

Andy G.15/05/2016 22:18:00
413 forum posts
215 photos

O.k. we've probably all built 2 left wings....... I went one better than that and built 3 left wings!!! And, to add insult to injury on the third flight I broke a wing, guess which one?. Yep, you guessed, the Damn right one..

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