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A Gangster 52 for today ?

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gangster18/05/2016 20:20:33
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While we are in nostalgic mood. Who remembers the Trueline Tiger.

A contemporary and probably as good as the G52

Martyn K19/05/2016 14:48:48
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This was the same era as the Gangster 52 (I had 2 of them) but IMHO, this is a much better flier. Remarkably neutral and very precise for its size.


A Flair Meteor 40. Superb model


Percy Verance19/05/2016 14:51:55
8108 forum posts
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The (kit) Acrowot is even better with the various mods John.........

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/05/2016 14:52:39

kc19/05/2016 14:59:28
6147 forum posts
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Presumably Luther meant Maricardo which is here on MyHobbyStores

unless there actually is one called Magicardo........... great name for a revised version perhaps?

Luther Oswalt19/05/2016 16:26:25
138 forum posts

kc - OOPS! Sorry my fingers decided to hit the "g".... Thanks for catching that!


Richie Carey Maddog Designs UK19/05/2016 17:38:27
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I designed this way back in the 90's to replace my much loved 75" Gangster following an argument it had with a wire fence. The Hammerhead is a rugged all weather club flyer, which originally was a foam wing and decking kit. however I have just finished redesigning the kit as a all built up model, with plugin wings. sadly, though I did offer a 54" version kit back in the 90's. the manufacturing costs today means that I cant produce the 54" kit cheap enough to sell. so I have only the 75" and 62" kits which should be available early July this year.

Sorry for the poor quality video but it will give you an idea of how the model fly's in gusty winds we get off the north sea up here in the frozen northeast. this was the 75" hammerheads madden flight.


Edited By Richie Carey Maddog Designs UK on 19/05/2016 17:40:09

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Stuart Marsden19/05/2016 19:40:07
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Gangster63 was always the pick of the bunch for me. The key here is to get back to building. Traditional kit built Acrowot nearly as good. Both great models, but the 63 was the best and I believe still available, contact Mick Reeves. You never know, youm I got get Mick back on the 52 !

gangster19/05/2016 20:49:18
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The 63 available now is not the old one we knew back in the day. It's laser cut with built up wings Chinese artf style construction. Takes about 5 times as long to build than the old one which probably only had about 20 separate bits of wood in the whole kit. Hundreds of little tiny bits of wood in the new one lite also has built up wings. Still a lovely model that flies superbly handles strong winds quite well

i agree with the comments about the Acrowot but it's a different animal to the G52. More realistic to compare it to the old G63

gangster19/05/2016 20:51:29
980 forum posts
17 photos

Am I right in believing the new G63 lite was only available as a ripmax artf prior to MR selling it as a kit?

Stuart Marsden19/05/2016 21:07:00
147 forum posts
5 photos

Good question which I do not know the answer. You can get the a.swear by KinnocK Reeves, I understand he still operates from Cambridgeshire. Contact him through his website. Fact remains, the Gangster range was one of the best available at the turn of the Century, and quality always survives.

john stones 119/05/2016 21:19:33
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder wink had the original 52, it was butt ugly and very average to fly. Todays sports models beat it hands down.


Percy Verance21/05/2016 07:56:15
8108 forum posts
155 photos

The original 52 was a brutal beast, with a leaning towards massive aileron flutter at the slightest provocation. Even the reviewer in (I think) Radio Modeller at the time, commented on the aileron flutter thing....

And yes John, I'd fully agree with very average..... Ok, with something like an HP.40 up front it did seem mightily impressive, but it was an unrefined creation imho.


As far as I'm aware, the current Gangster lite version wasn't ever offered as an artf by by Ripmax. I think I'm correct in stating the lite version is a relatively new design from the Reeves stable. Mick did of course design all the original Gangster series, which then were marketed by Ripmax back in the 70's and 80's. I think the Racketeer was also a product of the Reeves drawing board.

Purely out of interest, does anyone remember the awful Ripmax Dazzler series of models? And what about the Dingbat? Can you remember that? sad  The Disco flying saucer turned out to be a winner though, and I had a lot of fun with mine, so well done to Mr Reeves there. 

And who on earth is Kinnock Reeves??????




Edited By Percy Verance on 21/05/2016 08:04:36

gangster21/05/2016 08:44:09
980 forum posts
17 photos

Percy Yes that aileron flutter was a killer. But the cure was so simple and completely transformed the model from something that could at worst potentially self destruct in the air at relatively low speed to a model that could safely tie knots in the air at any speed you like. Far be it from me to tell a respected master like MR his job but I really did not understand why a simple one liner was not added to the instructions. Just stopping the ailerons a bit short of the wing tips completely solved it. The wood quality of the kits was bad though one fus side soft balsa and the othe oak or something which remained straight whilst the other side bent round to meet it an inch or so back!

Really the 52 could not be compared with an aerobatic model ,as someone did on an earlier post,that was the job of the 63 or 75 it was a hooligans model to be flown fast and wild and was,with the ailerons modded viceless and predictable in the role. It would in my opinion fit the role mentioned in the op as a winter hack

I do recall that when I took my A test back in the late 70s I was going to use my G52 the wind was driving the rain horizontally and much to the disgust

of the examiner I really insisted on doing the test , the weather got worse and I decided that it was too much for the 52 and used my 63 which coped perfectly. There was not much preflite checking or ceremony that day and I don't recall many questions afterward just you'll do before he got back into his car

He was in fact an area examiner an a well respected aerobatics man

i will have to check with some old mags for ads for the Lite I am sure it appeared on Ripmax ads. I got mine direct from MR a couple of years ago which I think is the only way now

gangster21/05/2016 08:51:21
980 forum posts
17 photos

On the subject of old kits marketed by Ripmax. What was the awful model with the long tapered fus low wing about 52 inc span or so ( fus was nearly as long!). It's the only model I have ever had that failed to fly and probably the only one that I haven't bothered to try to repair after an early life crash

I think the company also made a bipe ( was it the moonshine) I was told that needed modification as well before it would fly

yes Percy the Racketeer was another MR kit. Lovely model. I did have the kit but was persuaded to sell it by a good mate who needed a model

Percy Verance21/05/2016 08:55:00
8108 forum posts
155 photos

Hi again Gangster

Similarly, an Area Examiner took me for my "B" test, although that was about 30 years back now. He also just happened to be the father of current top F3a flyer Kevin Caton, so I had to get it right!

And yes, the wood quality in my Gangster 52 kit was shockingly awful. I clearly recall buying my G52 from the Alpha Models stand at one of the Blackburn Club WW1 fly ins back the mid to late 70's (1978 I think).

Yes, Ripmax (Aviette) Moonshine bipe. Not a big success I'm afraid, and they were not around for long. The Dingbat was a flying wing style contraption with twin booms, rather like the P38 Lightning. Scary if over powered! It was an attempt to produce an r/c version of a control line combat model.





Edited By Percy Verance on 21/05/2016 09:16:24

Derek Stevenson21/05/2016 09:48:08
280 forum posts
4 photos

About 10 years ago I bought a hammer head kit on ebay for £50. It was probably the plane I had the most enjoyment with. Flew like a dream on a 60 two stroke with pipe. It had the foam core wing an decking. Would buy another kit one on ebay at £50, however these things normally only come around once in a lifetime! 😆

Percy Verance21/05/2016 09:55:28
8108 forum posts
155 photos

Why don't you buy a brand new one from the bloke who designed it Derek. He's on this very forum, and still producing the kits!

Look out for Richie Carey at Maddog Designs........

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/05/2016 10:04:46

Derek Stevenson21/05/2016 10:08:46
280 forum posts
4 photos

Percy, I have looked at them but being a real savage the price had something to do with me passing on it! About £150 posted is a lot! Do understand Manafacturing in UK is expensive and I'll not mention EU regulations 😠

Appreciate the reply

Percy Verance21/05/2016 10:15:54
8108 forum posts
155 photos

Point accepted Derek. And we'll soon get the opportunity to do something about EU regulations........

I didn't think £150 posted seemed too bad for a quality kit Derek?

Don't forget you could always build your own Derek.........lots of different plans out there.

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/05/2016 10:28:36

Andrew Jarvis 121/05/2016 12:34:44
155 forum posts
84 photos
Posted by Hangar 9 nut on 18/05/2016 15:46:55:

Just built the ripmax Bullet not a nice kit don't recommend it at all, now the PB Bullet is so much better as a kit and solid the ripmax one is a bit flimsy !

Agreed, the Ripmax ARTF version was rubbish, get the proper kit version.

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